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Internet woes.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

As you can tell by my flurry of posts today, I miss having the net.

Not having the net at home really sucks. I need to find a place around me that has WiFi so I can take my ancient, yet wireless enabled, Laptop to and not feel so cut off from the world.

To save some money, I haven't gotten cable or internet at the new condo. The cable part I'm doing fine without, I can live with 6 fuzzy channels. I just have to watch shows I wouldn't usually, or DVD's. I even bought 9 new DVD's with my Blockbuster gift cards to supplement the collection.

Here are the new ones:

Bourne Supremacy
The Incredibles
I, Robot
Ocean's Twelve
Shrek 2
The Village

And one other I'm blanking on at the moment. If anyone finds the original Shrek in widescreen. Send it to me would ya? Pan and Scan sucks.

Anyway yeah, Any of you feel like contributing to the "get Nick back on the Net fund?." I might actually get something done at work then. Wait... Nevermind.

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Who needs a Novel?

Just come read Nick's blog. It's long enough. I need to learn to be shorter winded.

Anyone know how to get that wordcount data to show up on my profile?

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Twin psychos.

Ever have to play the musical friends game? You have a couple friends and those friends hate each other. But, you want to spend some time with each of them. They're both good, nice people usually, but not around each other.

That would be the situation with Conservative Girl and OCD-Anxiety Girl. I fear getting these two getting within blocks of each other more or less eyeshot, or worse, the same room!

For a while, it seemed they were about as opposite as they could get, but it seems like they have more in common than I thought.

Let me give a (hopefully) quicker overview of OCD-AD Girl than I did CG:

OCD-AD met on one of those silly matching sites a long while back. We started dating and hit if off really really well. Then I made a new femaile friend that I met off a friends (non-romantic) site and things went downhill from there. Come to find out her last boyfriend (of two or three years) had started cheating on her with poeple he had met online. (Anyone else think it was a bad idea to meet someone else online after that for her?) Well, she couldn't understand the concept of a guy having female friends. She believed the only reasons for a guy to hang out with a girl were, siblings, dating, or sex. So you can see a huge problem ther when I have a few female friends that are just friends and that's it. One of my best friends Greta and I would flirt and stuff, but it was all completely innocent. Hell she loved OCD-AD at first. OCD-AD got all psycho over me having female friends that she started looking through my phone logs and email and even receipts behind my back. She'd look for anything that could be remotely construed as cheating. She had convinced herself I was cheating, she just needed proof. Here's where the OCD and the Anxiety comes together. The OCD side always needs to have a solid conclusion for everything. (And yes she was afraid of germs and any other disarray.) Had to be Black or White no grey. It needs to make sense to her or it's not right. The anxiety makes her envision the worst possible outcome. Can you see how this was just a downward spiral? I have almost no female friends anymore. Conservative girl is one and I'm finally getting back to being friend with Greta, but I doubt it'll ever be the fun friendship we had. Everything else in the relationship was good. We were compatible physically, had similar taste in a lot fo thigns and found the same things fun to do. But, I got sick of feeling like I was always on the defensive and said let just be friends. That's still proven hard to do because I don't think she really beleives we're just friends. She pretty much ignores the idea of me and CG dating. She jsut seems to put up a mental block about it.

Anyway this weekend OCD-AD and CG had a lot in common. Mainly they both got all upset that I didn't spend every minute of the long weekend with them. I a little bit of friday and saturday with OCD-AD, but the majority was with a friend of mine that was visiting from out of town. I spent almost all sunday with CG and we made plans to watch a fireworks show on monday night. No other plans were made for the day. Monday I got up did some laundry, put together some furniture I bought for the bathroom, thena friend called and wanted to hang out for a bit. So i called CG and said that i was going out for a bit, but we could get together later and grill out then go watch the fireworks. Well she got all upset because I wasn't going to spend the whole day with her. She was like "Yet again other friends come before me." Hello! We spent the whole day together yesterday even though I was invited out to the movies with soem other friends!

