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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

Slacker HQ, now with internet! And update of the week.

Friday, September 30, 2005

First off, those blogger people are lying bastards. One hour downtime my ass...

Anyway as you can tell by the time the last post was published, I have internet at The Condo now. Slacker HQ is finally wired. In addition to the HD Cable for the 42" Plasma, we have the first half of a wireless network up and running. If anyone has tips on getting two Wireless Access Point Routers to talk to each other, I could use it. Router one is in the living room attached to the Cable Modem, router two is in the office as part of a two computer network.

This means all that crap running through my head when I can't sleep, I can blog about. ADD and sleep don't always go well together. So far I'm the only person I know who can sing Row Row Row your boat in two or three part round in the head. My brain has about 35 channels, and usually a dozen are on at the same time. It still remains to be seen if writing at night's a good thing or not...

Anyway, the last two days have been very busy.


Since we couldn't arrange a time to hang out on Tuesday, Orientation Girl and I got together. Since she was in town to help recruit engineers to work for her company, her and the coworkers had dinner and then they came and met me at Stub and Herbs. As is tradition, I brought the 101 Shots and Shooters list, and we polished off another good chunk. Started back in the late 90's we decided to finish the list. We managed to knock 7 more off the list (in order):

1. Flamin' Blue Jesus - Sambuca, Blue Curaco, 151, light it on fire, blow it out, drink.
2. Mighty Mango - Mango schnapps, Smirnoff Orange, Oj. It was the lowest number, not already done.
3. Pineapple Hooter - Pineapple schnapps, Coconut Rum, OJ. Ordered by OG's English coworker (now living in Texas) who doesn't understand doing shots ("Gotta savor it!"), I think he just wanted to say hooter.
4. Junior Mint - Rumpleminz, Bailey's, Creme De Cocoa - OG wanted something smooth.
5. Bronx Cheer - Razzmatazz, Vodka, Lemonade, Sprite. Sounded refreshing.
6. Fuzzy Dick - Kaluha, Grand Marnier, Cream. There was no way those words were coming out of my mouth. Bartender: "So, did it taste like a Fuzzy Dick?" Me: "I wouldn't know, nor do I intend to find out!" Bartender "Good Answer!"
7. Pineapple 'Tini - Vodka, Pineapple schnapps. This one was done to heed the cries of the Texan Englishman. We agreed to sip ("Savor") it over the span of 10 minutes. This would have been fine had it not been shitty vodka.
8. Undercurrent - Blue Curaco, Vodka and Sweet and Sour, with Chambord drained into the bottom so the bottom chunk is dark while the rest is light. We had already done this one, but it's OG's favorite so we had to do it. We do it with the whole drinking arms linked through each other thing too. Very fun.

Anyway, so that was the drinking. The rest of the night was spent talking about work and world events with her and the Texan Englishman. Later in the night though, came a possibly alcohol assisted heart to heart. As I mentioned previously I always would have loved for us to date, but it never happened. This time though, the whole "We shouldn't date because I don't want it to screw up our friendship" thing went to a whole new level. Don't ask me how it started, one of those 8 shots erased that tidbit, but it did start. Basically she admitted that all along she's felt a lot the same way I have. We have something that's way above and beyond friendship, soulmates if you will. There's a stronger connection with me than with anyone else she's known. That four letter L word did get tossed around a good deal as well. This all would come off like the usual, though much more elaborate, let down if she hadn't gone to long lengths to explain that she definitely wasn't playing the "It's not You, It's Me" card. I also found out I'm the only person she called when she was back in town. It all came down to the same result though: The problem is if we did take it to the next step, and it didn't work out, it's incredibly hard to go back. So we're back to that fuzzy grayness. For the foreseeable future it wouldn't work out well anyway though. Minneapolis to Grand Junction, CO (Soon Denver) isn't exactly a short commute. So who knows. We did however make a vow to stay much more in contact. None of those months without talking crap. She's now one of VERY few friends who knows of my blog, so you all might see her around...

Anyway, after that I made Jello shots for kickball the next day at 3am... yeesh.


Never did make it to work. Not enough sleep lately caught up with me again. I REALLY need to get back on a decent sleep schedule.

