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Now THIS is How to Slack!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

You wanna know why I'm the Chief? This is why:

Right now, I'm writing this blog entry, I have West Wing - Season Two on DVD playing in one corner of my screen (only one episode left, then on to season three) and in the other bottom corner of my screen in the MLB gameday for the Twins - Royals game.

That's how you do it.

Now if you think that's fun, wander over to the Visual Edition and check out the pictures from the NASCAR weekend. Yup. I Rule.

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I missed Monday?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Well I wouldn't say I missed it! ;O)

So yeah, I decided to be extra slackerly and took and extra day off of work yesterday. I tried to get online at Slacker Post One, but my six year old laptop was not being cooperative.

Anyway, I know you all missed me! You can fend off those withdrawal shakes with some slackerly goodness. I'm back, and ready to slack!

So how about a quick update on my weekend? You know you all wanna know about it.

Friday -

I had planned on having a birthday party type thing this night, but unfortunately I had been so busy earlier in the week that I didn't have time to actually plan anything so that all fell through. I just chilled and watched a couple movies with Big Mike and the 19 Year Old.

Big Mike put a 2.5 pound pork roast in and thought it would cook in 25 minutes. It was funny when he went back and read "per pound" on the instructions. What was funnier was that he put it in at 9:15pm. hehe.

Saturday -

Ahhh, smell that? That's the smell of massive amount of fried food and other food on a stick. Yes, it's the State Fair. The Minnesota State Fair is one of the best and biggest in the nation, and that's not just me talking. And By mass amounts of fried foods and stuff of on a stick, I mean they fry things that only the highest drunkest idiot would ever think up. I'm talking about Fried Candy Bars (Milky way, Snickers, etc.), Fried Twinkies, Fried Battered Corn on the Cob, and that's just a few! And all the stuff on a stick, Hot Dish on a stick, Chicken, pork, beef on a stick, this years new item is Spaghetti and Meatball on a stick. You figure that one out.

I met up with Conservative Girl and her family, since any possible excuse to go to the fair is a good one. Here is my list of food eaten so far at the Fair:

I would have eaten more, but they all wanted to leave earlier that I thought, I was pacing myself. All that was only about 4 hours. Oh well, I still have another week of the fair!

The other news of the day was that Conservative girl put money down on a new Harley. She got her motorcycle license a couple weeks back and has been dying to get a bike. She was mad that I wasn't excited for her because, well, I think it's a stupid idea. Not only is she one of the most emotionally immature people I know, she's also just about the most naive. Knowing her personality, the image of her on a big black Harley is just ridiculous. This is the same girl that doesn't realize it when guys are hitting on her, and this is the same girl who doesn't get why they talk to her more at work when she wears skirts (Being tall, a regular skirt is pretty much mini on her). I know alot of nice quiet people drive Harley, but she just doesn't fit.

Besides the whole image thing, it's stupid idea in that she doesn't even hardly know how to ride a bike. Yeah, she passed a two day course, but she never got going over 20 miles an hour during the whole thing and never needed to pass 2nd gear. She said she popped a little bit of a wheelie every time she shifted because she was bad at it, and this was with a really crappy old Honda 250. She just bought a brand new Sportster 883. NOT a 250. So lets see, $13,000 motorcycle that's definitely more power than she should have as a first bike, and she can't drive properly. Anyone else see a bad idea? Not to mention I know there's no way she can pick that bike up if it happens to lay down. The heaviest thing I've seen her move around on her own is an inflatable bed that weighs about 30 pounds and she had to drag that. Most of my friends with motorcycles agree, a good rule of thumb when buying a bike is, that if you can't pick it up, you can't ride it. Yeah, not going to think that's a good idea.

Anyway, whatever. I need to go back to the fair and Eat More. I think I'm going through greasy food withdrawls and it's making me cranky.

After the fair I went home and watched a movie with Big Mike and Oakdale Girl.

Sunday -

I decided I needed to get stuff done around the house, so I did a few loads of laundry, cranked the MP3s and sorted out the last month's worth of mail (all my bills auto-pay so I never bother opening them for large periods of time) and also cleaned up the whole office, it looks about twice as big now. Now I just need to get some lights in my storage area and it'll be super tidy!

Later, Big Mike had another date with The 19 Year Old, and they watched The Ring 2, which I had seen before and though it sucked, so I played Age of Empires 2 on my ancient (7 year old) computer. Yeah, I need to update my hardware BAD.

Of course the game is addicting, and I feel the need, not only to win, but to wipe everything the opposing computer players have built off the map. So yeah, I end up staying up until 3am. Oops.

Monday -

I woke up, didn't feel like going to work that early and reset my alarm from 7:30 to 8:10 (the latest I can get up and make it to work on time) Problem is I changed the minutes to 10, but never changed the 7 to 8. Yeah, I woke up at like 9:50.

What to do when you wake up 50 minutes past when you were supposed to be at work? Call in sick of course. Granted, I did kinda feel like crap, but mostly I just didn't feel like working. I went out and looked over new aquariums for Mr.T and got an idea of what I want to get for him. I'll probably pick something up on Saturday.

Since one of the pet stores was right by the Evil Empire store that OCD/Anxiety Girl works for I thought I would stop by and say "Hi" since she was getting off work soon. She came with to one more pet store, where there were a bunch of super cute puppies. It was hard, but I made it out of the store without one.

Anyway, she went home for a bit but came over later and we watched Sin City. I give that movie and OK rating, but mostly because there's lots of very hot women in it. We also had some nummy roast beef and butter-flake crescent rolls.

Later, she freaked out like usual because I thought it would be fun for all of us (Big mike had The 19 Year Old over, again.) to play Mario Party. Well, OCD didn't feel like playing it, and threw a tantrum and went to leave only to have some big fit with me in the back stairwell. I thought 3 weeks off might have gotten her to realize she needs to grow up. I guess not.

She eventually calmed down and we played RC Riot on Dreamcast, still the best gaming system out there. Too bad there were too many people who likes the less powerful, poorer graphics equipped PS2 better. Gotta love racing virtual remote control cars around.

So yeah, that's everything you missed. I've got to run to lunch, but I'll be back more later! I'm not leaving today without posting those camping pictures. Yup.

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Damn Non-slacking!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Productivity sucks. I have no time to freakin' post! Hell, I got to work at like 6:45 A.M.!!!! (The, umm, friend's place I was staying at had to get up at 5:30!!) I got WAY to much done today. The upside is that the engineers think I rock now so I'll be able to slack again and they'll like it. Funny how it works like that.

Anyway I have to get out of here so I can charge up my cell phone for when some Kickball higher-up calls for a conference call with me (The new VP of our kickball league) The old Pres and the New pres to talk over the fall season.

So all of you out there who want to play kickball, fall leagues are starting! :O) Sign up now!

Anyway, I'll get those pictures up on the visual edition tomorrow. Later taters!

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The NASCAR Weekend

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So I said I would update you all on the nice long weekend I took, and so I shall! I'll do my best to keep it reasonably short!

Wednesday -

I worked till about 3, and then ran home and did some laundry so I would have shorts to pack. Got everything I thought I wanted to take together and loaded up the car. Stopped off and got gas and supplies (Jim Beam and Segrams 7, both 1.75s) and then headed out.

