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Warm Fuzzies

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm feeling a little of the happy today and feel like sharing. So yeah. Deal with it.

First off, tell me this picture isn't adorable albeit tiny:

Chief & Intrigue

Also, a great quote:

"I love you. Like a child loves rainbows."

Makes you think a little, but smile while you're thinking doesn't it?

Anyway, I have the "Fun with Facial Hair" Post FINALLY done. I'll post it tomorrow.

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The First Date

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So, I know I've been talking about the "Fun with Facial Hair" post for like two weeks now, but right now I have a much more fun post to bring you slackers.

What could be more fun? Well, me getting to spend a weekend with Miss Intrigue!

First off, The Mom, if you're reading. The ticket was cheap, I'll save you the obligatory motherly lecture and agree with any and all consternation now. /hug

So yeah, the weekend!

As I mentioned in her intro, I met Miss Intrigue at a mutual friend's wedding just over a month ago. Since then, I'm not sure there's been a day since we exchanged at minimum one email, text message or phone call. The communication has been great! Especially if you ask our cell phone companies.

We decided that chit chat was great, but we wanted to hang out. So, we did! I searched around, used a few Flyer Miles and got together some plane tickets to get me out to visit her and her girlfriend. I flew out to Buffalo, NY and then we headed to Niagara Falls this past Friday. We spent about half the day strolling about the Falls on Saturday then worked our way back to the Rochester area visiting a few friends and places on the way. We hung around various parts of the Rochester Area until Monday afternoon when I came back home.

The flight over went as well as can be expected when travelling through Chicago. By that I mean any less than an hour delay in your flight is awesome. I managed to get on a slightly earlier flight in to Buffalo and met up with Ms. I and her girlfriend Spott about 11pm. We found some food at a place called Ming's where they apparently think a whiskey diet means adding water to the whiskey. After that we found the hotel and settled in. We chit chatted for a while and at one point Ms I and I had a little adventure finding ice. During the trip, while innocent, we definitely found the chemistry we thought we'd have was most definitely there.

On Saturday, we got up and found some breakfast then headed out to see Niagara Falls. I have to say I was most definitely amazed. Nature can do some phenomenal things and that's most certainly one of them. I did take a bunch of pictures and will toss them up on the AV Edition. Even with the amazing energy of the falls, there were other major vibes in the air: The chemistry of Intrigue and me, and also the odd feelings in the air with Spott and Me. I don't think there's much denying it'll always be a strange situation when a guy and girl who have an absurdly good connection and a high amount of mutual interest are in the presence of even the most accepting of significant others. Luckily we fared very well for the weekend!

After strolling around the Falls for a while we headed out and started to make our way toward the Rochester area. We stopped off so the girls could meet up for a rescheduled chiropractor appointment and then had some lunch. At Fuddruckers it was decided we'd have to sit in a booth so, in the words of Ms. I, she could "molest my leg at will..." Yeah, it's that kind of chemistry. :O)

After lunch we did a little shopping and then met up with MI's friend Genessa. MI may have found a prospective new computer and I got to meet the girl who has apparently dubbed me "Man Candy." For this I shall have to find some sort of retribution. Though that tends to take too much effort, so... meh. ;O)

The rest of the weekend kind of blurs together due to lack of sleep, doing lots of stuff in little time, and well, hormonal type chemicals clouding the brain. This being the case I'll hit the highlights!

Spott and I got to chat quite a good bit and got to know each other better. We're both fans of World of Warcraft so we had fun showing off our characters and chatting about that. In all it was a pretty big relief that we got along quite well.

At one point we went bowling, Miss I kicked my butt the first two games, but I managed to come back and even the score with the last two games :O)We did a little more shopping, picked up some Eddie Izzard on DVD and headed back home.

One of the major highlights to the weekend we'll call the non-nap. Miss I and I fully intended for it to be a nap... but yeah, that really didn't happen... at all. It ended up being rather amazing, and not just due to it being privy to our first kiss. While not going as far as you pervs are probably thinking, it definitely showed our chemistry was most certainly not imagined.

While watching Eddie Izzard we dug into some super tasty pizza from Taste of Napa, a tiny little pizza joint that puts out some great woodfire pizza. Gotta love Eddie Izzard "Cake or Death? 'uhh cake please' Sorry, we're fresh out, we only had three bits and didn't expect such a rush!" After Eddie we tossed in The Fifth Element, but that was eventually cut short by Miss I when she decided it was time to cut out the nervous tension with Spott and I.

The resulting agreement ended up with Miss Intrigue and I getting some time to ourselves. The chemistry went off the charts and I'm sure if there had been thermometers around they would have died explosive deaths. That time, I think I can only describe as fantastically ferally fun. I'll leave the rest to your imaginations ;O) Monday morning proved said chemistry was not a one time deal though...

