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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

The Art of Milking the Birthday.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So, in case you hadn't heard, your good Chief here turned a grand old 30 yesterday. Cheers to that! I remember thinking as a kid 30 was old, but now that I'm here I certainly don't feel like thought I would. I did have a hard time getting up this morning, but I think that had a lot more to do with The Ewok (The Roommate's girlfriend's puppy) barking its fluffy little head off.

Anyway, the best part about turning "Old" (Yes Porq, that makes you "ancient") Yes, I say parties because any good slacker knows how to milk a birthday.

I was talking to Cute Chiropractor the other night and she noted in her house you get a two week window for Birthday shenanigans. One week before, the day of, and one week after. I'm liking that guideline. So far, I've taken pretty good advantage of it.

The Birthday stuffs started last Wednesday. That's when I rolled in to Madison to crash at The Parents' before heading out with The Dad to hit up the NASCAR races in Michigan. We got in and chatted a bit and the The Mom handed out the presents for The Dad (His birthday was Saturday). I made off with a bunch of funny boxers and a new golf bag and nice putter as well as getting to go to the races.

Thursday we headed out to Michigan and set up camp. After that we wandered around to say "Hi" to the annual neighbors and meet any new ones. Usually once the impending birthday was mentioned it often turned into free beer or other alcohol.

Friday started as relaxing around the campfire with The Canucks, but quickly turned into and interesting adventure. Some girls from a couple campsites away came over and invited The Canucks and I on and adventure to Boob Town. Our camping area has some limits set up so people can have a lot of fun, but at the same time keeps it fairly family friendly and decent. Not so much for the camp area on the other side of the fence. Just a few things that could be found there: A tent with a dance floor with lights in it, an Octabong (8-person beer bong), a Dong Bong (A, um, phallic shot drinking device) and of course boobs for beads. Interesting it certainly was.

Saturday night was a "surprise" party for me from my dad. He "smuggled" a cake up there and also had a little award ribbon thing that said "30 and still partying" and suckers that said "30 sucks" on the wrapper. I say "surprise" and "smuggled" because he's really not good at either of those and all this was figured out by Thursday night! I found out when we got home Monday there were balloons that were supposed to be part of this too. Oh well, I got a party out of it!

Sunday got some more free beer and birthday greetings amongst the neighbors and Monday was filled with all the driving back from Michigan, but did get a free dinner out of the deal.

Last night (Tuesday), was finally the actual day of my Birthday. I planned to just hang out at the good ol' haunt of Stub and Herb's and invite friends to hang out. Unfortunately of the dozen or so invited only three showed (The Arty Neighbor, Conservative Girl and a long time bar-friend). But we still had fun. Had some shots, got some fun presents from CG. She gave me an "Old Whiner Wine Glass" which is a plastic wine glass with a sippy cup lid, a "Portable Restroom", and a "Shoe Wedge" which is like the face of a golf club you attach to your shoe. hehe. Good times.

Tonight two people who couldn't make it last night (G-Spot and Chef Timmy) are going to take me out for a couple drinks. And I have a date sometime next week with the Cute Chiropractor since she couldn't make it either and is out of town the rest of the week. So yeah, the party keeps rolling! Come on up and celebrate with me already!

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Got my vote!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm postponing my review of dating services to being you this special message.

You know, I hate Paris Hilton. Really. However, one thing I hate MUCH more are all the stupid political ads we have to deal with on TV. Previously the only time I've ever liked Paris Hilton is the scene in House of Wax where she gets impaled and dies. This rebuttal to McCain using her as an example in one of his ads, however, gives her one more semi-redeeming appearance.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

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The New Girls

Monday, August 04, 2008

So yeah, I know what you're all REALLY dying to hear about: My crazily screwed up dating life. Right? Oh don't lie.

Well, here they are, the new girls you may here mentioned in the Daily:

Arty Neighbor - We met soon after the improsion of the thing with Miss Intrigue. Medium height, brunette, and quirky yet fun. Went on a few dates and it came fairly apparent we weren't on the same page for dating. She can be a tiny bit clingy, but is a pretty fun person. She lives like 4 blocks away though so we've stayed pretty good friends and I'm sure she'll be around.

The Trucker - She's a fellow Swarm fan, medium height, highlighted dark blonde, and pretty in a somewhat tomboy way. We met through a group of fans and seemed to hit it off pretty well. Like it seems most of the girls I meet do, there was the odd complication of the fact she was still in the process of getting divorced. I'm not sure how, but we went from not wanting anything serious to hanging out every other day. That is until she realized she really never was attracted to me and was lying herself into dating me. It remains to be seen how the friends thing will work out, but for certain reasons I'd definitely like to be.

The CSI - I met her on my first every foray into Speed Dating. She's very pretty, tall and fun. We talked up a storm after meeting at the speed dating thing and seemed to hit it off quite well. Unfortuantely the first date came probably far too soon after a huge personal event. Turns out said event is probably really really bad first date material. I haven't heard much from her since, but I'm not counting this as dead yet.

The Cute Chiropractor - This is a fairly recent addition. Met via Facebook, she's very cute, blonde with gorgeous eyes and quite fun. She's a farm girl studying to be a Chiropractor. We've gone on two dates so far and hopefully more.

There have been several other girls, but either they only made it one date or just really aren't likely to appear in here again. But there's some fodder for you fiends.

In all this I have gotten some good experience with "dating services" for lack of a better term. I think taht will have to be next post... stay tuned!

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