Got to my parents place at about 11, chatted with mom about everything going on with me up in The Cities till about midnight and then headed to bed.

Thursday -

Woke up really freakin early (That would be 6am, that's altogether to early.) and started packing up my Dad's Dakota. It's at this point I realized I was a total dumbass when i packed and forgot to pack a sleeping bag, a bed mat, and towels for showering. The night out with Orientation Girl was the night I had planned on using for packing...

We packed the bed of that thing (he's got the fiberglass bed cover deal) as full as it would get, after all of our stuff, like tent and coolers any little gaps we could fit firewood in we did. Got on the road by about 8.

We left Madison and drove down around Chicago, hit some construction, but for the most part it went smooth. Needed gas in Indiana and decided after passing a couple stops to get gas at the next one, of course that one was 8 cents higher than the rest. Bastards.

Got there, Unpacked, set up and chilled. I wandered and met some of the neighbors in the campsite and visited with people I met the year before.

Friday -

Got up and wished myself a Happy Birthday. We wandered over and checked out the vendors to see what kinda stuff they had to give out and what goodies we could buy. I picked up a DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc) hat. I mooched as much free stuff off of the vendors as I could since it was my birthday. I got a couple towels (see, didn't need to pack em anyway) a small car, a t-shirt and a bunch of Ballpark Franks samples.

We went and watched the ARCA race, which Rusty Wallace's son won. Having the scanner and being able to listen to Rusty and his brother talk to the kid in the car was awesome. At one point Steven radioed in to talk to his dad and the crew chief told him he was taking a bathroom break because he was nervous.

Anyway, after the race I went back and partied with the Canadians (Four guys from the Toronto area we met last year) next to us for a while, they had put up a Happy 40th birthday Banner at our site. They said they didn't know my dad's and my age, so they figured that would about split the difference.

Later I wandered around and successfully mooched 6 beers and 3 shots from various campsites and had a pretty good night. Even hung out with this one chick that was phenomenally hot (tight jeans, corona string bikini top and a cowboy hat), but later found out she was married. What ever happened to WEARING RINGS! Or at least a damn Button! Sheesh.

Saturday -

I was happily hangover free. Good deal. The part that sucked was waking up at 6:30 because of rain, and then moving anything we wanted to stay dry into the truck. 30 minutes later we get woken up by the security truck driving around warning us that there's a chance of 3 inches of rain, high winds and hail. Joy freakin' joy. So we get up again and make sure everything is fastened down, put the extra canopy wall up and decide it's not worth it to go back to bed.

Later we went browsing more of the shops in Tent City (the non-official vendors) and I got a hat and a Dale Jr football jersey. It started raining later and rained out the Busch Series qualifying. They managed to get all but four cars of the Nextel Cup qualifying done before it started to rain again for a while, but they did get it all in and then the day started looking beautiful. We went down and ate some more free chunks of Ballpark Franks and came back later to watch the Busch Race. That one was definitely an exciting race.

After the arces we went pack, partied it up with the Canadians and other people around the campsite. Went to bed around 3 or so.

Sunday -

Got up and bummed around the campsite for a while, tossed around the good old Nerf Turbo football for a while with the Canadians, and hung out until the Nextel Cup race started.

The race was pretty good, though the ending kind sucked. They had a pit stop near the and and most people knew they couldn't make it to the end on gas, but some chanced it. Instead of having the fun, two best race it off for the win type of a thing, it ended up being a guy who got lucky and didn't run out of gas. He did however blow out his tires while he was doing his victory burnout. heh. My guy, Dale Jr, was doing good and made it up to 7th, but got screwed on the whole late pit stop thing. Oh well.

After the race we made some dinner, and then started up the annual last night bonfire. Last year we started it and this year we decided it would be tradition. We use up any wood we have left, and we also wander into the little forest by our site, scrounge up whatever we can find and pile it on. We had to try and finish off the alcohol as well of course and did a pretty good job. Stayed up till 3 yet again and added a layer to the fire ring as well since it's camping tradition to stack the empties around the fire. At some point there was a full moon, actually several full moons. heh. My dad even showed his tits. Scary! It was a good night.

Monday -

Packed up and headed back. I passed out in the truck for a good half hour, but had to stay awake for the rest since Dad kept trying to get our exits. If I had stayed sleeping I think we may have ended up going to Madison by way of Indianapolis and Iowa. We made it back safe and sound though.

I took a nap before dinner and then met up with my Best Friend and his new girlfriend for a couple drinks. I had very very briefly met her the same day The Best Friend met her, back during Rhythm and Booms in July. Come to find out he's already moved in with her and is planning to buy a truck in her name, but make the payments on it. All of this and his divorce still isn't final. Can anyone else say "Moving WAY to fast?" This kid has been in a hurry to be married since High School. He was engaged 3 times before he was 21 and married the third one when he was 21. They had a kid and then she turned 21 and wanted to party all of the time and things went downhill. He's already talking marriage with the new one and they've known each other 2 months and a few weeks. Crazy. She is pretty hot though, just a little something funny about her eyes but I couldn't pick it out.

I went to bed early and drove back up here the next morning and that's that. I got some fun pictures and I know the Canadians got some good ones as well. I'll post the good ones I have tomorrow and hopefully I get some from the Canadians soon as well.

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I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Yup. I'm here. I survived a NASCAR weekend, and more impressively, I survived a weekend with my dad. It's definitely in the incredible feats category.

It was totally a fun weekend though. Lots of racing, lots of partying and lots of food. I'll give a full recap along with pictures tomorrow.

Right now I actually have to be somewhat non-slackerish and get caught up on some work so I can return to slacking tomorrow.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! I did have a fun B-day!

Ok, I replied to all of you kick ass comments, so now it's of to work. See you all with a big ol update tomorrow!

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Off to the Races!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Allrighty people. Chief Slacker is going to do some extreme slacking Out in Brooklyn, MI this weekend. I'm heading out there to see the NASCAR races.

I'm heading to Madison tonight, will stay the night at my parents and then head out with my dad to MI tomorrow. We'll set up camp Thursday and then relax.

Friday will be NASCAR Practice, the ARCA Race, and also MY BIRTHDAY. So hopefully I'll do some hardcore celebrating with all of the crazy race fans. The campsites are like having one huge extended family around, so it should be fun!

Saturday will be Nextel Cup qualifying, and the Busch Series race, and probably more fun at the campsites.

Sunday will be the big ol' NASCAR Nextel Cup race and probably another good night.

Monday we'll pack up and head home and I should be back in the Cities Monday night.

You all play nice and make sure to bring down the productivity of your respective workplaces in my absence!

Enjoy the new scenery here, the update below and also the new pics on the Visual Edition!

Have a good one all, see you next week!

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New Look - New Mascot - Night Recap

Look & Mascot -

So yeah, welcome to the new and improved Daily Slacker! Hope you all like the new logo! The new logo was inspired by the new Slackerdom Mascot - Mr. T! Pictures of Him, and also from Last Night are up on the Visual Edition.

Mr. T is a cute little Red-Eared Slider who now calls Slacker HQ home! He moved in last night and hopefully will be there for many years to come! Everyone welcome him to the Slacker Family!

The Night -

So last night was pretty fun! Definitely cool to get to hang out with Orientation Girl again. I've TOTALLY missed her. Hopefully we can hang out again before a year passes like last time!

