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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

Out of Happy.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tell me you don't wanna give that cat a hug?

That's how I feel lately. Like I ran out of happy. Maybe it's the weather, or maybe it's the lack of things to do. Could be the lack of a decent job, or possibly even one crappy enough to bitch about. I'm sure not having had anything near a date since the days I hung out with Gypsy Girl a few weeks back (Who's since done the typical disappearing act for women I hang out with) is in there somewhere. I rather regret holding back at those points where a kiss should have happened. I'm also sure a lack of decent sleep is most certainly not helping. I'm guessing a few of my friends wonder if I'm dead, G-Spot's called a few times but I'm just not in the mood to do anything.

Whatever it is, this HappySlack has at least temporarily run out of happy. Maybe I'll find some in Conservative Girl's Company holiday party tomorrow night...

Or maybe I should just find that cat and adopt it.

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Way to Slack!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

As if a true Slacker needs a reason to fake a sick day... Nice to see people are getiting in the holiday slacking spirit though!

Holidays Bring Phony Sick Days
Via Rueters on Start Trib.

Good slacking people!

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Happy Turkey Day!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

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Congrats Twins!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So the AL MVP voting is finally complete and Justin Morneau won! Woot!

That's three of my Twins winning some of baseball's biggest awards this year.

Morneau beat out Derek Jeter with 15 first place votes to Jeter's 12 for the MVP.

Joe Mauer took the AL Batting title (first catcher to ever do that) and finished 6th in the MVP race.

Johan Santana won another CY Young award and actually got one first place vote in the MVP balloting finishing 7th.

That's a bunch of hot talent on one team, and the best part? They're all back next year! :O)

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Fox has a soul???

Who woulda thunk it. News Corp., the parent company of Fox and Fox News and other outlets of usually biased or just plain terrible TV actually found some semblance of a soul.

If you had flipped through any of the various Fox brethren lately, you likely would have seen commercials for a two-day special about O.J. Simpson. Titled “If I Did It,” it seemed from the commercials it was basically O.J. basically confessing to what happened. The special would be aired because of a book of the same name released. Even the publisher of the book admitted that she took it as O.J.’s confession.

I’m not sure who’s idea it was for the book, and even more so the show. Quite obviously, though, they are soulless and evil. How else could it seem like airing something that would basically be a big middle finger to the families of those killed and the American public’s belief in a decent justice system would be a good idea? All of this in the name of trying to get higher ratings since the majority of the rest of Fox’s shows right now, well, suck. (House and The Simpson’s still rule though.) many local stations weren’t going to air it and the TV people’s publication “Broadcast & Cable” even called this whole thing evil. Now, I do believe that Rupert Murdock is fairly evil, but had all this actually gone on it would have made me believe he very well maybe be the devil himself.

It appears however that the powers that be at News Corp finally had an attack of conscience and finally did the right thing, albeit WAY later then they should have. The show will be cancelled and most likely replaced by some other trash they hope will attract viewers. Even more amazing is that they’re actually nixing the book as well. Thank God.

I don’t know if the whole this was O.J. trying to clear his conscience if he actually did do it, or someone convinced him it would be a decent way to make some money. If he did make money it would almost all end up going to the families of the people killed due to the wrongful death lawsuit. Pay them with money he made by emotionally backhanding them in the worst possible way. I just fail to understand how this got to the point of even WRITING the book, much less actually publishing it and recording a TV special about it. They people behind it should be found out, and removed from the gene pool.

Arg! Thank God this won’t be airing and I pity those who profited from what book sales there were prior to it’s removal. You all better start praying to every god and goddess out there and get your bases covered or I’m quite sure there’s a toasty pile of brimstone awaiting you.

Anyway, if you wanna read and actual article on it, here’s one from the AP yesterday on MSN and one from the AP today on Star Tribune.

Later Slackers. Stay non-evil would ya?

*Edit* So Judith Regan toss an Article on Newsweek exlpaining that she had gone with the publishing because she wanted O.J's "Confession" made public to get some sort fo justice. The gigantic flaw I see with her argument: She was ok with the money from the book going to O.J's kids. How is it really any sort of justice if he's making money on the book, but skirting the law by giving the money to his kids? This, instead of serving justice by paying the Goldmans the money owed them from O.J. being found guilty in the civil lawsuit? Just because you can jsutify something, doesn't make it right Jusith.

