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Tuesday AV Week Items are Up!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Check them out!

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Today's real post is down below, but I was wondering if any of you had put up videos? I may be an uber-geek, but for some reason I can't get it to work. Anyone have tips so I can get Monday's video up?

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I Was Actually Social and Stuff!

So somehow this weekend went from 0 - Social in about 12 hours or so and it was pretty nice!
I've been in kind of an emotional valley for the last couple months and just haven't really felt like going out. Conservative Girl and G-Spot got me to come out here and there but for the most part I've been content to chill at home and do some projects or play on the computer. Friday though Big Mike and I decided it was time to go out.
We hopped in the car and headed over to Gahstof's and had  a pretty decent time. Nothing exceptional, but a few good drinks and some dancing. Three was one drunk girl that Big Mike claimed he wanted nothing to do with but ended up dancing with, making out with and also making the comment that she may want to "play" in the car for a bit. Luckily nothing came of it or I would have been cabbing home. heh.
When I got up Saturday I checked my email to see a note from The Outta Leaguer inviting me and other friends to a party at Skirtboy's place for that night. I figured why not! The theme was "Wasteful Decadence" and that basically meant that you get over the top ritzyish wear from the local thrift store that you wouldn't care if you threw away. I scrounged up a wildly patterned, $8, silk shirt and headed over. It turned out to be a good time! He had wine and a chocolate fondue in the kitchen. in the living room was anime projected on the ceiling, music and a community game of chess. Then the bedroom he had some artist friends draw up a mural on a big sheet of material and everyone got to paint a little of it. I painted two buildings from the Minneapolis skyline for the record. I chatted with TOL and Raelun and even a little bit with The Redhead of yore. TOL was actually there on a blind date and was pretty sure he'd never talk to her again after spending time with her crazy friends. heh.I have a standing invite for this week to head on over to TOL and Raelun's and cook up some dinner. I've been looking for an excuse to cook and the residents of The Home of Two Hotties is a dang good one. I met a few new people, including Holy Pants, a cutie with rips in the jeans right about where the ass connects to the leg and definitely wasn't afraid to show off said parts. Did some low level flirting, hung out on the couch with her and watched Mulon Rouge, but didn't even bother getting a number, just didn't really have it in me. Got to make this a smooth transition back to being social. ;O)
Sunday was a relaxed day, slept in, played some WoW, watch some TV, did some cleaning.
Felt good to get back out again, and looks like I have plans this week and weekend as well with the dinner cooking at THOTH and after ordering some tickets today looks like I'll be going out to see Lucinda Williams with The Outta Leaguer and maybe some other people Saturday night.
Should be good!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy Audio Visual Week! Check back for more Audio Blogs and Pictures! Later peoples!

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Audio-Visual Week!!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

So to get this whole re-energiziation of The Daily Slacker going strong I decided that 1) It needed to be slimmed down a bit 2) needed something fun and exciting.

So, as the corporate world likes to say, I "leaned" out some of the Daily Slacker operations by eliminating and extra "edition." Now, instead of there being and Audio and a Visual Edition, and with some inspiration from probably the best publication of all time (The Onion) they have been consolidated into the much cooler Audio-Visual Edition.

As for the fun and Exciting? I give you:


Here's the Schedule for the Sights and Sounds of Slacking kickoff!

Make sure to cast your vote for Friday's Audio and Visual!

Text Post: Intro to the AV Edition
Audio Post: Hello Slackers!
Visual Post: Slacker Video!

Text Post: The Social Weekend Recap
Audio Post: Audioblog
Visual Post: Xmas 05!

Text Post: Wednesday Wist
Audio Post: Clips of the Wednesday Wist
Visual Post: Packer Game!

Text Post: Hated Drivers
Audio Post: Audioblog
Visual Post: Puerto Rico!

Text Post: Challenge to You!
Audio Post: You pick it!!
Visual Post: You pick it!!
(For the Audio and Visual posts, you comment YOU want to see and hear! I'll try and do it!)

Text Post: Slacker's Saturday Spotlight
Audio Post: TBD
Visual Post: New Condo Items

As you can see, it'll be a busy week!

