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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

Revenge of the Car

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I must start this post with an apology. To anyone who may have been traveling on I-494 West around the intersection with I-35W, especially the hot blonde who was directly behind me, I am sorry for being the temporary bane of your commute this morning.

Yes, that was me in the Driftwood colored Nissan that apprently decided just keel over and die in the right lane just barely before the on ramp from 35W. Yes, that was me who blocked the right lane for a good 5 minutes forcing people to find away around me. Yes, that was me who gracefully sweated my ass of while pushing my poor, dead car off on to the shoulder.

I apologize on behalf of myself and also Ally (my poor car) for making your trip on 494 just that little bit worse than it already usually is.


Anyway yeah, obviously it was an eventuful morning for The Chief. I don't know what it is about my car, but Ally sure loves to act up when I'm starting a new job.

As was well documented (Here, Here and Here) a little over a year ago, I was pretty sure my car was cursed. I really hope the curse has not returned.

I'm three weeks into a new job and poor Ally dies on the way to work. I'm driving along and the battery light on the dash comes on. This is no good. Soon after the radio starts to cut out whenever the engine RPMs drop below about 1000. So here I am in the ugly traffic that is 494/35W, popping it in neutral every time traffic slows to a crawl so I can rev the engine and hope it keeps the power coming. Sure enough the traffic moves, then comes to a dead stop. Shortly there after my engine and car were at a dead stop as well.

Of course traffic piles up behind me along with the nasty looks of the pissed motorists behind me. (Quick aside: To the Beautiful Blonde who was the first in line behind me, that nasty look was actually a little hot, call me!) So, I go to call AAA and realize I have no idea where my card is. Joy joy. I decide I can't let my car just sit there blocking the right lane so I climb out and start pushing. Luckily there was room on the shoulder so I could get out of the way.

The next half hour was kind of a freak out. One I just started this job, the last thing I want is to do is seem unreliable. Yeah, I might be a slacker, but you gotta maintain some standards in order to keep a job to slack off at. So I call my contract agency and have my wonderful agent Tracy call in for me and give me the number to work so I could leave a message as well. I then call AAA and track down my info and arrange for a tow. Which, by the way, ended up being a hassle for various reasons. After taht was sorted out I had to figure out who to get to work...

Luckily for me, the wonderful Conservative Girl is always the helpful friend. Even luckier for me is that she was on her way to work and actually headed in my direction. At least the morning wasn't all bad luck. She met me and the tow truck on 494 and followed us to the station, and got me off to work. Luckily I made it in only about an hour and a half late.

Like I figured, the alternator took a dive and now I have a $350 repair bill I really don't have the money for (This poor credit card of mine has to be in pain) waiting for me back at the station. At least Ally will be running again.

Fortunately for me, I get to have a meeting in the iRoom before I head out. Also, in another fortunate note, I found a person I work with (whom I had never met previously) that is graciously going to take a detour on his way home so I can get Ally back.

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The iRoom

Monday, July 23, 2007

So as the last post stated, I have a new job going. And luckily it's still going very well.

We had a meeting a few days back to have a brainstorm session on how we want to lay out the components of the new machine we're designing. The location of said meeting was the iRoom.

When i heard of the IRoom, I just pictured your regular conference room with a couple neat high-tech gizmos thrown in the mix. What i didn't expect is this:

That's no moon, that's a space station. Or at least the bachelor pad penthouse of it.

Not pictured there are a couple glass high-tops with some trendy leather chairs on the left and TOYS! Yes, you read that right, Toys. On the right side there's this weird curvy shelf that's stocked with some fidget toys like koosh balls and also some creativity toys like Magnetix and building blocks. The flat screen on the wall is also a Smart Board that you can use little fake markers to draw on they email yourself the drawn images. The shapes on the left side are frosted glass panes that double as whiteboards.

Yeah, I'm currently starting a drive to have that be my office... who's in?

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Starting up.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

So the new job has begun. I had my first day yesterday! They had a fun "Welcome 'Chief Slacker'" poster in my cube and they even had a party and cake!

Ok, ok, the party cake was actually for completing some milestone on the newest project, but I'm going to live in my fun little slackerly fantasy world and think it was for me. yup.

Anyway, like pretty much every job I've gotten the computer wasn't ready so currently I'm using somone's backup computer and a tiny little monitor they pilfered from the admin who's on vacation. The first day I had to work under a coworkers login since my network stuff hadn't been setup. I even had to create a hotmail account to use as a temporary email.

Like a good slacker, I got zero actual work done the first day. I started at 9, and after all the tuors and intros it was 11. I read some stuff till lunch, had some Buffalo Wild Wings, then came back just in time for a milestone party. Finished the day with a seminar on the new product we're working on. Gotta love first days.

Today's been more productive though I'm outtie in a little bit to go play some kickball! It's playoffs and my team's not getting a bye, so wish Team Recess some luck would ya?

Anyway, back to the slackin!

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It's official: The Slacking can resume!

Monday, July 09, 2007

I had taken another leave of absence lately because I REALLY needed to find a job.

As previously stated, can't be a slacker if you don't have something to slack off from. Well, Now I do!

Assuming I can pass a drug screening, which unless Big Mike's been dosing me and I don't know it, I will I will get hired. The New Company makes medical testing equipment for testing samples for various sign of viruses and other baddies.

So now I can resume life as a proper slacker as all is meant to be! Now I just need to finish fine tuning the page here... anyone have some fun suggestions?

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