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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

My Car, is Cursed.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Before I blabber about my car, I have to say that Pajama night tonight at kickball could get interesting. My new team this year, The Godless Whores, is a fun bunch. Both Superhero and Toga nights went well. Don't ask me what superhero I was, I dunno, American Weirdo? heh. Anyway, yeah, much fun will be had ;O)

Anyway, yeah, Car = Cursed. Poor old "Ally" the 95 Nissan Altima. Since the Friday before I started at my new job, it's been hit by other vehicles THREE FREAKIN TIMES. And that's just that I know of since I don't exist in my car 100% of the time. That Friday some dumbass rear-ended be while I was stopped for a red turn arrow. He got lucky there was no damage short of a tiny little paint chip. The second one was a week and a half ago (or so, since I didn't notice the damage right away) some bastard in a fire-engine red vehicle apparently turned a little too wide while parking and managed to leave a twelve inch streak of punk-ass car's paint from the bumper onto the fender and crinkled said fender. Never did find this guy, but believe me, I look at the front of every bright red car I see. Then, yesterday I'm driving to work and Captain Numb-nuts decided to blow through a stop sign right in front of me. Lucky for him I had my breaks fixed a month ago so instead of completely T-boning him, I was able to stop enough so that he only tore the front end cover and scraped the bumper while I dented his door and rear fender. I got his name and info, he got a traffic ticket for running a stop sign and promises to pay for a new front end cover plus $100. You better believe I got it in writing.

In this time frame I have also been cut off on the interstate so severely that I had to swerve onto the shoulder once and screech the tires while breaking once. I swear my car has some cloaking device that randomly makes it invisible to other drivers.

Oh that and hitting a pothole the other day produces the following sounds: "Clunk, Crack, Sproing, clunka clunka." That would be the sound of a coil spring breaking.

I don't know what I or my car did that got it such bad Carma (hehe, get it? Oh god that was lame...) but it sucks none the less.

I am hereby starting a charity drive. We'll call it Safe Wheels for Slacker 2006. The goal of the drive is to either get Slacker a better car that is not cursed, or raise enough money to hire some voodoo lady to remove the nasty hex.

Please please contribute what you can to this, the roads are dangerous enough as it is without having a large meta-physical target type thing on my vehicle. At this rate it's just a matter of time before something like THIS happens to me! ;O)

P.S. If you or someone you know is a crazy voodoo lady who happens to be good at removing curses and stuff, you know, like, get a hold of me PLEASE! :O)

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I Heart Dayquil

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ok, Ok, so I might have the cheapy CVS knockoff but, whatever, It still rules!

I've been feeling pretty crappy since Thursday. I woke up and just felt horrible. Of course later in the day I started to feel better so I'm like "Sure, I can still go to kickball." Yeah, Hi. I'm Dumbass, nice to meet you.

Anyway, Friday sucked, but I made it through. Saturday I managed to scrounge up some cough syrup and it helped a little, but not much. Went out far to much this weekend: Grad Party for Kickball Girl, Twins game (They totally beat up those Cubbies hehe!), and a Pride festival. It was nice to get outside, but man was I worn out sunday night.

Anyway today I decided I couldn't function at work with a stuffed up face and chest and coughing like crazy so I stopped by CVS on the way in to work. Picked up some kleenex and some of their "Daytime" equivalent to Dayquil. Holy crap this stuff rules. No more sniffles, almost no cough, no sore throat.

Yes, I heart you Dayquil.

Ok, now that I don't have an excuse to not work, (well, not like I NEED one) I should get to doing some work. Later slackers!

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Down in the Valley...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Today's Happy to Crappy rating is somewhere in the "Eh" to Dumpster Diving range. I had a pretty good weekend, but it's funny how one little thing can bring ya down.

The weekend was indeed good, Friday I just chilled out at home. I really didn't have the energy to go out, but the rest of the weekend was a different story.

Saturday I got up, played a little WoW, then worked on the garden for a while. I was supposed to go running with Kickball girl, but I got a nasty bruise on my hip playing kickball and running was not really on my to do list. I had to start chipping away at the jungle of weeds and crap that have sprouted up. I'm determined to actually plant something this year and get that sidewalk into something decent looking. It's a slow process that I should have started way earlier, but it's going.