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Slacker's Saturday Spotlight

Sunday, February 26, 2006

**Helps if you click "publish" instead of "save as draft"**

So, I was looking at my massive list of linked blogs (now powered by blog rolling) and thought, I need to make a good effort to read more of them, and also, I'd like to let all of you know about some of the good ones I've been reading.

First off, check out all of the members of the Bureau of Slacking on the right. I have already deemed those as highly readable. Read 'em already would ya! ;O)

Here are three blogs for this Saturday Spotlight that I have been enjoying lately. Stop by and check them out!

Humor Girl - Humor Girl: finding Christ... and What not To Wear.

A totally fun commentary on the daily happenings of a 20 something student. Now with camera phone so there's photographic evidence of said antics :O)

Karla - Karlababble:

Her "About Me" says it all: "When I'm not searching for the cure for pediatric AIDS, I'm feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless. In between good deeds, I sometimes find the time to do a little blogging." Wit abounds!

Paulius - Life, what the hell is going on?

Take a brit, get him married and moved to South Carolina, give him a blog and it makes for a great read! Check out the plotting fish, the pimped out fridge and much more fun!

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Friday, February 24, 2006

So yeah, no further repercussions of being a dumbass yesterday, so that's a good thing. For everyone who commented/asked, no, The Company is not normally that strict. OzzyC was right with his comment. I just had a run in with my boss and decided if he didn't respect me I wouldn't respect the hours he wanted me to be here. You can read up on some of the history herehere, and here. the contract is for six months ending Junish. if I know anything it's how to work a situation to my advantage, so no worries ;O)
Anyway, yeah, TGILLF. What's that mean you ask? Wait, this could be good. Before you read on, think of what you think those Ls stand for and make sure you include it in your comment.
Got it? Ok good.
Thank God it's Long Lunch Friday! Ha! you know you had something derogatory there! Don't try and clean it up for the comment!
So yeah, LLFs are one of few cool things Idiot Boss has decided to do as supervisor. Basically, we get to take our normal stay-in lunch deduction of 30 minutes (comes out of the time automatically, we don't have to punch out) but can go out take an hour lunch. Normally if we took an hour lunch or left the building we'd have to punch out. It's his way of saying we're doing a good job. About time!
Anyway, I hope you are all having a good end of the week! The time to slack is nigh! Hello weekend!
I don't have any big plans, it's supposed to be cold again so I'll probably spend most of it holed up in the warmest room in The Condo: the office. Not only is the boiler in the closet of that room, there are two computers that get heavy use, a 20" TV, DVD player, and a mini-fridge. It's basically a gamer's Nirvana. hehe.
I'll have my Slacker's Saturday Spotlight this weekend, and then next week will be AUDIO VISUAL WEEK! See y'all later!