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Naïveté is bliss...?

Monday, November 20, 2006

So going out with Conservative Girl Saturday night just left me thinking: I wish I could be that naive again. I guess only time will tell if my usually impeccable sense for relationships (In others, not my own, anyway) holds true with her current one, but for now I wish I could be like her.

Right now, I don’t see it working out with her and the guy she’s pretending to date. I say pretending because right now it’s not really dating in any normal sense of the word. At best right now it’d be corresponding as far as I see it. There’s no real connection there, just the hope of one. Communication itself is very minimal since he’s in the National Guard in Iraq. Any dating would actually come more with his family whom she’s adopted and hangs out with at least every week.

Some of the guys she had met seemed to have some good potential but didn’t work out for various reasons. With this one it just hasn’t seemed right to me from the beginning. They met on match.com, which is fine normally, but they met only a few weeks before he was going to be leaving for Iraq. After talking on the phone and email for a couple weeks she decided to go down to Florida to meet up with him for a weekend he had off. After that the decided they would be “dating.” That tells me he’s either very selfish and completely disrespectful of her, or also incredibly naïve. He set her up for a year of waiting, a year of hoping he doesn’t get hurt, and a year of a phone call a week being “dating.” To me that’s pretty mean.

She somewhat recently got back from a trip out to Europe to visit him while he had his couple weeks of leave. She said she had a lot of fun, but all the fun stories were about the fun places they went, not about fun she had with him. The comment that hit me about the trip is that she said it was “weird” because they didn’t really know how to communicate. CG also mention that often he would ask her about her belly dancing and stuff, but she would said she was to tired and just wanted to go to bed. All of this that I heard about it just made me think more and more that there’s a huge lack of chemistry there. HUGE.

I don’t believe I’ve ever met a couple that considered themselves “very happy” that said they had to struggle to communicate. You don’t really hear people say “Well, it took a lot of work, but eventually we fell in love.” Yeah, people can change over time, but if the chemistry’s not there, it’s not there. To me, chemistry means the relationship comes naturally. Respect, communication, fun and all the rest don’t have to be worked toward, they’re just there. Sure, there will be lumps in any relationship that need to be worked out, but those should come later on. If you’re working to create that initial connection, it’s seems more like a project to be happy with, not a person to be in love with.

It’s that naiveté I wish I could have. The kind that keeps dating each other for the sake of dating still enjoyable. It’s the same deal when CG and I were dating. It was fun for sure, but it wasn’t love. We got along great, did lots of fun things, but when it came down to it there really wasn’t any chemistry. I see the same thing with CG and this guy, she has interest, she thinks he’s a good guy, but there’s obviously a huge lack of chemistry.

I guess I admire her for that though. She’s still able to be happy with the idea of dating. She gets happiness from just being in the relationship. That faded with me for sure. I could and will be very happily dating someone I’m sure, though it wouldn’t really be the dating that would make me happy, it’d be the person. I’m not going for something I need to work on that will be good enough eventually. I’m in it for something that will make me truly happy.

Maybe I’m the naïve one to think that’s out there...? Nah.

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Got Soul?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

My love of live music took me to a place in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis call Trocadero’s. The Group to see was called The Prophets of Soul.

I met up with Conservative Girl and the Sister and Brother in law of the guy she’s “dating.” I hadn’t ever been to this place before, but it’s definitely a pretty cool place. They have their dining area and then a separate night club area. We ate dinner and then when the club opened, move to the balcony above the stage and dance area. We grabbed a spot on one of the crazy animal print couches and enjoyed the show.

The Prophets are a fun bunch and I had seen them a couple times before. The first time was actually with CG since one of the members of the group works with her best friends. In another bit of small worldness it turns out that one of the sax players in the band is also cousin’s with CG’s “boyfriend.”

As the name would suggest they music they play is all of a soulful variety. They have three different singers and go through all sorts of music from the era of Soul. From Otis Redding to Gladys night to The Tops to whatever. The music is always fun and to top it off the group is always moving and dancing and just having a blast.

