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I Shot 75!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The golf went Ok. Basically about what I expected.

Par for the course is 72 on 18 holes. That would put my score at 3 over par.

Problem is we only played 9. Well, really we played 13 since we did the "twilight" gold where you pay for 9, but keep going until you can't see your ball.

Yeah. 75 on 9 holes. In case you're wondering that would be a big fatty 38 over par.

On the four additional holes I did a little better, getting two 7s and a 5 and a no score on the last one since I lost my last ball.

Here's my score card for the first 9:

My highlight of the day was hole 3. Notice the 3 in that spot and the three in the "Par" area? Yup, I got one par! Yay for me! Pay not attention to the 10+'s... those are the holes where I had to cut it off at 10 but would have had more... Focus on the par... :O)

I seriously need to hit the driving range. I have probably the worlds worst slice. Not only does the ball come off the club face already going right, it makes about a 45 degree turn in flight as well. It's like Caddyshack, I damn near have to point backwards to get my ball to go down the fairway. That, and I had a big problem with topping the ball so I have to figure that out.

Oh well, it was fun. I'll get better with some practice again.

In other news I was supposed to hang out the Kickball Girl tonight, but she TMed me this morning saying she was sick and weak. Oh well.

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Prepare for Ridicule!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

OK, so I'm going to go golfing in about an hour for the first time in about 10 years. Maybe more.

This should be funny.

On another quick note, I forgot a couple good quotes from the budding Slacker-Paramedic escapade:

Me: "You've got sass, I like that!"
Cute Paramedic: "I should warn you, it never goes away!"
Me: "Good! If it did I would be hugely disappointed."
CP: *raises eyebrow*

CP: "I'll play waitress!"
Me: "Wow, we have a hot waitress!"
CP: *look of surprise*
Me: *smile*
CP: *sheepish smile with some rosy cheeks*

Yeah. There's miles of attitude between the two of us. Damn it's fun.

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Guess Who Didn't Make it Home Last Night?

*Raises hand*


No need to cue the music yet, but it definitely was a good night!

The plan ended up just going to the Dubliner like we had planned, no dinner beforehand.

We planned on meeting up there at 9:30ish and some of her other friends (Curly and Skirtboy, Blondie and the Photographer) would be there. When I showed up, Curly saw me and was "Hey! "Slacker's" here!" and asked if I came there or if I was meeting someone. I told her I was invited by The Cute Paramedic. That invoked a "Ooooh, good!"

So I hung out with those four for a while, they filled me in on the fact that they know a ton of the people in the bar. Some they know because they work at the Renaissance Festival, and some because they're regulars at the bar who probably used to work at Ren Fest.

Here's where I realized I'm totally on her turf. I used to go there often a while back, but not for about two years. This was her crowd, so it'd be interesting to see how the night plays out.

The four filled me in on some of the running stories in the bar and who was who. It was kind of like being a boyfriend being brought to the first big family function.

Luckily it's an Irish bar with live music, so it felt like home anyway.

She showed up late because she lost track of time having dinner with a coworker. By Blondie's reaction to that it's not an uncommon event. So noted.

Anyway, she shows and I get up and give her a hug hello. After the first couple hello hugs I hear "Oh crap, he saw me!" and I get an even bigger hug.

*EX Alert!!! Ex Alert!!!*

I asked if it was an ex or what and she said yeah. But also said it wasn't a big deal.

I got us some drinks, which took a while since the bar was busy. Got back and got a teasing "Sucker!!" from Blondie and a "It would probably be faster if I got them" from TCP. She might be the regular, but I'm the gentleman. Deal with it! hehe

Anyway we sat and enjoyed the music and crossed her leg and had her knee resting on mine. I'd rub her knee and we ended up with the whole one finger link thing. Not really holding hands, more like pinky snuggling.

This girl definitely did know about half the bar, she said hi to tons of people giving hugs and all that. Yep, totally on her turf.

A little bit later someone stops by and drops off the tidbit "'The-Ex' just threw a little tantrum and left. He said he couldn't stand seeing you holding hands and stuff." Apparently he made fists and turned red and everything. Oops!

Curly and Skirtboy left and soon after so did Blondie and the Photographer. I got up to get a couple more drinks and that's when Good Sign #1 occurred: She stopped me and kissed me a few times right there on her turf in front of her friends. While the main four were gone, it still was a bunch of good friends.

We talked about what Curly and Skirtboy had said to me on Friday and apparently about the same thing happened with her. She said that previously sometime after Thursday, Curly and Blondie were talking with her and said: "You should go out with Slacker, he's a really nice guy!" and re-emphasized "Really nice guy!" To this she said "I plan on it, we already have plans for Tuesday!" I'm so glad we hooked up before they did the whole match-making things, otherwise it'd just be silly. Like Middle to High School immaturity silly.

I came back and we joined the table next door with some of her other friends and her sister who she introduced me to. Apprently her sister is dating (well, more accurately screwing) at ealst three and possibly up to five guys at present. TCP made the Good sign #2 comment: "I couldn't date moer than one guy at a time. I don't have the energy and I couldn't keep them straight."

After all the intros we all chatted a bit in between the Irish music. A little bit later a guy friend of hers stopped by and chatted for a bit, that led to Good Sign #3: she introduced me with "This is 'Slacker' you'll most likely be seeing him around more often."

Good to know. :O)

We chatted a bunch with one of TCP's friends The Stylist and her friend K, who, like me, was an outsider in that world at the time. TCP had been walking around still saying hi to various friends and came back over and leaned up next to me. After some talking she leaned over for Good Sign #4: a couple kisses right in front of The Stylist. This of course illicited "And now they're kissing! *sound of fake disgust*" hehe

After a little bit, TCP and The Stylist decided we should go to the 1029, the bar a lot of the Cops hang out at and the bar TCP usually hangs out at. Now the Dubliner was her turf with all those friends. This was going to be like taking a trip to home base. One wrong move and I become the enemy. Danger Chief Slacker, danger! Good thing about this place though, is that because it's a Blue Bar, after they close, they don't really close.

Turned out well though, we dropped off her drunkity drunk sister at the Duplex they co-own. Once The Stylist and K show up, we head over to the Cop Bar. It was a pretty dead night there, but she knew some of the guys there. Introduced me to a few and we had our drinks and then the Stylist suggested we hit Flameburger.

Flameburger is a cute little burger joint, that just happens to be open super late. Had a good burger and then we went back to her place and let The Stylist and K head out. I went in and got to meet her kids. Err Guinea Pigs. (You know that freaked you out for a minute, admit it.) She just got a new baby one so I played with him a bit and made friends with the older one, Princess.

Once she got the cages cleaned up we chatted for a while and gave some kisses goodbye. Then chatted some more and gave more kisses goodbye. Eventually we looked at the clock: 3:45. Yikes!

After a little talk about it we decided it would work out better if I just crashed there. It'd be no drive that night and a much short drive in the morning. Since the good signs earlier pointed more toward longevity than a fling, I decided I wouldn't push things and offered to stay on the couch. ($50 bucks says I get flamed by a certain Canadian for that)

We snuggled on the couch for a bit and kissed and whatnot. Then she decided to tell me that they have ghosts. I'm not one to believe in that stuff, but it still gave me the "I wonder if anything will happen" kinda creeped outness. Apparently one is a banshee and just likes to make loud screaming noises on occasion. The other is more friendly and just opens doors and cabinets.

Anyway, the night went fine and I got up later in the morning (like 8ish) and after getting ready to go I stopped in her room. We kisses and cuddled and whatnot. A nice morning for sure.

After chatting about her house and the work she still had to do on it, we kissed goodbye about 3 or four times with chatting between each. We talked about doing something Friday or over the weekend to which she said "I would like that!" And then I headed to work where I sit now.

And to show you what's on my mind now, it'd be this:

That's what she had on last night. Very cute. Hot even. If you can't read it the shirt says "Guys are like Roses, watch out for the pricks!" And since, I know Diana's wondering, I was wearing what I am now (glad I changed before I went out): Khaki's with a Blue-hint of purple but not periwinkle Geoffrey Beane shirt.

Ok, You have now read the novel that was last nights date. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it. If not, well, suck it, I did :O)

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And I Didn't Even Have to Call 911!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

So I do have a date with The Cute Paramedic tonight!

Not sure totally what it will be comprised of. But so far I know we'll meet up with some other friends at the Dubliner in St.Paul. It's a fun little Irish bar, usually has live music.

We might get dinner as well, but she has to call me back and let me know what the deal is. I'll give you all an update tomorrow!

Time for me to get up outta here!

Keep yourself occupied by thinking what fun kidlike things you do below!

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Grow up....NOT!!!

So I was browsing around all of my deputy slacker's pages and I came across a post the beautiful Kira had up about something cute, yet totally true that her daughter had said.

You know you all have had that experience. You're with a child, whether it's yours or a friends or just a stranger. The kid says something off the wall but after you hear it you think it's totally true and that you've thought something like that, but would never say it.

Bill Cosby had a show about that "Kids Say the Darnedest Things" or something like that. Every week there were kids saying something that I'm sure the adult near them was thinking, or maybe something they had thought a long time ago, but now were just to jaded to think.

