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Slacker's Odyssey Book 6

Saturday, April 22, 2006

So it's been a while since there was a book, but here is the next one. A tale a new love developing while one fades. It would go well for a while, but have a touch of evil from the gods in the end...
6. Ferry Tale
Around the time Poseidon was slowly pulling the relationship with The Musician out to sea, a new girl drifted into his life. They met while schooling in the lands of Lafollette and hit it off they did. With the new distance between he and The Musician was a opening for friendship and possibly for love.
Ferry Girl was a fair girl with curly hair of brown and a kind personality. She lived quite a distance away, near a ferry across the river, but attended the same school since her parents worked in the area. She was much more religious than the rest of the young maidens our traveler had come across, but it was fine with him.
Their relationship blossomed slowly, but was strong for a good long time. They saw each other a frequently as the travel would allow and spent most days of the week spending time together after school.
Being a year older Ferry Girl finished her schooling a year previous to Slacker and moved further away to extend her studies. The trips were long, but worth it as it just made for a stronger passion when they were able to meet. Regardless of the distance they stayed together for the time she stayed to study.
She eventually returned home, deciding that additional studies were not the directions she wanted to travel. They spent a good portion of the winter holidays together and things seemed to be well. The goods were not so kind however and brought a new man into Ferry Girl's life.
Soon after the winter holidays were over, Slacker received the news, Ferry Girl would be moving on with this new love and the end of another road was found.
A few weeks later, Slacker received a package, in it were the gifts she had been given from our Chief and his parents. While this was surely meant in kindness, it was hard not to feel the cruel sting of the gods buried beneath.

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Ok Body, Enough Already!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Dear Immune System,
I miss you.
Please come back to stay.
Chief Slacker
I apologize again for the long pause in posts, health has not been my strong suit lately.
So it turns out the problem I had last week may not have been food poisoning, but something else. This past Wednesday the same type of thing flared up. That makes three weeks in a row with the same sort of issues. That makes for a trip to Mr. Doctor man to ask "Umm, Dude, what's wrong with me?" After a day and a half of poking and prodding and scanning I got : "Umm, Dude, we don't know. But, we might on Monday." They did find an odd bump in my intestine, but don't think it's the cause. I'm really not a fan of revisiting meals, so yeah, I really hope Mr. Doctor man and his peeps figure something out.
Oh, by the way, Magnesium Citrate is the devil. Liquid.Freaking.Devil. It is. Trust me.
I'm not really a big fan of this whole situation but it seems to be recurring. My immune system is strong as hell, except when it takes vacations. It's either nothing, barely ever even a cold, but then something nasty comes along. When I was a kid, I had ear infections, ohh, about every week. Seriously. The receptionist at the doctor's office knew my mom's voice. Got that fixed and didn't have much problem till a little thing named Mono came to visit. Several yeas later I had one nasty flu bug. Then I stayed relatively healthy until college. At one point I managed to develop a sinus infection, a bronchial infection and a throat infection at the same time. Fast forward several more years till now and I haven't hardly been sick for years, until now.
It sucks that I feel totally fine, then BAM, unholy hell.
ANYWAY, I will be posting tomorrow and WILL post the next two books of Slacker's Dating Odyssey!
See ya then slackers!

