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New year, New....?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So Hi!

It's a new year and stuff eh? *Looks around*

This 2009 stuff looks a lot like 2008. Except, different? it's not really taht new, except it is...?

Hmm, interesting.

So, I basically fell off the planet. Mentally at least. But I'm back. Hopefully here to stay. Hopefully with some hard lessons learned from last year.

Lesson 1:

Stop ignoring the brain and the gut when it comes to those pesky women. I tend to do that hoping things will be better then I know they can be. Yeah the book is not only the cover, but if it still sucks a chapter or two in find a new one. Such was the case with Cute Paramedic, far too many chapters ended badly there. Or in the case of a book being abssolutely terrible by the cover, don't even pick it up. The Trucker was one of those and it truly cost a little peice of myself I won't ever get back.

That said, new year, new girls!

1. One's not totally new: Cute Chiropractor. We went on a couple dates over the summer, but kinda lost track of each other in our general busy-ness. I definitely have a thing for this girl, so I'm trying not to let myself get carried away. She came out with me to a Swarm game saturday and it seemed to go pretty well, chatted a bunch, seemed to feel a decent vibe. I'm the king of reading too far into things, but it seemed like the whole "lean-in" was there during convo's and such.

2. Ferns Girl. I went out with some buddies about two weeks ago and had a couple beers. On the walk home I decided to stop in at a Fabulous Ferns for one last one before calling it a night. I plop down at the bar, grab my one drink and maybe about a third of the way through it this girl sits down next to me. She states taht her friends were having their own convo and i looked bored so she came to say hi. Rock on girly! So we get chatting and she talked about a movie called The Wrestler she wants to see. Since any girl who has the guts to walk up to a guy and deserves at elast a date, I say we should go next weekend. Turns out she's a nice and fun as she seemed the first go round. And it turned out the date that started Friday at 8pm ended Saturday at 3pm. heh. She's not really interested in dating though, so looks like it'll be limited to friends which is ok by me.

3. ER Girl. This one's a bit more of a longshot, but still valid. Unfortunately she's long distance, but she is very pretty, very cool, and a readhead. We're currently talking about getting together some weekend, hopefully it'll work out.

So yeah, more lessons tomorrow.. off to a Wild game!

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