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Bad Slacker Rising

Thursday, February 23, 2006

So, I've woken up severely hung over, sick, not been able to walk from sleeping 25 hours, in a place I don't recognize, with a girl I barely remembered and lots of other bad ways but none of them compare to the incredibly crappy sinking feeling I had this morning.
I come to, blink a few times and notice it's lighter than it usually is when I wake up. Being blind as a bat and not being able to read the alarm clock across the room, I reach down to find the cell phone plugged in next to my bed. I struggle to focus and check the time:
I work at 9am.
I have a signed contract that states I will not be late to work.
I can be fired for said infraction.
Heard for probably a three block radius:
"F#&K ME!"
I think the only time I've been out of bed quicker was the time lightning blew half the bark off the tree 20 feet from my bedroom window.
I mean, completely dislike Idiot Boss, and close to hate Boss' Boss, but I do like the company I work for and I certainly like to HAVE a job. It's not slacking if you don't have a job to slack off from ya know?
Thirty five minutes of commute later, all I could really think of to say to IB was "So, am I fired?" Yeah, I can lie if I need to, but in the current situation, if I show up late and don't have a doctor's note, police report, severed limb or a death certificate, I'm pretty much screwed.
I get to work, walk straight to IB's office to find a note saying he was in training all day. Ok, take back that "whew" people. This isn't a small company, it's a pretty high tech facility. I have to swipe my bar-coded ID tag when I come in and open the RFID keyed doors to get to my desk. Plus, there are cameras trained on anything resembling an entrance. I think they install the laser employee "motivation" system next month. heh.
I decide the best thing to do is have lunch with the guys because, well, it might be the last one. Well, that and I grovel better on an full stomach. After getting some brain food I decided the only thing I can do is sit down and fess up to Boss' Boss. This is the same person who when I brought up my issues with IB basically said I should shut up and do my job or find a new one.
I walk into her office, knock, and say: "I screwed up." I fess up to being late, explain that somehow, even though I have a paranoia about my alarm clock going off so I tend to check it three times before falling asleep, it somehow managed not to wake me up. I told her I knew that with the agreement I wasn't supposed to be late to work or meetings and whatnot and knew this was a bad thing. There was talk about trouble sleeping and how The Director had sleep issues as well and was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. There was talk about working on working on adjusting my schedule to coming in earlier and whatnot. There was other chit chat too,  but I know you're all waiting at the edge of your seat for this:
"So, am I going to be fired?"
"No, people make mistakes, but this obviously can't happen again."
The "whew" I told you to take back earlier? I give you permission to release it now.
Holy crap! She got a soul! It's a Miracle!!! She did mention my talk with The Director in our conversation so I wonder if that did more than I thought it would. I'm not sure what happened but I'm just happy I wasn't forced to trade in the title Slacker for unemployed involuntarily. I shall work to slack another day.
So yeah, not a great way to wake up.
*Music Update*
So I was hoping to get you all a Wednesday Wist today, but unfortunately I suffered more damage to the Slacker Music Library than previously assessed. I thought it was about a 30% loss but it turns out to be about 70% I did manage to restore most of it today, but will have to let the WW slide till next week when it will be extra special for Audio Visual week. Anyway, have a good day all and keep slackin!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ok, tonight's goal:
Add links to the cool new people who have been stopping by, and then read every blog on my link list.
If I get that done, it's time to start the evolution of the Audio and Video blogs into something better!!!
Audio Visual week is going to rule! RULE I say!!! Ahh Ha hA Ha hA!
Hello maniacal side :O)
Ok, ready, set, BLOG!

P.S. The wednesday wist is being postponed one day from it's regular time becuse I'm a dumbass who though he was safe when they sent out the mass email about not saving music on the network because he thought it was saved on his hard drive when in actuality his "My Documents" folder seemingly on the desktop was sneakily on the network. In a non-run on: the network ate my music.

P.P.S. (hehe, he typed P.P.)(ok, I'm hereby disappointed in myself for that last comment)(and for self-commenting a self-comment)(Doh!)YEAH!!! I succeded! I made it through ALL of them and read a minimum of two posts on each of your kick ass blogs and left at least one comment. Most impressively, I didn't once screw up the stupid word verification words! hah! Ahhhh Ha hA Ha hA HAH!

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Merry "Monday"

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yeah, that's right, I said "Monday." Tuesday is really Monday this week and Monday was a Sunday because we (or at least I) had two Saturdays. Wednesday's still Wednesday and not Tuesday this week because Wednesday is Hump Day and it's nice to think it's always downhill from there the rest of the week. Yup.
Confused? See, Told ya it was "Monday."
Stop thinking so hard, It's "Monday." You'll hurt yourself.
Hope you all had a good and hopefully nice, long weekend.
Start spreading the news, next week is going to be Slacker Audio/Visual Week! Yeah, it'll be friggin sweet. Yup.
Ok, back to avoiding a case of the "Mondays."

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Definitive Evidence

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yes, I finally have true, undisputable evidence that Idiot Boss really is an idiot.

At least one of you has recently said to yourself "I wonder what's been going on with the work situation for Chief Slacker?" So guess what!? ALL of you get to find out! Ha!This one's good though, well, at least I think it is, if not, blame Porq. Yup.