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Back on the Air

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Man, nothing like a case of food poisoning and a holiday weekend to throw a monkey wrench in things.
So lets see, I spose I'll give y'all a quick recap of where the hell I been. Due to the holiday and all of that I'm going to shift Slacker's Dating Odyssey to Weds and Fri for this week only.
Sorta Date / Food Poisoning
So Wednesday was the little double date thing with the Mistress o' Charades, her boy Punster and Challenge Girl. This was all well and good except I hit one major hurdle well before the sorta date thing even began.
for lunch I decided to have chicken fingers and fries from our cafeteria, and it turns out that was an incredibly bad idea. At about 3, the stomach started protesting and by 4 I was having a very intense "conversation" with my garbage can. After a couple smaller "conversations" the Idiot Boss noticed and said "Well, you can go home if you want to." I informed him: "Oh I'll will certainly be leaving."
Being excessively tired after that and not wanting to drive anywhere feeling that tired I decided to take a nap in my car's back seat. After a 45 minute nap, I got up and decided I felt a little better and would head to where the date was supposed to be. That lasted for, oh, about 2 blocks. Just after I turned onto the on ramp of the interstate my stomach decided again it was not a happy camper. I pulled off the road onto the shoulder, quickly opened the door and had a small "conversation" with the gravel below.
Once back on the road I did feel a bit better but did have to make one quick stop at a gas station for other, umm, reasons. The rest of the drive though I did feel a good deal better so I decided not to cancel the little sorta date and just sipped water while waiting for everyone to arrive.
The date itself wasn't really all that great because I was basically worried the whole time about other "conversations" and wasn't able to get into some of the actual ones. It ended up being much more of a date with Punster than with Challenge Girl since he occupied the vast majority of the conversations that were had. I did order dinner, but only ate like three forkfuls. Though, that did finally give me a chance to get a decent reading on Punster and it definitely wasn't good.
The vibe I got was entirely fake, that almost everything about him is contrived. Even his supposed trademark puns were far to manufactured and even Challenge Girl, his roommate, commented that she usually got his humor but that it just didn't fit. It seemed like he basically wanted MoC around to be beautiful ornament for his flashy cars. I'm not sure if this was because I was around or what, but there must be a lot more to him behind the scenes, because I know MoC if far to phenomenal of a person to just be a trophy girl.
As for Challenge Girl, she was pretty, and the times I could get the conversation off punster on on her she had some very interesting convo in her. I'm not real sure if she wanted to be thee or not since she was a little subdued as well. After we were done with dinner MoC and Punster went inside the building to get some cash and I chatted with her a bit. I apologized for being so out of it since I didn't feel well and said I would take her out again sometime and gave her my number. I'm really not expecting to ever hear from her since it was most definitely an excessively underwhelming date.
Man do I have the worst luck when it comes to dating.
I went home and ended up feeling super crappy again. Called in sick to work again, I think I have like two days left for the year, and spent they day either sleeping, in the bathroom, or sipping kool-aid with one break at the Dr. Found out it was most likely a mild case of food poisoning because it wasn't the same symptoms of the stomach bug that had been going around. Friday was more re cooperating as well, but I did finally eat real food.
Saturday and spent with the family Back in Madison doing the normal holiday stuff and then came back up here on Monday.
So that brings us all to know and back to our regularly scheduled slacking! See you all tomorrow with the next book in the Odyssey Series: A Ferry Tale.
Keep slackin!

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Sorta Date Night

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well it's Wednesday, that means two things: The Musical 8-Ball version of Wednesday Wist is up over on the AV Edition, and tonight is the first "date" that has come from The Challenge.
Yes, I guess, technically, this isn't really a true blind date, since Miss o' Charades and her new guy, Punster, will be there, but it's close. The whole point of the encounter is potential to result in future dates, so it's really the same thing to me. And the other part that makes it the same thing is that the thing is being set up for me to meet her, and I know very little about her.
I know:
-Punsters roommate
Yeah, that's it. I realized today that, while setting this thing up, I'm fairly certain MoC never actually mentioned her name. But I guess that's not a bad thing, the holes just leave space to fill with conversation!
So yeah, I'm still counting it as my first ever blind date, and I'm sure it'll be interesting. At the very least we'll be going to a bar/restaurant that I've never been to, so even if the whole thing doesn't go anywhere at all with Challenge Girl, it'll be worth the trip!
Anyway, wish me luck and I'll let you no how it went tomorrow along with the next Book or two from Slacker's Dating Odyssey!
Later peoples, keep slacking.