After I left work I picked her up and we headed over to The Condo. I gave her the grand tour and we hung out and chatted about what's going on with life and all that. Talked about how both of us are trying to get back into the whole dating thing. She's hopefully going to get a promotion that might take her to Wyoming for a while and is also hoping to eventually move to Denver.

We caught up on old times for a while waiting for Conservative Girl to get there so we could go over to the lady's house who was selling the turtles. In true CG fashion she called and said she'd be a half hour late. So OG and I chatted some more until she got there.

After CG finally arrived we ran over to the lady's house and looked at the two turtles she had left and I picked out the one I wanted and talked to her about caring for them. We chatted about turtles for a little bit, but had to head out so we could drop of Orientation Girl for a dinner her and a couple other friends had reservations for.

After we dropped her off, Conservative Girl and I went and grabbed some food. We went over to Fern's and she wanted to sit in the restaurant part, but I wanted to watch the Twins Game and play some trivia so we sat in the bar. Had food, finished second twice to this 50ish guy who I'll probably be exactly like when I'm that age. Nice man and knows WAY to much useless info. heh.

Finished dinner, went over to Slacker HQ and played with Mr. T a little. OG called and said they were going to go to Stub and Herb's, our old haunt, instead of downtown. SO I saw CG off and headed over.

Years back when OG was still around here, we had started doing Stub and Herb's 101 shot list. Before she moved away we had made it through 50 some of the shots. I still had the original sheet we marked them off on and brought it along. They had updated it so we had to go through the new one and recheck it all. After updating the new list, we decided we had to knock off as many as we could without getting her sick.

Everybody chatted and caught up on old times, had some drinks and a bunch of fun! In all we ended up having 7 shots: Undercurrents, Apple Coolers, Pink Lemon Drops, Ginger Snaps, Juicy Fruits, Sexual Healings and Pineapple Paradises. A pretty good load, a couple of them were pretty heavy the rest were fairly easy, but we did put a nice dent in the list. So Far I've done 62 of 101 and OG has done 57 of the 101. Definitely a nice fun tradition to uphold :O)

I tested the water to see where we still stood. Talked about dating and having fun, nothing really came of it though. Got the same friends thing as before. Oh well!

Big Mike had come along as well, and of course, he went home with ANOTHER phone number. Another friend of mine, an Ex-Booty Call, was there as well with her boyfriend. On her way out I had to reminisce about an incident we had one night a while ago and told her to make sure to keep track of her underwear ;O)

Once 2am rolled around the group had dwindled to me OG and her Ex that she had gone to a wedding with this past weekend. He's in town from Germany where he's posted with the army.

As the bar was kicking us out we laughed about the couple times we had played this card game "Sip and Go Naked" with a group of our friends and all ended up naked. Fun game. Check it out. We talked about making a road trip and going out to CO to hit up the slopes and have a good time in the winter, and vowed NOT to take a year to see each other again.

I gave them a ride back to their hotel and called it a night.

definitely a fun time, I totally do miss OG and hope we can make a habit out of seeing each other more.

Anyway, gotta finish up stuff her at work since this is like my Friday. I'm gone the rest of the week and weekend to watch the NASCAR races in Michigan.

Enjoy the new digs and check out the pics on the visual edition!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tell me you don't love it when this rare occurrence happens:

You're sitting at your desk, or well anywhere for that matter. You have no plans for later, probably just going to end up watching TV or a movie.

The phone rings.

So of course you grab the phone, check to make sure it's not OCD/Anxiety girl or your equivalent (there's always one...). On the caller ID: A really good friend who moved away and you rarely get to hear from.


You answer, they say "Hey!!!! It's so and so! How are you?" You go though the standard stuff, then you hear "I'm in Town! I came in for blah blah BLAH. We need to hang out!"


So yeah, basically my best friend from college, Orientation Girl, is in town. She apparently came in for a friend of a friends wedding as an excuse to come back to the cities (she's out in CO now, Grand Junction I believe and was in Vernal, Utah before that). We talk and make plans to hang out tonight because I'm going to be gone tomorrow night until Monday night and she's only in town until Thursday.


OG and I met in orientation (gee, go figure from the name eh?) for college and we started in the same major, but both eventually changed to different ones. We hung out ALL the time. For the first year and a half of college, basically everyone who didn't know us thought we were dating. We even went so far as to do our schedules so we were in all of the same classes. I still have the notebook we used soley for writing notes to each other back and forth in class. Mind you, I totally would have loved to date her, but she had her own little rule that she didn't want to date good friends because dating might ruin the friendship. So friends it was, and we still hung out very very frequently until she graduated and got a job out in Utah.

She's a Geological Engineer and does well testing for Oil companies to see what's at the bottom of their holes before they tap into them. She tells them whether or not it's worth setting up all the equipment to get what's down there.

Sounds like we're going to get together after work and probably head over to The Condo for a bit so she can see the new place and then we're going to head downtown and meet up with some other mutual friends.

I totally miss OG, it's going to rock to get to hang out with her!


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The Relaxing Weekend

Monday, August 15, 2005

So since I was gone for only part of the weekend, some of you aren't jonesing for me as much as usual, but I know you still can't wait to hear about my weekend can you?

Anyway, I finally did get those pictures of me with a naked face up on the last post, so check me out. Funny how shaving of some hair can also seem to shave off a few years...

So on to the weekend update:

This weekend was amazingly relaxing. I still did quite a bit, but it was all fairly relaxed events, and I didn't have any female drama.

Friday -

I did absolutely nothing. At least nothing important. I talked with Hot Beer Tent Girl on the way home from work and she seemed excited to go to the Renaissance Festival. Got home and watched a movie, called the coffee shop near me to find out if they had Wireless internet yet. They did indeed finally get it up and running so I grabbed the laptop and wandered over. I should have also asked what time they close, however, since by the time I walked there they had locked up. Doh!

Stopped off at Fabulous Fern's, the official Bureau of Slacking NTN Trivia location. Had a couple Whiskey Diets and played a few rounds of trivia, then headed home and called it a night.

Saturday -

I woke up at 8:30. Yes, I said 8:30 on a Saturday morning. And I wasn't even tired. Something had to be wrong with me.

Anyway, I got up and noticed some jewelry that I know wasn't Big Mike's and a purse as well, so I assumed Mike didn't come home alone the previous night. I watched a little TV, then I headed over to Slacker Post One and popped online for a bit.

Went home and he had seen the one of his 6 gal out. We watched a little He-Man on DVD (Best of Season 1) and then decided to head to the Renaissance Festival. As per usual lately HBTG never called about going with, so we headed out by ourselves. We wandered around there, watched a couple of the shows and stopped in some of the shops and had a couple beers and some food. Nice and relaxing.

Later I went out to a co-workers housewarming party. It was in one of the distant suburbs of the cities, turned out to be a longer drive than I thought but not too bad. Had some free food and beer. Played some Polish Golf (throw two golf balls with a string between them and try and get them to stop on one of three bars for points) and some game with washers.

I met a girl I thought might be a new one. She was pretty good looking, pretty sassy, had some nice artwork on her back. She was definitely the talkative flirty type. We teamed up and kicked some ass at the Golf. Later, in convo, she started pulling out the "We's" (You know, "We met Him..." "We went to...") and I knew something was up.

