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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

Twin psychos.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ever have to play the musical friends game? You have a couple friends and those friends hate each other. But, you want to spend some time with each of them. They're both good, nice people usually, but not around each other.

That would be the situation with Conservative Girl and OCD-Anxiety Girl. I fear getting these two getting within blocks of each other more or less eyeshot, or worse, the same room!

For a while, it seemed they were about as opposite as they could get, but it seems like they have more in common than I thought.

Let me give a (hopefully) quicker overview of OCD-AD Girl than I did CG:

OCD-AD met on one of those silly matching sites a long while back. We started dating and hit if off really really well. Then I made a new femaile friend that I met off a friends (non-romantic) site and things went downhill from there. Come to find out her last boyfriend (of two or three years) had started cheating on her with poeple he had met online. (Anyone else think it was a bad idea to meet someone else online after that for her?) Well, she couldn't understand the concept of a guy having female friends. She believed the only reasons for a guy to hang out with a girl were, siblings, dating, or sex. So you can see a huge problem ther when I have a few female friends that are just friends and that's it. One of my best friends Greta and I would flirt and stuff, but it was all completely innocent. Hell she loved OCD-AD at first. OCD-AD got all psycho over me having female friends that she started looking through my phone logs and email and even receipts behind my back. She'd look for anything that could be remotely construed as cheating. She had convinced herself I was cheating, she just needed proof. Here's where the OCD and the Anxiety comes together. The OCD side always needs to have a solid conclusion for everything. (And yes she was afraid of germs and any other disarray.) Had to be Black or White no grey. It needs to make sense to her or it's not right. The anxiety makes her envision the worst possible outcome. Can you see how this was just a downward spiral? I have almost no female friends anymore. Conservative girl is one and I'm finally getting back to being friend with Greta, but I doubt it'll ever be the fun friendship we had. Everything else in the relationship was good. We were compatible physically, had similar taste in a lot fo thigns and found the same things fun to do. But, I got sick of feeling like I was always on the defensive and said let just be friends. That's still proven hard to do because I don't think she really beleives we're just friends. She pretty much ignores the idea of me and CG dating. She jsut seems to put up a mental block about it.

Anyway this weekend OCD-AD and CG had a lot in common. Mainly they both got all upset that I didn't spend every minute of the long weekend with them. I a little bit of friday and saturday with OCD-AD, but the majority was with a friend of mine that was visiting from out of town. I spent almost all sunday with CG and we made plans to watch a fireworks show on monday night. No other plans were made for the day. Monday I got up did some laundry, put together some furniture I bought for the bathroom, thena friend called and wanted to hang out for a bit. So i called CG and said that i was going out for a bit, but we could get together later and grill out then go watch the fireworks. Well she got all upset because I wasn't going to spend the whole day with her. She was like "Yet again other friends come before me." Hello! We spent the whole day together yesterday even though I was invited out to the movies with soem other friends!

OCD-AD was the same way on monday, she had called me on Sunday to see if I wanted to hang out on monday, but I was busy and missed the call. Well she called monday and I already had plans so she got all upset that I hadn't responded to her phone call. We're talking less than one day here and she's upset. I didn't ignore it on purpose I was jsut busy. She made these plans she wanted to do, and expected I would go along with them. When I had other plans she got all annoying and was like "You never care about doing things with me!" Blah! I'm glad she's back on medication. This is good compared to when she stopped. Still, it's hard to stay friends.

Women are Psycho. One of these days I'll find one whose psychoses fit with my personality. At least I hope anyway.

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