I got a picture or three, but I can’t seem to find the cable to download them form my camera, but keep an eye out for those as well. And if you happen to be in the Twin cities, make sure to check out the Prophets ;O)

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3 Lbs

Saturday, November 18, 2006

So yeah, I finally got my cable back and was catching up on the shows I missed. Well, onlyn the CBS shows I missed sicne so far they're the only network cool enough to put their shows free On Demand. Usually the day after it's new, it's on the On Demand service with only like 3-4 commenrcials during the whole show. It's almost better than DVRing since you don't have to skip through the commercials. I love you CBS. Hey now, in the friends sort of way, come on.

Anyway. yeah so they had this new show debut called 3 Lbs. It's about Nerosurgeons and if the rest of the series is like the pilot, this is going to be a DAMN good show. There were parts that were a bit cheesy, but I guess it hit me in enough of the right spots. Hopefully they didn't blow their load of good TV in just this one episode. Looks like i have one more show to at least temporarily get addicted too... bah!

So, any other great shows I should be watching? I know you Slackers watch some TV... lemme know!

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Um Hi, Comcast?

Friday, November 17, 2006

"Yeah, I called this weekend about our cable and internet service being out. You said you'd have someone call on Monday to schedule an appointment to check it out and hopefully get it working?"

"Yes, what can we do for you?"

"It's Wednesday."


"Ok, It's Wednesday and I still haven't gotten a call, can we please schedule something?"

"Oh, hold on, let me transfer you over to Tech Support"

"I dialed the number listed next to Tech Support on the bill, who am I talking to?"

"This is Customer Service, Let me transfer you..."

GAH!!!!!!!! Come on people. Yes, I have done "support" work before and I do realize that a lot of the people asking for said support probably should not be using the technology they're requesting support with. But to assume they won't even know which number is the right one to call?????

So I get sick and have to go insane watching what little was recorded on the PVR. That and digging through far too many movies to not really find anything that piqued my interest. For TWO days. I hate the changing of the seasons, it always messes with me. I drive home and it's dark out so I get all sleepy, yet it's way before I normally go to sleep. When sleepy time comes around I'm no longer tired and can't sleep. I can get by on five or less hours of sleep a few nights in a row, but there's a wall to be hit somewhere.

Blah so I'm at work and in theory Comcast is at Slacker HQ right now fixing the cable. I'm sure I missed some of the shows I'm addicted to as well. Problem is I don't remember which ones since my oh so loverly PVR remembers all that for me.

Blah, at least I feel better, now only if I could get rid of the horribly stiff back cause by other things.

Anyway, I will be posting this weekend (or I pity the person who has to take my call at Comcast), so stay tuned!

Lata tatas!

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Save the Cheerleader...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

...save the world!

So yeah, that's gotta be one of the worst tag lines for a show ever.

Problem is I'm hooked on the damn show!

Must... watch... heroes.

I dunno what it is but I like the show. Hiro rules! He got me hooked on the show because of his giggle inducing "Oooh! Waffles!" That and I'm a sucker for shows that leave you hanging each week. I dig Lost, even though it's getting a little far with the fantastic at points. Even though I think Jericho really isn't that good of a show, I have to DVR it each week because it just HAVE to know who the hell blew up all the cities! Thank god I've never watched 24 or I'm sure id get sucked into that, even though it's idiotic this one guy that many screwed up days. Even my CSIs are all integrating ongoing elements into them to make sure to watch every damn week. Thank you to whoever invented automatic recorders so I can record them each week otherwise I'd end up pissed like I did with X-files when they went all ongoing and I missed a week. How did Skully get pregnant?? HOW!!!??? ARG!!!!

Damn you networks, I was so successful at weaning myself off of TV, and then you go and find some way to get me hooked again. I wonder just how many network execs owe their souls to the devil to create such addicting things?

Bah! Time to go watch House... What's this? They now have an ongoing bit about him with drugs??? Nooooooooo!!!!!!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm officially renaming She Who Shall Yet Be Named to Gypsy Girl, well, because I needed s shorter name to type.

Anyway, congrats to GG for her news today. Glad you got what ya wished for!!