Turns out she's married (didn't have her ring on) has a 4 month old (Definitely doesn't look like it) and her husband was there (though rarely around her and he didn't have his ring either). Seriously, wear buttons! She was flirty and huggy later too, right in front of her hubby, but whatever works.

Anyway, later my co-worker Drunkie, who was there as well, and I decided to go hit the other co-workers party that was going on that night. We got semi lost at one point, but found our way to where the place was supposed to be only to find out the sign telling us which driveway (this is WAY out in the country mind you, gravel road and all) was his had disappeared. A car pulled out of one of the driveways and we flagged it down, turned out that was the right driveway.

Got there and heard the last half of the co-worker's son's band and chatted with some of the people we knew there. I was reintroduced to his daughter, suddenly remembered how friggin' hot she was. We chatted for a while but nothing came of that either as her boyfriend was there as well.

He headed back to the first party, hung out by a fire for a while, then we all went in and played some drinking games. I think we hit Up and Down the River, Screw the Dealer, Presidents and Assholes, and a couple others as well. Called it a night there about 2am and headed home.

Sunday -

Got up about 9ish, still actually awake despite the 3am bed-time. Watched some more He-Man with Big Mike and just chilled out.

Later Big Mike and I went over to Fern's so he could have lunch. Conservative Girl stopped by since she had been two blocks away for a Motorcycle ridership class to get her license. I ended up going with her and two of my Condo Neighbors (Cute Veterinarian and the Only Original Guy) to the Irish Fair.

We all walked around Irish Fair and listened to the live Irish Music, checked out all the shops in the marketplace, ate some authentic Irish food (I had Lamb Stew and Roast Chicken), watched some Irish Dancing and checked out some of the other cultural events. Had a couple beers, but I was disappointed in the fact they only had American make "Irish" beer and no actual Irish beer. Oh well.

Went home, watched the rest of the He-Man DVDs and saw CG off. After we got rid of CG, Big Mike and I went over and played some NTN Trivia at Fern's. At one point this one girl came up and chatted with us, then went out and was talking with this guy, and then that guy's girlfriend came over and was all upset. She sat and bitched to us, waiting to see if he kissed her. He didn't and they all left. Stupid drama.

Anyway, that was the weekend. Nothing exceptional, and even though it was fairly eventful, it was also nice and relaxing. I'm actually not tired on a Monday, can't remember the last time that happenend.

In a today event, I made it halfway through lunch until a co-worker I have lunch with everyday and who had talked with me that morning said "Holy Crap! You Shaved!" and the guy who's housewarming party said he hadn't even noticed. heh. Some unobservant types!

Anyway, I'm off to rub my face against something. My chin likes being naked, don't we all? :O)

Happy Monday peoples.

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New Outpost & New Look

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hello and welcome to my first weekend post. Well, actually I guess My second, I think I did make one a while back, but ANYWAY. Welcome.

The Bureau of Slacking has a new outpost. I am coming to you now from an old, yet comfy chaise lounge in Nina's Coffee Cafe, hereby known as Slackpost One. SP1 is a nice lazy two blocks from Slacker HQ and has the wondrous technology of WiFi. No I have an new reason to not actually get anything productive done on weekends :O)

Anyway, still don't know for sure what's going on for the weekend, but I do know one thing: My face feels funny. Yes, The Chief has a new streamlined look that he hasn't had in many moons. My chin is definitely not used to being able to breathe freely...

As soon as hotmail ever finally receives the pictures from my phone, I'll post the before and afters ;O)

Anyway, hope you all are having a good weekend!

EDIT - It's ben over 6 hours now, and the pictures still haven't shown up in my mailbox... stupid. Hopefully they'll show up soon. I really need ot just buy the data cable so I can download them directly! Anyway, off to a house-warming party and a second party at a coworkers place with a few bands!

EDIT2 - I Finally got the pictures downloaded, Hotmail never did deliver them... anyway, here are the pictures I promised, this is the first time my chin has seen the light of day in about 4 maybe 5 years. Very few people I know right now have seen me without a goatee. It's a nice change, I think it'll stick aorund a while. Enjoy!

Before, at the Twins - Red Sox game last weekend (Where the Twins decimated the sox by a score of 12-0 by the way):

After, sometime on saturday morning:

Yes, I know I look way younger, thanks ;O)

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Gotta Displace Some Of That Estrogen...

Friday, August 12, 2005

After letting the group of deputies be completely female long enough, I think it's time a few guys joined the group. Not that I don't mind having all females, but a guy needs a little backup sometimes ;O)

The first new recruit was one of my first regulars to keep coming though, definitely has slacker blood flowing through his veins, can party with the best of them, and as a bonus, he includes a picture of a hottie with just about every post.

You love him or ya hate him, welcome to the crew Captain Bee!

The other of the guys I'm adding on today is a more recent addition to the Daily Slacker regulars, but he's been active, proving he can slack with the best of them. And hell, since he still hasn't moved out of Iowa, that just proves he's slacking!

Congrats to OzzyC!

Boys, check your email your badge will be waiting. Post it with pride and keep on slacking!

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And Then There's Option D...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

So Hot Beer Tent Girl called. Sounds like there's a possibility I'll be meeting up with her and some girls to go to the Rennaisance Festival this weekend sometime. Wouldn't that just Trip Cute Paramedic's trigger to see me there with like 4 girls and maybe one other guy. heh. I'll keep you posted if things unfold any further.

Got a TM from Cute Paramedic as well, just talked about how her Guinea Pig she bought as a girl, and was later told was a boy, is actually a girl. That was the extent of it.

That counts as contact, but not as asking to do something. So I hereby revise the below betting to assume that they actually ask to do something.

Anyway. Off to watch a movie.

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How to Kill an Employee's Morale...

Before you get too lost in this post... Go Place Your Bet. Then come back and join me in being pissed.

Ok, it's official, my boss, on top of being a complete and total idiot, is now a lying asshole. It's not enough that I think he's a horrible supervisor and really have no respect for him anyway, but apparently he would also like to be hated.

Let me give you some background:

The Boss has been my supervisor since I started working for this company. He supervises about 8 people at the moment and does a poor job of it. He couldn't do any of our jobs in a respectable amount of time if his life depended on it, no joke. He even admits to that. Despite taking just about every training offered by our company, regardless of the training's relevance to his job, he's still clueless and really has no clue how to effectively manage people. I've never take a formal management training, yet I do a better job of organizing and delegating than he does. I actually often give him TIPS on how to do a better job. The man's idea of a good presentation is read off of the slides he made word for word. Last year I had the opportunity to write a review for him and the reaction to it from one of my co-workers was "Wow, brutal, but completely accurate." He in no way emits a supervisory aura that makes you want to respect him. In short, he's the Pointy Haired Boss from Dilbert, except nicer an with less power.

So anyway, several months ago I brought up the idea of creating a higher level position of the same post I have right now. Basically it would take on more design responsibility. The position would be for the couple of us who do things well above the job description of our current job, but don't fit into some other job categories we had. Well he went on and made the position, and has been telling me for months I would get promoted to it, then he'd go through the motions with one other co-worker and then review a few other people.

Today I get to work and there's an announcement in my mailbox. The other guy got promoted.