OCD-AD was the same way on monday, she had called me on Sunday to see if I wanted to hang out on monday, but I was busy and missed the call. Well she called monday and I already had plans so she got all upset that I hadn't responded to her phone call. We're talking less than one day here and she's upset. I didn't ignore it on purpose I was jsut busy. She made these plans she wanted to do, and expected I would go along with them. When I had other plans she got all annoying and was like "You never care about doing things with me!" Blah! I'm glad she's back on medication. This is good compared to when she stopped. Still, it's hard to stay friends.

Women are Psycho. One of these days I'll find one whose psychoses fit with my personality. At least I hope anyway.

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Cookies all around!

Here's a little virtual treat for all of you who actually read that post ;O)

Chocolate Chip Cookies all around!

Careful with the drool, don't wanna short out your keyboard!

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Friday, May 27, 2005

That one looks even longer published. If you actually read the whole thing, I think I should send you a cookie or something...

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Can I Take a Vacation from Life?

Ever feel so tired from just about everything you wish you could take a vacation from existing? I'm just so worn out lately from being overworked and also trying to get my new condo in order amonst general life stuff, even a traditional type vacation of going someplace tropical and laying on a beach sounds like too much work. I need that feeling you get when you're in a way deep sleep. So removed from everything. I get to sleep in tomorrow. Yay.

Work has been insane. Two major projects are both hitting critical phases. Why do they always go in groups? I haven't put in much overtime because I've had a lot going on outside of work, so when I'm at work, I'm buried. I get 3 requests done, 4 more come in. Sucks. I think that mood sensing artwork would have a picture of a bed. Or a gun.

The condo is just about settled. After tomorrow I should be about as moved in as I can be. I'll have to get some pictures posted. I still have to finish grouting the tile backsplash in my kitchen. I got it half done two weeks ago and haven't touched it sense.

Then there's that whole trying to get a personal life thing. I still have to figure out what I'm going to do about The Two I mentioned in the Kickball and Dating post.

The conservative one, I'll call her Sheltered Girl, are still technically dating. I mean that in the most literal of ways too. We both know it's not going anywhere, we both are trying to meet new people, but we haven't had "The Talk." She's a totally sweet girl, but there's just zero chemistry. I think a lot of it is just because she was brought up in a very conservative, very sheltered environment. She went to all tiny private schools from elementary through college. She once got extremely embarassed because someone (Probably me) made a "Handlebars" joke one day when she had twin braids in her hair. Until her best friend mentioned it to her, she had no idea there was a sexual side to wearing pigtails. She has to be told by coworkers when other male coworkers are hitting on her beacuse she really has no idea and just thinks they're being nice. Sweet, but way inexperienced in life. She obviously got somewhat spoiled when younger too, because she tends to minorly whine and sulk when not getting what she wants. The there's the time thing. I can call her from 5 miles away when I'm driving there, tell her I'm downstairs by the door, She says "I'll be right down," I get there and still wait 10 more minutes. Coulnd't find the right shoes, had to feed the bunny, didn't like her shirt, was watching some TV show, something to delay her. Like I also said earlier, she tends to think it's only been 5 minutes, when in reality 20 or more have gone past. Also, I think her having a totally clean apartment, is a once or twice a year thing. Occasionally she has a clean living/dining/kitchen thing going on, but don't you dare open the bedroom door. We're talking path from door to desk to bed. The girl has a walk in closet, and the floor is still covered in clothes. She IS the type to buy a new pair of pants at Target instead of doing laundry somedays. Even clean clothes end up in piles on the floor though. As far as physically stuff, she's pretty cute, and could be pretty hot if she tried at all. I tried encouraging her to make the 15 minutes bike ride to my place once and a while since she wanted to get exercise. Come to find out exercise meant walking 5 minutes to Chipotle instead of driving. And on big thing that gets annoying is sex. We started out being pretty physical, she would even be the instigator. Then she had an epiphany or something and decided that she really should be good and wait till marriage. But some nights was ok. now that's just horrible. Regularly is GREAT. I'm totally fine with waiting if I like the girl. But doing a one eigthy on the subject is WAY hard. Then to make it worse it's on off on off on off but still be a tease in the meantime. She has no idea what kind of torture that is. And it has to be ignorance, because I find it EXTREMELY hard to beleive she could be that evil.

Arg. Wow, What seemed like a tiny bit in my head, turned out to be huge in text. And that was being short.