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Multiple Monday

Damn that Comcast. And Big Mike. Well, who knows for sure, but one or both of them is to blame for killing the Post-a-Day plan. For some reason, either billing issues or technical issues the cable has been out since Friday night. I plopped down to watch Numbers, and get some lame error about how the DVR has no signal. Yay! As luck would have it, Big Mike was out of town all weekend and I’m not on the cable account. I’m not exactly sure why the guy has a cell phone when he never answers it!!!

Anyway, I DID write the posts though, so you are all blessed with getting three posts in one today! If I was an official NaBloPoMo participant, I would have actually tried to go somewhere to get them posted, but yeah, I’m a slacker, what can I say? One of these days I’ll get my laptop running again so I can mosey on over to the coffee shop if need be… until then, I just get to bitch about not having net if it dies.

Enough complaining, time for posting. Here are this weekends posts. Enjoy!

Saturday - Express Lane Lunacy

I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m a pretty laid back guy. Ok, maybe my kickball teammates will disagree, but Kickball Slacker in competitive mode is like Bruce Banner when angry, he’s a whole different animal. Anyway, I’m quite tolerant and relaxed usually, things don’t bug me. Ask OzzyC, a typical answer from me is “Hey, whatever! I’m cool. If you do want to bug me however, be illogical.

So today Conservative Girl and I hit up this candle warehouse sale thing. I picked up a crap load of smelly good candles for a buck a piece. CG and I both bought a few dozen candles since they were at such a nice bargain price. The majority of my buys were a dozen “Midnight Sky” candles for my firelabra and a half dozen of the super smelly good “White Chocolate Mocha” tin candles. Slacker HQ will be smelling quite nifty for a while.

**Quick Side Note – A few dozen candles that may smell really nummy individually do NOT necessarily commingle well… Proper ventilation may be required.**

Little did we know, after leaving the waxy wonderland we’d up sitting around in the express lane.

While the traffic around the Mall of America was unusually horrid, the road traffic was the least of my day’s annoyance. The express lane I speak of is the IKEA checkout lane.

We decided we needed some food and the Swedish meatballs of IKEA were calling our names. Not only could we munch on Swedish meaty goodness, would could also pick up some other cheap items of Swedish goodness. I snagged some picture frames for stuff I want to hang up in the living room, while CG got some cute arty rubber ducky postcards.

Now, I love express checkout lanes in stores. You get in the nifty X-items or less lane and don’t have to worry about thinking you’re in the short line, only to find out the person three people up has 352 that they’re buying. Well, unless there’s that inevitable person trying to sneak by with X+12 items. That’s a rant for a different post though. But, the definition of annoying though could very well be getting in the 5-items or less line, seeing everyone with only a few items, but then watching every line around you go MUCH faster than yours.

From my vantage point about 6 people back, it started with a somewhat annoyed man having a discussion with the cashier over what I’ll assume was the receipt. During said discussion, 3 people with a total of about 213 items were checked out in the next lane over. Next came the manager type person to help figure things out, only to leave again. Two more people with a total of about 83 items shuffle their way by one of which was incredibly hot. Distraction appreciated. Back comes manager type person with superior manager type person who came equipped with a card full of bar codes. Apparently a laser scanning the Card of Holy Bar Codes isn’t enough to placate the guy holding up “express” lane. Gone is the hottie and her 13ish items of Swedish goodness. Replacing her is some dude picking his nose. I kid you not. At this point I’m now wishing IKEA sold firearms. Twenty minutes from when we finally got in line dude and his measly 2 items of Swedish goodness FINALLY head for the exit and the rest of the checkout process ensues.

I finally got to the checkout and sent my frames down the conveyor. When I got to the cashier, I had to ask “So, have a problem with the checkout there?” The answer would set off an illogical fury of massive proportions. “Well, I just started a little while ago and there was something I didn’t know how to fix.” Vision of backhanding manager type person and superior manager type person start flying through my head.

Do drivers Ed teachers have their first time drivers hop in the express lane of the highway? Hell no! They may be daring people, but they’re not insane! This is the EXPRESS lane people! This is for the power shoppers who like to get in, get their Swedish goodness (and maybe some meatballs) and get the heck out. We want the checkout person to be at one with the Swedish Zen. Put the newbies in lanes with large amounts of goods, people will understand if they screw up when checking out 184 items of Swedish goodness MUCH more than a purchase of 3.