MONTHS! Right up until this past Monday he told me that I would get it, and then he would review the others. On Monday he told me he hadn't even reviewed the other guy and was reviewing me at the moment. Today the OTHER guy gets the promotion?

I'm fine with the other guy getting a promotion, he does deserve it, but why lie to me all the way through like that?

The other day I talked with The Boss about making me a supervisor and splitting our group in two. He actually thought the idea had merit and so did his boss. I know he's not going to promote the idea because he wants to be promoted to manager, but when he brought that up to his boss, I think she laughed him out of her office and he's not going to want me to be his equal. I'm just going straight to his superiors.

Operation Screw The Boss has just been kicked into high gear.

Needless to say, I really don't feel like getting work done today, feel free to help me slack.

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Place Your Bets!

The Chief is defintiely on a downhill slope now. Last night's date with Kickball Girl certainly felt like a step back with her.

The original plan was to get together and have dinner at The Vintage, then go back and watch a movie at my place. Well, she TMed me earlier yesterday and asked if we could just have dinner at my place. Sure. Then she said she was going to be late, probably around 8:30 because she wanted to go running and get a new bike seat. Nevermind that I've offered to go running with her and she's said she likes company when she runs.

Anyway, she shows up closer to 9, jeans and a grey T-shirt, I have dinner ready (I made some Zatarain's Jambalaya and butter flake Pillsbury Croissants). She got there and complained of being tired, a little because of running, but mostly because she's done stuff with someone every night for over a week. She wasn't snuggly all night and basically was pretty cool about being there.

After Dodgeball (the movie apparently everyone who comes to slacker HQ has to watch) was over, she headed out and have me a hug and a small kiss goodbye. I told her to give me a call if she wants to hang out. She said not this week, but she'd call me.


So now it's on, the ball is now in both of Kickball Girl and Cute Paramedic's courts. They have both been told to give me a call if they want to do something, what do you think will hapen first?

So here's the wager:

You pick an order of the following with time frames, and whoever is closest wins a prize. I'm working on getting some Daily Slacker T-Shirts. (Two of you will have those comming soon)

Here are the items you need to put in order and give a time frame:

A) Kickball Girl Calls
B) Cute Paramedic Calls
C) I meet some cute new Girl

Info that may be helpful:

KBG said she was busy this week, maybe next. Cute Paramedic works at the Rennaisance Festival weekends.

Happy Betting.

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The Line Forms to the Right

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So I followed this quiz from S.C. that he got from The Apple Guy and apparently I'm an Amazing Date.

That's right ladies, amazing. I am still single, get me while I last!

The Amazing Date
You are a 86 good date!
Congratulations! You're the kind of guy who makes women come home thinking "wow" after a first date. You're classy, courteous, interesting, and generally know how to treat a woman. You give even otherwise cynical women hope in the opposite sex. They will continue to go on boring, excruciating dates with guys hoping they can date someone like you. Most likely you have your pick of women, and if you don't, you should.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 75% on dateability

Link: The Are You a Good Date (for men) Test written by demetria23 on Ok Cupid

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Game Postponed

Never did actually go out. Big Mike worked a little later than he thought he would have to and when he got home we just decided to watch Swingers instead of going out.

A much as I hate having her ruin my plans, I also didn't feel like going and having to try and avoid her all night. It wouldn't have really been that fun so it wasn't worth the trip.

While watching Swingers, both Big Mike and I realized that we both have a whole bunch of the main character, Mike, in us. Big Mike has the pining for lost love side due to the impending divorce, much like the character's end of a 6 year relationship. He also fell into the trap of being over excited and called that one girl he hooked up with the next day and hasn't heard from her again. He also has a ton of Trent in him though because he certainly has no problem picking up the ladies.

Me on the otherhand, I don't have any of that pining side, but I totally have been out of "the game" for so long just like the character Mike. While Big Mike can go out and say a few words and smile and have a girl hanging on him, something like that never happens to me.

Like the character Mike, I doubt I'll ever really have that "game." I'll certainly try, And hopefully I'll get better on it. But for the time being I guess I have to hope that I meet my Lorraine. And I'll hope she looks like Heather Graham too ;o)

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Hate The Game / Let Her Ruin My Plans?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Games -

Recent events made me ask yet again, what happened to our society?

In particular when did we all decide that playing mind games was a good acceptable thing? All the stuff with Cute Paramedic and all of your various advice seems to have a common theme: To get the girl, play mind games, if the girls knows you want her, she'll play mind games. Why?

Has there always been a game? It's just the rules that changed?

Hell, even in caveman times the guys would fight and the winner would knock out the female and bring her home. Still sounds like a game to me.

In medieval times if a guy liked a girl, he made that known, and they started their courtship. But I suppose that was essentially a game itself? The guy would try to impress the parents and the girl to be sure to win her affection. Sounds like a game to me, though that type of "game" really remained fairly unchanged until probably the 70's.

Now the game is completely different. Apparently in order to "get the girl" you can't just be nice to her. You've got to ignore her and pretend like you don't care as much to get her to like you in the end. Make it to obvious that you like her and she'll treat you like crap. What caused that shift? Instead of being attracted to nice stable guys, women want liars and schemers now? What makes a guy that plays that game that much more attractive? I understand the whole thrill of the chase thing, but if a guy is willing to mess with your head to win you over, shouldn't that be a sign he's not afraid to mess with your head and lie later in the relationship?

So why is there even a "game" at all? Is it something genetic? Something inside us makes us require a challenge to occur before we can have a relationship? Instead of just meeting and falling in love, one party or the other has to fight to make a relationship? It's the whole survival of the fittest, but apparently now instead of the fittest being the strongest, or the smartest, or even the most financially sound, it's who can play the best mind game?

The whole thing seems silly to me, but apparently if I want to go anywhere with the opposite sex, I really need to learn how to play.

Ruin My Plans? -

The last time we talked Cute Paramedic had said that we should hang out on Monday. Obviously yesterday I wasn't holding my breath to hear from her. When I left work I got a TM that said: "I hate to do this, but I have a family dinner that I forgot about. I should be home around 10." Gee, cancelled her own plans now, go figure.

Anyway, I just chilled out and watched some Pre-season football and then went to bed about 11ish. Probably five minutes after I crawled into bed, my phone rang. Now the roomie Big Mike wasn't home at that point, and without my contacts or glasses I'm blind. I answered just in case it was something important. It was CP.

Before several of you yell at me I had fully intended to ignore her call if she did call, but I didn't know she was the one calling. We talked for a couple minutes, and I was just going to say "I'm in bed, call me some other time." But then part of me wanted to see if she would at least apologize for canceling. So I chatted with her a bit, after about ten minutes of convo she did say "Sorry about punking out again."

The came the dilemma. After some more chatting she said that she was going to go to the Dubliner tonight and was going to try and get some of her friends to come with. I had already planned on going there with Big Mike tonight. So now, if I show up and she's there, it'll look like I'm being some puppy dog and crap. I wanted to go because I know the people playing the Irish music that night aren't going to be there for two months, so it'd be fun to go. So, do I go anyway and do my best to not pay attention to her? Or, do I let her cancel my plans for me? I'm too nice a guy to act like an asshole if she's nice while I'm there so I dunno.