Children have the best view of the world, so simple and idealistic, and so inquisitive. The wonderful creativity and imagination of kids is always amazing. So why do we lose that as we "grow up?" And, do we really have to grow up?

Yeah, we get older, we learn more about the world and we take on more responsibility. Those all happen, but do those things mean we have to give up that idealistic view of the world? Give up the dreams and imagination? I don't see why!

Too many kids grow up too quickly nowadays. Instead of playing "house" or "cops and robbers" They're the ones taking care of their siblings because their parents have to work two jobs to keep food on the table. Too many adults "grow up" to be tired and cynical. Society as a whole seems to grow more and more depressed and I think it's because everyone's trying to be too "grown up" and not keeping around enough of the kid inside them!

I think anyone with kids, or anyone around them, will agree: One of the best parts about having kids around is that it gives you and excuse to PLAY. When's the last time any of you played? I don't mean playing video games, I mean going out and doing something fun, silly, imaginative or otherwise non "grown-up."

I have a little shelf in my room with stuffies on it. I have it to remind me to not always take things so seriously. I also plan on having at least one Water gun/water balloon fight before summer is over.

It's OK to keep the kid inside you around. It's OK to relax and have some fun. It's OK to PLAY sometimes! Stop being so serious people and start having some fun. Let the kid inside you out once in a while. Don't be in a hurry to be all "grown-up" and take some time to enjoy life!

*Edit* Don't quit being an adult and doing "grown-up" things. But don't lose the kid inside you either. let it out once in a while!

So what do you have to keep the kid inside you around? What have you done lately?

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Update and New Deputies!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Make sure to read below for me weekend update. Some highlights are: flip-Cup, a Goosing and some Making out.

ANYWAY! Congratulations are in order for two more of you bloggers!

I decided to go ahead and double-team one state because two people there were just too cool to pick only one!

The first new deputy has been a reader and commenter for some time slacks off well, and as a bonus for today, it's her Birthday!

Congrats Jadedprimadonna! You are hereby and official Deputy Slacker!

The second recruit hails from the same area, has also been a good reader and commenter and has spent the morning being the first person to mutually slack with me via AIM.

(My AIM is posted in my profile now...)

Congrats to Amanda for doing some good hardcore Monday slacking!

You are both worthy of your deputy status, display it with pride! :O)

I decided that our team needs an official organization, so today is the inaugural day of the Bereau of Slacking! Congratulations on your appointment to the BS!

All of the rest of you keep up the good work! You're not being overlooked!

*Edit* you guys need to especially speak up, I have yet to hire a male deputy, though I'm not really complaining there. But get slackin' guys! ;O)

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She Can Give Me Mouth to Mouth Anytime!

Welcome back from the weekend slacker nation. Hope you all survived!

I had a pretty good weekend. The Kickball Party went very well, The wedding back home was good as well. Since I know you're dying to hear about it, here ya go!

Friday - Kickball End of Season Party -

The party was good. We had a $600 bar tab to spend, which sounds like a lot, until you get people together and start drinking.

(I am Blatantly stealing links to all of these pictures from Damon's Gallery because I'm too lazy to copy them onto my own photosite.)

We went to Grandma's Saloon. Definitely a good place to party. The main floor is more restraunty with and outdoor patio and sand volleyball court, then upstairs is the game room / Sports bar area (Note the guy playing Buck Hunter, about 3 feet closer to the camera is a spot of importance later on) with and outdoor deck. Got a bunch of pool tables, foosball, darts, TVs and a small bar. In the basement is the big bar and dancefloor.

The party started at 6 and we decided as a group that since the beer was $4 a glass from 6-9 and then $1 a bottle from 9-12, we could cut off the tab at $250. We close out that portion of the tab by 7:30. We bought 200 drink tickets for later though. Having a break of about an hour was probably a good thing, let people last a while longer before being plowed!

For the first while, we just ate and chatted until we got the waivers signed for playing Sand Volleyball. This wasn't competitive as much as it was fun/ridiculous. At one point I think the teams were like 8 on one side and 11 on the other.

Halfway through the second game, The Cute Paramedic showed up with a member of her team and gave me a nice big hug.

We played like 3 games or so total and then it hit 9, so the buck beer bash was on. We all cleaned off the sand and headed upstairs. I chatted with people for a while and eventually worked my way over to TCP. As a group we all got chatting and after a while, TCP left and I was there with her good friend Curly and her boyfriend Skirtboy. Then comes this:

Skirtboy: "So we talked, and we think you should ask "Paramedic" out."

Curly: "Yeah, you two would be totally good together."

Me: "Well, good, cause I already have!"

Heh. Apparently I have blessings.

Anyway, after that one of my teammates comes over and asks what's wrong with me because I wasn't playing flip-cup, so I had to go hit that up. TCP and I headed over there and sidled up to the Flip-Cup table (Which was very nicely positioned in front of the Air Conditioner and had NO shortage of beer!) and joined in. Damon saw TCP and I next to each other and suddenly got picture-happy. That second one is me catching on ;O)

Considering about 10% of his pictures had TCP and I as subjects I'm surprised he didn't get video of the full on make-out in the middle of the bar.

That's right kiddies, none of this peck-peck kissing. This was some full-on tongue-humping. And by middle, I mean if you walked into the place, you would have had to walk around us.

It started pretty simply. During some of the flip-cup, I got Big Mike to Join in and he was between Cute Paramedic and me. He was chatting it up with her and then she said something to be but I couldn't hear, so I leaned over to get my ear closer. Instead of saying anything I got a kiss on the cheek. .oO(GAME ON, CHICA!)

After a little bit I switched with mike and TCP and things progressed. (Seriously, there's like 14+ pictures of us in that gallery. On a scale of zero to blatant papparazism, you were off the charts Damon ;O))

I did have to pause at one point to lay some Flip-cup smack down and settle that score with Damon. For the record, I kicked his ass in a two-cup showdown. I also took out my teammate Seppie in a three-cup best of three rounds match. I rule.

Anyway, TCP and I would be pretty snuggly she'd rub the back of my leg and I her back. At one point she realized I was a boxer guy. I said "Yeah, I like my freedom." At that point she proceeded to reach from behind and goose my junk. .oO(Yeah, it's on girly!)

Not long after The Goosing we had a mini make-out. Played a little more flip-cup, and then as we were just kind chatting by the front door, I gave her a hug and open mouth kiss. To which she said "No, really kiss me." Don't have to tell me twice. This is where the 2 minutes of Toncil Hockey started.

We hung out for a little while longer upstairs and then finished our beers and headed down to the dance area. Did I mention she's a Belly Dancer? Not the "I have a belly dancing video" type, she's a "I do performances at Renaissance Festival" type.

H-O-T. Yup.

I might not be the most flexible, but I can take it on down to the floor. Now that girl was fun to dance with. Yes, yes she was.

I did have to wonder a little later though when she was pretty snuggly and doing the whole cheek to cheek talking thing with her teammate The Player (the all too happy guy next to us in the first picture) later. She gave him a ride home after they shut down the bar, but since I know she's a huge flirt like me, and since she gave me a kiss goodnight right in front of him, I'm very much not worried. She told me to give her a call on Sunday too.

Didn't get to take the girl home, but, yes, it definitely was a good night. And in case you were wondering, Big Mike had a pretty good - night too. Nice "O-face" by the way.

Saturday - The Wedding Reception -

My cousin Giggles got married a few weeks back down in Jamaica to a guy I hadn't yet met and was having a reception for all the friends and family back down near Madison. I invited Conservative Girl to this back when I didn't have anyone else to go with, and she still said she'd like to go even though we're just friends at this point.

On the way down we hit one hell of a storm. We're talking rain so hard, even with the wipers on high it doesn't do a lick of good. Going 35 on the interstate following the car in front close enough to see taillights because that's ALL you can see. That kind of storm. Obviously made it safe though.

A whole bunch of my relatives were there, most of whom I hadn't seen in at least about 5 years. It was so bad I had to struggle to remember some of my cousin's names. Some of the family I'm close with, but since I'm about 10 years younger than all the cousins but Giggles, I have never been real close to any of them.

It was nice to catch up though and also to show CG what a real wedding reception is supposed to be like. None of these no dancing no drinking things. This was a partay!

They had Hors-devours (which was really more like small shish-kabobs, stuff mushrooms, chicken strips, and bacon wrapped water chestnuts) along with a fruit and salad bar. They had free tap beer all night and free wine until 8:30 (from 6). After a while of socializing, there was a DJ and dancing.

There were about 200 people there and by 10 we had gone through 5 of the seven kegs they bought. I personally put a big dent in the whiskey supply. Yes, Wisconsinites really are professional drinkers.

Once the dance floor got going I eventually got CG out on the floor. At some point two older gentlemen from the grooms side decided it was too hot and did the whole take-of-the-shirt-and-swing-it-around thing. Giggles was surprised that wasn't her side first. heh. Later on there were definitely a few people hitting the deck.