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Slacker's Odyssey Book 5

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Odyssey of our Chief Slacker continues. Don't forget you can possibly add to or even write the final chapters of Slacker's Odyssey by taking part in The Challenge. One person is trying to, will you?
5. Poseidon's Pull
In the years following their short relationship, Tomboy and the Chief to be had remained good friends and had made each other some new ones. They hadn't been as close during The Siren Song but the friendship, though not the romance, did rekindle. With the aid of his steed Ciera (from the lands of Oldsmobile) they were able to visit much more often.
In the midst of their comings and goings, Tomboy introduced our Slacker to a new friend who would soon become much more. The Musician had known Tomboy though their schooling as well as being in choir and other musical musings. Sparkly eyes, a pretty smile, curls of brown with a little attitude and sass rounded out a very interesting girl.
Not long after their fateful introduction, Poseidon's pull took Tomboy on her own journey. Her travels took her so far, that she eventually lost all but the slightest contact with even her close friends like The Musician. Only the God of the Sea knows her fate now...
As their relationship grew and matured, it was very fruitful. it had everything, friendship, romance, and passion. The question remained though, was there love? The couple discussed this under many a moon and there was never much of a resolution. They did enjoy the company though so the worry was never there.
This lack of love did become apparent at one point though. During his schooling our traveler met a new girl and once she had caught his eye it was hard for it to venture on. They remained friends at first, but the gods could tell there was something more and decided to make a move. Soon after things started to develop with the newfound friend, The Musician's family as well as her moved to far away lands. They remained friends but she soon met someone new and was married not long after. Slowly but surely Poseidon's tides carried away this friendship as well but a new chapter was beginning...

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Happy, umm, Monday?/Challenge Update!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ok, so happy and Monday are not exactly good companions, but deal with it. It's Monday, you're not to supposed use your brain so hush and be veggie-like ok? Good slacker.
Anyway, so yeah the weekend went ok. Friday Big Mike and I took our friend D out for his birthday. We hit up Gasthof's and did a couple apfelshotz and a couple boots. Good times. Mike ended up making out with this chick who supposedly writes for Penthouse. He says he wanted nothing to do with her, but still made out with her for like 45 minutes. Sorry bud, don't believe ya.
Saturday was some pretty hardcore slacking with a little laundry mixed in. it was weekend two of The Great Laundering. I sorta hadn't really done any laundry except socks and boxers since oh, December. Took me three full months to empty my closet of clothes I actually want to wear. I clearly have too many clothes. I was actually able to sort the clothes into 9 full loads. None of this lights and darks stuff, no. This was divvied up by color. Two loads of blacks/grays, two loads of brown shades, a load of greens, a load of reds/maroons, a load of whites, a load of blues and a load of random lighter colors that was mostly yellows/golds. And these were large capacity load people.
Sunday I hung out with Conservative Girl for the first time since well, a long time ago. I decided I need get work through the TPOT thing and try to get back to being a decent friend. She showed me a picture of her and her Net Boy. He looks like a very typical Army grunt type. Still don't think it was a good idea to start "dating"  a guy who's now in Iraq and well, possibly going to Iran. In her usual naive way she's extra hopeful about a relationship though.Though, this is the same girl that said "Well, I figure if we're not in love after year three, we'll just be friends." when we were dating so I guess waiting a year to see if there any real relationship there is small potatoes. But we did got the Minnesota Swarm game and they beat out San Jose in overtime. CG let out a sigh of relief when they won because it was her 4th game with me and they hadn't won any of the others. I had told her if they lost again she wasn't coming anymore, so yeah she was happy about that.
So yeah, that brings me to...
The Challenge Update!
So I started this Challenge as an experiment in blogginess that would hopefully result in me getting a date. Part of the challenge meant to entice you all you join was that I would travel far and wide to meet whoever succeeds in getting me said date. I now have the first official entrant in the challenge, and she hails from...?
Three blocks away.
Here I was thinking long road trip or possibly airfare, but no. This locale I can easily walk to/from even when lit-up on polish honey vodka. Yes, that has been tested. So I think if the third date is reached we maybe have to travel to some exotic place like, umm, Brainerd, to have that beverage under Paul Bunyan!
ANYWAY, yeah. Mistress of Charades calls last night when I was out with CG and the convo went something (I was, like, oh, three whiskeys into getting myself a damn good buzz on) like this:
Me: "Halloo?"
Miss C: "So I'm in on this whole challenge thing."
Me: "Oh really?"
MC: "Yeah, Punster's roommate is pretty, fun, and well, single. So what're you doing Sunday for breakfast?"
Me: "As in, umm, Easter Sunday?"
MC: "Oh right, totally didn't think about that."
Me: "We could do something during the week or next weekend?"
MC: "Lemme check!"
A little bit later it was set up that Miss Charades, Punster, Challenge Girl (as she shall be called until a better name presents itself) and I will meet up Wednesday for drinks and stuff at Chang Mai Thai. This did interfere with my usual Wednesday trip to Stub and Herb's with G-spot, but she basically ordered me to go on the date instead so I confirmed it this morning.
So it appears to be set. I will be having the first date of The Challenge! Oddly enough, this will simultaneously be my very first blind date ever. Yes, ever. This shall be interesting indeed.
Ok, well, I'm off people, Tuesdays and Thursdays will be Slacker's Dating Odyssey days so make sure to tune in!

