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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

Internet woes.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

As you can tell by my flurry of posts today, I miss having the net.

Not having the net at home really sucks. I need to find a place around me that has WiFi so I can take my ancient, yet wireless enabled, Laptop to and not feel so cut off from the world.

To save some money, I haven't gotten cable or internet at the new condo. The cable part I'm doing fine without, I can live with 6 fuzzy channels. I just have to watch shows I wouldn't usually, or DVD's. I even bought 9 new DVD's with my Blockbuster gift cards to supplement the collection.

Here are the new ones:

Bourne Supremacy
The Incredibles
I, Robot
Ocean's Twelve
Shrek 2
The Village

And one other I'm blanking on at the moment. If anyone finds the original Shrek in widescreen. Send it to me would ya? Pan and Scan sucks.

Anyway yeah, Any of you feel like contributing to the "get Nick back on the Net fund?." I might actually get something done at work then. Wait... Nevermind.

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