Got the cable modem running after about 45 minutes of run aromatic with the cable company. I call tech support to give en the MAC ID, they say I need to get the sign up process for internet finished first, apparently already paying for the first month of service didn't do that. The billing center didn't have access to give the promo rate we were supposed to get, so I had to call New Accounts. I finally get the account working, then get transferred to Tech Support again to have the MAC ID entered and get cut off. Call again and FINALLY get the cable modem working. I got the Wireless Access point running and got internet to my wireless laptop. Half the battle down. I could get the laptop to talk to both of the access points, but for some reason the computer on a LAN line to the second WAP router has decided it won't communicate with it so it's making it hard to see if the two routers will talk with each other.

Anyway, went and played kickball, took the Absolut-ly Grape jell-o beans and jell-o shots. They were well liked. The game wasn't all that fun for some reason though. Maybe because the refs really weren't paying all that much attention, so it got annoying.

After Kickball we headed to Grandma's Saloon and Eatery drank for a while and played some Flip-Cup until ten. Got a little bit of flirt on with a girl from my team. Since her name reminds me of one of my favorite cars, I'll call her Lotus girl. Fairly cute, athletic and lots of energy. We made plans to meet up and go out for drinks next week. Yup.

After some Flip-Cup me and some of the guys from the team headed across town to see the midnight showing of the new movie Serenity. Based on the short lived TV series (It didn't even make it a whole season), Firefly, has a total cult following. It's a good movie though, good comedy and a couple kick ass fight scenes. You should all check it out! Smuggled in the left over Jello and got a free t-shirt too. It was a good night.

Came home and felt like writing, and thus the post below became the first every post direct from Slacker HQ.

And that was the night.

Disappointingly, but fortunately after-work football just got cancelled today, so I can go home and nap before going out for Oktoberfest tonight! Gatshof's can be good for meeting chicks, and I'm going with G-Spot and a group of other friends, including her super hot Friend with a Boy's Name, though she may have a date. ;O) So which me luck.

Oh an by the way, the questions weren't really mean to be answered, just things going through my head. That and feeling a little poetic. A quote from Serenity: "Yes, I've read a poem, try not to faint."

Later all!

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What if?

If a question haunts the mind, the body and the soul, what if it doesn't go away?

The heart has a feeling, the mind gives it words, what if the words are wrong?

What if you only have one chance at love, would you know it when it comes?

You're walking down the street someplace and in the crowd you see a face; you know that it's the one. What if they walk right by?

What if the people that you know, don't really know you?

A person you're in love with, admits the same to you; what if there's nothing you can do?

What if the thing you were doing when you stopped to think was the thing you most needed to do?

What if you met your one, but thought it was wrong?

What if there is a grand design? Should we stop trying other things?

What if one move you didn't make, or one kiss you didn't take, could have changed your life?

The mind keeps racing while the heart's embracing things we hope are true. Love's around to be found; you hope that it finds you. What if it has?

So much to think about, so much on my mind.


What if?

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Speed Update!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ok, I've been WAY to busy for my own good lately. This whole no slacking thing is getting out of hand. Must take a vacation and do nothing. I'd love to be able to actually say the line from Office Space: "Nothing, I did nothing, and it was everything I thought it could be!"

Anyway, Friday I played football after work and saw the Corpse Bride with OCD/Anxiety girl then effectively avoided her the rest of the weekend.

Saturday I was a lump most of the day, then went over The Home of Two Hotties for a joint birthday party of a couple of the girls I know from Kickball. One of them is somewhat freshly single and red hair short of being the perfect girl, though probably a couple stadiums away from ebing in my leauge or I'd make a play. That was fun though, chilling and drink a large amount of wine. At least the Polish Vodka didn't make an appearance.

Sunday was football on the new HD Cable with DVR. Gotta love bveing able to rewind live TV! And lemme tell ya, HD footbal is PUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRTY!

Monday I worked my ass off and then relaxed to Monday night football, which I was VERY disappointed to find that ABC doesn't have an HD channel on our cable setup. Kickball Girl texted me and we set up a date for weds, but I'll be keeping my expectations low.

Tonight Orientation Girl is back!!! YAY!!!

I think we're going to have to try to polish off a little more of that shot list!

Talk to you all tommorrow!

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Lion or Lamb?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

You know that whole spring thing, the In/out Lion/Lamb thing? Is there anything like that for the end of summer?