That wasn't even talking about OCD Anxiety Girl. That's going to have to be some other huge post.

Time to go set up our Association Bank account so we can actually pay our condominium's bills. Apparently the president needs to be there and not just the treasurer. Go figure.

Ugh. "The Talk."


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Kickball Sans Redhead

The Redhead wasn't at Kickball, must not have been able ot sign up. Dang! Now instead of getting the easy in of just being able to walk up and say hi I have to call. Those first phone calls always suck.

Probably worked out for the better anyway since OCD and her friend tracked me down at a different bar than where we were supposed to be anyway. There was a reason she wasn't invited. Just a little psycho in my books...

We lost again. We've now gone up against two teams taht have had at least a good chunk of athletic people. There really aren't any on our team. We started out with a bang, scoring 6 runs in the first inning, but due to some mediocre reffing and a few errors we ended up with a score of 6-10. We had jell-o shots on first base, seemed to add some motivation. Definitely going to have to keep that tradition alive. I'll have a better write up on the Your Team Sucks Blog soon.

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Kickball and Dating

Thursday, May 26, 2005

It's Thursday, that means it's Kickball day. The Your Team Sucks crew will meet up tomnight and see if we can get a win after the humiliating 8-0 loss last week. At least we drank the members of the other team under the table in a party last friday ;O) If you want to read a recap of the game, check out our team blog page in the blogs linked.

Gotta love it. People getting together to drink and play a game most of us haven't played since we were like 10. I have the Jell-o Beans all ready. I made Cherry and Bacardi Silver this time instead of Lemon and Limón. We'll see if they go over as well as the last ones!

So my dilemma with the whole Kickball thing is that it's really the first opportunity I've had in quite a while to meet some new poeple and have fun. I've been way to busy lately to have a life, so this is kinda weird.

The big thing for me is that I need to get out and start dating again. The last two people I've dated have been polar opposites. One was OCD with anxiety disorder and an extremely huge fear of getting hurt. That relationship cost me some friends. I still hang out with her once and a while. Mostly because I'm too nice to just say screw off you're annoying because sometimes she's not. The other girl was very conservative in nature, very nice, but kind of a slob. Drives me nuts with her warped persepctive of time (to her 20 minutes seems like 5) and the occasional whineyness. Her idea of a fun time is sitting in front of the TV all night. Not so much for me.

So last week I met all these new people at Kickball and the bar after. On friday at a party thrown by some fellow kickballers, I met this redhead. We talked a bunch, even got her number. (Well maybe, she gave me what she thought was maybe her cell phone, and then gave me her work number... what should I think of that?) I haven't had an opportunity to call, but she said she was going to join Kickball. So, I'm hoping she'll be there tonight. If she is, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

Anyone got some advice to help me land a date with The Redhead?

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Now Voice Activated!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

So I read an article on CNN a little bit ago that talked of an "Office of the Future" called Bluespace Someplace north of Manhattan. They're researching what workspaces will be like in 10-20 years. I suddenly realized how tools that are going to aid productivity are going to make the workplace a much more irritating place.

I'm starting to think that Voice activation is going to be the worst technology ever invented. I know everyone has a co-worker they just can't stand to listen to. The SNL Pat of your office. The person with the voice that makes nails on a chalkboard sound soothing. No matter how loud you turn up the headphones, nothing drowns out that voice... Now imagine having to hear that non-stop, ALL DAY!

Office massacres are going to skyrocket.

I have the unfortunate seat just to the left of a lady we'll call "The Voice". I'm positioned so she's about 10 feet directly behind my head. The worst sound in the world is when she overhears a conversation she think's is funny, never mind it on the other side of the office. It's a little giggle but sound more like she's gagging on a hairball. you know she's going to try and come join the conversation. Instant convo killer. And even when you walk away or turn around and start working, she just keeps talking. To top it off she has an elderly mother and seems to have no problem talking about her mother's BMs and yeast infections on the phone at high volume.

I do NOT want to hear her talking ALL DAY.

Office Massacres. I'm telling ya.

The other freaky part of the Office of the Future was emotionally adaptive artwork. You can have pictures and colors projected on your walls that change with your mood. Is that something we really want? I think half of every day my picture would just be a hand flipping the bird with a caption "Sorry, the get it done today dealine was 10am. Piss Off." the other half of the day it would be Kiera Knightley in leather or something.