Of course, since this was the first time I had seen the family in a while all of them asked me when I was getting married. Luckily CG and I are fine where we're at so it didn't bother either of us. Though my one cousin did try his hardest to make get me in trouble ;O) I had told him about The Cute Paramedic action the night before and he still laid it on about me and CG! Even invited her out to NASCAR in August with us, but she wouldn't go because we camp out and there are no flush toilets in the campsite.

Anyway, it was a good night with the extended family! Even heard a few drinking stories about mom back in the day ;O)

Sunday - HOT!!!!! -

Got up and went to church with the parents. We stepped outside and just about died. The temp Sunday? 100°F and 65%humidityy. That makes the heat indexy thing 115°+. Thank God the church was air conditioned.

After that went to breakfast with the parents and then went home and watched the start of the NASCAR race on TV. About halfway CG and I headed out. For the record, there's about a 30 mile gap on I-94 in WI where you can't get the NASCAR race on the radio. Luckily I got back in range just in time to hear the end.

Got back, saw CG off did a little work ripping out some old, unused wiring in the basement so we could pass out fire inspection, then called The Cute Paramedic.

TCP was hanging out with the family and was too worn out to go out. We talked later for a good hour and made tentative plans to go out tues if she doesn't go camping with some co-worker types. Here's to hoping she decides to stick around.

So there's the weekend! Stay tuned later, there's a new deputy or two!

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The End of Days...

Friday, July 22, 2005

...Kickball days anyway!

Like I said to some people here at work, I'm simultaneously sad and yet happy that Kickball is done for the season. Staying out till 2am on Thursdays, then going to work Friday by 9, albeit fun, just doesn't work well. I so just wanna curl up on the floor of my cube and sleep right now. Aurora, pass the hoodie.

Anyway, we still do have our end of the season party tonight, but I have to take it fairly easy because I'll have to get up and drive 4 hours tomorrow morning. It's at a bar I used to frequent back in the day, so it should be fun :O)

Unfortunately, our team didn't advance at all in the playoffs losing in the first round 3-2. We played the president of the league's team and that always sucks because she's way to wound up for her own good. Pretty hot, but way to wound up. She was so worried about the game going past 45 minutes long that she tried to end the game with 18 minutes still to go.

We actually scored in the first inning which was a rarity for our team and we played some damn good defense too. The game came down to one of our team rounding third and sliding into home to try and be the tying run, but got hit with the ball just inches before he touched the plate. Good game though!

KG was there playing in boxers ;O) But, unfortunately she went out for a run just after the game so we didn't really get to hang out. After that she left to go take a shower and said she would come back for a drink at the bar, but I never saw her. I'm pretty sure she'll be at the party tonight, so that'll be fun!

So what did I do? I got The Paramedic's phone number :O) (Here, and on the Left)

The Paramedic is definitely a cutie, and definitely full of sass. We had been pretty flirty on several different occasions prior to this, but usually there was some other impediment to the situation, such as OCD Anxiety Girl. Last night worked out much better!

We had our little bonding moment comparing head wounds. I have my gash, she had her knot. I stood up into a heather vent, she stood up into a loft. Apparently if things were to work out and we live together, we better live in a padded house.

Anyway, we played a bunch of flip-cup and had a good ol time! And, since she was drinking water, I know the flirtyness was genuine and not alcohol induced. I'll keep you all posted should this progress!

Somewhere in the midst of the flirting, I played Damon in a 2 cup per person head to head match. This was out tiebreaker match because we competed twice earlier in the season and we were 1-1. There was much trash talking but when it came down to it, Damon just couldn't handle this flip-cup master. How'd it feel to get your ass handed to ya, huh boy? ;O)

Anyway, yeah, it was good night. I'm glad Toxic Hell, err Taco Bell is open 24 hours. Bean burritos at 2 in the morning when you're half drunk aren't nearly as nasty as they are normally.

Ok, I'm going to pass out on my keyboard now. Night.

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And the Winner Is...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

With 9 votes cast, the tally is 8-8 because Aurora cheated and didn't give an actual answer.

Because of this I am creating a new tie-breaker of the first vote cast.

There fore the winner of today's Visual Vote is "Kia the Kitten!"

I hope you all enjoy the pictures over on the Visual Edition!

I am off to hopefully kick some ass in the WAKA Twin Cities division Kickball Playoffs! Wish my team "Your Team Sucks" three victories!

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Visual VOTE!!!

So I've been making the rounds on the blogs, but I've totally neglected the Visual Edition lately. That needs to stop!

So here it is again, time to vote on what you want to see on the Visual Edition!

Your two options today are:

A) Kia the Kitten, my parents cute cat.

B) Pictures from my trip out to New York City from March.

Cast your vote and the winner will be picked at 4:45 and posted by 5!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Yes folks, it's true. I successfully slacked to such an extent, that I actually read every blog I have linked and commented in everyone's blog that had new posts.

Thank you all who contributed to my extreme slacking event! This is why you are all deputies or deputies in training ;O)

If you're not one of those, it means you've been too cool to comment. And that level of slacking is just plain irresponsible.

Don't forget to read the post below if you are one of the many on the edge of their seats about my blooming social life. Yup.

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The Delayed Date.

It's just kind of a blah day today. Like my moody thing says, I'm just kinda blank today. Not real sure if I'm down, but certainly not up. I do know that my heart and my brain need to get on the same page though.

The date last night was ok, nothing real special. It ended up being pretty short.

Apparently she got done working on coding with her friend earlier than she thought. She found out that her grandma had gone on a bus trip to a casino and her grandpa was home alone and thought it would be nice to go over and have dinner with him. Apparently he didn't understand she was coming over for dinner and didn't come in of the lake for a while. So instead of dinner being at 6, it was at 8. Not exactly sure why it took two hours to figure out the miscommunication...

Anyway, she came over at about 10:15. We chatted for a little bit, gave her the tour of The Condo, made a couple drinks and then we settled in to watch Finding Neverland. Good movie.

We did a little of the hand holding for a while and about halfway through the movie she laid her head on my lap. Nothing special, just being a little snuggly.

After the movie there were a couple kisses, and then she said she should head out. I offered for her to stay, but she gave the standard "I usually sleep better in my own bed" response. I walked her to her car, have her a kiss and hug goodnight and that was the date.

A little disappointing because it happened so late and being put on the side burner that long. But oh well. We'll be hanging out again at the Kickball Playoffs on Thurs and supposedly on Friday as well. Hopefully those nights will go better!

*EDIT* For the record I do think the date went well, I'm just in a semi-bummed mood right now and I think some of that came across in the post. I wish it could have been longer, but it was good. I am hoping the next couple will go even better though!

*EDIT2* One thing I did like is that when she referred to "friends" she used names this time. Instead of "I did this with my friend." It was "I did this with my friend Nate." At least the communication is opening up...

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Date Update...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Looks like dinner is off, and at first the date was in doubt, but luckily I used to help people with Job interviews.

She has an interview weds and earlier in the night is going to be tuning up her C+ programming skills with a mutual friend. Then after that she's going to come over and I'll give her some tips for the interview and then possibly watch a movie.

We had planned on dinner Friday, but now that's going to be nixed by the end of the season kickball party, unless maybe we do dinner first then go over. We'll see.

Still got a date tonight though! yay!

Good thing Big Mike and I coordinated our "Code!"

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The Art of the Secret Code.

Last night after the Association meeting for my condo. Big mike and I hung out at the local bar and talked over the soon to be roommate situation. We mainly focused on going out and how we'd need to coordinate bringing anyone home and also communicate better when we're at the bar. It came to a mutual agreement that we needed "to work on our codes."

The more I thought about it, I was amazed at how much friends use their little codes when they're out with each other.

You could just be blunt and say "Look at that Hottie over there!" But more often it seems there's something more obscure like "Bunny on the right!" Or something completely obscure like "You heading for the stadium? Turn Right!"

Then there's the code for at the bar or club. Instead of saying "I don't want to be dancing with this fugly person!" you'll hear "Hey Slacker, did you have something you wanted me for?" or maybe "Blackhawk down!"

Big Mike and I already have had two communication breakdowns. One was at Gasthofs when a fugly chick started ass-grinding him and he said "I don't think I want any of this." He ended up dancing with her and looking all snuggly so I just figured he was in "any play is good play" mode. The other breakdown was when I was out with Conservative Girl and said I was thinking about "calling it and early night". I meant I'm trying to get out of there ASAP so we can go out, but he took it literally and left before I got home.

We decided technology was a good things, so we're definitely going to use Text messaging more to communicate covertly. Also,we've decided to forgo the towel on the door warning of having a girl over and set up an led indicator by the doors. Yeah. We're geeks.

So yeah, we've now established the following:

"Calling it an early night." means I'll get back ASAP, if I take too long, call with a reason to leave.

"Man on Fire" is a cry for help at the club.

"Going to Grenada" is telling the other person that they'll fall on the "grenade" of the non-cute friend. This can also end up "I am NOT taking that
vacation to Grenada" for extreme situations.

And in case one of us is coming in hot for a landing at home base: "It's a good night to clear the deck."

So, what do you have as codes? Spill the beans!

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Monday, July 18, 2005

So I was told people wanna see the gash mentioned in the update below, I guess it's the whole "Chick's Dig Scars" thing or whatever. This is as good as I could get in about 20 tries with the cell phone cam...