After the garden I cleaned up and headed over to the kickball mid-season party. We rented out the back couple rooms of a pretty cool bar in Minneapolis. We of course had a flip-cup tournament and the best part was a $900 bar tab. We managed to rack up 57 pitchers of Miller products and also had 49 Kamikazes along with some fishbowls and other various alcohol. It was definitely a good night! Unfortunately no good makeout stories or anything of the sort, but it still was fun!

Sunday, I slept in for a while due to a late night then got up and putzed around the house a bit. Eventually I met up with Conservative girl and we hit up a local Art Festival for a while. I bought some cool photographs of old cars to add to the living room. Slowly getting the classic car / 30's-40's garage theme going there. Afterward I met up with Kickball Girl at her grandparents plan on a little lake/pond. Afterward we made a pit stop at her place so she could shower and then headed over to the patio at Brits to relax and have a bottle of wine. We have another "date" scheduled for Tuesday, we'll probably go running and then go from there, but we'll see. I'm really not putting much optimism in this one, but hanging out with a friend is cool.

Somewhere in the midst of all that I got a new "friend" request on MySpace. Yes, I have a MySpace page. No, I'm not going to link it because, well, I have this huge gut instinct that MySpace is completely evil. I mean it IS owned by Rupert Murdoch, like that's not evil enough. Anyway, turns out that friend request is a girl I had been friends with for a while, but she slowly faded out of touch when she moved in with a guy. I'm not sure how she found me considering I have like zero info on there, but cool anyway.

I logged in Sunday night to see if she had responded to my email and noticed my friends list had dropped form three to two. Eclectic girl, the main reason I started a MySpace page had removed me from her friends. Sad. I guess that ends a to-be-written chapter of Slacker's Dating Odyssey. Oh well.

Not like that one was going anywhere, but the dead ends are really getting old. The Cute Paramedic returned, only to disappear again like usual. KBG is back, but I seriously doubt that will go anywhere either. There aren't really that many options out there either. There is one incredibly beautiful girl in Kickball I'd ask out, but I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have much of a chance there either. Maybe I should do the CG thing and date the family of someone who's completely unavailable for a year and hope the person turns out to be worth it. Nah maybe not.

Anyway, time to get to work and all that! Keep slackin people!

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Yay Yay Deputay!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So yeah, as I said way back in the one year anniversary post, I decided it's time to refresh the ranks of deputies. Some have moved on to focus on other parts of life and some have disappeared, and in one extremely sad case, passed away :O(

The Ethos of Slacking must propagate through society, no more of this uptight dog eat dog world. People need to learn to slack, to have fun!

So, today I am introducing some new deputies and also extending an invite to all of you to become deputies as well. You just need to try and fulfill your duties to some extent and if you happen to be in a state where there are no deputies, you're a shoo in ;O)

That said, here are the newest additions to the International Bureau of Slacking!

Hailing from the Bureau's home state of Minnesota, welcome Aliecat and her Kitty Kat Lounge!

Finally expanding into New England, and coming to us from New Jersey (Well, at least I THINK so from what I could glean out of his blog) say hi to Porq and Porq Barrel Stuffs!

Continuing the northeastern expansion I'm adding a pair of deputies from New York, since there's WAY to many people there who need some slack in their life... Hellos to FINY at Miles from Fenwmay and also Esther with Jumping off a Bridge!

Congrats to all of you, go forth and slack! You all will get badges as soon as I get a graphics editor again and can make them!

As for the rest of you, who wants to be a deputy? :O)

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Drinkers Rejoice! With Coffee!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

So all the self analyzing (See the post below) just about drove me to drink, but then I thought about all the jokes made about how my liver must be hard as a rock by now. Drink = Fun, Cirrhosis of the Liver = Not so much.

Fret no more drinkers of the world, some kick ass doctors made a discovery that will make you raise your glass... of coffee!

While the old remedy of drinking coffee to sober up might not be true (It's not people, now hush up your wired drunks you), it turns out coffee does tend to counteract the toxic effects alcohol can have on your liver.


Yeah yeah, they also say drinking less is a good way to avoid it as well, but that's like saying there's smog in the air, which can give you cancer, so stop breathing.