So, what would your picture be?

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Support Our Troops Hypocrisy

Monday, May 23, 2005

So a this radio show this morning they asked poeple to call in and state what "irks" them. One of the hosts mentioned being behind the person trying to buy all of her groceries with coupons, the other said drivers who leave blinkers on. One 11 year old girl called in and said that her fast drying nail polish doesn't dry fast enough. (Can anything happen fast enough for an 11 year old?) Then, one lady called in and said her peeve was that people put those Support Our Troops ribbon shaped magents on their car sideways so the text reads straight across instead of vertically like the ribbon would be worn.

That just kind of set things of in my ADD head and made me start thinking of how stupid those things really are.

Now, before I get irate comments about how I should be supporting the troops: I DO. I fully support any member of the armed sevices. I think the sentiment behind having those magnet things is probably genuine and a good thing. The problem I have is with the magnet itself, the fact that people bought them, and definitely with the majority of the people selling them.

Really, the magnets themselves are just stating something that everyone in the country SHOULD do. Everyone SHOULD be supporting the troops. These are the people that dedicate at least a portion of their life if not all of it to keeping our country safe and free. I'm fine with not supporting the poeple who made the decision to send them any certain place (Because I don't at the moment). That's part of the freedom the troops are protecting. People shouldn't need the damn magnets. the troops should need to be reassured they need our support, it should be a damn fact.

The problem I have with the people who buy them is the money they spent on it. So someone shelled out as much as $10 for one of these things. I've actually seen one truck with 12 of them. So they spend this money on a magnet, supposedly showing their support for the troops, but are they? They had no problem spending money on this little trinket to stick on their car, but ask them to spend a little more money elsewhere, say taxes, and they'll say hell no. Meanwhile in order to really support the troops our country has to write checks for billions of dollars we don't have. If you want to support the troops do something that really matters. Talk to a local unit and see what you can do.

And the worst of all are most of the people selling those things. These people are using other's goodwill to make money. It's almost like having a support the orphans jar, but keeping the money for yourself. I know some places selling those have donated money to different causes like buying body armor and stuff, which is what they should be sold for. However, the vast majority of those magnets are sold by money grubbing idiots who like the poeple above would probably scream bloody murder if the government were to put a tax on their little magnets.

There should be a 75% tax on those magnets and the funds go directly to supporting the military. I see them everywhere, if $1 of each of those was sent to our troops we'd probably see a nice drop in the 2.26 soldiers per day dying in Iraq this month.

Support our troops, not some idiot with a magnet shop.

Ok, the soap box can go back under the stairs again.

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TAKE THAT you red rubber ball!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

So the first Kickball game of the season is now over. While our team was all bad-ass in black, we were just downright bad on the field. Luckily we made up for that in drinking.

Our local division seems to be a pretty good one with 6 different teams. For week one I think our team "Your Team Sucks" and our opponents "The Angels" (who were formerly known as the "Godless Whores" until nixed by the league) were a good matchup. At least personality wise anyway. Both teams had spirit, that's for sure. Unfortunately our team lacked skill as we were pummeled 8-0. Both of my two ( 1 , 2 ) trips to the plate ended in fly outs. I need to learn to keep the ball down. Oh well. The Majority of the runs scored can be attributed to Seppie. This man single handedly accounted for 4 errors in the game. Two of which came in the same play and ended up giving up three runs. Our teams does seem to have a good knack for looking like monkeys though.

The good news was that we had enough Jell-o shots to make it through the entire game. I think we'll need more for next week though. We must get the other team drunk prior to our game. Then maybe we stand a chance.

After the game we hit it hard at a couple local bars, then partied the night away at a buddy's house.

Friday, two of The Whores invited us over to a party of their own. Margaritas, Whiskey and good Polish Vodka made for a very nice night. Not such a great morning, but a great night.

I look forward to kicking some balls next week.