I know that for spring, if it's in like a lion and out like a lamb, it's supposed to be a good season. If the opposite is true then it's supposed to be a not so good season.

Well here in Minnesota, Summer went out like one mean ass Lion. Now granted, this wasn't as bad as Katrina, or as bad as Rita is probably going to be, but considering we're land-locked, this was bad.

The storm last night on the last day of summer ended up being quite a doozy. Since everyone has hurricane on the brain lately, the strength of the storm would equate to a Category 1 Hurricane if we had been a coastal city. Instead we just got tornadoes, hail the size of golf balls and baseballs, and in some places over 8 inches of rain. Several houses lost chunks of their structure, garages completely disappeared, and countless numbers of trees are now at about a 90 degree angle from how they should be standing. Luckily so far only one death has been reported, and that was a guy who was walking in the storm, and had an encounter with a large tree branch.

I had the experience of being out in the very beginning of the storm and let me tell ya, it wasn't fun. I was going to make some Hamburger Helper for dinner, opened the freezer where on Monday there were two and a half pounds of ground beef to find only the little 1/2 pound package left. I found out later that apparently Big Mike made himself Hamburger Helper with TWO POUNDS of hamburger and ate IT ALL. That's just freakishly wrong. At least he got pelted with Hail on the way to his car after work, God paid him back for me ;O) Anyway, I ran to the little market by me, as I walked in the tornado sirens were going off and the wind was going nuts. When I was paying the clerk commented with the nasty weather he might have to sleep there. Just as I'm walking out, the skies opened up and the car was across the street (The market may have been 4 blocks away, but I wasn't chancing it).

So I run out and just barely miss the light to cross and decided to start going anyway, but the guy coming through the intersection decided to gun it. Yeah fuck you buddy and the three people who kept going right behind you. Be an asshole in your dry SUV while I'm getting drenched (considering the rain was going horizontal and from three different directions in the 30 seconds I was out there) and don't bother to slow down and let me cross. I hope you're the guy the tree branch fell on.

Yeah, the storm sucked, but luckily my neighborhood came out fine. Our houses were built in the 1880's when the builders took their time and didn't slap up a home in 3 days. One of our buildings here at work was without power (The Two new ones are on two city circuits, while the original building is only on one) so that means all the engineers I'm doing work for got the day off. If that's not a license to slack, I don't know what is! :O)

Anyway, I'll leave you with a picture of the storm. I hop you are all having a good week and I hope none of you are in the path of Katrina's evil bitch of a sister, Rita.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Can I Call in Dead?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ok, so I'm not really feeling sick anymore, but I'm still tired. Not the sick tired I was feeling this weekend, just worn out. It seems like I've been constantly on the go lately even though I really haven't done that much. Even chilling out at home doesn't seem all that relaxing. I think what it all comes down to is this:






I need to get away from here and go somewhere fun. Preferable somewhere that I can just completely relax during the day, possibly on a beach, and then go party and have a great time at night.

Now that Big Mike moved in home just doesn't seem quite as relaxing. Maybe it because he do to much, or probably partly because I tend to stay up later now that he's around. I swear the guy gets by on 4 hours of sleep on average.

So yeah, I need to start planning something. I need to just ignore the fact I'm way to far in debt to afford a vacation and go anyway. Or maybe I should start a fundraiser. I doubt I'd get much since everyone with money to spare has probably sent it to the much more important Katrina Affected areas. I'd sell my soul, but that's usually a one time deal, and I doubt I'd end up getting my worth. ;O)

Anyone have any connections for free or super cheap vacation deals? I think I need to do something before I burn out.

Anyway, back to slacking at work, I'll try to visit all of your blogs in short order, I've gotten behind in that. Have a good Hump Day all.

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The Phantom Sickness

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ever feel like you're sick, but not really? That was me Friday and Saturday.

I felt like something was wrong with me, but not really sure what, I was WAAAAAAY tired, I woke up Friday and damn near passed out on my feet. My head hurt a littel and by stomach didn't feel cozy, but not bad. I went back to sleep and got woken up at 1pm by Big Mike checking to see if I was still alive because I was still in my room after he went to work and came back for lunch. I got up and still felt dead tired all day. Played some Gran Turismo 4 and watched a few more Episodes of West Wing Season 4.

