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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

Day 1: Back to School, Free Stuff, New Girl!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

So, today was the first day of class after a 4 year hiatus. Well since I totally bombed that last year we can probably say 5...

Anyway, I forgot how cool being a student at the U is. On one hand you have the co-ed ogling. Such a nice eye pleasing collection of hotness. Too bad winter always comes too fast and they go from the tank tops and short shorts to resembling Michelin Men. Still, enjoyable for now.

On the other there's all the free stuff! Go around one corner: "Here! Have some FREE Skinny Water!" Round another corner: "Hey! Want free beer? Have a coupon for a free round at The Library!" Yes, that's a bar not a book reading institution. Out on the Mall area: "FREE soul saving! Jesus saves!" And of course at Stub and Herbs "You sure you gotta go to work? The next round was going to be on me." Do these people know me or what?

And on a good note from the previous post, Big Mike left some funds on my desk last night. Either he realized how he was screwing me or caught word that I was annoyed. Either way I'm happy that situation has gotten better.

And in Girl-news. Met a new one at Stub and Herb's. I shall dub her Crossword Girl. She's a very good looking brunette server there and just moved to a new place in my old downtown Minneapolis stomping grounds. She made the whole "is she single?" thing easy for me by talking about some dude's letter in "Dr. Date," a section of the campus newspaper. She commented about not having a relationship. Score. The plan is to introduce her to the joy that is Joe's Garage Sunday brunch. Please, Please don't be gay. Anyone taking odds?

Ok, back to slackin. Hope you all are doing well.

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At Wed Sep 03, 08:31:00 PM, Anonymous OG said...

I am very very very proud that you are back in school. You were the one who always helped me with homework, so go put that brain of yours to a degree! Design some cool mechanical things when you graduate. I want a car that runs on water and has beer coming out the tailpipe (into a keg of course). Go work on that. We can call it the Jesus car (water to wine/beer). Yeah, I'm that nuts sometimes. Just happy your back in school.

At Thu Sep 04, 07:02:00 PM, Blogger Porq said...

Being a spouse of a school teacher, I must commend your September posts.


Go get them smarts and good luck with new brunette chick (sounds nice, my wife is a brunette!!)



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