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Cath Lab Not so bad.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

So I successfully made it through the Cath Lab. It wasn't really that bad. Just a tiny little spurt of blood, and then the rest of it we pretty much watched on a TV screen that showed the live X-rays. Got to see the little catheters and wires going in, then some balloons and stents. Overall it was pretty interesting. they had a light load today, so they were actually done by about 1. Since we were already going to be paid till 4, we proceded directly to the bar. For the record I won pool 4-3, Fenn-boy won 18-hole Golden Tee by 3 shots.

After tha last religion post, I'm sort of feeling a little unethical...

...Ok, it passed.

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All this religious talk of late has me back to wanting to search more for where I really stand. Right now I defiinitely beleive Chrisitanity has it mostly right, but I don't think it's got every single peice in place. Maybe it's because I was raised Catholic, and jsut got turned of by the general negativity there, but who knows. I have read as much as I can on just about every religion I can. I'll tell ya, it's amazing how similar the doctrines of almost all the major faiths are. All that separates them is how they should worship, and the name of the god, or sometimes gods.

Anyway off to cath lab

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Early Mornings Suck.

I want to still be sleeping.

I'm at work now and will be leaving for a 45min to one hour drive in a couple. I get to go watch people have angio plasty and stents put in their bodies. ALL DAY. We're talking 8 to 4, watching doctors poke holes in legs and put catheters up to peoples hearts and then do some funky shtuff. There's a reason I've been putting this off for two years. I don't find it gross. But seen it once, seen it enough ya know?

Oh well.

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Retraction! Or not...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ok so this isn't a retraction, but more a clarification of an earlier post.

Rosie Cotton asked for some clarity about my past post Newsweek Lunacy. I figured as the first person to randomly find my blog and comment, she deserved and answer. (Also thanks to the others that have visited and commented so far)

Anyway here's my reply, with a little more soap boxing:

I'll start with the Christians finding the Quran sinful part. Basically to most Christian denominations, Jesus is lord and savior. People who don't believe that are heathens, sinners, etc. To them, the teachings of the Quran, while very similar to The Bible, are writings of said heathen's and should not be listened to. Only the true word of god as written in The Holy Bible is what a true Christian should follow.

I do note this is not my personal opinion, just a representation of what I've heard from some of my more conservative friends. I would not place myself on the conservative side of the fence.

Anyway, to continue, I mentioned it was odd the current White House would so quickly jump to defend it (Again, not complaining they are, just surprised) considering how far they bent over to do anything the Religious Right has asked of them. Bush will read a book or ride his bike when there are terrorist attacks or possible threats, but when the RR asks him to sign a bill to go WAY past normal Executive Branch boundaries, he flies back in the middle of the night and signs a bill in his PJs. Not to mention the fact they ban or bash anything that can be associated with Homosexuality.

So that's my answer. I'm sure it probably did more harm than good. But there's to hoping...

As an extra addendum to the Newsweek Lunacy. post, I think it's just amazing how politicized religion has become lately. It's just insane to fathom that because of one stupid News Article, 8 people died in a riot! (Though that itself may not be true) And then Mr.McClellan has to come out and say it's all false, when there have been several documented incidences of Quran abuse happening for years. The whole possible terrorist detainee thing is an incredibly crazy situation on it's own.

What ever happened to separation of church and State anyway?

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Newsweek Lunacy

So anyone else read all the hubbub about Newsweek lately?

Apparently they printed an article that quoted some anonymous person saying they knew of times when some prison guard flushed some detainee's Quran (The Islamic version of the Bible) down the toilet. And to top it of aparently people in Afghanistan are big readers of Newsweek sicne they got so mad at the article, the rioted. RIOTED! Seriously, 8 people dead.

Then, so try and save some face you have Scott McClellan, the White House Press Secretary, come out and tell them they need to recall the article because it's not true. Seriously, guards have led naked detainees around on leashes, made them do naked pyramids and even attached electrodes to their nuts and you honestly think they enver at least once they screwed with a Quran? These are the hardcore types down in Gitmo. Ask any Marine. The only suprising part was that that info made it off the island. Then again I've heard the informat was a Lawyer, so who knows then.

The White House kept pushing and finally Newsweek detracted the article. How hard do you think it is for this White House to defend the Quran? A book that many Christian religions take to be a sinful book. These is the same people crying Religion against anything remotely Gay, or when a husband wants to let his wife die naturally or any other time they beleive it to be politically advantageous.