*EDIT* So, I decided what I'm going to do tonight. I'm going to go with Big Mike, because, well, I'm a stubborn bastard and I'm not going to let someone else decide my plans for me because they're being stupid. I had enough of that with OCD Anxiety Girl. No matter what I do, it's going to be some sort fo "game." Sticking to the original plan and just going with Big Mike and pretty much ignoring her while I'm there is the least gamey thing in my eyes. If she wants to come talk to me, fine, but I'm going to be honest and tell her that I'm not dealing with the stand-up type stuff. Yup.

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Birthdays and Ballgames and Art Fairs Oh My!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Welcome back from the weekend everyone. Hope you all survived. I had a mediocre weekend, but it wasn't all bad. Let just hop right into the update!

Friday -

As I said in my last post, I got the welcome opportunity to attend the Twins - Red Sox game free. Since it was Conservative Girl's birthday I invited her along. We ended up with pretty decent seats. They were a ways up, but the were just left of being behind home plate.

The sucky part was that it was a GORGEOUS day outside and we got to watch a ballgame in a big inflated Hefty bag... oh well.

The game kicked ass, the Twins took complete advantage of the Red Sox inability to throw anywhere near the bases and took home a huge 12-0 victory. For having over twice the payroll, you think having the basics down pat would be a sure thing...

Anyway, as an example of why CG just isn't fun to hang out with, she basically just sat there and did nothing for the whole game. No clapping along to make noise, no cheering, she barely even cheered when the Twins got a run. That girl has so little passion for anything in her that it's sad. At least the game was fun for me and the other guys were there to be excited with.

After the game CG headed out and I left and met up with Big Mike at Gasthof's. There was a chance that Cute Paramedic would be there with her parents, but apparently she headed out early. Big Mike and I went there because it's usually a good place to pick up the ladies, not because CP was possibly going to be there. Unfortunately it wasn't the greatest night for Big Mike, he found out a friend of his had been beaten to death in Vegas because he won on someone else's machine after they left, and they wanted that money. It wasn't as target rich of an environment as it usually is, so he decided we should go to the Cabooze in hopes that he will see the girl he hooked up with before there again. I recommended we just stay there, but he really wanted to so I agreed. We got there and it was some lame ass hip hop band playing. It was a couple of white guys that didn't have any sort of flow and a DJ that seriously couldn't keep a decent beat when he tried to mix things. The whole place was filled with wiggers and wanna-be's and that ended up being the sole entertainment since it was WAY less target rich than Gasthof's was.

Back to Gasthof's.

The night went ok there, like usual, Big Mike just talked to some girls and suddenly had one hanging on him. She wasn't what I would consider hot or even cute in any way, but he was enjoying it. Her friend was a bachelorette I chatted with her and she talked about hooking me up with her single friends. Too bad almost all of them but one could easily be mistaken for guys and the one cute one had a guy with her.

Met a couple ex-servers from my old haunt Stub and Herb's got to chat with them a little and catch up on old times. Headed home after we got kicked out at closing. Ate some nuked chimichangas, went to sleep.

Saturday -

Since I had promised CG a while back we could go to the art fairs, we met up in the morning and went. Like usual I found many things I liked but could afford none of them. Apparently the Uptown Art Fair is ranked like #9 in the nation. There are also two other art festivals the same weekend all within a short distance. Didn't really find anything good at those either.

Later that day was supposed to be a date with The Cute Paramedic. We had talked earlier and decided that we would meet up about 6, go rollerblading and then get some dinner. After the Art Fair with CG, I laid down to take a nap. At 5 my phone rings, but I was too out of it to figure out where it was. After I found it I saw the missed call was from the Cute Paramedic. She didn't leave a message so I called back but there was no answer.

Six rolled around and there was no call. I watched the Twins come back from a 3-0 deficit to beat the Red sox 4-3 in the bottom of the ninth on yet ANOTHER base overthrow. Seriously, why do you people pay them millions of dollars to commit errors?

At 9 I officially gave up an hearing from CP and called around to see what else was going on, but it was incredibly dead for a Saturday night. Ended up just hanging out and watching some movies at home.

I finally heard from CP at about 11:00pm. Apparently after she got done teaching her CPR class, her cousin and some other people showed up at her place and told her that she was coming with to go to the Twins game and out for drinks. She told them that she had plans and supposedly they told her to call her plans and invite them along. That's what the call at 5 was, but since she got voicemail, she didn't leave a message. She claims that she was separated from her phone, that she almost always has attached to her hip, when they took her with.

I was willing to forgive the stand-up the last time because we didn't have any actual plans, this time counts. CP, welcome to the bottom of the list. I had been the nice guy until now because that's my nature. From here on out if she wants to hang out it's on her to make it happen. She asked if I wanted to hang out tonight, and so far I've just said maybe. I'm going to see if there's anything else going on first.

Big Mike had a date with a girl that night that he had met at a club the previous weekend. He called me at like 11:30 and said that after he had made a date with the girl, she informed him that she was 19. I said "Well, at least she's legal." They came back to the Condo and had drinks and watched the rest of the movie I had in (Minority Report) and had some drinks. This girl really wasn't all that cute either. Apparently big Mike's Standards are lower than I had thought. After I went to be the night must have gone well because when I got up her earrings and hairpins were still there, and were gone later Sunday...

Sunday -

I didn't have any plans for Sunday, so when OCD/Anxiety Girl called and asked if I wanted to go to the Art Fairs I agreed. Mind you, I only agreed because I found out that she had to be at her aunts house at about 3, so I knew I wouldn't get stuck hanging out with her all day. Took a second look at all the art and actually did find something I liked for my kitchen, it's a print of a painting of a window overlooking Pike's Peak. Matches my kitchen well and will fit perfectly in the space above the sink.

I had talked with KG about possibly doing something later on Sunday, she called to let me know she was seriously hung over and was just going to relax. I ended up going over to CG's place and watching a movie (Super Size Me). Later I headed back to my place and watched another movie before bed.

Checked in on the Twins score and found out they lost 11-7. Apparently Wakefield pulled an abnormally high amount of strikes out of his ass, and Joy Mays sucked like usual. Ever since his elbow surgery that guy has not been worth the money. I still have to wonder how it feels too lose two out of three and give up 23 runs in three games to a team with less than half your team's payroll? They might not be doing that hot this season, but after being in the playoffs the last four years with a payroll in the bottom third of the league, you have to respect them. Hopefully they can scramble back into playoff contention.

So that's my weekend, nothing super exceptional. At least the question of where I stand and how things are going to go with CP has been answered. It went the way most of my relationship do so that's nothing new. One of these day thing will work out for the nice guy in me, but oh well. Have a good Monday all!

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Quick Update

Friday, August 05, 2005

Hey all, hiope you all have a good weekend, see ya monday. Hopefully things will work out with the plans below.

Tonight I get to go to the Twins - Red Sox game at the Metrodome FREE and I'll take Conservative Girl because it's her birthday. :O)

Go Twins!

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Double the Turn-down, Double the Unfun

Getting sent packing after one date wasn't good enough last night, so I went and had it happen twice.

Shut Down 1 -

The date with Kickball girl went ok, but not great. We ended up just having dinner and a few drinks instead of dinner and dancing.