It's a little blurry, but notice the nice semi circular shape. heh.


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New Deputy and an Informal Poll

Deputy -

I have decided to extend the borders of slackerdom one more state today.

One more of you has shown you have what it takes to be considered the Best of the Slack!

Today's deputy has shown eagerness to be a Deputy Slacker, Comments well on the website, gets a bonus for being a looker, and has great posts about Human Sexuality to boot!

Congratulations Diana on being my new Deputy Slacker for Georgia!!

There are more of you on the cusp. Keep up the good slacking!

Poll -

Ok, so far I haven't posted on the weekend since I don't have the net at home, but now that I am going to be having a roommate, we'll be getting cable and internet.

I notice that my readership goes from nearly 100 a day mon-thurs to about 12 on the weekends.

So the poll is, how many of you read blogs on the weekend? If I were to have some weekend posts her and there would any of you read them?

Lemme know!

Also, be sure to ctach the Weekend Update below!

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The Weekend!

This weekend wasn't nearly as busy as the last several had been, so I think I can squish it all into one post! Bear with me :O)

Friday -
Friday I kept the ball rolling a little bit by scoring a phone number! It helped that I knew the girl though ;O)

After work I got home and talked with Big Mike to see what he was up to. I knew of two friends of a friend bands playing at different bar a couple blocks apart, but wasn't really in the mood to go see a rock band and neither was Big Mike. After some short discussion we decided to head to Gashtof zur Gemutlichkeit's Mario Keller Bar. Gasthof's is a German bar with about 20 different beers imported from Germany along side the typical bar liquors. They have a live band till 11 playing classic rock and some polka and then a DJ after that.

Unfortunately Gasthofs was dead since there was also a big block party downtown that we had forgotten about. Oh well. It did pick up after the Block party ended but wasn't as good as Gasthofs usually is.

Shortly after we got there, Big mike left me alone downstairs so he could go outside and smoke. A couple minutes after he left I hear a "Hey You!" I turn and see Ex-Friend's Ex, standing there.

XFX was a good friend of mine's girlfriend our freshman year in college. They dated for a while and after they broke up I think he still pined for her for about 2 years. He always thought I had the hots for her, which, while I did think she was pretty hot, I never did.

Anyway, she's single I'm single, we talked of going out sometime. She finally has a regular weekday job instead of working on the weekends, so we'll see how that goes.

Mike came back down saw me talking with her and gave me a big thumbs up. hehe.

Anyway after we got kicked out of there Mike decide he was in the mood for the strip club. I successfully avoided getting a lap dance, which is amazingly hard when a cute, 5/6 naked girl sits on your lap. I actually didn't pay anything more than the cover whereas Big Mike ended up spending $85, which he regretted later. I'm proud of my restraint :O) Never did like paying to be teased.

After that we hit Perkins and finally called it a night at 5am.

Saturday -

Slept in. Got woken up at 12:30 by Conservative Girl. She convinced me it'd be fun to go out to the Hopkins Raspberry Festival. It's supposedly one of the biggest community festivals in the States. They had a little art show and a live band later.

The scariest part of the day? I have now become and antiquer. Yes, it's a sad but true fact. Since I found this 4'x8' hand paint MobilGas advertisement I decided the theme for my living room will be classic automotive advertising. The perfect place to find that? Antique shops. I did find a really cool framed 1934 ND/SD road map with a very cool picture of a 1930's Sinclair station and a 1928 MN license plate.

So yeah, if any of you find 1940 or earlier license plates in fairly good condition, lemme know. I'm now collecting!

Hung out with CG a little more after that, we never did go to the concert because it was in a tent and it was 97 degrees out. I tried to arrange to go out with Big Mike, but it really helps if he knows the secret code before i try to use it. Unfortunately when I told him while sitting next to CG "I'm going to call it an early night." he assumed I meant just that. Not what it actually meant in "I'm trying to get out of here ASAP, wait up for me."

After a ridiculously long wait for pizza, I went home and vegged on the futon since Big Mike was unreachable.

Sunday -

Two things got done: Laundry and a bonding moment with the Cute Veterinarian who lives below me.

I hadn't done laundry in over a month, so I had 7 loads to do. At an average of 45 minutes a load that's about 5.5 hours of waiting on laundry. What did I do to fill the time? Cleaned up the aforementioned MobilGas sign and watched Lord of the Rings - Return of the King Special Edition. That'll sure fill a day.

A some point in the midst of all this laundry The Cute Vet was letting her Cute Puppy outside and we started talking. I showed her the map thing I had bought the day before since it was still in my car, then set it down by the house to get the license plate out of my car. Now in the back of the house, there are two exhaust vents for the heaters of the two first floor condos. The vents stick out about 3 feet like a T on it's side. When I stood up from setting down the Map, I stood up right into it. It didn't really hurt, but it put a 1" x 1/4" gash in the top of my head. After the Cute Vet saw it was bleeding she asked if I wanted help with it, and since I couldn't see it on the top of my head I said yes. She helped me out and got it all cleaned and put Neosporin on it.

After some chatting I said, "Well, if you're as good with small cute animals as you are with big, dumb ones, you must be a heck of a vet!"

I plan on offering to take her out for a drink to say thanks for it after out Association Meeting tonight. That was definitely above and beyond being neighborly.

So yeah, that was the weekend in a fairly large nutshell.

For the record, I have a date for dinner again with Kickball Girl on Tuesday!

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Date-a-Trois err Quatre!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Carrie, cue up the music!

Just Kidding, keep it in the bag!!

So yeah, going out last night wasn't so much a date as it was me hanging out with a group of girls. Heh. Anyone else wanna join the harem? ;O)

So since kickball was apparently an off week this week, which the division neglected to tell anyone, I ended up not having as much to do last night as I thought. I tried calling around to see if anyone knew of anything going on and came up blank. I called Hot Beer Tent Girl up to see if she still wanted to hang out and she said yes.

Since she ate, I scrounged up some food and then called her back to figure out what we were going to do. We figured we could hit either Uptown or Dinkytown in Minneapolis. (The Twin Cities have tons of "towns") She called me back a little bit later and said that her roommate (Cute Beer Tent Girl) was on her way back from Wisconsin and if it was ok to wait for her. Of course I didn't mind.

We made plans to meet at The Independent, a fun martini bar in Uptown. After they told me they were heading out, I left too and got there a couple minutes after they did. Hot BTG was waiting there for me and they had already gotten a table. Apparently some guys they didn't know walked up and told the hostess they were who the girls were waiting for and seated the group. The girls needed to tell her the guys weren't with them which she of course felt horrible about. Not to mention these two were obnoxious and the group they ended up drinking with broke 3 glasses and I'm pretty sure were told to pay their tab and leave.

Anyway, when I walked in, instead of there just being Hot BTG and Cute BTG, there was a third girl too! They brought their other roommate too! Since the BTGs were from Madison we chatted about that a lot but realize Third Roomie was way out of the loop we moved to local subjects ;O)

During all the conversations I was just kinda thinking things over and had to answer the question in my head: "If I had to pick on, which would it be?" After a while I decided of the three it would definitely be Cute BTG. The clincher was that she has a very animated mouth. Don't get me wrong, I certainly wouldn't kick any of them out of bed for eating crackers, but the fun little lip movements totally added to the cuteness and the red hair to put her over the top. Hot BTG is a totally fun girl though. And lemme tell ya, that girl can talk. Just thought you all might wanna know. ;O)

Anyway, after a little while I got a call from Big Mike saying that he was done with his "first" date with Ghastof Girl (which he said was awkward since they had kinda "hooked up" the first time they met) and I invited him over.

This turned out to not be as good of a plan though because I found out just after that Hot BTG and the other two had driven separately because Cute BTG had to get up at 6 and Third Roomie had just got done with a 13 hour shift. Well they ended up leaving before Big Mike got there so the tables turned from a Date-A-quatre for me to a Date-a-trois for Hot BTG!

Big Mike definitely knows how to lay on the charm when he wants to and at one point I had to lay some subtle smack down. But it all turned out well. We had a round at the Independent and then moved over to Chino Latino for one last round. We chatted it up some more and then called it a night after they called last call. We headed out and then chatted for like 15 minutes more by her car, have half hugs goodnight and then Big Mike and I found a pizza joint and swapped info on our respective nights.

It was definitely a good night, not as good as the date with Kickball Girl, but it was definitely good to go hang out with some new friends in the BTGs! They said they definitely want to come out for the kickball game next week, so that will be fun! :O)

So can The Chief make it three nights in a row? Eh, I better take a night off or I might break something... Don't wanna do too much too quick ;O)

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When it rains, it pours... and it ROCKS!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Remember way back when, I was telling you all about how I saw a friend form college down at Rhythm and Booms in Madison and she introduced me to her Hot and Cute friends that live her in the cities? Well last week I had talked to Hot Beer Tent Girl, and she was busy, but said to call her this week. Well I did yesterday and she called me back today. She'd love to hang out!

Someone get me a bucket it's raining cute girls!

there's no kickball tonight which she was really interested, but said she'd love to hang out with some new people. I think some of my Kickball team is going to be meeting up anyway so there might be a sorta-date tonight!