So drink up people, just try not to drink both at the same time. Extremely energetic drunks make me want to punch them in the face. Just be glad I'm not a violent guy.

Maybe that guy I used to work with who spiked his morning coffee with Jim Beam really had the right idea though...?

So yeah, time to drink away the self loathing from below... with a coffee ;O)

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The Secret to My Success Suckage

So as you've read through the 13 or so months this blog has been active, my history with the opposite sex has been, well, not so spiffy. With some of the women, like The Cute Paramedic or OCD Anxiety Girl, the issues seem to be on their side of the fence. But with many of the others I have to believe the trouble comes from my side. Let's take Eclectic Girl as the most recent example. I have to believe any issues there, would be much the same as any of my other recent relationships. Looking back at this one, the answer was fairly clear:

My ADD Brain.

While I might not hear from her again, I was lucky enough to at least get one message from Eclectic Girl. It turns out, my mixed up brain managed to turn one mistake into about, oh, six or seven. Or More.

Her message was a pretty good rundown on the ways I screwed up and how the way my brain works, just ain't the same as most peoples. This, unfortunately can cause some issues, especially early on in a relationship.

So the whole laundry list of issues started last week Tuesday, I text messaged EG to see if she wanted to get together, she called back and was out with friends but said she would see me at the bar Wednesday. I assumed that meant she would come out. We all know what they say about assuming... Also, while I might be fairly pessimistic about finding relationships, when I do I fall on the opposite hand and tend to be probably overly optimistic. While the EG thing may not be as much relationship as arrangement, it's still much the same. I really need to not look forward to something that's not an actual planned event.

That was all normal circumstance, until the brain kicked in. Wednesday comes along and doesn't really go according to plan from the start because Stub and Herb's decided to cancel their poker night. Usually G-Spot plays poker and I play trivia. Since it was cancelled, the poker peeps decided to head to a different bar, which I really didn't feel like going to. I decided to chill there and see if Eclectic Girl would show.

Now don't confuse ADD with ADHD. They are related, but the H is for hyperactivity, so both mental and physical continual motion, and I've never had a problem with that. By nature, I'm a really laid back kinda guy. I like to chill out with friends and chat. Personality wise I'm a really relaxed kinda guy. ADD is just in the head and unfortunately, the only time the altogether too many channels of my brain relax is when I've had a few drinks. The problem there is not knowing which channel the brain will settle in to. Sometimes it's called over-analyzing, but that's a much more intentional thing than what my brain does.

Here's about a minute of the various channels of my brain last Wednesday:

Ch1: Sucks that G-Spot left, hope the poker night is good over there. Ch8: Man, Trivia sucks tonight. Ch3: Wonder where EG is? Thought she said she's stop by tonight. Ch12: The whiskey diet from that side of the bar tastes different from the one he poured me on the other side, wierd. Ch5: EG's probably at work or out with friends or something. No biggie. Ch6: I should go out on the patio, it's a gorgeous night, wait, no trivia. Ch11: Oh hey, I left a voice mail, but her phone's been stupid, I should leave a text message so she hears it. Ch2: OOOH! I know this answer! Ch9: I hope she's not sick or something from getting drunk last night... And on and on. It's like that one TV show, called "Dave's Head" or something, where you had the four parts/personalities of his brain as characters except instead of 4, I have like 43.

So yeah, I think it ended with a voice mail and a few text messages, then a few more text messages across the week whenever the thought of her popped in my head. Not until later I realized I had sent one or two every day for like four days and that was too much. Then the various egos inside the head convinced each other to send one last more playful message and leave it at that. Most of the messages were sent with the mindset of friendliness, not desperation, but perspective is everything...

To seal the deal with a big fat dumbass cherry, I wrote that last blog post. The post itself wasn't the deal, but the part where I opined about her past relationship was a bad plan. The bad part was that in my head, this had nothing to do with her, it was one channel of the brain thinking about all the bad recent relationships mentioned by G-Spot or Conservative Girl and other friends while the other channel was writing a blog post. Unfortunately they blended. After the snafu with the Hot Friend picture, and recently hurting my friendship with The Mistress o Charades due to my comments about Punster and the awkward double date and then this, I am hereby making sure to not comment or opine about anyone's life other than my own. It just gets me in trouble later when what I wrote turns out to have been a brain scrambled version of what I really meant.