Apparently IKEA is a GREAT place to go if you want to buy nifty inexpensive furniture and great stuff to organize. It is not however a bastion of logical though. It’s all about the logic people. Logic.

Arg, well at least when I got home I got to clear the head by looking at this adorably funny picture.

Sunday – Border Battle

In case you didn’t know, the official NFL team of the Daily Slacker is the Green Bay Packers. Hey! It even rhymes! Cool!

Anyway, today is one of two times a season I tend to have a hard time living in Minnesota, land of the purple pansies, err, umm, the Minnesota Vikings. Twice a year the Pack and the Vikes face off in epic battle. Last year was tragic as the Vikings managed to take both of the games with last second field goals. Being the lone packer fan among my friends and usually at work I get a lot of ribbing for this.

After last year’s dismal season for the Pack, I had been worried that this season would, like my life, be a rebuilding year. Besides the ageless Brett Favre, the Packer have a ton of rookies playing. The beginning of the season was rough, losing a couple tight games, but they’re starting to look pretty decent. They even managed to pull off something they hadn’t done very often since Favre’s been behind center: win in the Metrodome.

That’s right! My Pack won the first of the two border battles this season! They looked pretty good, not making any mistakes and playing some pretty good defense. At the onset of the season people thought that Green Bay and Detroit would be duking it out for last place in the NFC central, but it’s looking a bit more competitive than that. Granted, they’re only 4-5 and are a long shot for the playoffs, but hey, we beat the damn Vikings. Chicago is not nearly as good as a lot of people think. Yeah they have a great defense, but Rex Grossman is going to lose them more games. With seven games left to the season, who knows what could happen.

For now, and for the next few week though, I get to gloat about my beloved Packers beating those mangy Vikings! Go Pack Go!

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Sing Damn It!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

I’m writing this post on Outlook this time for the damn browser doesn’t eat it again. Damn those post hungry blogger gremlins!

Anyway, I definitely have some good posts brewing on the whole Rebuilding Year thing, but first I need to get something off my chest…

So is it just me, or have has “pop” music suddenly been sucked dry of all its talent? I’d usually rather listen to the rock and jam out in my car, but once and a while I’ll flip to the top-40esque station and see what the kids are listening to lately. From the sounds of it lately, someone has firmly attached a shop-vac to many decent pop singer and is performing a major Hoover-maneuver on their creativity and singing abilities.

Now I’m not talking about newcomers that should never have been given a record deal in the first place. *cough*k-fed*cough* What I’m talking about are people who’ve been around the scene a little while whose new stuff, is, well, horrid. The typical occurrence lately is someone like a Gwen Stefani, Fergie, or even Justin Timberlake.

**Quick side note, since I plan on never, EVER, mentioning boy band members again in this blog, I have a quick fun story. So I’m looking through Big Mike’s “Video Gaming Mix” that he likes to listen while killing virtual bad guys. I’m looking down the play-list and have a “You know how I know you’re gay?” moment. Mixed in among the heavy bands like Rammstein and Marilyn Manson: Justin Timberlake – Cry me a River. I nearly wet myself in the midst of schoolgirl like giggles. Ok, back to bitching**

So these people who formerly displayed some pretty decent ability (however cheesy the songs) now seem content to simply talk on all their damn “songs.” Maybe it’d be a little better if the music was different or catchy but it’s not. You take two parts tribal-house background beat, mix in one part fairly monotone repetitive lyrics and slap it on the airwaves.

Come one people! Seriously, just like I don’t want to go to a art museum and see a finger painting I don’t want to hear something that easily could have been recorded using an out of tune guitar, some 10 gallon plastic buckets and a walkman. SING!!!

What bugs me most about this is that people hear this on the radio and think “Hey, I could do that” and form a band. The next time I go to a bar (which we all know happens frequently enough) I end up having to listen to no talent crap instead of great music like the aforementioned Heartless Bastards. Make. It. Stop. NOW.

Ok, now I’m going back to listening to Music to Slack To: Vol. 1. Good slacking all.

P.S. I used spell check this time so quitcher bitchen ya filty swine! ;O)

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Screw you blogger. I'm tired and now cranky cause you just ate my post. You tease me with this "recover post" link yet don'y deliver.