We met up around eightish at her place, got a kiss on the cheek hello, and she picked out Sally's to go eat so we could take advantage of this discount book she has. She was looking cute yet again in a black shirt that looks like the fabric is wrapping around here and had a tie in the back and also a cute flowing blue and black flowery skirt. I had a white stylish shirt on and black shorts since I know you're wondering Diana. ;O)

We walked over to Sally's all snuggly like since she was a little chilly. During dinner we sat close and had the whole hand holding, leg rubbing and occasional kiss thing going on. She had a Cheeseburger while I had their Guinness Beef stew. After dinner we talked and kinda decided neither of us had the energy to go dancing, but we would definitely have to do it some other night.

We had some good convo's during dinner. Basically just being up front and honest. We talked about dating other people and I found out she is dating one other person, but doesn't see him very often. I also found out that she's a huge commitmentophobe. Call her girlfriend and she's gone. She apologized for not wanting something serious, but I told her not to worry about it.

instead of dancing we walked over to a different bar next store, Stub and Herb's, that used to be my old haunt. I still know just about everyone who works there and still got a free drink. We were pretty snuggly, still with the occasional kisses and what not.

Cute Paramedic called. I was going to let it go to voicemail, but I couldn't do it. Since they had a live band I had to go outside to hear. She talked me for the flowers and said they helped. She was pretty down because she got a callback on a job she interviewed for at 9:30pm and was told she didn't get it. She invited me out tonight but I'll have Conservative Girl's birthday, so we made plans to hang out Saturday.

Went back inside and had another drink with Kickball girl. I told her who called and said she had been having a bad couple days and some friends hadn't heard from her so I wanted to make sure she's doing ok. We were still snuggly and all that.

We headed out after we finished our drinks. She was going to see me off at the door, but I had to use her bathroom. We chatted in her place for a while. Ended up with some mild making out, but that was it. I tried to entice her into having some company but she wasn't up for it.

A good date for sure, but nothing off the charts. We might hang out on Sunday depending on her schedule, otherwise we made a date for The Vintage on Wednesday. We'll see how that place works with someone I'm interested in...

Shut Down 2 -

Anyway after shut down 1, I messaged Cute Paramedic to see if she was still out. She messaged back saying yes at Otter's and I asked if she wanted to have a drink together. She replied "I'm here." I figured why not, and headed over.

I knew where the place was, but for some reason I looked up directions on my phone and ended up in the totally wrong place. After 45 min of driving I finally ended up at the place I should have gone to in the first place. Dumbass.

I got there and was greeted by her and some of her friends. Got a hug hello. We chatted here and there, and listen to people make fools of themselves at karaoke. A couple of the guys got up and did Hairband style yell-singing to songs that were nothing like that. Very funny.

She showed me a picture of the flowers, they were very pretty. A combo of pink plants, some lily like ones and a few others that I'm not sure what they were.

I saw a guy I know as a regular at Stub and Herb's there, he lives a couple blocks away. He was hanging out with a woman I've seen him with before, who's apparently a hooker. You couldn't pay me to sleep with her, but apparently she's a pro.

We drank until they closed, had couple of whiskey diets (I even got the Bartender to make big ones instead of the little 10 oz pilsner ones). In a great omen of the night, when I went to pay my tab the bartender asks "So you're Sarah?" Say what?? The waitress at Sally's had taken my card so we could start a tab. When she brought the bill she didn't bring the card, I told her just to charge it to the card I gave her. She came back with what I thought was my card, I signed the slip and we left. Apparently she gave me some other girls card and charged our meals to it as well. .oO(So who the hell has my card and what are they doing with it?) I pay with a different card and we head outside.

While we're chatting outside CP's friends (two of them are cops) decide they should go over to the 1029. While we're chatting we hear a nice loud crunch of metal and plastic. A nice sounding car accident. A couple minutes later, a car drive up the street toward the bar and you could see the front end mangled, and hear a nasty rubbing sound and smell the burning tire from it. Some drunk motherfuckers (they had to be if they're driving a car in that condition) just kept going, pieces dangling off and tires smoking all the way. One of CP's friends says he'll see us later, hops in his truck and takes off after them. I'm sure at this point the driver regrets that he made that turn...

Anyway, CP say they're going to head over and I asked if she wanted a ride, but she already had one with her other friends and basically told me not to come. She said that since I wasn't "in the business," meaning I wasn't a cop or paramedic. I probably wouldn't get in and she doubted the would serve me. Gee, thanks for at least trying. Gave me a hug goodnight and that was that.

I stopped off at Sally's on the way home and luckily they still had my card, the had me sign a new slip that actually was for my card and took the other Girl's card back.

So there's my night of dead ends. Hopefully the possible tonight and plans with CP for tomorrow stand, but I guess we'll see.

Now I'm going to go back to Slacking in Dual Monitor form. I got a second monitor at work so I can do the fun drag stuff from one screen onto the other things now :O) Technogeekage at it's best. Two high end workstations and now dual-monitorness.


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The Love Hate Society

Thursday, August 04, 2005

At one point in our culture, did it start becoming an accepted and now popular idea, to take things that at one point were bad or wrong or whatever, put them on display, and find it entertaining? For the sake of keeping this under 784,346 pages long, let's narrow the scope to television.

There's a new show debuting tonight called "Starved." The show is situation comedy about people with eating disorders, or basically "'Friends': Behind the Scenes." The show is written by and the actors are people who have actually battled with eating disorders such as anorexia or bulemia during their lifetime, but still, does that make it ok? Last time I checked those were both serious and quite possibly deadly issues, and now they have a sitcom? I'm sure thee will be some educational content in it, there had better be, but it's just part of a trend in television.

Is our society that low that we need to put people with issues on display to make ourselves feel better? Hey look! That person is making fun of anorexia, so my diet isn't that big of a deal. Wow! Look at how nasty that family's kids are! My little Hellenic with no respect for rules really aren't that bad. Gee look, that dad on TV can't relate to his kids because he's too busy working too! I guess it's perfectly fine!

Thanks to reality TV they took the bottom out of the barrel, extended it a few feet lower, and found a seedier, scummier new low. See look! I don't have to work for pay! I can just eat maggots and rat-cockroach milkshakes! Yeah! That's right! Plot against that unsuspecting person to screw them out of the house! Look at those brats trying to make it at boot camp! haha!

So is this how we make ourselves feel better now? By putting the less fortunate on display and then making fun of them? Hey look all you poor parents, people with eating disorders, drunks and whatnot, we don't care if this is something you're fighting and possibly dying from, you're our entertainment!

What happened to the feelgood television of old, when we could be entertained by a wholesome family that did fun things? Now it has to be a dad who's father sucked, trying to make it with three kids and try and be a decent father. Even the wholesomeish families now have some issues come up. One of the girls gets pregnant or a friend shoots himself.

What happened to feeling good about feeling good? What happened to being inspired? Now it seems like we just look for distractions that show us that our lives don't suck, look at these poor shmucks that have it worse!

Everybody has problems, everybody needs help at some point. But why as a society did we stop focusing on the fun side of life, on enjoying ourselves and the time we have, and get so caught up in issues?

Lighten up people! I slack because I care! You people are to serious for your own good sometimes, but don't take something that's serious and make fun of it! I think the fine line between those got trampled a while back. How about we go back and find it?

On that note, feel free feel better about yourself by reading about my dating silliness below! :O)

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So last night I really just wanted to chill and do nothing, kind like the previous night had turned out, but Conservative Girl called and reminded me about dinner plans we made a while back. I didn't really want to go, but when she said it was her treat I couldn't pass it up. Free meals rule.