I'm going to call her when I get off work and we'll arrange something.

Gotta love finding out the day of, that there's no Kickball tonight and that THREE days from now is our end of season party. The division still hasn't sent out a notice that it's coming up... Stupid.

Oh well! Here's to a nice run of dates! Lets see how this one plays out as well eh! Stay tuned!

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The Date!

So, all of you who have been anxiously awaiting this entry, raise your hand...
Oh, Sorry, I have to put my hands down to type!

Anyway, yeah, the first real date I've had in a very long time went pretty darn well.

After work I gave Kickball Girl a call, she had just hopped out of the shower so I told her I was going to run home and change then stop over. I ran home changed, grabbed a bottle of Chardonnay from my fridge and then headed back over to her place.

Traffic was not my friend, but I got there, feeling totally like a 13 year old on a first date. She buzzed me and I headed up, got a hug hello. She was surprised I brought wine, but I said if she was making the dinner it was the least I could do. Mind you, I'm used to seeing this girl in shorts and a T-Shirt at Kickball. Yesterday she was wearing an extremely cute blue dress she had just bought. *drool*

The convo about that went:

Me: "Cute dress! I'm not used to seeing ya outside of kickball."

KG: "You mean when I look like a boy."

Me: "No, you look like a girl at kickball, and a cute one at that. But today, you're just, well, hot!"

To me, that was a huge understatement, to her, I think I noticed a little blush a little giggle and a "thanks."

So she tossed in the stir-fry and I cracked the bottle of wine. We chatted about random stuff while it was cooking. The stir-fry was chicken with pea pods, onion, pepper, carrots and a couple other things for you food geek types. We ate dinner and enjoyed the wine while chatting some more. We definitely didn't have any problem keeping up the conversation. And it was definitely all over the place, but in a good way.

After we got done eating I said thanks for dinner which ended up being followed by a couple kisses and a hug. She sat her legs on my lap while we talked some more, occasionally shifting around to be more snuggly.

We had talked about getting ice cream the night before so she decided we should fulfill her craving and walk down to Sebastian Joes. If you're in the Minneapolis area and want Ice cream, GO THERE. As we walked down the block from her place I put my arm around her and gave her a little side hug, which she reciprocated. When my hand dropped back down, she grabbed it so we were holding hands. I should also inform you all that I'm not a big PDA type person. While hand holding is like school kid stuff, I'm not big on it unless I'm really comfy with a person. Usually I just think about how if anyone else saw, they would be like me and it would annoy them. I'll have you know I just plain didn't care, it felt gooooooood!

So we got to Sebastian Joe's and talked ordered. She got double chocolate with a homemade cone (very good) and I got Oreo with a chocolate dipped cone. I paid, and we took up a spot outside. We were forced to speed eat the Ice Cream since it was about 90 degrees out. We hung out and chatted some more after we finished drinking our ice cream and she reclined with her legs up on mine again. We did all the cutesy stuff like hand holding some more and at one point I actually did give her a kiss right there in front of everyone. Yeah, that was fun.

We walked back to her place and hung out for a while more. She showed me this total geek humor claymation thing about how to assign pointers in C. I think the fact that we both enjoyed it is both sad and a good sign at the same time! I asked her if she had seen the clip of Triumph the Comic Dog going to town on the Star Wars fans. If you haven't seen that, google Triumph Star Wars and watch it, NOW! heh. We laughed to the point of tears, then she sat on my lap on her couch and we chilled for a bit.

After a little while we decided we should head out and meet up with the other people out at this dive bar that had Karaoke. On the way out we got talking about movies and asked if she had seen Old School I believe it was. She hadn't so I said "Well, if you come over to my place, we can watch it." She gave the best possible answer I think she could have: "When, not if." .oO(Rock on!!)

So we met up with the other peeps, one of which is a good friend of hers "Glasses." I got the distinct impression when I walked in, eh wasn't real happy to see me walk in with her, but he did seem to cheer up later. I convinced her to sing and she sang Allison Krauss' "When You Say Noting At All." All I could think when she was singing it was .oO(Damn, I wish she was singing that about me.) Yeah, that part of me that doesn't want to take things easy is not going to go away.

I eventually sang Garth Brooks' "Pappa Loved Mamma" and thought I did a horrible job, but everyone said I did it ok. I still think they were just being nice. After a little bit KG decided to call it a night since she had a job interview the next day and wanted to make sure to get a good night's sleep. She drove us back to her place and I came up for a little bit and we chatted about her job and I also showed her some that we had open at my company and that I found through the employment agency I used to work though. I helped her decide on what clothes to wear the next day and then we called it a night. Gave a couple hugs and several kisses goodnight and that was that. We did exchange a couple text messages later though.

Overall it was definitely a great date. Hopefully there will be more in the near future! She did talk about a lot of guy friends, which on it's own isn't a red flag, but with the "dating lots of people" comment it adds a little. But whatever, I had a really fun night and that's what it was all about!

So there you go, you all have your update :O) And Carrie, so help me if you pull out the "music" again before I cue it, so help me I WILL revoke your deputy status! ;O)

**Edit** OCD Anxiety Girl called today from the lake, after talking with me for a bit she asked "Why are you so happy today?" Gee, I wonder... :O)

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Another Red Flag - But a Date!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Kickball Girl and I didn't end up going Blading last night, but we did exchange a bunch of text messages.

Apparently she was feeling down, so I asked if she wanted to talk about it. All she really said is that she wasn't handling stress real well. That was it though.

I told her i'd be glad to help but didn't get much of a response.

Eventually she said "I doubt it i just push people away."

My normal plan of attack would be to push in and try and help out, but I really don't think that's a good plan in the case. I figure I'll just play it by ear and try and have a good time. If she wants to talk she will I'm not going to push it.

Someone asked me what i was hoping to get out of it, and I think i made up my mind. Right now I jsut want to have a fun person to go out and have a good time with. No pressure, no worries. Fun.

Now that sounds like a plan.

Good news is dinner plans are confirmed.

*EDIT* We're going to stir-fry at her place and then go out to the bar with some other kicball peeps. Should be fun!

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So, as you can see, a few of you have been promoted to Deputy Slackers. This is a great honor, and with it come great irresponsibility. The select few have been deemed worthy because they display the following Slacker values and more:

- Read this blog regularly.
- Comment Regularly.
- Waste copious amounts of time reading and commenting on the biggest of my posts.
- Have an interesting blog that I read regularly.
- Have shown they sometimes live by the Slacker Motto: To Slack and Procrastinate
- Just has a cool personality

Eventually, if enough of you deserve it, I plan to have at least one deputy in every state. Slackerdom HQ is constantly hiring, so do your best slacking and you to can earn a deputy slacker badge. Those of you who have earned them, display them with pride!

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Long Weekend: Index

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ok, I'm done, yet another massive weekend update is in the books and this one has some HUGE items.

The Trial - One huge one about my good friend getting served a Restraining order and me being there to help him in court.

KickBall Girl - Yes, there's a new one, and this one is good!

Northwaters - Hanging out with OCD Anxiety girl fora few days. Basically an excuse to relax by the lake and fish. Make your panfish suggestions here.

Kickball - A low-grade recap

I'll be back with more tomorrow and I'll definitely be answering all of your comments. So comment away. Sorry i've been slacking on commenting on all fo your wonderful blogs, but what can i say, I'm a slacker. I'll definitely get to it.

Those of you listed as Deputy Slackers, Congrats, and get me your email so I can get you your badge!

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Long Weekend: Kickball Girl

So I guess I've teased you all long enough, I should spill the beans about Kickball Girl. Judging by your comments you're all dying to know. Well except Trashy who's just waiting to get a positive ID so she can sick Minion on the poor girl ;O)

Anyway, so I go to kickball like usual. Ever since week one, there's one girl I had my eye on, but was sure she was dating a different member of the team since she would always give him a hug before the game. That and she went to a wedding with this same guy.

Several weeks back one of the other girls on the team gave be her number and Kickball Girl said "What? You don't want mine too?" I motioned the phone toward her, but like a dumbass figured she was kidding and pulled the phone back. I didn't notice that she had actually started to reach for it. There was much teasing after that.

Two weeks ago, after The New Redhead and her friend failed to show, there was talk about how there are no cute single girls out there. Kickball Girl chimed in to say "What am I? Chopped liver." More teasing ensued. I explained that I thought she had a boyfriend or was dating someone. She said "No boyfriend and I'm dating lots of people."

So now this past week, we chatted a bit before the game. She mentioned she wasn't going to come out to the postgame. When I asked why she said she had just gotten laid off. I told her "You're coming anyway and I'm buying you two drinks." After a little protest and some help from one of the other girls on the team she decided to come.

After our game, everyone else started to head out to the bar, but KG and I volunteered to referee the next game. After that game was over she said she thought she should move her car so she didn't have to worry about getting towed in the morning. I offered to follow her to her apartment (right near where I used to live) so she could drop off her car and I could give her a ride home later.

We dropped off her car and headed to the bar only to realize she didn't have her ID on her. She said she would just walk home and get it. I would have non of that, so I dropped off the cups for Flip-Cup and ran her home.