Anyway, we had our regular month department meeting and sat down with Idiot Boss, Boss' Boss and the rest of our group to talk about what's going. We talked about some new Standards, some new corporate projects and the regular mumbo jumbo. I'd give more details but I think I basically slept through the first half of it since one of the other managers was giving a review of the CEO's quarterly report. Anyway, at the end of the meeting, Idiot Boss talks about how our group is like the Pit Crew of a racing team. We do the behind the scenes work and it's important that we have quick turnaround so the projects stay "in the lead." Now, I am a big racing fan, I've worked on a couple different kinds of race cars and go to a NASCAR race each year, but when Idiot Boss starts making analogies, I worry.

And them came the evidence.

After the talk about being the pit crew, he also stated: "I think we need to raise the visibility of our department." Then, he handed out Fed-Ex envelopes to each of us that fairly obviously had a shirt inside. At this point, just about every bell, whistle and chemical reaction associated with the "Oh No!" portion of my brain was going haywire. With much trepidation, I open the bag and find:

Yes, it's Orange, and that picture doesn't do it's brightness justice, and yes, it have a black and white checkered collar and sleeve trim. They also have our company name, tagline and then our department name embroidered in black on the left breast area. Whoever took that picture should win an award because he/she somehow managed to make that shirt look semi-wearable. In reality, if that shirt was a person, it would be named Hid E. Ous. Unless that shirt has "Home Depot" and a number 20 on it, it's just plain wrong. No one is going to wear them, well, unless it's nice and warm at the start of next hunting season and they don't want to get Cheneyed.

The worst part is that he had to have spent at least about $300 of the companies money on these things. And that's assuming he got a decent price from our corporate vendor, and that's pretty unlikely.I didn't really need further proof, but I sure got it. Idiot Boss is irrefutably and idiot.

So yeah, work has been going ok. I really miss being able to get on a read all of your blogs during the day, but I have been making a good effort to get around and check up on everyone at home lately. I did have a sit down with the Director and that went pretty well, he was receptive, did listen some, did promise that there would be some changes and said that he was aware of some issues with Idiot Boss. I also have a meeting coming up with our new HR rep since the old one moved to a new company. Right now I'm still trolling for new jobs and in the meantime I'm just trying not to violate my little improvement plan thing and am trying my hardest to tolerate the IB.

So there you go, a little update and some evidence of idiocy. Later all! Keep Slackin!

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I Survived.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

First off, the Wednesday Wist is up on the Audio Edition. Go check it out!!!!
So I made it through Worstest Day. WoW made for a good distraction. I got my Dwarf Warrior, Thuglas, about a level and a half higher. Almost up to 47. As stupid as it sounds I think playing that was actually a good thing for me. I have to think and stuff and it keeps me distracted instead of just sitting there sulking and dwelling on the fact that I severely hate that day. I'm not the type to call up people or really go out and do anything when I'm in a mood like that so if I'm at home with nothing to do, it's easy to enter downward spiral mode. About the only friend I get a hold of then it my buddy Jack Daniels. heh.
Big Mike had to find a way to schedule in two dates last night. A third one was postponed to Saturday. I don't think he really caught the irritation hidden in the sarcasm when I said " Gee, Must suck to be you." It's pretty sad that he doesn't really even like these girls and only keeps them around for the sex and has three dates and I had jack shit. I did have a chance to hang out with Conservative Girl since her church date got cancelled, but I really don't think that would have made me feel any better.
Anyway, the day has past (yay!) and I'm one day closer to a 3.5 day weekend. Rock on. We get this Monday off from work and we're getting free lunch on Friday, so I'm going to put in a half day, then have a nice loooong weekend. This will be good. I'm sure I'll end up playing WoW for most of it, I want to get my guy up to 60 ASAP so I can start a new one and also start doing all the fun big instances. Yeah, I am a huge dork, deal with it.:O)
Ok, back to work. I think I need to out that Metal Church CD on... it's been a while.
Later taters.