Funny how a Fuck the world we're going to do it our way Administration suddenly cares again about a country they opretty much forgot about after they invaded Iraq...

So maybe it's not such a bad thing. Either way, it's crazy. Jsut plain crazy.

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Condo Update

So, I am now completely moved into the new condo. And, that means I successfully survivied a weekend hanging out with The Dad! Yay me. We didn't even argue.

I did get a little frustrated when I would tell The Dad directions, and he would forget what I said a block later.
No Dad, DALE, not Daniel.
You wouldn't think the directions Left on Dale, Left on Dayton would be taht hard. Arg! I tell ya, that man is more in need fo a Mobile Memory (PDA or some sort fo electronic info storage) than anyone I know. I know I'd be lost and probably miss half of my meetings if I didn't have one. I get a friendly little buzz 20 or more minutes before I need to be anywhere and off I go.

That's the downside of being ADD I guess. Might have 145 IQ, but the 5 other thoughts I'm having at once sometimes take me away from the one I really should be concentrating on. I don't know anyopne else taht has to sing a song in two or three part round in their head to be able to drown out everything enough to fall asleep.

Anyway, yeah. All moved in! Now it's on to the unpacking yet again. I have the living rom mostly set, the Office is pretty complete, just need some more shelving eventually. The the bedroom... yikes. Man do I ever ned to do some laundry. Kitchen is almost done, sanded of one fingertip grout the new tile backslpash, definitely going to be wearing gloves for the second half of that job. In another week or two I'll actually have a livable place! Housewarming party here I come! who's in?

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The Interview... And Answers!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Here's the Interview taken from -E's blog:

So I'll be honest, I know very little about Nick B. He works in a cubicle and is moving into a condo, so I'll have to come up with some random questions for ol Nick here. This should be interesting.

You, sir, are called to an unusual mission. You get to pick 8/10 so we can all get to know you better. Have fun answering then find more to ask 5 questions to.

1. What is under your bed? Or since you've been doing the move thing you might not have much under there now- what is usually down there?
2. What is the most disgusting thing you have ever had to do? Why did you have to do it?
3. When you think of your childhood, what do you remember most?
4. What is the meanest thing you have ever done? Why did you do it?
5. What is your favorite toy in the world?
6. What is your best feature?
7. Give us a review on the last movie you saw in the theaters.
8. What is the best Halloween costume you've worn?
9. What is the best album ever recorded? Make your argument here.
10. What is the nicest thing anyone has done for you?

Here are the answers:

Being of a generous nature, and also breaking back out of the shell I've come to have, I'll will answer ALL of them!

Here goes:

1. Under the bed:
At the moment: Crumpled up Kleenex, extra blanket.

Two days ago before packing almost everything: Crumpled up Kleenex, Extra blanket, plastic bin of random pharmaseutical stuff (Cold Meds, Halls, Pepto, Thermometer, Condoms, etc) And some soft clip together handcuffs.

2. Disgusting Thing:
I'm about 8ish. Droppped and f-bomb. Forget munching on a bar of soap. The Mom went for the shampoo. got a nice mouthful. She held it shut till I was green. I think I stayed greenish for about a week. Didn't swear till I was 20. At least not in front of The Mom!

3. Childhood:
This! Yup, that's me. Not even two and I'm reading the paper and drinkin' a beer.

4. Meanest thing:
Had sex with a girl my roomate had a crush on for about a year. The why is because he started dating my girlfriend before she stopped being my girlfriend. Mean, but not so fulfilling.

5. Favorite toy:
My tiny little stuffed dog Toby Wuppster. That dog goes everywhere with me. He lives in my car, but if I go anywhere without the car he comes too. Even had him sticking out the back of my backpack when I hiked the Great Smoky Mountains. He's good at scaring off unwanteds!

6. Best feature:
Good nature. I'm friendly to everyone. I'm a talker, flirter, all around good guy. My best friend says I'm too nice at times.

7. Last movie:
The Grudge. What a rip off of The Ring. They try and get the creepy girl and the quick jump out at you stuff. One of the friends I was with had to tell me to quit laughing because it was such a copycat.