After we got back to the bar, she sat with some other people while I went and played some flip cup. After a little while she joined up and played right next to me. One of our teammates must have caught on and kept intentionally bumping her into me. I owe that man a thanks ;O)

Birthday Girl did show up, but she had brought another guy friend and spent most of the night talking to him. We chatted on and off, but it was apparent would be left as just birthday kisses. Turns out this wasn't a bad thing.

There were a few more drinks and some relaxing and chatting after flip-cup died down. Kickball Girl and I ended up sitting nice and snuggly.

After we all decided to call it a night (and that last call was coming up) the team headed our separate ways. KG and I hopped in my car and head back to her place. When we got near she asked "Were you just going to drop me off or come up?" Me, being the nice guy I am said "Well, it's up to you, but I'd love to come up." She directed me to a good place to park.

After a couple hours of chatting, sharing a beer and having some water, and eventually a good about of kissing, it hit 3:30 and we decided we should hit the hay. She commented about how she was actually going to wear a shirt since I was there. More snuggling and kissing occurred and eventually we both fell asleep.

We woke up way to ungodly early and just crawled back into bed. More snuggling and kissing ensued. .oO(Yay! It wasn't the alcohol) I set my alarm for the latest I could leave and make it to Big Mikes court time to prolong the snuggling.

Thanks goodness the dress clothes I had to wear to Kickball were neither dirty, nor smelly. Mike did call me the best friend ever for leaving a cute, snuggly girl to come support him. He definitely still owes me.

I haven't felt that good just chatting and snuggling with a girl in years.

So yeah, we talk about getting together after I get back from up north, and talk about food we like. I said something about cooking Jambalaya and she said she never had a guy cook for her. I told her I would have to make her some next week and she agreed. We had a couple goodbye kisses and I was off.

As I mentioned earlier after I got back from the weekend I got a TM asking how it was, and we exchanged a couple after that but made no plans. Today, I sent her one asking if she wanted to do dinner, but she was at the lake swimming. She said lets do dinner tomorrow and asked if I wanted to go Blading later tonight.

She definitely seems interested in hanging out, this makes me very happy. Now I just have to research to possible red flags: the "Dating lots of people" comment and also the supply of "items" stored next to the bed.

She's a very fun girl, athletic, which is something I've been dying to find in a girl, a complete smart ass which is a complete turn on to the Chief and she's smart and interesting. She does definitely have heartbreaker potential, but from our conversations we seem to have a lot in common on the relationship front.

Right now I'm happy I finally have a REAL date for the first time in quite a while. We'll have to see how things go from here. I'm in no hurry and it seems she's not either. If the red flags turn out to be false alarms, there's definitely potential here!

And, since I'm sure you're all curious here she is, fending off the Kickball Paparazzi! Enjoy.

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Long Weekend: Northwaters

I decided a little minivacation was in order, and OCD-Anxiety invited me up to a resort her and the entire family on her Dad's side go to every year.

Considering this was OCD-A, I was very apprehensive about going up there and hanging out for a couple days. In the end I decided I couldn't turn down a change to go relax by the lake in the middle of nowhere and go fishing for a weekend. After some thought I decided some relaxation by the lake was in good slacking interest. For good measure, I took Monday off a well.

Saturday was fun, The drive up there got broken up with a couple stops to pick up stuff and buy bait. We got there, did some unpacking chilled out for a little bit, and then did a little fishing. We didn't catch much worth keeping, but it was fun anyway. We had a nice campfire and hung out chatting with everyone else there till way to late.

We call it a night and I want to go to sleep, but OCD-A wants to talk about Kickball Girl. All she knows is that I gave her a ride after the game and after postgame, and she was already tweaking out about how much I might like the girl. We had to have the "We're just friends" talk yet again. After threatening to elope I got her to go to sleep so I could and made a deal that I would stay till Monday only if she didn't drink, because she always gets more emotional when she drinks. I found out the next morning that she had also forgotten to take her medication.

Sunday went great, well most of it anyway. Got to relax a lot. We attempted to go fishing earlier, but we forgot a basket to keep the fish in. Unfortunately when we attempted to start up and go back to the dock, the motor decided it didn't feel like working even after trying to start it about 45 times. Her dad was supposed to have a radio just in case, but by the time he got it out of his truck, we had drifted back past the cabins and were beached. After we got back to the dock it started on about the 4th pull. After dinner we all went out in the other boat, and hammered the Sunnies. We ended up keeping 45 fish (44 Sunnies and 1 Crappie) but easily could have had more if we tried harder. The bait rarely lasted more than 2 minutes before a fish took it. If we got em in faster and were less worried about enjoying a beer while we fished we could easily have taken home the limit of 60.

So yeah, I was given 20 nicely cleaned fish to bring home to eat. Only problem is I have NO idea how to cook them. Please give me suggestions.

After that we just chilled and played some cribbage.

Monday, the wind was too wicked to go out on the lake, so we walked around a little bit and checked things out after a few more rounds of Cribbage.

When I got ready to go OCD-A did a little more tweaking out, but in all it was a pretty nice time. A good couple of relaxing days!

The best part of the trip was going home and finally getting back to an area where I had cell phone reception to find out that Kickball Girl had text messaged me to ask how the weekend was :O)

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Long Weekend: Kickball

Yeah yeah, Kickball came before the Trial, but this is my blog, I do it in MY order. Shut it.

Kickball went well as usual. And as usual our team lost. This time it was a little embarrassing since we lost to the one team who hadn't yet won a game. Oh well. Our story is that it was a pity loss and we're sticking to it. We did have plenty of beer and Jell-o Shots though. Yum.

I stuck around and reffed the second game with Kickball Girl (Yes, I'm still making you wait) and then after a little ID snafu, we headed over to the after game. Kickball Girl wasn't going to come but free drinks convinced her. The best part about refing is that the losing teams have to buy the refs a drink!

This week we got some more people playing flip cup and having a good time. Like usual our team kick some Flip-cup ass and yet again got random people from the bar playing.

We hung out and like usual were the last ones there.

Yet again I ended up staying out way too late. This time I didn't even make it home ;O)

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Long Weekend: The Trial

Either as a cruel joke for my Ban Stupidty post, or possibly as a "damn skippy" to it, I ended up in court on this past friday to help defend my friend against his Soon To Be Ex-wife.

This STB-X is the complete epitome of what I said was wrong with marriage. He was, and unfortuantely still somewhat is, in love with her, but it's debatable whether she was ever in love with him. We're fairly certain that she just wanted to get married, and it didn't matter to who. since they got back from their honeymoon on, she never really seemed that happy to be married to him.

On New Years, Big Mike got what seemed like evidence she was cheating. She had him look at a text message on her phone, and he happened upon a few from her to an unknown friend talking about how they enjoyed their time together and how much they had been thinking of each other. I'm not sure anyone could consider that JUST friendly conversation. Not long ago he got some other incriminating evidence, but hadn't directly confronted her about it yet.

Then Wednesday happened. Big Mike shows up to work, during his break a man he doesn't know hands him an envelope with his name on it. The contents of this neat little gift? A Temprorary Restraining order, he can't go home or be within so far of her without a peace officer being present.

So, he gets ahold of an officer so he can go home and get clothes and other stuff since I told him he could stay at my place. Once he gets to the house he finds a second cruel joke: she changed the locks. And we have a new contender for the Mega-Bitch Hall of Fame folks.

The restraining order was a joke. It included one incident where he supposedly hit her while hurting their cat, but in reality was a reflex block because she was lunging for their cat which was on his lap. The other information she gave to make this and "immanent threat" to her safety was an even bigger joke. She claimed that he "made a habit" of keeping swords in the bedroom to kep her scared, that he practiced martial arts DAILY, and that his physical size intimidates her. Except for the fact that he has gained 20 lbs because he stopped practicing any martial arts when they got married, he's the same size as when they got married... wasn't he intimidating then? As for the swords, SHE decided on the opriental theme in the bedroom and thought of the idea to up the swords Big Mike had BEFORE they got married on a decorative rack. there was also some stuff in the write up taht talked about how he had berated her for giving him bad directiosn when she wanted him a come pick her up from this walk four days prior to her filing the TRO.

Yes, Big Mike is a big guy with formal training in serveral martial arts, but in 7 years of knowing the guy I've NEVER seen him even attempt to hurt anyone. Yeah, I've seen him use his size to intimidate when the situation calls for it, but never in a bad way and never to someone he has a relationship with. AEven two of his Exes taht cheated on him and told him.

The TRO was total B.S. And that's all before the trial.

I had to drag myself out of a very comfy situation including a Kickball Girl (more on taht later) and go to court, only to not testify because it was completely unneccesary. For the record I am mad at STB-X for that, no one else. We all got ready and afte waiting a hour past when the hearing was usupposed to be, we all walked up to the courtroom. STB-X had brought a lawyer while Big Mike had been advise it wouldn't be needed. That worried us on Big Mike's side, until we heard back from the inside. STB-X had called two witnesses before Mike got to call his and one of them had come out smiling, so we got a little more worried. STB-X had already lied to get a TRO, what else might she try and lie about in court? Then Charlie got called in. When he came back out he said her lawyers cross-examine culminted in this "So, there are times when you weren't around these two, when these things could have happenend?" His Answer "They are a married couple, they're going to have time to themselves eventually."