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The Worstest Day

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hello and unwelcome to the one day of the year when it totally f-in sucks to be single.
While approximately 100 million couples will go out to dinner tonight, and at least about 50,000 engagements will occur today making all those involved incredibly happy, the singles amongst us rue the day. Not like I hadn't been feeling humpy anyway, but this day always has a way of pushing me down the unhappy side of the hill. It's not so bad anymore since I've kinda become accustom to the whole thing seeing as I've had consistently bad luck with the day, but it still does suck.
Our of 27 Worstest Day's I've been around for, I've had a date on 5 of them. Three of those, I wish now that I hadn't because it was basically the last date before getting dumped. First one was Tomboy, my second girlfriend, got her a nice necklace and earring set, didn't hear from her for two weeks and then found out she didn't want to date. Second regrettable one was the next GF after that, had a nice date and gave her some small diamond earrings since it was about a year. I found out a week later she was dating someone else. Two weeks later I got the earrings back in the mail. I'm sure she was meaning to be nice, but ouch. Third one was a GF in college, during a date on V-day, she decided that since I wasn't sure that I wanted to be married in the next two years that she didn't want to date anymore. The last two I had been dating Conservative Girl, so they went all right, but there was definitely something missing since we never were in love. Definitely not a great track record.
Tonight my date's a computer. I'll read up on the blogs, play some Wow, all that fun shnit.
I guess it makes sense though in a balance sort of way. On normal days most people are content, and there's a small group of really happys and a group of really crappys. Today, the really happy population grows and starts hogging up all the Ying, so the single population gets to eat big, fat, not at all tasty Yang sandwich and deal with it. If everyone was happy the whole balance would be thrown off kilter and the world might implode or something.
So yeah, all you people having a good Valentine's day, find a single person with their Yang sandwich and thank them. Oh, and buying us a beer to wash it down with would be pretty cool too!

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I Hate Today.

It's like 1.5 hours into today and I'm already feeling depressed. Not a good start.

Maybe sleep will help.

Ok, alcohol & Smallville, then sleep. Better.

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The Double X Weekend

Monday, February 13, 2006

So, everyone knows that soft-core porn is rated X, and hardcore gets XXX. Hey, stop pretending like you didn't know, we both know you don't ONLY use that computer for reading blogs. Anyway, apparently XX, though there was a good amount of poking, is neither softish nor hardish nor anything in between. It included more shopping than anything. :O)
My Ex, Runt, from South Carolina came up to visit for a 3 day weekend. For those of you who asked, she's called Runt because she's all of 4'11" or as she'd say "5 foot on a good day." She flew in Thursday and we just chilled around The Condo then wandered over to a local bar and had a couple drinks. Friday I gave her a tour of work, then we went to a Swarm (Indoor Professional Lacrosse) game in downtown St. Paul, then out for a few drinks after the game. Gotta chat with some of the players and also saw Lotus Girl at the bar as well.
Saturday is when it went from Ex to XX. I had talked with Conservative Girl and mentioned that Runt and I would probably hit IKEA and the Mall of America and she would be welcome if she wants to go. We all met up at IKEA, ate some meatballs(Except for Runt, who I think is so short because she's so incredibly picky about food) and I finally exchanged the chair that was coming apart. I also got a really nice shelving set-up for the office. Oh and CG got a plant. She said she would deem it a successful purchase if it survived for more than two weeks. Lets just say neither of her thumbs really have any tinge of green.
Next stop was across the street to the biggest mall in the U.S. basically for one reason: Rum Truffles. Chocolate, mixed with rum and coated with more chocolate. Overheard from Runt this weekend "I don't care what we do this weekend, I'm on Vaca. We will be going to the Mall to get me my rum truffles though." Apparently no where in SC has good truffles and the ones imported from the Biltmore Estate in NC sucked compared to the ones at the MOA. So, she got her truffle fix, had a chocogasm or two, then we wandered the MOA of a few more hours till CG had to go out on a date.
During the shopping excursion though, there was much, much poking. HEY! I told you, this is not X or XXX, get your mind back out of the gutter. Now, both Runt and CG are absurdly ticklish. By that I mean instead of the Pillsbury Dough Boy, give a poke, get a "hee hee" (Or, well, other noises) type thing, it more like make anything resembling a poking motion in their general direction cringing, guarding, crumpling and usually some squealing of illegible phrases usually including something anti-poking. You know you couldn't resist that either. yeah, there was definitely a poke or two. Or 384.
On the way back to The Condo, G-Spot called and asked what we were up to and since our plan included two things: nothing and next to nothing, we decided to all meet up for some Thai food. We hung out, chatted for a while and then headed over to this newer place called Babalu. They wanted $10 for cover, and none of us really wanted to spend that to hang out for like 1 hour. G-spot filled out an application since they're hiring and she's a teacher and would actually like to have some money to spend.
Afterward we parted ways and Runt and I mosied on down to this tiny little bar near a place I used to live. The name of the bar is The Spot and it's a one room (not counting bathrooms) little shack of a place. It's the typical neighborhood bar, not much for variety, but great prices and the atmosphere is totally friendly. Closed the place down, headed home, watched I, Robot and then crashed.
Sunday Runt had to head back so I dropped her off at the airport about noonish. It was totally fun getting to hang out with her again after several years. I'm glad she was able to make the trip!
CG came over soon after I got back so we could exchange hostages (she had the large parts of the shelving units in her SUV and I had her plant) and she hung out to watch some movies, eat Thai leftovers and build the shelving units. The Office looks pretty sweet now, I'll have to get some new pictures up for all of you.
So yeah, it was a little depressing here and there since it was fun to hang out with Runt again, but that wasn't going to last, and then CG talking about her dates and my realizing that I have none and I won't even have someone to hang out with tomorrow. But overall it was a really fun weekend.
Now, if only I had been able to add that third X... ;O) hehe
Happy Monday all, keep slackin'.