I've done NOTHING all weekend and I still feel tired. I wonder if I should go to the doc and get checked out. If I didn't HATE hospitals and going to the doctor I probably would have gone already. Lately I've had a problem where no mater how much of anything I drink, I still feel thirsty. By anything I mean water, soda, whatever. Not Alcohol for once. heh.

I'm sure some of it is from being so busy all the time and constantly being on the go, but even after three days of doing nothing I still feel crappy.

Oh well, I have my coffee to finish here at Nina's (slacker Post One) and then it's time for some football!! We don't have cable yet, but the air channels simulcast in HD over the air so I can watch at least a few of the games in really pretty High Definition television! Yay!

Anyway, see you all at work tomorrow! Hope you're having a good weekend.

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Short Day Hangover.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ok, so yeah, being way to busy sucks. Having three half days out of a four day stretch is cool, and very slackerly. The problem is since almost no work gets done, it creates a backlog that has to get done eventually.

Right now, if each thing I had to do was a packing peanut, by cubicle would look like this:

Yeah, I'm buried. And like usual, my boss is being an idiot and schedules worthless meetings. I actually told him off about it in a meeting today. I cancelled one he had scheduled for tomorrow because she scheduled it in a meeting room at another building 15 minutes away that none of our group works at. Hellllllloooo????

The meeting is usually worthless anyway, it's scheduled for an hour and a half, and the content of the meeting could easily be condensed into a half hour. Sometimes it could simply be condensed into EMAIL!

Yes indeed, I think if I were to knock on this guy's head I would hear an echo, or something like that. Dilbert's Pointy Haired Boss has more brains than him. I had to do everything I could in a full department meeting the other day not to say him name after our Director said that we should identify any "non value-added" items in our department or anything that slows productivity.

Anyway, back to work. Bleah. At least I have kickball tonight, so that will be fun :O)

Later all.

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Short Days Rule!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

After having a paid half day of yesterday for our Department Outing, today I get a paid half day to go get trained in CPR. I had been certified a while back but haven't gotten the training for a while. So yeah, time to go get recertified for mouth to mouth ;O)

Anyway, since I'm not going to be around, I left you the extended weekend update below and I'll also leave you with pictures of Mr.T's new digs over on the Visual Edition!

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Blogger Had a Case of the Mondays...

It appears to be working today, but I tried to post yesterday and it would never load the post creation page. Oh well. Sorry about the lack of posting.

So let's see, how about a speed update?

Friday -

I was supposed to play football after work, but not enough people signed up so we cancelled it. I got stuck at work late so I wasn't able to get to the online draft for the Slackerland FFL league, which also needs a few more people. Went home and chilled out.

Saturday -

Ahh, the James Page Blubber Run 2005. For those of you who don't know, James Page is a local brewery. Each year they host a 5k run where people can dress up in crazy costumes, and then at about the halfway point, there's a Pub stop. At the end of the race you get a sandwich and a couple beers. Forget a water stop at the halfway point, I'll take a beer stop. Very much fun. G-spot and I took our time running it because she had a bum knee, but it was fun even if it was really freakin hot. If you wonder what really freakin hot is, I mean 90 degrees and very humid. If you don't think that's that hot, you haven't met Minnesota humidity...

Anyway, went home and rested for a while and was supposed to go out and meet G-spot and some guy she had met not to long ago. Just as I was getting up to leave however Big Mike called and said he was inbound with a new, Really big, Really cool TV.

Here's the before:

Here's the after close up:

Yes, that's right, forty two inches of plasma screen fun! He also got an HDMI compatible DVD player and The 19-Year Old got a PS2 that she's going to keep at our place for a while. We tossed in the Superbit version of The Fifth Element, wow. Let me reiterate, WOW.

I finally did go out and meet up with G-spot and the new guy. He was pretty cool though she's already said she's only looking for friendship with him.

