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How 'bout them Twins?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Damn it's a good time a year to be a baseball fan. Well, for those 11 teams that are in or fighting to be in the playoffs.

Last night was an epic game for the Twinkies. 2-1 Win in ten innings over the KC Royals. It moves them to a tie for first in the AL central and one game back from the Yanks in the battle for home field.

I don't think it's possible for a 2-1 game to get more exciting than that. Not only did you have Brad Radke coming back and pitching despite having a stress fracture and a torn labrum in his shoulder, but you had a nail biter finish. It went to the 9th inning 1-0. In the top of the 9th Denys Reyes managed to load the based with no outs. I repeat NO outs. The next two batters? Infield pop-fly, and a double play grounder. Whew!

Twins come up, give KC two quick outs before Joe Mauer visits the plate. In making his case why he should be the AL MVP and not the other M&M boy, he smacked a line drive homer into the second row of seats. Jeter who? Game tied, excitement level on a scale from 1-10 hits somewhere around 3,524.

The tenth comes and Joe Nathan does what he always does: three quick outs.

Twins get up, Morneau gets a hit. Rondell white manages a hit also and moves him around to third. With one out Jason Barlett gets up to bat. All he has to do is get the ball in the outfield... and he did! He popped what would have been a ground rule double (had it not scored the winning run) to center and the Twins took the game.

Now that's damn good baseball.

Here's hoping they can turn that sweet win into a division title and maybe even a World Series Title.

Oh and to any of you who might just happen to matter in the AL MVP voting? Read this: MLBs Big Questions on ESPN

I really hope he's right in that very last paragraph as well!

Any of you that would like to become Twins fans, even if only temporarily, are gladly welcome :O) Even you FINY, if you can get past that sweep in Fenway. There's definitely enough Minnesota Nice to go around!

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Finally, some good TV!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mel Brooks, You rule!

Spaceballs: The Cartoon

Prepare for Ludicrous Speed!

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Being Busy = Bad Blogging

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Abundant alliteration is always amazingly annoying, agreed?



ANYWAY, yeah thanks you the wonderful Orientation Girl, Kickball, D, and my fun new job, last week was Busy. Yes, with a capital B.

So OG hit town on Monday. I always look forward to her visiting not only because she's a smart, fun, beautiful person, but it always means SHOT LIST!! As you have been informed in previous posts we started a tradition long ago to work on the Stub and Herb's Shot List. They have 101 shots listed and we decided they must ALL be done and they only really count if we do them together. Previous to this trip we had done just about 70 of them (The links above show some of the last rounds). This time we realized an error in our ways, we have done WAY to many of the good ones and left too many bad ones. The show must go on however and it was time to suck it up and go. We spaced this one across two nights, but here's the damage:

Day 1 (Monday):
1. Undercurrents: Vodka, Blue Curaco, and Drizzle some Chambord in the bottom. This is always our traditional starting shot.
2. Fireball: Cinnamon schnapps topped with Tobasco Sauce. I had done this before, and didn't really care to revisit it, but rules are rules. I manned up and later severely regretted licking my lips afterward.
3. Afghan Monkey: 151, Melon, Vodka, Pineapple. You would think all that fruitiness would kill some of the 151's potency, yeah, not so much when it's all schnapps.
4. Sour Apple: Apple Pucker, Cranberry. We needed something good. heh.
5. Rum Yum: Malibu, Meyer's dark, peach, OJ, Cranberry. This one was pretty good too, reminded me how good dark rum is so I've had to mix a few drinks with it at home lately!
6. Bacardi Buzzer: Bacardi, Melon, Pineapple: At this point we didn't care to read ingredients and just picked the next one on the list that wasn't crossed out, turned out OK.

Since we had had a couple Chambord Long Islands before hitting Stub's we decided that was about enough for the night!

Day 2 (Tuesday):
1. Lunch Box: Amaretto, Beer and OJ. This one was done as a drop shot, you had a glass with the beer and OJ, then you dropped a shot glass full of amaretto in it and chugged. It was definitely as weird as it sounded.
2. Cherry Bomb: Wild Cherry, Bacardi, Sweet & Sour. Since she had to be at the airport by 4:30am this was the last on and OG wanted to go out with something decent, so this was it. Not bad, but they went a little heavy on the bacardi.

And so concluded another visit from the Real OG and another foray into The Shot List. I'm not looking forward to some still remaining like Prairie Fair (Tequila and Tobasco) or Rocket Fuel (151 and Rumpleminze) but they will all be done some day! Hopefully the OG can make it back up to the cities again soon! Always a blast to have the girl in town! Especially when I get some of those $3/gallon fill-ups back in the form of shots! :O)

Wednesday was recovery since I ended up drinking with some of her coworkers till altogether too late. I basically passed out and recouped for Kickball the next day.