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Stupid Virus

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Unbeknownst to me there had been a stomach virus going around. Mean little bastard get in ya, then ties yours stomach up in knots and convinces it to reject any substance you attempt to eat or drink. Luckily it only sticks around for a day then packs up and find some other unsuspecting soul. Not so much fun none the less.
So yeah, I spent the last day being ill again. I did manage to get the Wednesday Wist posted of on the Audio Edition and it links to an updated version of the Slacker Music Library. Definitely check it out.
Anyway this weekend should be really fun. Runt, from South Carolina, is coming up to visit. We dated a while back and lost touch for a while but have been back talking again and she decided that she wanted to come up and hang out again. She'll be getting here about 4:45 tonight and heading out in the afternoon on Sunday. Should be a very fun time! :O) Mother Nature decided to be mean though and is giving us one of the coldest weekends of the year. heh. It'll be fun anyway.
Anyway I have to get stuff done since I'm taking any early day to pick up Runt at the air port!
Later all! Keep slackin!

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A Note to Blogger/Google

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So I was all happy when I got home last night because I had set time aside so I could finally get back to reading all of your kick ass blogs, but I get home and:
"Blogger/Blogspot Servers Down for maintenance from 7-8pm ET"
Bastards. And why bother with the times? It's never one hour when Blogger goes down. Just say it's offline for maintenance for a while. When they say 7-8 et, AT 8:15 ET, we're all jonzing for some bloggage and jump on to find out the servers are STILL down. Then come the shivers and the shaking and the cold sweats. Oh wait, is that just me?
Anyway, come on Google peeps, don't be teasing like that. Just because you're a huge technology company that's probably going to take over the world someday doesn't mean you can torture us poor addicted bloggers. We're people too! We have feelings, we have NEEDS! I made sure not to play World of Warcraft just to read blogs (Ask anyone who even knows someone who plays that game and they'll understand the torture) and you kept me from it. Mean I tell you, MEAN.
Just for that I'm uninstalling my Google search bar and going to MSN for all my searching. Take that! Ha!
Anyway, I'll read you all tonight! Keep slackalackin'.
P.S. Hey Google people, I'm just kidding you know. Don't, like, delete me off the face of the planet or anything please ok? Because I'm sure you can, but that would be bad. Yup.:O)