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Cozy Ranch or McMansion?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Leave it to a slacker to reach a sort of epiphany through fantasy football.

As I asked at the end of the “Rebuilding Year” post, what exactly do I want to build?

OzzyC made the good comment that we should “ALWAYS be rebuilding.” Everyone definitely can use a remodel here and there as life goes on. You learn new things, your tastes change, new people come into your life. Usually though, for most people the “rebuilding” is more like light remodeling. Rearrange a room or maybe toss up some new paint to freshen up part of their life. For me right now I’d say it’s a lot closer to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Everything’s pretty ripped up right down to the foundation and in need of a plan for what cool things to slap on top. The only solid foundations I’ve got are the location and the finances. Those I’ve managed to sort out.

So, what to build?

I could aim high and dream of a grand mansion for myself, but that’s just not my slackerly way. I’m much more simple than that. Gotta be cool, it’ll definitely be unique and most certainly fun. The way my brain works though, if I don’t have a plan, it’ll end up like an episode of Monster House gone horribly wrong. I don’t want to end up with a permanent mess either and have it be a major work in progress. A whole house, a whole life, is too much to think about all at once, so I think I’ll tackle one area at a time.

The Foundation: Having a place to call home, having a means to support it.

The Structure: The family and few close friends I can count on for support.

Living Space: How do I wanna live? Keep everything neat and tidy but make sure the mini-bar in the den is fully stocked, or go more casual and relax on the futon and let things flow?

The Bedrooms: The personal side of life, do I want a big master room with a lot of room to share with someone, or am I fine with my single space. Do I need rooms for kids or guests?

Others: Any other part of life that needs to be added in.

Hmm, looks like I have some thinking to do. Definitely some good material to slack with…

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Finally! No More Mudslinging!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wow, I LOVE it, I can turn on TV and NOT see an add dissing some politician. I am totally going to enjoy the next couple of weeks until the campaigning begins for 2008.

Now if the Super Bowl would hurry up and get here so we can see some good commercials!

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Rebuilding Year

Monday, November 06, 2006


So yeah, Seattle blanked Oakland and their kicker managed to score three field golas so my fantasy team lost. The best record I could possibly finish with is 6-7 and that's almost definitely not going to get me in 6th place or better to make the playoffs. Accordgint o the "Man Laws" I can officially declare this season a rebuliding year.

After I put a post with that declaration on our Fantasy Football league website I realized how true that really is. not jsut for my fantasy team, but for me in general. This is a rebuilding year.

I lost the job at the Big Company and moved on. I reorganized my finances and got myself on more stable footing. I've been searching for that great new job. I've done some rebuilding on the condo, and I would say some rebuilding on me. I've had the ups and downs erbuilding the love life and am back to wondering what exactly I want.

Definitely a rebuilding year... time to figure out exaclty what I want to bulid.

Sounds like something to sleep on!

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gotta love fantasy football!

Now every Sunday instead of watching the one team I care about and being done, the WHOLE day and Monday night become interesting. And since I'm a Packer fan, I need something to make this season interesting!

My fantasy team isn't doing all that much better, but it at least gets me caring about games I otherwise wouldn't. While my teams doing well today with it'd 20+ point lead over my opponent, he still has Seattle's kicker and Oakland's defense to play tomorrow night. I could care less about those teams normally, but tomorrow night you better believe I'll be near my TV cheering for Oakland to run up the score and for Josh Brown to keep missing any kicks!

My only mistake of the day was thinking that Chicago would actually, you know, not suck. I benched Ronnie Brown because I though da Bears would stuff the run. Like 170 yards later I'm moping over the fact he's riding the pine on my team. Oh well, at least I get to take pot shots at Big Mike all day since he's a HUGE Bears fan. Mwah ha ha!

Anyway, time to watch the night game, should be a good one with Indy and the Pats!

Later Slackers!

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Knick of Time!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Almost failed so early in the post a day thing, but I have like 5 minutes.

So yeah, I got called away to a Minnesota Wild game tonight. Of course there was much pre-drinking involved though we had to maintain some semblance of sobriety since the tickets came via Tommy Boy's Dad. Even got the ritzy club level passes!