In all the weekend was very much fun. I was very glad to have met Spott and gotten to know her. The best part of the weekend may have come at the end when I found out Spott not only liked me, but trusted me with Miss Intrigue which is a pretty huge deal. You will most definitely be hearing more about Miss Intrigue in the future...

As for Miss I herself, I was plainly amazed by us together over the weekend. You may not know this about the Chief, but I'm a big believer in energies of nature. Miss I and not only have an incredible chemistry down to the most basic, but we seem to connect levels well beyond just mentally. Getting to spend some time together was simply amazing. I can't think back to a time looked forward to seeing where things would go more.

Anyway, here's what I'm sure you're all waiting for! Pictures!

Miss Intrigue and I:

Spott, Miss Intrigue and I:

The next plan of action is to start finding a time that her and Spott can come visit the Cities, and that hopefully comes soon!

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Good to Know...

So, this is a good thing to know... now hopefully it can keep paying off :O)

The post on The First Date is almost done. I'll toss it up later today!

You Have Fantastic Karma

You are a kind, sensitive, and giving person.
And all your good deeds will pay off - if they haven't already.
But you're not so concerned with what you get in return anyway.
You have an innate caring nature - and nothing can change that!
How's Your Karma?

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Teaser: The First Date

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So, you know incredible girl I've been telling you about? Yes, I mean Miss Intrigue. Well, we got together this past weekend!

We spent the better part of three days together doing various things like visting Niagara Falls, bowling, watching Eddie Izzard, and meeting her girlfriend.

Interested? Well good, I have a post coming soon about it so be sure to check back. I jsut couldn't wait till it was finished to post about it. So yeah. You have been teased ;o)

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101 BABY!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So as reported last week, Orientation Girl and I met up last week. On Friday we completed something momentous!

Yes, that's right, we completed Stub and Herb's 101 Shots and Shooters list!

It may have taken us a few years, but we did. All the good ones, all the bad ones, everything! From the Prairie Fire, to the Rocket Fuel, to the ever tasty Undercurrent. We started Thursday night with the tab shown before. On Friday, we had two left.

To hopefully get the worst out of the way first, we did the last named shot: Three Wise Men. Luckily this was made right with Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker. All that left was the "Blind Date" which basically meant we do whatever the bartender makes us.

We gathered the troops and ordered up 11 Blind Dates. It was indeed epic. So epic even, we had our picture taken by the City Pages. We might make it in the paper! Unfortunately for us however, the bartenders switched over. Why unfortuante you may ask? Well, the bartender who served up the Blind Dates had no idea we had jsut done Three Wise Men and poured us all another one. OG made the rule we could not influence the shot in any way and take what we got so we did. Here's the epicness in action.

And of course we had to celebrate with the traditional Undercurrent done in the traditional way...

---Picture Coming Soon---

Congrats to us! Proving yet again how big of slackers we are. You rule OG!

And with that I leave you with some other pictures from the EPIC completion of the shot list!

The whole crew on Thursday night. This should be somewhere in the middle of that fat little tab I posted last week.

Orientation Girl and me.

OG and The List!

Me and OG jointly marking off EPIC number 101!!

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History in the Making

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Tab
So tonight Orientation Girl and I will make some Stub and Herb's history! She's back in town and after last night's debauchery, we're down to TWO measly shots. Yes, only two!

As you can see from the tab last night, She, some cohorts from her company and I took some good advantage of her companies recruiting funds. And we were actually taking it easy! :O)

If you look closely on the tab, you'll see we took out the Black Widow (Jag, Vodka), The Godfather (Scotch, Amaretto), Sassy Pants (Limon, S&S, Sprite, grenadine) and Packin punch (Malibu, melon, 151, sprit, Pineapple) and then the traditional Undercurrent as well.

That leaves us with ONLY Three Wise Men and the Blind Date. The latter is actually "Bartender's Suprise" so who knows what it will really be. Since it's in celebration of doing 101 shots, it better not be nasty!

OG managed to fanagle a t-shirt out of the owner and he also have us Club seats to the Icebreaker Hockey Tournament hosted by the Minnesota Gophers. Go Go rich people seats! Yeah!

Anyway, I'm off to the game, and then off to finish the shot list after. I'll post pictures of our history making feat later this weekend!

Later all!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So Ms. Intrigue and I were talking the other day decided sometimes mankind goes wholy awry and creaty something that just shouldn't be.

Yeah, there are lots of things that come to mind after that comment. So many things that might have seemed good at the time but really, really, never should have been made. No, I'm not talking about Britney Spears. Nor am I talking about the four cylinder Ford Mustangs of the 80's. Coming close might be Non-Alcoholic Beer, but yet this is worse.