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Flag On That Play!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Ok, so if I needed a sign that giving up on dating for the time being  was the right decision I got one. The Sign was also accompanied by a major violation of the Guys Code and and one of the unspoken rules of friends.
So, last night I'm playing some WoW on the computer with Big Mike and my phone rings. It was O'Gara's Girl. Normal small talk ensues "What ya up to? yadda yadda." Then, after a little bit she said "I want to be up front with you..." She then said that our friend Tom had asked her out the day before I did.
*Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech* *Stop* *Hubbanna?*
So, I met O'Gara's Girl on Friday when I went out with Tom for his birthday. She's a friend of a mutual friend of Tom and I. I asked if she wanted to do something on Sunday but she had to work. Monday I went to a Hockey game with Tom and I mentioned to him I was trying to get together with her. I was busy Tuesday and weds, but left a message weds asking if she wanted to get dinner or something similar. So that means Tuesday, Tom asked her out. *FLAG!*
Yeah, there's no such thing as dibs in the dating world, but that's just mean! There's a code of honor, of ethics, between guys and that's just not cool.
I know I've done my share of screwing up with the women, and also had my share of screw overs, but what terribly egregious things did I do to get my dating karma this screwed up? You know it's bad when guys are starting to fuck up your dating life. Ok dating Gods, I get it and I'm hereby giving up. Your omens have made it clear enough.
So now, what do I say to Tom when I talk to him next besides "Dude! WTF?"
Anyway, you all have a good weekend. I get to spend Friday and Saturday being the fifth wheel again when D comes to town with his new girlfriend and Big Mike will have one of his F buddies around or will be trying to get The Boxer into the sack even though he doesn't like her at all. He's just that bad.
Maybe I'll lock myself in the office and play WoW till the weather turns nice. heh.
Yeah, TGIF, keep slackin all!

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Giving Up Yet Reinvigorating

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hey All! Before I go on I want to make sure you stop on over to the Audio Edition and check out the Wednesday Wist which I wrote on weds, but had to much going on and forgot to publish.
Anyway, I'll bet you're wondering what's with the title of the post aren't you? Well, even if you're not you're going to find out, so :-P
Giving Up:
I decided for the time being I'm giving up on dating for the time being. I figure when spring rolls around I'll be doing a lot of different social things again like kickball. I'll actually be the president of the Twin Cities Kickball Division so that will be interesting. But, after the run I've had recently with dating (Kickball Girl, Pute Paramedic, Hot friend and Gun Show Girl) I'm just sick of the whole thing. I don't have the will to be out there doing that whole thing, just don't.
I was talking with Conservative girl the other day about her search. She's doing the Match.com thing and has had a fairly consistent string of dates. She was asking me if I had found anyone new and while we were talking I realized that right now, I just plain don't friggin care. I also realized that those dating sites are pretty good for women, and completely and demoralizingly bad for guys. Women get about 60 inquiries to a guy's 1 and even after you weed out the losers, oldies and creepies, there's still a handful of possibles. A guy can send out about 50 emails and maybe get 1-2 back, a females sends one out she's almost guaranteed a reply. but yeah, as for the whole thing I really don't give a crap.
I have options, there's O'Gara's Girl that I met the other day at my buddy's B-day Party. We talked about going out, but I don't really know if I really wanna have to go through all the motions with dating. She was definitely a cute, funny girl, the type I would love to date, but I'm just not sure I'm up for it. It's pretty sad, but right now mentally, my relationship with my DVR is good enough. heh.
On the other side of things, though, I've decided that it's time this blog was reinvigorated. It's dwindled a bit because of the whole Improvement Plan thing ar work and all that. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to keep up on all of your wonderful logs and that, in combination with me not being able to post as much fun content has lead to dropping from an average readership of 50 visitors a week day to about 17. This needs to change.
By the way, a big thanks to those 17 people, YOU FREAKIN ROCK! Thanks for being loyal through the rough patch ;O)
But yeah, here are the highlights of the Daily Slacker Reinvigoration Plan:
So yeah, thanks again to those of you still reading, and I hope we can get more people to join you soon! Spread the word, the Slack is on it's way Back!

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