The crappy part is, I don't realize any of this is causing a problem till it's too late. Maybe one of these days the channels will finally synch, or maybe I'll find a girl who can relate or that it doesn't bother. Who knows.

Anyway, hopefully I'll see Eclectic Girl again as I really did like her company. I did send a message back apologizing, but who knows if that mattered or not. At the least, actually getting some feedback will make things go better in the future. But until then, next time you're thinking about desert, but ask someone for your briefcase and accidentally say "Can you hand me my cake?" Think of me and smile would ya? ;O)

Later peeps! Keep Slackin!

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And some things stay the same...

Saturday, June 10, 2006


So the first week at the new job went exceptionally well. I got that design project and the second prototype worked well, so now it's on to making a near production version of it. We'll see how that goes!

Kickball is still kickball, though now that our bar took away Flip-Cup it hasn't quite been the same at the bars, but we still have fun. I did get a phone number of one cute girl, but she's "kinda, sorta, somewhat dating a guy." So that's just a friends thing. But it's been good. I'm a member of the Godless Whores this season. We're a fun bunch, we already had a catholic school girl outfit night and this week will be super hero week. Should be a hoot, two weeks will be toga night! :O)

And The Things That Stay The Same

Happenings with the other women around have turned out much the same a the rest in recent history. The Cute Paramedic stood me up Monday, so nothing's changed there. Kickball Girl was supposed to meet up with me on Thursday, and did, but only after I found her chilling upstairs after she said she would come downstairs and find me. Since she was already pretty drunk at that point, that was a non-event as well.

Then there's Eclectic Girl. I'm not really sure what happened there. We talked on Tuesday and I was kinda down because I had wanted to go out and celebrate having a new job, but couldn't get anyone to go out. Haven't heard a word from her since.

I'm not sure if it was my kinda depressed text message, or maybe it's this most likely unhealthy (as they always are) "On again, off again" relationship she had been having before she met me. Maybe it's just since she's leaving she wants to hang out with all her various friends. Maybe I was too whatever for enjoying her company. I don't really know.

We had been having a LOT of fun together, it was something like 7 out of 9 night spent together, and we both seemed to be on the same wavelength. It's unfortunate she seems to be another in the long string of women I've had relations with who don't even afford me the respect of a goodbye or a "sorry, I'm busy with friends." It's kinda sad. I'll hope she'll turn back up for a bit before she moves to New York, because it seemed like I had at least met a new friend, but maybe not?

Anyway, time to head to IKEA to check out the summer sale with Conservative Girl before it ends. Keep slackin peoples!

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New Beginnings

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well, it's time for things to start again officially. The job hunting is now over, the women hunting has, well, slowed and it's time for things to be fresh again!

As of yesterday I am now employed again! I accepted a position at the company that gave me the first offer. I had also gotten offers from two other places, but this seemed the best for me.

My new company, I'll call it The Start-up, is a very small medical device start up, but has a very promising technology for the treatment of congestive heart failure. I also got an offer from another medical device company and also from a machine design place, but this seemed to be the best fit. After I got the offers, I mulled over things for a day. This job just got me more excited when I thought about it, so I had to go with it. Turned out to be a good choice!

I expected the first day to be a bunch of paperwork and boring stuff, but then I get called into a meeting an hour after I started and they gave me a design project. I have my first little prototype almost done! Fun fun!!

So yeah, I can officially be a slacker again ;O)

In girl news, things are still going along fine with Eclectic Girl, we've spent many more evenings together since I last reported in. We certainly have fun, now we have to work on having a real date ;O)

I was supposed to go out with The Cute Paramedic the other day, but as per usual she's disappeared again. She did come hang out for a while for Grand Old Day, the big music festival they block off a mile and a half of one street in St. Paul for. But yeah, disappeared again, oh well. It's probably for the better for the time being since I am enjoying my time with Eclectic Girl and really am not a fan of having to juggles dates.

Anyway, look for me to finally be active again and I will get some pictures up for you all to see soon :O)

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