There was finally a recess, Big Mike came out and filled us in on what had happened. Then first witness had told of the walk/berate thing, but didn't portray it nearly as badly as the write up did. When Big Mike got to question her and she denied seeing any verbal or physical abuse, and denied seeing him hurting the cat or doing any martial arts. After the first witness the Judge asked STB-X if she had any "Valid" witnesses. After the second one she cut off anymore witnesses from STB because it was the same stuff over again. She only allowed mike one of his 5 witnesses saying: "You won't need more than one."

During the recess STB-X came out crying, my guess is because she knew she was going to lose horribly. After the recess Mike told us he had been cleared and the judge reprimanded STB-X for bringing such a weak case. And a weak case it most definitely was.

The only reason we can think she had for doing this was simply that she wanted out, but wanted to make Big Mike out to be the bad guy. If he was the bad guy, she wouldn't have to feel guilty about getting a divorce from him. This is the same guy who had slept on my futon for a while to give her space, only to be called back by her to take care of her when she hurt her foot.

Anyway, it turned out well, now he just needs to sort out the divorce stuff and move on. She needs to be banned from marriage. they need to tattoo people like her with " Do Not Marry" on her forehead or something.

We went out to eat to celebrate and then went and watched The Fantastic Four. It was ok, but no exeptional. You can tell it was basically just to introduce you to them so they can make more movies about them later.

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Yes, I am Alive.

So my internet usage period (work week) got cut short after finding out I needed to appear in court to help a friend fight some B.S. his soon to be Ex-wife brought up and then took an extended internet free vacation to some lake in the middle of nowhere MN.

I will indeed have a gigantic update later, here are some of the coming highlights:

- The whole court battle and the details surrounding it along with some bonus continuation bitching about the Ban Stupidity Post.

- A NEW GIRL! (This one went really well)

- The Vacation and needing advice on how to cook panfish (Sunnies)

I'll try and hurry with the update ;O)

P.S. I will reply to each and every on

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Ban Stupidity!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Before I begin, I reiterate the sentiment of my post below. I was convinced that terrorist a-holes should not keep us from bloggy goodness. So yeah.

Anyway, I was reading up of on Trashy Snakefood's site, Shnookaland. She had ripped off this guy Justin's post about the absolutely idiotic reality show "The Neighborhood" that someone at ABC realized was a stupid idea just barely before they aired it.

Anyway, part of the premise of the show was families of way different backgrounds living in the same neighborhood. The focus was on one extremely religious (and apparently homophobic) family and a couple gay guys.

The wonderfully insightful Becki made a great comment about how the religious right calls Gay marriage a travesty, while the media makes it a joke.

That got me thinking, which we all know can be a bad thing, and also talking to Trashy, which can be a worse thing ;O)

Why Ban Gay marriage? Really? Yeah, I know the whole church argument about it not being God's way and not being natural. So spare me that lecture.

Here's my plan: Ban Celebrity Marriage.

Seriously! What's worse? Adam and Steve who love each other wanting to get married and be committed for life, or any of the following: Bennifer, TomKat, or anything Britney. You want to talk about ruining the sanctity of marriage? Letting idiots like the last three get married basically as publicity stunts does WAY more damage to the right of marriage than two loving people. And come one, we all know Tom Cruise is gay, why isn't the religious right up in arms? Hell, there's even talk about a "No sex" contract. How is that even a real marriage??? Why the hell else would anyone marry Katie Holmes?

Becki's way correct about the media making marriage out to be a joke. How many shows have jokes about someone going on their 5th marriage? Or like the line in Coyote Ugly "I think he make a great first husband." (or something like that)

People nowadays have the mindset "Well, let's get married, if it doesn't work out we can always get divorced." BULL! THAT is ruining the sanctity of marriage. It used to be I think that person is nice, let's go out. Then, I really like this person, let's Date. Then, I really do love this person, let's get married. No toughts of possible divorce. Now it's more like, I like that person, lets date. I think I might be in love, let's get married and find out.

I don't see the anyone getting up-in-arms about banning Idiot marriage. Where's the bills against that?

Maybe we should just ban marriage altogether. Yeah, the divorce lawyers would take a hit, but make then get a real job like everyone else! Hell, as I said to Trashy, it would make tax law a heck of a lot easier and the Jewlers can make up a holiday just like the candy companies did (though they did mask it well with a veil of friendliness to orphans) to make up for their loss in sales of wedding rings.

Marriage needs to be a big deal again. Instead of just being the "next level of dating" it needs to be a serious commitment again. Maybe ban all but covenant marriages (basically no divorce possible) or something.

But then that might make the extreme right happy... *shiver*

Oh well, can't beat em join em, look for the Slacker-Snakefood wedding any day now. ;O)

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I had a big rant I was going to post today spurred by a discussion I had with a fellow blogger, but instead today I'm going to give a shout out and best wishes.

Here's to all my UK readers and to everyone who has friends and family out there. I hope everyone and all of your loved ones are safe and accounted for. My best wishes go out to any of you who were or know anyone who was injured or affected in the recent events.

I pass these same wishes on to anyone who knows anyone else affected by anyone else involved with terror incidents like these around the globe.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you might wanna check out the news.

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I Love *EDIT* Fireworks!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

There's just something so patriotic about lighting off fireworks. Nevermind that for must of us who lit stuff it was probably illegal.

Firecrackers Illegal? *crackity*crack*crack* Oops! My lighter slipped.

Bottle Rockets Illegal? *whistle*pop* Oh gee, that was an accident officer.

2" Mortar Shell Illegal? *Boom*BANG* Really, that plane shouldn't have been flying that low anyway!

I only lit off 3 bottle rockets this year... But next year look out!

I finally got some of my pictures up over on the Visual Edition. Go check em out under Flaming Goodness!


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All The Other Kids Are Doing It!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Yeah, just had to.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Read below for the massive weekend update! And you don't have to comment on each day, feel free just to leave on at the Header ;O)

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July 4th Weekend - The Complete Update!

So like I said in my earlier post (which I think about 6 of you people out there read) I would have a complete recap of the while weekend up here later.

I know some of you out there are aspiring to be Deputy Slackers, and this is going to be a good day to become well on your way to Slackerdom.

Below are links to each of the five days. Read em all and report back and you get a big gold S on your record. ;O)

Have fun reading! And soon I'll have some of the pictures I took this weekend up for all to enjoy!

Happy Sort-of-Monday to many and happy Tuesday to the rest!

July 4th Weekend, Day by Day:

Enjoy the reading!

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July 4th Weekend - Monday

Ahh, the final day of a nice three and a half day weekend.

Got up way to early for a holiday weekend, (8 and then actually 8:30 for the record) had some cereal, packed up and then hit the road and drove the 4 hours back to the Cities.

Called up Conservative Girl since I had told her if I got back and didn't have anything to do we could go to the Taste of Minnesota. We met up at about 2 and headed down to check it out. I wasn't really impressed. Usually, "Taste of" thing have a good variety of local restaurants showing off their foods and then some good live entrainment. This one definitely had the entertainment (headliners for Monday were Boyz II Men and Smokey Robinson) but was lacking in the food dept. Of the say 32 food stands (which is pretty small anyway) at least half of them were just typical Fair foods like corn dogs and such. The others were specialty stuff and restaurants. Nothing all that impressive. By about 5pm we were done exploring and didn't really care that much about any of the music.

We watched Dodgeball, then walked down to watch the "Taste" fireworks from the steps of the Cathedral. It was a nice spot to sit, since it's on a taller hill you could see a couple of the other city's shows and also the plethora of people lighting off illegal stuff. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bad place to see the "Taste" fireworks. They were semi blocked by trees. :( We could see most of the ones that were up in the air though so it wasn't too bad. Good show for the most part.

Went back to my place, shot off a couple Bottle rockets. It wouldn't be the fourth without lighting off at least SOME illegal fireworks. Usually I blow off about $150 worth of the good stuff like 2" mortars and roman candles, but couldn't afford that this year. It might have only been three bottle rockets, but damn they felt good :O)

Watched I, Robot and then called it a night.

Despite being quite annoyed with CG a few times (I know portable bathrooms are not the nicest, but walking damn near a mile to use real ones is absurd, these were remarkably clean!) it did end up being a nice relaxing end to a good weekend!

I hope all of you had good ones as well!

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July 4th Weekend - Sunday

Sunday was more of a day of rest than anything else.

Got up, watched two different movies on TV and annihilated my mom's score on Bejeweled 2.

After all of that action, the fam went to the traditional Sunday Night event: Midget Racing. No no, not "little people" running around the track, these are small racecars. Basically, they're a methanol burning 4-cylinder engine, mounted in a roll cage with some body panels strapped on that and open wheels. They race on a clay track and it's definitely some good action.

There weren't any big flips like there can be, but one driver did end up on his head. I have some pictures of this to be posted eventually as well.