Really, the one inexplicable creation has to be Decaffinated Coffee.


Really the only good use I can possibly see is sabotage. Switch out the high test stuff and watch Corporate America fall asleep. Hell, if we ever went to war with India we could probably crush their outsourcing economy in one fell swoop. It's no secret us tech-nerd cubicle dwellers and caffeine are neigh inseperable.

When I perfect my time machines I shall have to find the creator of this travesty of nature and smack him silly.

Yes, yes I shall.

Now i'm off to do something with this facial hair of mine... stay tuned for "Fun with Facial Hair!" and possibly vote on my new face! ;O)

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Out of Time... in a Good Way!

Friday, October 05, 2007

So, the wonderful Miss Intrigue and I have run outselves into a dilemma: Not enough time. Finding time amongst our differing schedules is one thing, but the actual problem we've cause is talk time. Yes, that talk time. Somewhere some cell phone exec is giggling in glee at the prospect of what our bills will be come the end of the cycle. Obviously things have still bee interesting with Ms. I and me. I'm not sure I've actually had any friendship or any relationship for taht matter where we've talked so much. It's definitely been fun!

Our habit of spending a decent chunk of the time we're both actually awake in communication has begun to add up. Since she works nights and I work days our typical routine had been to have phone calls at night and in the morning with a hefty serving of text messaging in the off times. At night she'd be on her way to work and in the morning I was going to and she was coming from. Car rides make for a good time to have a call since they're effectively dead time in the day. Texting was perfect for the rest since we'd usually have other things going on: Work for me and usually her spending some QT with her girlfriend. TMs are perfect for leaving a quick, fun or flirty or interesting message you can respond to anytime. Unfortunately they add up far too quick, especially when they're as enjoyable as they seem to be with us.

At last check I had exceeded my plan's alotted text messages by a measly 437. I added on 400 more text messages to my plan, but not before the overage so that will suck. Ms. I had surpassed hers by somewhere in the 300's. Luckily we've been a bit more proactive on the actual talk time minutes and I think we both have enough of those left to make it through the rest of each of our billing cycles... barely. hehe.

Lately we've been doing a lot more emailing when possible, usually after she gets home from work in the morning and I'm jsut starting work. If we're both home we can pop online and IM, possibly firing up the webcams to make silly face at each other.

Tomorrow morning we're planning a little online date. Right now the plan is for me to trounce her in a game of Literati and then who knows.

So yeah, I'll ask you slackers out there for a few ideas. First, and this goes out to those of you who've been in any type of relationship, what are good ways you've kept in toch with that friend or significant other that were fun, but didn't crimp the pocketbook? Also, what are some fun things you've done with someone over a distance beyond the typical chatting or playing games?

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"Premium" Lies

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

As per most mornings, today when I got to work, I wandered my groggy, morning hating self to the break room here at The Job and poured some coffee. Now, black coffee is good on of those mornings when I need a liquid slap to the face, but my normal coffe contains a mixture of about 1/4 Coffemate French Vanilla Creamer (Or sometimes Hazelnut, they spoil us on creamers here), 1/8 Sugar and 5/8 Coffee. Now before you damn coffee nazi's get on my case, we have good creamers, but the coffee is, well, not. Like cheap vodka, mixers are a must.

Anyway, this concotion requires mixing since the chief is not a fan of reaching the last sip and getting a slurry of creamer-like sludge. So, I grab one of the cheap flimsy little coffee straws. Today though I took the time to read the box. "Brew Rite Plastic Stirrers: Premium Quality Coffee Stirrers." Premium? The damn thing nearly melted in my fresh coffee! Seriously, it was like stirring with a wet noodle.

So first, like any good nerd, I had to double check the relevant definitions of the word "premium:"

-Above the nominal or par value of a thing.
-Of exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind; superior.

So, by definition then, this stirrer is supposed to be above par and greater value for its type. Really? What are "standard" stirrers like? Dental floss? Or maybe in the package of standard stirrers there really isn't anything except instructions: 1. Insert finger 2. Stir. I pity the people going to coffee shops that purchace the low end ones that are bringing this "par" down.

There needs to be some regulation here. I mean, in the food industry in order for a food to be able to have the words "light" or "lower fat" it must have at least 1/3 less calories or fat than a stardard version. How can the anal retentive person who made that law let this pass? Clearly they're not a coffee drinker or Starbucks would have been pummeled to death long ago. Then again, they would just make up words to skate this law. Large? No that's actually small, Vente, my friend, VENTE!

I would petition my legislature, but that would actually take real effort. No, instead I shall just sit here, mixing my coffee with a wet noodle, and claim everything I do or make is premium regardless of actual quality. That's the Premium Quality Slacker way.

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