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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

MSN is ctaching on...

Monday, September 22, 2008

See, I knew after some promoting, the slacking lifestyel would ctach on. Even such fine news sources as MSN and Career builder and even promoting and giving how-to's on the slacking lifestyle:

The Right Way to Slack Off at Work

I however am having a hard time slacking off. There's work, and school and I've manage to let a cold catch me. It started as the annoying sniffles and is slowly progressing toward "killer cold from hell" mode. Joy.

I expect you all to increase your slacking in my stead. yes yes. Laters all!

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Thank You Amazon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm sure this has been around for a while, but it's new to me. Still, I have to say that you Amazon.com for letting me wave a nice high middle finger at the scam that is College textbooks. No more buying a $150 text book to use for 3 months, then sell back for the bargain price of $15.

No more.

Now, there's this lovely tool called "Look inside." Search for the chapter, find the page with the homework problems, print them out and voila! Textbooks for free!

Ahh, yes, the slacking is good.

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Last Blast?

Monday, September 08, 2008

So yeah, you know it's a crazy weekend when you're looking forward to a busy week of Work and School so you can actually get some rest.

How' this for a weekend:
Puerto Rican Paulie came in to town unexpectedly so Thursday night I ended up going out far too late. Friday was a full day and worked till 9. I opted to not go find the Party Bus Paul and his friends were on and instead attempt to sleep. Unfortunatley I had to get up early on saturday to go to class. Class ended up barely being worth the trip. Went to the Renasiance Festival till it started storming. Went home, changed and went out to a friend's birthday party till 4am. Got up and ten and went out to brunch with Crossword Girl. After taht i went and saw The Twins choke against the Tigers with Hockey Lover (a female friends I forgot to mention. Fun and nice, but not seeing a ton of future). Then met back up with Paulie at Stub and herbs. Apparently Puerto Rico is a tough place to find good, quality, tap beers.

Yeah, get the hardcore slacking in while I can.... heh.

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Day 1: Back to School, Free Stuff, New Girl!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

So, today was the first day of class after a 4 year hiatus. Well since I totally bombed that last year we can probably say 5...

Anyway, I forgot how cool being a student at the U is. On one hand you have the co-ed ogling. Such a nice eye pleasing collection of hotness. Too bad winter always comes too fast and they go from the tank tops and short shorts to resembling Michelin Men. Still, enjoyable for now.

On the other there's all the free stuff! Go around one corner: "Here! Have some FREE Skinny Water!" Round another corner: "Hey! Want free beer? Have a coupon for a free round at The Library!" Yes, that's a bar not a book reading institution. Out on the Mall area: "FREE soul saving! Jesus saves!" And of course at Stub and Herbs "You sure you gotta go to work? The next round was going to be on me." Do these people know me or what?

And on a good note from the previous post, Big Mike left some funds on my desk last night. Either he realized how he was screwing me or caught word that I was annoyed. Either way I'm happy that situation has gotten better.

And in Girl-news. Met a new one at Stub and Herb's. I shall dub her Crossword Girl. She's a very good looking brunette server there and just moved to a new place in my old downtown Minneapolis stomping grounds. She made the whole "is she single?" thing easy for me by talking about some dude's letter in "Dr. Date," a section of the campus newspaper. She commented about not having a relationship. Score. The plan is to introduce her to the joy that is Joe's Garage Sunday brunch. Please, Please don't be gay. Anyone taking odds?

Ok, back to slackin. Hope you all are doing well.

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Busy Bee / Disappointing "Friends"

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So I had been an insanely busy bee for the last couple weeks. In addition to working a little bit of overtime at the normal job, I also managed to work nights every night of the Minnesota State Fair. So basically it was all work all day from about 9am to 2am. Believe me it was WAY nice to sleep in past noon this weekend.

Turns out I definitely will be needing the extra money from the State Fair. Well, the money that didn't already go to eating tons of fair food.

Big Mike decided to move out. While it was probably inevitable he'd fall into the clutches of his woman, I was hoping it would happen a little more nicely for me. Initially he told me two weeks ago he was looking to move in October. Then, a week ago he kindly informed me he was actually going to move out this weekend. Since the friendly lease I wrote him way back when didn't specify a move-out notice he basically told me he wasn't going to pay for sept. Now the weekend has come and gone, but he still has some stuff at my place and hasn't given back the keys. I don't doubt when I kindly remind him he said he'd be out Sunday and it's now the new month he'll refuse to pay anything. I rented him the place as a friend and now he's taking advantage of it. Disappointing.

On the possible upside, I have a bite for a new roommate on Roommates.com: A very pretty albeit non-single girl. But, where there's one good looker, there's usually friends. She seems friendly as far as one can read into a brief initial email.

On another disappointing note, I think I've completely given up on the idea of being friends with The Trucker. While there are definitely personal also small "co-friend" reasons that I'd like to be a friend to her, it's just not worth it. The more I get to know her the more it seems everything she says tends to be either a lie, or at the least partial BS. That and current actions combined with what she's done in the past are basically insulting. Another highly disappointing situation. I had hope there was a lot more of a good person deep inside her, but quite obviously there's very little.

And now this week marks the first week I'll be going to school again. I'm going back to the U of M to finish my degree in Aerospace Engineering. So yeah, full time work and part time school. Still definitely going to be a busy bee! Wish me luck!

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