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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

Up, Down, All around!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So it's been a crazy week.

Tuesday the ever wonderful Orientation Girl wandered into town to chitty chat with the U of M division of the Society of Women Engineers. Afterward we had our traditional outing to Stub and Herbs to knock off a few more shots on the list.

Like usual we started with out Undercurrents and then had three more shots. The first of the three was Rocket Fuel (Rumpleminze and Bacardi 151) and is probably part of the reason I don't remember the other two. We hung out with Tommy Boy Jon Jon and shot some pool like usual. The typical fun time!

Wednesday I had lunch, then felt horrible. My stomach and I were very much not friends.

Thursday I talked with my boss here at the Temp Job and told him I had decided to accept the offer of a direct position here. I'd be hired on at the same salary that my hourly wage worked out to and get nifty benefits including an entire paid week off for the Christmas holidays.

That night my stomach started to rebel again and stayed that way most of the weekend. So, instead of going to Family Christmas (he time the whole ginormous Mom-side extended family get together) for the first time in years, I was stuck home sick.

To make things worse, my phone was nowhere to be found from Thursday on. Compounding that the roommate was gone all weekend.

Monday I get to work and have a talk with the Temp Boss. Apparently he had second thoughts about hiring me on because he was unsure about me being committed to the job since I took a week to think about it. He also said he had questions about the quality of my work because I had some horrid typos in the email I sent him Friday telling him I was sick. Nevermind I wrote this email in between visits with my porcelain companion.

Toward the end of the work day I start hearing a commotion coming from the Temp Boss' office. As it grew louder it was apparently he was in the midst of what can best be described as a "freak out." I don't mean the yelling, mad, tirade kind, I mean the anxiety overload horrible hyperventilation kind. It got worse until the people he was in there with eventually called 911. The commotion was creeping/freaking me out, so I had to jet.

Today I arrive and find out why: He got canned. Apparently amidst the talks of how to work the transition he had said breakdown. So now I have to work things out with a new supervisor and manager. Joy. There's a problem looming too, if I don't get hired on, I have no income for that week they're shut down. Not cool. I have some savings now, but that would definitely take a big bite of it.

Yeah. Craziness.

Well, I finally tracked down my phone, apparently I left it at Stub and Herb's, so pardon me while I go charge it then call my parents and let them know I'm not dead.

Then again, the way the weekend went, maybe I am and just don't know it...? Nah.

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A Good Place to Be

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So, like a really needed more reassurance that the twin Cities are a great place to live! I know I love this area, and while I would definitely like to live in some other places for a little while, I definitely call the Twin Cities home.

A couple recent articles proclaiming the awesomeness of the Slacker Homeland:

Exhibit A: The Healthiest Place to Live

Exhibit B: Winter Wonderland

Yup, gotta love it here.

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