Thursday, of course brought Kickball, and even though the Police decided to ruin the fun and not have alcohol at the park, we still had a blast. My team lost a close one but I was able to develop a shallow left hand curve ball to compliment my killer right hand one and my fastball and offspeed pitches. Yes, this is with a kickball. Yes, I know I have mad skills!

We did however manage to exact large amount of revenge in the form of flip cup. Mind you while other teams have average ages in the low to mid twenties, I am the second youngest on the team at 28. Team Purple just can't be beat on the flip cup table. Now we just gotta work on the on-field skills then we'll truely live up to our team name of Gym Class Legends!

During the day I got a new prospect on the dating scene. Now, OG, before you read this and continue the lecture about not looking for dates I shall inform you she emailed ME, I was not doing the looking. So shut you pie hole! *hugs* Anyway, The Nurse (long term care)is a pretty brunette from the Mini-Apple. She shares my passions for squirt gun fights and live music and seems like she'd be a heck of a lot of fun. The semantics for a date are being worked out so I shall keep you fine readers informed!

Friday, D showed up in town from up north in Brrrrrrrmidji. He had gotten some tickets to the Gopher football game Saturday. We decided we couldn't just sit around the house, so we piled in a car and headed to the theater. Crank is not really is good a movie as I hope, yeah it definitely had some good parts, but given the premise and the name, I expecet a faster pace. It was alright though, definitely rent worthy, maybe theater worthy if you go to a theater with good sound.

The weekend was filled with football. I hung around the house and got some stuff done while D took Big Mike to the game since he turns the big 3-0 on, well, today! Hung out with them a bit that night. The Gophs managed to decimate Temple by a measly score of 62-0. You don't even wanna know what they're rushing yardage was. It was sick. Sunday was of course devoted to watching NFL games. I mean, what else is a guy to do on Sundays? Now if only my Pack wasn't stocked with rookies...

Anyway yeah, so here we are, back to the present. Tomorrow I'll be back with a Special Feature: Slacker's Cell Phone Clean-up! It's been way to long since I shed the numbers of people who changed theirs, who I just don't talk to, or, well, don't even remember who they are! Should be interesting, check back!

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Damn I'm Tired.

Friday, September 08, 2006

So, I get a text message from the wonderful Orientation Girl yesterday. It's four sentences:

Update your blog.
Will b in town 11th - 13th.
C u monday.
Bring shot list.

After getting over the elation of actually being in town for this visit (I was in Michigan last time she was here) I thought I better check to see when I last updated my blog. Two weeks. Holy crap. How exactly did 14 days feel like 4? Being altogether too busy, that's how.

So let's see what I've done in the last three weeks:

-Redesigned a new device for the company's medical procedure.
-Went to Michigan and camped out at MIS and watched some NASCAR for four days.
-While in MI, Celebrated my birthday and got way freakin drunk on Jim Beam and Canadian beer.
-Returned to work and tested prototype design. Found that for it to the job it's made to do it would heat up to the point of burning flesh. This is bad.
-Went to the Renaissance Festival.
-Played a couple games of kickball when they weren't monsooned out.
-Went to a couple parties at friend's houses. One that was basically so I could meet a girl. I like her, but didn't really get to talk with her much. Hopefully another opportunity will present itself.
-Played an epic game of Axis and Allies with D and Big Mike till 7am.
-Later that day, went to Ren Fest (Again) met up with OzzyC (see pic below), then met up with Conservative Girl at the State Fair.
-Ate a LOT on two different trips to the State Fair.
-Scrapped the concept for the medical device and started on a new concept. So far it works well, next step is refining the design.
-More Kickball, got our first non loss, though it wasn't a win either.
-Lost sanity.
-Look into getting a new car. Really like the Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit. Can't afford either.
-I think I may have occasionally slept. I think.

Anyway yeah, sorry for the lack of bloggage. I have been insanely busy. I shall put for a much greater effort. And I really need to get better at this sleep thing. Problem is it's not looking likely. Tomorrow is the kickball Mid-Season Party. Monday OG will be bringing her hotness into town. Too much fun is to be had, I'll sleep when I'm dead ;O)

Allright slackers, have a great weekend and I'll check in on Monday with the Shotlist that will be attacked like that reporter from XETV once OG gets here.

OzzyC and Chief Slacker hanging out at Ren Fest.

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