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Thank you!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thank you Betsy Hannaford (and daughter) for your voices of protest for while we were stuck in traffic!

And a HUGE thanks to this guy, who may just be my favorite Minnesotan right now:

Photo by MN Publius

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Reason #8,247 to Hate George W. Bush

It's not like I really need another reason, there, are, lots. Even a song.

But yesterday Mr. President, you pissed me off and managed to prove you don't give a rat's ass about normal people. Instead of letting good people get home to their friends and families after work, you forced them to sit idle on Twin Cities highways so you could hobnob with rich people.

Now, no my way home I have this neat little sign that tells me how long a good chunk of my trip is going to take. Usually it varies from 9-13 minutes under normal traffic. Last night, it was over FOUR TIMES the the normal and, well, looked something like this:

Yeah, that bad.

So yeah, Mr. President, while I'm sure you have no concept of traffic anymore since you've been chauffered around most of your life, it REALLY sucks. I think you're just lucky for Minnesota Nice (well, that and your highly trained Secret Service bodyguards) or you probably would have been the vicitm of some serious road rage. Or at least a stern finger shaking.

While I'm sure your oil buddies love the profit of all us poor commuters wasting $3 a gallon gass waiting for your motorcade, at least have the courtesy next time you visit of not leaving town until AFTER rush hour.

Chief Slacker

Coming Soon: Why I was gone again, the NASCAR/Birthday weekend recap.

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Meet and Greet x 2

Monday, August 14, 2006

This weekend turned out to be a good one in the meeting of women department! Not only did I get to meet Double Blind Girl but I also ended up being matchmade with yet another gal as well!

The Double Blind Date wasn't really much of a "date" since it ended up being her and I as well as Conservative Girl, her brother and DBG's Coworker with the Same Name. It was fun though, we all met up at Irish Fair and enjoyed the time. DBG is pretty, not my usual type but pretty none the less. We chatted about work and all that jazz over a couple beers and some live music. She lives pretty close to me so hopefully we can meet up and hang out again soon. It basically went as expected, nothing major came of it, but hopefully it'll be a new friend around!

Also at the Irish Fair, there was a booth in the marketplace tents called Lisdoonvarna Come to Minnesota. Apparently, Lisdoonvarna is a town in Ireland and every year in September is becomes a site of pilgrimage for single from all over the world. People meet up there and matchmakers will try and find them their perfect match. So you got to sit down and have an interview with this matchmaker and she scouted around the Irish Fair looking for a girl to be that perfect match. I figured why not and gave it a try. Yesterday the matchmaker called and said she had found someone she thought I would like and that The Match wanted to meet me. So I called The Match and we arranged to meet up at my place and then walk over to one of the local bars and have a drink. We hung out for about an hour or so and talked it up. She is quite pretty, and as an added plus, quite active with sports and whatnot. She's in soccer and volleyball leagues and as an added bonus, she's in a kickball league as well! She didn't stay long since she had a pretty long weekend, but we talked of getting together one day soon when we could. I have Tuesday night free, so I figure I will ask her if she wants to grab a bite to eat after work then. I'll be gone for most of the week, so if that doesn't work out hopefully we can get together next week.

The end of this week and through the weekend I'll be gone to Michigan to watch cars go in circles and take part in the general debauchery that is NASCAR at Michigan International Speedway. The last two years have been quite fun, as evidenced by the pictures from last year! Much fun was had and I'm sure will be again this year!

Here's hoping for some good dates and fun times at the races in the next week or so! In the meantime, keep slackin people!

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And today we meet!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

So yeah, the double blind date wil be today.

I called her Wednesday night and we chatted for a little while but she had a friend in town. She works at one of the companies my old place was in competition with but not the new place. She lives about 2 miles from me so nice location.

Anyway, the plan is to meet up and go to Irish Fair this today. Irish fair is what it sounds like, lots of Irish Food Music and Culture. Definitely a fun time.

So yeah, that's where it's at, I'll report back soon ;O)

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The Double Blind Date

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First off, make sure ya doing miss the Festivals post on the AV Edition!

So yeah, a very odd, yet intriguing situation has arisen. Apparently The Best Friend had been talking to one of his customers, a nice middle aged woman. Somehow during the conversation down in Madison, they got to talking about her daughter who had recently graduated from college and moved up to the Twin Cities for a job and knew no one.

Yeah, you're guessing on this one already aren't ya?

Anyway, TBF of course mentions that I live up here and that I'm a pretty nice guy. Thus, the colluding began. After some conversation between the two, it was decided that the woman would give The Best Friend her daughters number to give to me while she would inform said daughter I would be calling. TBF then called me, altogether too excited and delivered me the news.

So I now have this girl's number.

This girl whom I've never met, seen, or really know anything about.

From My Best Friend, Whom has never met, seen or really knows much about.

From a woman who is: either an exceedingly caring, yet sometimes embarrassing mother like my own and, well, most of the good ones, Or: Well, who cares about the or, it's probably the first one!

So not only is it a Blind setup, it's Double Blind.

TBF is of course hoping this gets me a date and hopefully a girlfriend or at least laid. He apparently head from "sources" that she's "hot". The mother, I'm sure, is hoping for more of a helpful friend near her daughter's new home.

So there it is, tonight I'm going to be calling someone whom I know nothing about other than a first name and a phone number. While I would definitely call no matter what since I'm a nice, helpful guy like that, the data from the "sources" adds at least a little intrigue. Don't worry though, for the time being I'm going to ignore the golden hearted hornball on one shoulder and listen to the embarrassingly sweet lady on the other!

I'll let y'all know tomorrow what's become of the situation!

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AV - Summer Festivals!

So the AV Edition post about all the fun summer festivals I've been to and am going to is up! Stop on over to chack it out and I'll be back later to tell you about the interesting Double Blind Date situation I'm in...

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So yeah, I just realized how long it's been since I posted. Ok, well not JUST since Orientation Girl heckled me for not posting a couple days ago. But yeah, I JUST got around to writing about how I realized I haven't posted.

OG guessed right when she said my job must be either going well or very bad since I haven't posted for a while. Luckily she was right with the former and not the latter!

The downside of having a job I actually enjoy is taht it doesn't seem like work. If it doesn't seem like work it feels kinda like I'm slacking when I'm really not. I made my first every prototype medical device and it was used during a test procedure on a sheep. It worked geat in open air but not so much in a fluid rich environment. Hopefully the o-rings I ordered will help with that!

Anyway I am back! Here are the posts you have to look forward to this week:

- When Net Surfing Goes Too Far

- The Double Blind Date
- VISUAL EDITION - The Summer of Festivals

- Fantasy Football is BACK!

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