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Happy Friday!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Hidee ho slackers!
I hope you all had a good week, and if not, well, it's the weekend babay!
After work tonight I officially have the first meeting of the new spring KICKBALL season! That's right, it's soon going to be time to kick some red rubber balls, eat some Jell-o Shots, Flip some cups and hopefully meet some new women! Even better yet, I'll actually be president of the league. Yeah, it's gonna kick ass! Every good slacker should play kickball. So make sure you click that link and find a league in your area!
Anyway, come May, there will be new stories of Kickball exploits and shenanigans for all of your enjoyment!
Speaking of women... The Challenge is on! And remember, all it takes it three dates with this person and you'll get a visit from ME! And if that's not cool enough you'll get a free drink of your choice ;O) Get searching! Let's put this World Wide Web to use! I figure if the whole six degrees of separation thing is true, why not 6 blogs of separation? I found all of you wonderful people with the first few degrees. Let's find the last couple! I know you all wanna read about my dating life, so let's get it rolling again ;O)
Ok, off to work and stuff then kickball meeting, then a friends b-day, then another busy weekend!
Keep slackin!

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Musical 8-Ball Odyssey

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So yeah, it's Wednesday, so the Wednesday Wist 8-Ball version is up on the AV Edition. Also, I have another installment of Slacker's Dating Odyssey up below. scroll down and check it and the first installment out!
Have a good Wednesday all! Keep Slackin!

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Slacker's Dating Odyssey: Books 2-3