Sunday -

Met up with Conservative Girl and headed over to the Renaissance Festival again. And yes, it still was fun even going for the 3rd time. We got there and browsed all the shops, then headed over and watched the Joust. After the Joust we went and saw the Tortuga Twins Comedy show. The redid Little Red Riding hood in their own way. Very fun. Next we wandered over to one of the Pubs and saw 10 Seconds of Harmony. They're an acapella group that does funny songs and jokes. This performance was their R-Rated show, so it was a little raunchier and funnier. We ate here and there and watched people throw tomatoes at the insult guy's head. To end the day we watched the Johnny Phoenix Danger Comedy R-rated show and then the Tortuga Twins R-rated show. Both of the last two got totally crazy. Went home, played some PS2 on the big screen and then Big Mike and The 19 Year Old watched the Grudge, but since I thought it Sucked I played Age of Empires II on my old comp.

Monday -

Went to work and worked for about an hour before our department meeting. Directly after the meeting we had out Department Outing at Brit's Pub downtown. They have a big second floor lawn outside where we could have been Lawn Bowling (It's like Bocce Ball) if it hadn't been raining. Either way though, we got a free lunch and two free drinks (which turned into four for me after getting some on the non-drinker's tickets) and also got to play pool. My four free drinks were: 1 Double on the Rocks of Macallan 18 Year Scotch, 2 Doubles on the rocks of Laphroaig 15 Year Scotch and one Double on the Rock of Lagavulin 16 Year Scotch. That's about $90 in scotch, FREE. Rock on.

Afterward I went over to OCD/Anxiety's place because she lured be over with the promise of making be dinner and finally getting my birthday gift to me. She did well on her first attempt at making Jambalaya. For the presents she got me a 1934 Minnesota license plate (I'm making the living room theme a 20s-30's-40's Garage) And an embroidered Luck Charms shirt. Very fun. We watched Little Nicky and the end of Monday Night Football and then I headed home. I managed to escape without her getting all that emotional.

So that's what you've all missed. And yes, you can come over and watch movies or HD Football anytime! :O) Big Mike finally got me a memory card of my own for the PS2 so now I can play the Gran Turismo mode of GT4 on the Big Screen. Yeah I'll be leaving work early today so I can get home and enjoy that! :O)

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Foot Meet Ball...and Lunch!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

No no, this isn't yet another Football post. Though, more of you do nee to Join the FFL league, it's free and Yahoo does most of the work...

Anyway, today is the official start of the FALL KICKBALL SEASON! Woohoo. This could also be traslated as Fall Phone Number season. I like the fact that our team is about 2-1 female to male. Here's to hoping they're cute!

We have our first game tonight at some crappy High School field, but it was all that was available. After our second game we move to some nice athletic fields, that'll rock.

After the game we head on over to Grandma's Saloon and Eatery to party it up and get our drink on. Don't forget about the mass amounts of flip cup as well!

And to make the day better (well if it stops raining) we have a Project Group lencheon in a park today. I get paid to go hang out in a park and eat yummy food! Rock on!

Yup, it's going to be a good day.

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Slacking Season Has Begun!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I have officially drafted my Fantasy Football team for my work league. That means it's truly football season! Fantasy football is the second biggest productivity killer next to the NCAA Basketball championship. It's just that cool.

For those of you who don't know, Fantasy Football is this:

Get a group of people together and make a league, each person has a team. You "draft" players from any team onto yours to make a sort of super team. You draft any quarterback, a couple wide receivers, a couple running backs and a few other positions depending on the league. Each player can only be on one team in the league.

Before each set of games on the weekend, you pick your players to start, and you get points according to their stats. Most leagues give points for touchdowns and yardage. The better your player does in the game, the more points your team gets that week.

Each week your team matches up with another team from your league, and whichever team's players collectively score the most points wins. You amass wins and losses and most of the time that record leads to "fantasy playoffs" in the last couple weeks of the regular season.

Yup it's Fun. It make all those other games that go on - that aren't your favorite team - much more interesting. And it give a good reason to slack off and read the sports news ;O)

You know you all want to play! Join the Slackerland FFL league! It's free through Yahoo.

Click here for the main page, then click "join a league" under Free Fantasy Football.
League #:639162

We'll draft Friday night at 7:30 central time. Some games will have been played, but that's the earliest I could schedule it and not have it be during the day.

There are eight spots left! Join on up!

An in case you're wondering, here's my starting lineup for my work league:
QB: Carson Palmer
WR: Terrell Owens
WR: Deion Branch
RB: LaDainian Tomlinson
RB: Julius Jones
TE: Antonio Gates (I have Tony Gonzales as well)
K: Shayne Graham
D: Indy

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FFL Anyone?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hey, do any of you want to join a Fantasy Football League? If we can get 10-12 people together it'd be fun to have the Slacker League Fantasy Football challenge! You know you want to play! Drop me a comment and let me know. It'd be free and fun!