The game was good, though the result sucked. It was all tied up 3-3 going into the third period, but alas the Wild fell to the lowly Nashville predators. I mean come on. Minnesota, the state of hockey, losing to a team from a state where Ice is a new novelty! (I'm teasing Tenneseeans, no hate mail please!)

Of course after the game there was more drinking to drown the sorrows of losing... But now it's time to play a little xbox360 and maybe watch a movie before the passing of the out.

Night slackers!

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Music to the Ears

Friday, November 03, 2006

I love live music. LOVE it.

You can get me to go to just about any live musical performance and odds are I'll enjoy it.

I do have to admit though, the ones I love the most are seeing a relatively small known band, playing at a small club. The bands that aren't playing because they're full of themselves, the kind that love the music. They're not up on some huge stage showing you their music, they're feet away sharing it with you. The bands that after they're done don't go hide in some swanky bus or green room, but mosey up to the bar and have a drink with the crowd.

Last night I got to have some of that fun. A friend of mine sent word that a group called Heartless Bastards was doing a show at a smaller club near downtown min-apple. They've done well for themselves, earning some airplay on the local indy stations so I knew a bit of their stuff.

I got there and got a nice spot right in the front corner:

The show definitely didn't disappoint. The singer has an amazing voice. Definitely one hell of a set of pipes for her size. I'm horrible at comparing sounds, so I can't really describe how it sounds. Just trust me on it sounding good!

The best part I think was the last song. Some people might have just said it was technical difficulties, but I though it's what made the show. A some point during their last song, it sounded like one of the amps croaked so a portion of the guitar chords were just horrid distortion. She tried switching guitar maps to no avail and eventually just gave up. The rest of the song was played with just the bass guitar and drums. While I'm fairly certain she felt a little awkward with it feeling like a capella, it really made for a very impressive finale. It ended up just showing of that voice! When I talked to her after the show, she claimed she missed a few notes and it made her nervous and though it was bad. Judging by the cheering of the crowd and the applause after I think everyone would disagree. I told her that's what make live music so good: the imperfections. Yes, it can also make it completely terrible, but not this time. I go to shows to hear real music, if I want it perfect I'll go listen to the CD. THAT, on the other hand was a great real show!

Speaking of which, pardon me, I'm going to listen to my new CD signed by Lead Singer / Guitarist Erika!


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NaBloPoMo Doh!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Damn that .com!


I had this grand plan of getting things back in Slack with panache by doing the whole National Blog Posting Month thing. While I still plan on doing it I managed to flub the whole “official entry” thing. I sent an email saying I’d like to join on the 31st, but where there should be a .org, my brain slacked off and tossed in a .com. Oh well, it may not be official, but I still plan on doing it.


So yeah, you’re get a whole month of be ranting, raving, bitching, moaning, elating, deflating or, well, just being a damn slacker!


Why not take part in the whole National Novel Writing Month? As stated on Fussy.org:


Some of us lack the imagination, stamina, and self-destructive impulses required to write a novel that quickly, but, by Grabthar's Hammer, we can update our blogs every day for a month!”


I mean, yeah, I could probably write a novel. But that would most definitely Violate the Ethos of Slacking. See, right now I really don’t have anything important to do. The novel itself would become an important project and therefore NOT be slacking. Blogging however, will successfully keep me from working or cleaning or any other generally productive activity.


So there you have it, I’m no sure Who this Na is or why they want to Blo PoMo, but I’ll go along with it!


Now, go read my last post and



Being all creative and brainstorm is SO not slackerly. So yeah, lemme know what ya wanna see!


Ok, Slack dismissed. Lata!

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What to do?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So, I’ve decided that since a year and a half has passed since the birth of the Daily Slacker, it’s time for a revamp. While it dig the slim “newpaperish” layout, I’m thinking it can be spiced up a bit.


So, it’s time for some reader interaction, what stuff do you all want to see on the DS? Lemme hear your wonderful ideas! I’ll look at adding them in to make the Daily Slacker not just a place to read about the exploits of yours truly and to disseminate the Ethos of Slacking, but a place all slackers flock and enjoy!


So yeah, start opining and let’s see what comes out!

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