The Tale continues... Our slacker moves from the simple relationships into something more serious. He also gets his first glimpse into what the gods would have in store for him. WIll you add to the Odyssey?
Books 1-2
3. Siren Song
Ahh the Sirens... Beautiful faces and beautiful voices luring the naive traveler ever closer to danger. The lucky make it by unscathed, for most though, disaster is fated. Such would be the case with our hero, and the gods would not be kind.
Our Matchmaker was at it again, spinning her magic into a new relationship. At one lunch the couple to be was introduced. Savvy had a fun personality, a softer body with blonde hair and blue/grey eyes and quickly worked her way into Slacker's heart.
There was love, there was passion, and there was mischief. For the better part of a year sailing was smooth and the winds steady. The Fates would not stay quiet however and chose to speak with the voice of The Siren.
The Siren was new to the lands and was quickly accept into the group of friends. A small, smart girl with curled brown hair, true to the beauty of the Sirens of yore. At first she drew the attention of another but as that attention faded, the melodies of her song slowly grew with our traveler.
It began with only one small conversation until the goddess Ate and her cruel habit of trickery ignited the chorus of gossip and a simple conversation grew into much more. The din of the gossips grew and with it grew the song of The Siren. The one simple conversation led to covert notes. Covert tidings blossomed into a bouquet of meetings becoming ever so closer to romantic. One ill fated decision with flowers on a holiday of hearts caused the din to explode into a maelstrom. The smooth seas gave way to Poseidon's perfect storm as The Siren's song pulled the ship into the rocks.
After the storm subsided, the couple did part ways only to tempt the gods further and rejoin a month later for a Spring Promenade.  The Prom proved a farce as Savvy spent more time talking to Marching Boy than to our Slacker. He may have had a woman of his own, but this seemed to matter not. Our pair split again for good soon after, but not before Slacker finally started to see Athena's subtle signs he should have seen before.
Even before The Siren began her serenade, Savvy and Marching Boy had been growing close. Athena, speaking through the mother of Savvy had even foretold "That's the boy you'll marry someday." After the split, it was said that "We're too good of friends to every date." But date they did two weeks later and Savvy eventually became the first ex to marry the next love after Slacker. He could never know at the time, but our hero would come to find this would not be the last time the Gods would deal that cruel fate.
4. A Relationship, For a Day
Some time had passed since the relationship with the Nymph CC Girl had passed and they were talking once again. Most of the conversations were trivial, but they were slowly working back toward a friendship.
One evening she came calling with a proposal. She had a friend, Shy, and she intended to play matchmaker. Slacker had known her for the better part of his travels, but they had never been familiar. It was decided that night that they would date. and both of the seemingly went to bed happy that night.
The next day when the met face to face, the story unfolded. This chapter however, was written by Ate with all of her mischievous ways. During their conversation, Shy decided she had changed her mind and wished to remain friends, and so it was. It was then and there that our traveler realized this trickery of the Gods would be recurring...

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Slacker's Dating Odyssey: Books 1-2

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I begin now on an epic tale of a hero for us all. A story of a slacker, much the same as us all, on a journey through life to find his Penelope. Lend me your eyes a while and enjoy! Will you heed the Challenege when you're done...?
1. The True Voyage Begins - The Nymph
Many a year forgotten are the days of daises and dandelions and thus far the voyage of the young Slacker to find his Penelope remained tranquil. At the age of 15, Slacker's travels landed at the Island of Lafollette and the Gods decided they had slumbered long enough. It was time for the true odyssey to begin.
Earlier in his journey, Slacker had encountered a beautiful young nymph. This petite Cross Country Girl had locks of gold and entrancing blue eyes, a true nymph temptress. As the Fates of Alphabetism would have it, like the woven tapestry of this tale, their paths crossed again upon arrival.
It was not long before the young sprite won our hero's heart. They saw each other in class each day and track afterward. For several months they were happy, our Slacker and his first possible Penelope.
The passion was intense and progressed quickly but true to the nature of nymphs, the love was fleeting and quickly moved. The cruelty of the Gods intervened and the intense passion turned to intense scorn. Though they saw each other each day, there was to be little more than casual conversation for several years but the Odyssey had begun.
2. From a Love to a Friend, Lost at Sea
It was a time of friends. They came, they went, but as our Slacker came out of his shell, the ranks grew in numbers. One friend in particular had  a peculiar talent. The Matchmaker had managed to live up to her name on several occasions and eventually aimed these talents at our Chief to be.
The invite came to attend a celebration of ghouls and goblins and amongst the music and bobbing for apples a relationship was formed. Matchmaker's friend Tomboy, was in attendance as well and throughout the night she and Slacker could tell there was much fun to be had. Another energetic sprite with short brown hair and excitable brown eyes easily sparked interest.
Over the next several months, much parchment was ushered between their cities extolling feelings and the happenings of the week. Feelings were there and were evident when young couple was able to meet, but alas the distance proved too large a barrier and the feelings settled into friendship.
The friendship maintained and also extended into friendships with others. Eventually Tomboy departed on her own journey and disappeared into the vast ocean, never to be head from again, but not before adding another book to this story...

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