If I can get 10-12 people signed up by tomorrow (Wednesday) we can have a live online draft on weds or Thursday night.

Also, check out the Weekend Update Below!

**Edit - Oops, somehow my comments got changed to "Members Only" that has been fixed, you can all comment now, please do so :O)**

**Edit2 - I created a league for any of you who want to join. the cap is 12 teams, I hope there are at least 8 and would like 10-12. The draft will be on Friday at 7:30 Central Time, though it can be moved. It's a free league on Yahoo. You can join Slackerladn FFL with league number 639162 and the password is joinslack. Please use something simliar to your blog name for now so I know you you are. If I don't know you, there's a chance you'll be booted.**

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Weekend Update & Shtuff.

Man I love three days weekends. I get one more whole day to do nothing productive whatsoever. Yeah, it was great.

Friday -

That was the rehearsal dinner with G-Spot. Apparently she was the maid of Honor. She had probably told me this previously, but ADD means that the memory doesn't always work well.

Anyway, the dinner was on a paddle boat. We got a buffet dinner and there was also an open bar. So as we paddled up and then back down the Mississippi, we got to have good food and free drinks. Gotta love it when the Jack Daniels flows freely.

Unfortunately there were no single women in the wedding party, so I did what any guy would do. Hit on the bartender. We chatted quite a bit, she's in town till college starts back up at the end of the month back in Oregon. I gave her my number and she said she'd call. Here's to hoping!

Saturday -

Saturday I got up and decided that Mr. T wasn't happy in his dinky little rubbermaid bin and need something where he could swim around. So I went and spent too much money on a Turtle take (like a fish aquarium, but one side is lower so you don't have to fill it all the way up) some gravel for the bottom, a heater since it's going to start getting chilly, a filter, a piece of cork wood for him to climb up on and a spot lamb so he has a basking light.

He totally loves it, he's all swimmy and cute! He does bask sometimes, but the second anyone walks in the room, he jumps back in the water. He's eating more now too, so I think that's a good thing.

Later was the wedding, I walked down to the Cathedral (which is amazingly beautiful) and saw the ceremony. I took a ton of pictures on G-Spot's camera so I'll have to demand copies. It was a pretty ceremony too.

We hopped a limo to the Landmark Center which used to be St. Paul City hall way back when and is one of St. Paul's coolest old buildings. We hit the happy hour which was free wine and then headed down for dinner. There were two hotties at the table with us, one was a girl I knew from the dorms and the other was a bridesmaid that looked 25 but was apparently 37 and had a name that sounded like it could be a guys name, but was spelled in a cool way. Dorms Girl was engaged to the guy she was with and was going to be married in a couple weeks and Cool Name Girl had recently started dating a guy who showed up after dinner.

The options were basically none, so I just had a good time and enjoyed the free beer after getting a nice base of Jack and Diet (had to pay for those though, boo!). Later, after walking the very inebriated G-Spot back to her room (She's like my sister, so drop the bad ideas! ;O) ) I walked back to Slacker HQ and hit the hay.

Sunday -

I got to been my deputy from Iowa OzzyC!

I had planned on going straight down to the Renaissance Festival and meeting up with him, but I got sidetracked with a lunch invite with G-Spot and one of her friends. After that though I headed down.

Unfortunately about halfway there the highway I usually take to get there was closed with no explanaion. I found out later that the big storm we had the night before had caused a mudslide from a construction site to block the road. Doh! After taking a half hour longer bypass I finally got down there.

I hung out with Ozzy his wifey and his two cute daughters (12 and 8 I think?). I was amazed to find out that the KIDS were the first ones to run out of energy, how unusual is that? ;O) Definitely nice to get to meet one of the deputies!

After they headed out I saw a couple more of the shows and then headed out. Got back home and played some Age of Empires II again and relaxed.

Monday -

I chilled out during the day and downloaded all the necessary Mock Drafts and Cheat Sheets for fantasy football at Slacker Post One. It's that time again! Rock on! In the afternoon I met up with OCD/Anxiety Girl and headed back over to the State Fair again to hit the last day.

