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Will Travel Cure the Blues?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Orieentation Girl has been harassing me since I haven't posted much lately. That got me thinking about why, and ultimately realizing it probably would do me good.

Really since last summer, there's been a lot of stuff bringing me down. That horrible relationship with The Trucker has some lasting effects you just don't get over. Blogging though was always something fun, and kept me focused on the good things. So here I am, and back at it I go!

I'm Leaving, on a jet plane... or van or bus...

Time to get the hell out of dodge. What better way to kick off having some fun then 3 weekend getaways in 4 weeks?

Trip 1 - Keystone, Colorado.

This trip is an Orientation Girl creation. She and her sister have a ski weekend every year and invited a bunch of people this year. I head out on a Friday night and come back on Monday. There's a totally sweet Condo already rented and I'm sure there will be lots of Skiing, and likely alcohol. Defintiely a good way to kick things off.

Trip 2 - Philadelphia.
After one weekend off I'll be flying toward the other coast and visiting Philly to see the Minnesota Swarm play. Last year I won a trip for 2 to any road game and as scheuling would have it, the only game I can make it to is Philly. Not complaining though, I've never been to philly so I'm looking forward to grabbing a cheesesteak and getting to see the city and what should be an excellent game!

Sounds like it could be an interesting time since the Philly fans can be, well, interesting. Here's hoping the people around me at the game are the good type, and not the condiment and/or hamburger throwing type.

My partner in crime for the trip will be Fern's Girl. She and i have been doing a lot of weekend hanging out. I don't think either of us is looking for anything serious, but we fit well for right now. Busy during the week, looking to enjoy the weekend. Should definitely be a fun trip though!

Trip 3 - Denver, Colorado.

Heading back to Colo, though this time via ground transport and yet again for a Swarm game! Every year a grroup of fans gets together and road trips to a game or two. Since Chicago's team folded up shop, the closest place now is Denver, so off we go!

There will be anywhere from 12-40 of us piling in some sort of vehicle and heading out to CO. Luckily we planned an extra day in there so we don't have to worry too much about the long drive. This game should definitely be fun since Colorado always has a large turnout for their games.

So yeah, a fun bunch of travel for the month! I think i'll have to save some money from the tax return and plan aa big, long trip for later in the year, but the weekend trips are fine and fun for now!

Keep on slackin!

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