8. Best Halloween Costume:
It's a toss up, either the Stay-Puft Mashmallow man costume complete with cotton filler arms and the sailors hat, or, when I was about 10, I made my own costume from a cardboard box to look like a TV. I was The MagnaBox. The control panel even flipped out to be a drop chute to the candy bag!

9. Best Album:
You may as well ask what mood I'm in... I could answer with something classic like Floyd or Zeppelin, or even a good newer rock album like Metallica's Black album, but lately I totally dig Evanesence. That CD totally sucks me in.

10. Nicest thing someone did:
One of the nicest things i can remember someone doing was buying me a drink. To put it in context, after the aforementioned girlfriend dating roommate scandal, I was in my favorite bar. The most grumpy, crochety, mean old man you'll ever meet (a regular at said bar) overheard me talking to the bartender (who after that day banned the roomate from the bar). He told me if ever someone needed a drink it was me and has been nice to me ever since. Funny where you can find a heart!

So there ya go. Pages about me! Now the hard part, finding 5 people to ask questions of! I spose I should sleep now. Gotta finish moving tomorrow!

So there's just a little more about me!

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Impending Interview!

Friday, May 13, 2005

So it apprears I have been lucky enough to be "Interviewed" by -E I'll be getting 5 questions to answer. Seeing as this blog is fresh and has very little content, it'll be interesting to see what she asks!

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The Same Day Request...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Here's a god gripe, I'm sure just about any cube-dweller can relate to. You're going through doing your work like usual, trying to fill a few requests that have been assigned to you. Next thing you know you get a phone call. The person on the other end says you need to drop everything and do this hot new request. This request is one that you know will take about 4-5 hours to do and that's only because you're an Ace at what you do. It's 2:00. You Leave at 4:30. Instead of being kind, and requesting a due date of tomorrow, they put today as the deadline. Bastards! I have a condo to move to and finish working on. I am seeking a life outside of work on top of that. I know I've got things done in a hurry for them before, but don't start EXPECTING miracles. It's like the manager who says "You're right, that one is perfect. But, try harder next time." And to top it off, the license server for the software I need to use is down, so I can't even get started on it anyway. BLAH!

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If I were incredible...

Apparently I'd be Edna. I have no clue how to sew, but oh well.


Which Incredibles Character Are You?

Brought to you by Quizilla

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It's On Now!

Ok, time to cue up Flight of the Bumblebee and start the mad dash of cleaning and packing. The Parents are officially coming to town. Got a call last night saying they were definitely coming this weekend to help me finish moving out of my apartmetn and into the new condo. I've already moved Most of the living room, all of the dining room and some of my bedroom. Now it'll be time to move the bed, desk bookshelf and various other things still remaining. After this weekend I will officially my totally moved into my new place. Can't wait! The new kitchen is almost complete, I finished the touch ups to the paint, installed the lights above the sink, and have the slate tile backsplash all adhered to the wall. Just have to grout and seal it and I'm all done.It'll definitely be nice to be all moved in and settled.

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It Only Looked Unsafe

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

So, my mission last night was to move my futon to the new Condo. This mission entailed taking the two frame peices apart, wedging them in Allie's trunk and then cramming the pad in the back seat. I don't remeber how I moved the thing two years ago, but I'm guessing it wasn't in the trunk of my car. I got the frame peices wedged in, but they stuck out of the trunk by probably close to four feet and sticking up in the air a couple feet as well. I can't beleive anyone had the guts to be closer than a quarter mile away when behind me in the lane I was using. About 8ish miles of interstate travel, and I made it there, futon intact. short of my entertainment center, my living room is now complete. I need to finish nthe kitchen now, but I'll leave that till later.

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Up to speed!

Monday, May 09, 2005

So here's my life at present:

I work for a major medical device company, doing all sorts of crazy design type things. I am however at this time very undervalued, but I'm sure there will be posts at length about that later. I just bought a condo in Saint Paul, MN and am doing my best to move out of my current apartment in Minneapolis using only my 95 Nissan Altima (Allie). That car's a trooper. I think she's a little pissed that I scuffed up one of the armrests, but she'll get over it. After those two, lately I haven't had much life. I'm quite glad my condo really doesn't need much work on it at all or I'd have none. Next step is to try and regain a fun and exciting life. Wish me luck!

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