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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

Time to get back out there...

Monday, May 28, 2007

So yeah, this whole returning to normal life thing is harder than it seems. Kickball started back up, so thank god I'm getting out and being social. There were times in the last couple months I think Big Mike was actually going to kick my ass if I didn't go outside just for a few minutes to just BE outside.

Being social is one nice step, but there's so much else going on. With this newest screw over for a job I'm now thrown back to looking for a new job. With that I'm facing the dilemma of do I really want to do what I've been doing for the last tens years or do i want to find some completely new field to slack off in? Maybe this latest job fiasco is just a bitchslap from the slacker gods to change things up?

Maybe i don't want to find a job, just sell off all my possessions and become a drifter? How slackerly could that be? Jeez. Plus after i find a job, then comes dating again. *shudder* Can i go back to hiding from the world please?

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The Slack Is Back.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Good god, it's been too long. But, I'm back and plan on bloggin a lot more again.

I honestly don't even know where to begin.

I decided a new start needed a new template, what do ya think?

Anyway, how about answering the "where the hell were you?" stuff...

Basically, what had been a year in decline last year crashed HARD last December. Not long after i wrote that last post, I ended up getting canned from that job. I think it was about a day later I got called in to the new supervisor's office and told I could finish the day if I wanted, but I was done. F-that, See ya.

So where have I been the last 5 months? Unemployed.

It's a previously stated rule of slacking that in order to be a slacker you need something to slack off from. So I really just lost track of blogging. I really lost track of a whole lot of stuff. Friends, emotional well-being, and if i hadn't had some stocks to sell probably even Slacker HQ. I really think I hit an emotional rock bottom somewhere around February.

I really thought things were finally turning around here a few weeks ago when I finally found a new job. It was another great job at a smaller medical device company. It was a design job just like I had been hoping for and it was even a contract to direct. It had some fun coworkers and seemed to be quite interesting. So, why all the past tense you ask? After a week and a half I was abruptly let go.

So they spend three interviews over a two weeks to decide they want me; Make me wait 3 weeks before my first day; After a week told me they liked what I was doing and in 4 months it would be nice to have me direct; Then three days later tell my contract agency there's been too many issues and they're terminating the contract because they're "Too busy."

I'm like my own personal "Lost" episode, every answer just gives more questions. Too many issues? Apparently he said I was coming in "late" though he told me we need to be there by 9, and he gets there at 8:30. I never got there later than 8:30 except the day the oil plug and all the oil fell out of my car. And then I was only 15 minutes late. Apparently he says they were hoping for someone who would show dedication by being there at 7.

Also, there was an issues with a note I left for the person who broke the headphones I brought in the FIRST night I left them there. I simply and politely inquired what had happened. No bad names, no trying to figure out who did it, nothing rude whatsoever. Curiosity compelled me to ask how the cord from the headphones to the computer gets broken off and disappears but the headphones are perfectly intact. Apparently that was inappropriate and apparently he's never been curious about anything in his life.

Even my contract agency is dumbfounded on the whole issue. My agent was supposed to go pick up the last of my things there (my lava lamp) and hopefully talk to him so maybe I'll get more info. They tell me he's a brand new supervisor so maybe he decided he needs to establish himself by being a hardass. I don't know but now I'm back on the hunt YET AGAIN for a job.

Got any good ideas for a job for me? That's three tries in a row now only to get fairly screwed by the company I worked for. Each time the screw job was more and more brutal. So how about some suggestions for something completely new and fun? Anything?

Anyway, I'm gonna go try not to be all depressed and find something new. But it's nice to be back bloggin, I'll be around! Keep slacking!

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