After the race, I was supposed to meet up with the Best Friend for a party, but he left early because he had his daughter with and they pulled out the ganja. He didn't want her to be around that. Since I didn't really know them I didn't go either.

I couldn't call it THAT early of a night (it was 10:30) and since the Best Friend was done for the night. I dragged The Mom to the small town festival nearby and hit the Beer Tent. We tried looking for a friend of the family who lives near there, but couldn't find her. Slugged down two 25.4 ounce cans of Fosters (it was 2 bucks for a 12 oz bud or miller, or 4 for the 25.4 oz Fosters) and then called it a night since I was going to drive back up to the cities in the morning.

Damn those were big cans.

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July 4th Weekend - Saturday

The morning started with being woken up by a small, black, adorable furball named Kia. Kia is the name I would have been given had I been born girly instead of guyly, but is now the name of my Parents cat. Apparently my old bed there, is now HER bed. That and she like to lay in the window sills of my room. I will have pictures. Cute cat, but not at 7:30am on a Saturday after a night of drinking. I did get back to sleep though.

Got up eventually and then had The Mom drop me off at the park where Rhythm and Booms was being held. I put down a couple blankets to save us a good spot and then headed out to meet up with The Best Friend at a house of his friend's.

Best friend tells me it's a short walk from the park, so I walk out along the street he told me to. Short walk to me is 5-10 minutes. This walk was 25. At my typical walking pace, that put it a little over a mile away. Luckily, there was free Hieneken waiting for me.

After a few beers there and meeting up with another friend Bazy, we walked back to the park to hit the two Beer Tents and see if we could find any other people we knew. Best Friend and Bazy knew a few of the guys working the Amored trucks they were collecting money in, so we teased them with beer they couldn't drink :O)

Eventually we wandered back to the not-so-close friend's house for some free brats and other food. Had a few more beers and headed back to the park to meet up with The Parents, one of my Mom's Coworkers and kids, and Best Friend's sister and kids.

This is where I get a good story, that's not really a good story ;O) this one cute Blonde that was there, was ALL over me. Got Piggy back rides, Sat on my lap for the fireworks and liked me so much that she told me I needed to move back there... To be her babysitter! Mom's Coworker's kid was one little firecracker. After I let her climb on my shoulders to look around (which she said was a welcome change from her dad, who's 6'9") she grabbed my head and and yelled "GIDDY Up Horsey!!." Now add about 20 years to her age, and that starts hitting borderline fantasy. She told me all about her two boyfriends. Boyfriends? She's 6. Aren't boys still supposed to have cooties at that age? Her parents have already said that once she hits adolescence, their Padalocking her door. Fun kid though!

Anyway, after making a new little friend I decided it was time to go make some adult ones. Beer garden trip 3 was in order. Met up with Best friend and the other people I knew there, then spotted a girl I met in College who also happened to be from Madison. She'd put on some weight since college, but still kinda cute, her friend though was damn hot. Some of the best eyes I've seen on a girl. Later, she had a few more friends meet up with her and it turns out they live up here in the Cities! Both of the other friends were lookers too. One was quite hot, the other more cute, but had reddish hair, so it's a wash ;O) For lack of a better theism to call them, I'll say they're Hot Beer tent girl and Cute Beer Tent Girl. Anyway Hot BTG asked if I went out much, and I said "I try to!" So she decided it would be fun to have some people to go out with up in the cities and said I should give her a call and gave me her number.

The conversations were soon interrupted by the roar of 4 F-16s flying 800ft overhead with full afterburners signaling it was getting to be time for the fireworks.

So the rest of the crew and I settled in to watch the show. Like usual the fireworks were cool, didn't get to hear the music much, because apparently The Dad decided it would be nice to have a 3rd portable radio at work so we didn't have one to hear the show from well. That man doesn't think past himself much... Anyway, the finale wasn't quite as impressive as it was in years past, but it was still good. I have the impression that there were a couple banks of fireworks that didn't go off like they were supposed to. They also had the lady who sang before the fireworks come out and sing a couple more patriotic songs and shot off some fireworks to that, but after the finale it seemed rather piddly. They definitely should have ordered that differently.

Anyway, it was still cool though.

Called it a night after that. 10 hours of drinking, bright sun, and carrying a 6 year old around will wear ya out. I think if parent out there want to lose the baby/sympathy weight, don't buy a stroller. That's a good workout. Luckily MC Kid couldn't lift me, or she probably would have taken me with later. heh.

Gotta love getting digits from a girl in the cities while I'm visiting a different state though!

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July 4th Weekend - Friday

I originally had a big plan for Friday: Get up a little earlier than normal (7:30 instead of 8), take a half day at work, then get at least some of the things wrong with my car fixed, then head down to Madison so I could hang out with my Best Friend and have dinner, then hit State Street and party it up.

That whole plan got killed in a hurry.

Apparently when I set my alarm before going to sleep, I bumped the volume dial just right so that the alarm made zero noise when it went off. Getting up a little earlier turned into getting up 2.5 hours later. So I show up to work at 11 on day I had hoped to leave by 12. I had one project I really needed to finish before the weekend, (this is the whole reason for the half day) but luckily I thought it would be relatively simple.


It started out well, I actually thought I had it done an hour into the day. Sent it to the engineer, only to find out I forgot to do the hardest part. Spend 3 more frustrating hours figuring it out and then was VERY ready to go to Madison.

I packed, cobbled together a patch for my car's exhaust using Aluminum foil and Duck Tape (only worked well for about 2 blocks, must use more Duck Tape next time) and then headed to Madison via Chipotle. And let me tell ya, eating a big ass burrito while driving takes some talent!

SO, I roll into Madison about 9:30, watch the end of the Nascar race, then head out to party it up on State Street. For those of you not familiar, State Street and the area around it is pretty well know as one of the best places to go get plowed. It's a street that connect the State Capitol Building to the University of Wisconsin. Only Busses and Taxis allowed on it about 30 bars within a few blocks of it and a good time all around. There's a reason UW-Madison makes the list frequently of biggest drinking schools and why State Street has made it into ESPN, Playboy and a few other magazines as a great place to party.

Now, the Best Friend is definitely not shy about making an ass of himself by randomly saying odd things to females. At least this time he didn't run himself into the windows of any bars to freak out girls on the other side...

Needless to say, much whiskey diet was had at about 7 different bars. That and some fuzzy text messages with Birthday Girl made for a good night.

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July 4th Weekend - Thursday

So the weekend kind of started early, like it has every Thursday I've had kickball.

The game sucked, we were actually doing very well. We had a lead against one of the two undefeated teams in the league. 3-2, they did come back to tie it however. Unfortunately, soon after that the Refs screwed us over. One of their players slid past third and was hit with the ball which should have made him out, but the ref called him safe. Instead of it being a person on first with two outs, it was first and third with one out. They ended up scoring two more runs and that would be the game. He even admitted to blowing the call after the game.

The afterbar started out as being very disappointing. Hardly anyone stuck around very long. And by not very long, I mean most people didn't make it to the end of Happy hour which goes from 9-11. Even most of my team, the hardcore partiers we are, left by 10:30. It ended up being about 5 of us kickballers holding down the fort.

That turned out not to be such a bad thing! The few of us left played a few rounds of darts and had a few more drinks. Soon enough, at the board next door, this really hot girl and her friend came to play. Best part about it? I actually KNEW this one :O) I met Sunshine at a friend's party quite a while back and also again at our mid-season kickball party. The problem with both those meetings is that I had another girl around, and being the nice guy I am considered it poor form to hit on another girl... This time with no hindrances, it turned out much better. We exchanged numbers and later she even bought me and Birthday Girl a shot.

I mention Birthday Girl, because that too, was a bright spot. ;O) She was there with a few friends celebrating her birthday (go figure eh?) and ended up talking with one of my fellow kickballers and I. Very cute and fun girl, with a bonus of red hair! Ended up giving her a ride home and a kiss (or two) goodnight.

Yeah it was a good night.

Oh, and The New Redhead and Her Friend? No call, No intentional show. Did see The New Redhead Later at the Bar, but after an initial "Oh Hey!" there was nothing. That's fine though, those two have nothing on Sunshine and B-day Girl ;O)

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July 4th Weekend Update

Long weekends are nice. Very nice. I think I need to take them more often.

The only problem is, now I have a big ol' update to give all of my wonderful readers :O)

I'm going to break it down into one post for each day, then give a single post with indexed links to each day...

AND since I took a ton of pictures this weekend, The Visual Edition is going to be pretty full this week as well!

Stay tuned Slacker Nation, updates are immanent!

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Yay for fireworks!

Friday, July 01, 2005

I'm outta here this weekend. Heading down to Madison to see one of the best fireworks shows in the nation on Saturday. If any of you are in driving distance, I recommend you take the trip up to see Rhythm and Booms. Thousands of firework all shot off and timed to explode on beat with LIVE music from the Madison Symphony Orchestra. Nothing like seeing a finale that has 1000 fireworks shot off in the last 2 minutes of the 1812 Oveture along with Howitzers from the Army National Guard firing the cannon part!

I'll be back on the 4th to head on down to the Taste of Minnesota.

Should be a good weekend!

Hope you all have a great weekend as well!

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