Like usual I ate more than I probably should have, but it was gooood.

Monday's intake:

Yeah it was a food food day. And of course what's the best thing you can do after eating a TON of food? Go on the spinniest rides you possibly can of course! We went on the Tilt a Whirl to start. Next we hit Techno power, which is like the old Scrambler, but the group of cars spins perpendicular to the main unit. Then we hit Magnum, which is again like the old Scrambler, but on an angle, and the car you're in is free to rotate forward and backward with gravity. Dizzy doesn't even begin to describe how you feel after going on that thing.

Went home and watched Constantine, a decent movie, except for the fact I think it's the WORST movie ever made as far as it going from people whispering, to 9000 decibel sounds. You go from not being able to hear what they're saying, to not being able to hear at all because you eardrums get blown across the room. Mean I tell ya.

Like usual, she had an emotional fit when I took her home, pretty much par for the course.

Anyway that was the weekend, not bad by any means. Wish I could have made it down to Ren Fest earlier to hang out with Ozzy and the crew more, but it was nice to meet em anyway!

Random Shtuff -

They need to fix that word verification stuff, I love the idea, but 7-8 letters is ridiculous. Four or five letters is more than enough to weed out the spam-bots. Make it a little less of a pain in the ass to use!

I got a birthday/housewarming Gift from Carrie! She sent me a fun CD of tunes we all loved in school! Also she sent me what I'm guessing will be a really nummy bottle of Biltmore Estate wine from NC. Very cool, thanks chica!

Gotta love football season, Fantasy Football is a GREAT slacking tool. There's always news to read and angle to check to make sure I have the best team and can dominate my peers!

Ok, that's all for now. Later peeps.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

God I hate hiccups. HATE. I'm starting to get a little bit of a cold. Not stuff, no sore throat, just a little trickle of crap down the back of my throat that makes me cough every 37.43 seconds. It's the tickle from hell.

And what's worse, that crap trickling down the back of my throat is apparently somehow freaking out my diaphragm, so just about every hour I get a attack of the hiccups. And if I happen to have my mouth open, they turn into hicurps. You know, as is the regular hiccups weren't annoying and embarrassing enough, the stomach and throat team yup to make this even worse *urp* during the hiccup. It's a hiccup with a hint of a burp. Stupid body.

I can get them to go away after about 10 minutes or so, usually with the holding-of-as-deep-a-breath-as-possible method. I've also used the fingers-as-close-together-without-touching method, and the head between knees method. One I did all of those together because I'm just that cool.

Anyway, me and the hiccurps are heading out to a rehearsal dinner for a friend of a friend (I'm the date of G-spot, the good female fiend that basically a sister) on a paddleboat. We get to eat dinner and have an open bar while paddlewheeling up and down the Mississippi. Obviously I didn't hear much more than "Open bar" and I was in.

Tomorrow is the wedding at the big, pretty, cathedral a couple blocks from my house with a reception at the really old and cool Landmark Center in St. Paul. And again, the magic words "Open Bar" come out again. Thank god all of this takes place within five minutes of slacker central.

It's already been agreed, that G-Spot is going to help hook me up with the ladies at the wedding, so here's hoping to make my very own version of Wedding Crashers.

Sunday I might be heading to the Renaissance Festival with OzzyC if I can get a hold of him...

Monday I'm going to hit the State fair for the Last Blast day where the rides are cheap and the vendors give good deals. Here's to stuffing myself yet again!

Have a good weekend all!

Oh, and just in case you don't read more than one post at a time, I'm a new meber of the Blog World Tralier Park, check it out below :O)

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New Cyber-digs!

So apparently, besides Slacker HQ (the Condo) I am now the proud new owner, or well, renter I guess, of my own little plot of Cyberspace.


Thanks to Chase and all the other residents of the Blog World Trailer Park I am now the newest (We'll call it a tie between me and the hot blonde) resident! I was welcomed into lot #9 of the park and will have to move in shortly. :O)

Hopefully the neighbors don't mind wild parties and turtles!

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Hurricane Rant

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I was going to write a rant here, talking about the media attention and looters and all of the stupid crap going on with the Hurricane aftermath, but then I found out Foamy the Squirrel already did it for me.

Have a look: Hurricane Report

My thoughts are with everyone in the area.

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