We went to The Vintage, this cool restaurant near Slacker HQ that's an old Mansion, or at last a really big pretty old house, that's now a restaurant. We had gone there a while back on a Sunday and found out they have 1/2 price wine Sunday through tues, and then on weds they have this companion meal. The meal is choice of soup or salad, choice of three entrees and then you share a desert. All of that for $49 and they include a bottle of wine as well.

For the first course, CG had a Caesar Salad while I had the mixed greens with Balsamic vinaigrette. For the entrees CG had a Chipotle Chicken with Smoked Gouda puffy rice-like stuff (It has a much prettier name I can't remember) and I had Salmon with Rice Pilaf and a lemon butter sauce. I do believe that's the first time I ever had Salmon (I'm not a big fish eater, but I'm starting to get into it) and the lemon butter sauce along with the little bit of pepper they had rubbed on made it super tasty. For desert we had Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with two kinds of chocolate drizzled on it.

Al of this would have been super fun and rather romantic... If it was with someone I really enjoyed hanging out with. The reason I've been hanging out with CG a bunch lately is because it's her birthday this week and she doesn't really have that many other friends in the area to celebrate it with. Her family is coming up later in the month to do a mass celebration since they have three family members with birthdays inside of a month timeframe.

So wondering why the headline was "DAMMIT!!" yet? You know, if you were cats you probably be dead by now... Anyway, about halfway through eating our main courses (mind you it's just after 9, most normal people are done eating by now, CG works some stupid hours) my phone rings. Yeah, it was the Cute Paramedic. DAMMIT.

CG asked who was calling and I said "My friend 'Cute Paramedic' from kickball." Unfortunately my manners kept me from answering the phone so I let her leave a voice mail. Later, while waiting for the dessert to come, I checked my voice mail quick. Apparently, she phone has been on the fritz lately and doesn't ring and doesn't tell her she has new messages. She also mentioned that she was in a funk and feeling kind of anti-social on her vacation. Well that sucks.

After I got done, CG asked: "So what did he want." Heh. CP does have a nickname that sounds like it could possibly be a guys name, but spelled different. So I responded "Not much, just to see what's up, and CP's a girl actually." CG:"Oh."

After dinner was over I saw CG off and then gave Cute Paramedic a call, but of course I just got her voicemail. Looks like the game of phone tag is on! My luck, she'll call back right in the middle of my date with Kickball Girl tonight. I'll probably answer this time if she calls.

My plan for tonight is to get some dinner, maybe go out to a dance club, and hope the night goes well! I TMed KG to make sure we're still on, so we'll see if she replies. Anyway, later peoples. I think I feel a rant coming on for later. We'll see!

P.S. Congrats to Diana and Amy for authoring the 10th and 20th comments... even if you both did work the system to get them ;O)

P.P.S This just in: Kickball girl responded, the plan is indeed to get dinner and then hit a dance club for a bit. Wish me luck!

P.P.P.S I am attempting to send flowers to CP to get her out of the funk. I aquired her addy from one of her best friends, then suddenly realized I have no idea how to spell her last name... Doh!

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Happy 100! And 2000!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Celebration! -

I logged in to blogger today to write another post, and I noticed something. When it showed my list of blogs (which somehow is massive now, though three are just for experimenting) it showed posts per blog. This here, is my one hundredth post!

I'm sure to a lot of you this is nothing special. And it's really not to be either, but it is cool!

Also, sometime last night I also got my 2000th page view since I started tracking a couple days after I started the blog! I'm glad to see that so many of you find my blog interesting enough to keep coming back! Thanks for the fun and I hope to keep it up!

In celebration of 100 posts and 2000 hits, I'm going to give away two prizes. I'm not sure what they are going to be yet, but it'll definitely be something fun and Slacker related. Find out how to win at the end ;O)

Dating Update -

Anyway, last night was a bust with the Cute Paramedic. No phone call, no TM, nada. I decided to give her a call at one point, but her phone was off. I'm not sure I can qualify this as an official stand-up since we never had any official plans, but she did say she would call and let me know before tues. Oh well, she'll slip into the #2 spot for now until I find out what was up.

I do want to clarify something after re-reading the last post and some of the comments. I came off as though I'm just dating these girls looking for sex, which, while I would certainly like that to happen, is not the reason for me dating. Mostly I want to make some new friends to go out with, and maybe eventually find someone to get serious with. Not in any rush for that though either.

In true slacker fashion I just wanna go with the flow. Yesterday I was just a little annoyed about the mixed vibes. Usually I can read a person very well even with hardly having talked to them, but with Kickball Girl and now it seem with the Cute Paramedic my personality radar seems to be on the fritz. Apparently cute girls cause glitches in the system?

I also got invited to a wedding with my good friend G. I haven't hung out with her much since she moved back from Cali. We really have to remedy that. And no, she's not a new or returning member of "the girls" she's much more like a sister. I think it'll make a good opportunity for my own personal Wedding Crashers :O) sound like it'll be a good time, free bar on a riverboat all one night and a big reception the next day. The ceremony is at a cathedral a few blocks from Slacker HQ and the reception is a mere 5 minute drive. Rock on.

Comment away!

The prizes go to the people with 10th and 20th comment so get commenting!

P.S. The Trivia Blog is newly pretty and now up and functioning... check it out!

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Covert Operations.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I think I should feel evil. I probably should, but I don't.

Last night Conservative Girl came over like usual on Monday nights so we could indulge in a guilty pleasure that is Hell's Kitchen. Usually I despise reality TV crap, but somehow I got sucked into Hell's Kitchen. I especially like it because there's a really good breakfast place around here called Hell's Kitchen... I wonder if they've thought of suing...?

Anyway, so we watch HK and I make some Zatarain's Jambalaya Pasta mix. While I'm cooking I get a phone call, it's Kickball Girl. She wonders if I would want to go out for a walk or something. I said I was watching TV with a friend and making dinner, but I could give her a call later.

So HK gets over, the guy I wanted to win did win, cool. I head to the bathroom and TM Kickball Girl back. She calls back immediately after (don't worry, I was finished in there by then) and asks if I maybe wanna meet somewhere for a drink after she runs to pick up a book. I figured why not :O)

Time to break out the code. So I tell CG that I want to call it an early night. She was like "It's only 9!" I convinced her I was going to bed and saw her out. Big Mike was on the porch puffing a cancer stick as I was walking her out and asked what I was up to. I said I was going to "call it an early night." Picking up on it, he said "Yeah, me too." but after CG got in her car he said: "I'm probably going to call in an early night over at Fern's" hehe.

While waiting for KG to call me back after picking up her book, Big Mike came back upstairs. He had seen me on the phone earlier while I was cooking, so I told him that it was KG who had called. He said cool, and figured it was her or Cute Paramedic.

KG called back and we decided to meet at her place and then walk to Joe's Garage for a drink. I got there and got a hug hello. She was wearing a super cute green sundress and looking hot yet again. She apologized for calling in sick for our last date and said that she didn't see anyone for about 3 days while she was feeling like crap. I guess I'll believe it.

Over drinks on the nice rooftop patio we caught up on stuff. She finally got a new job and is debating how much she wants to work when school comes around. I worked in the talk about dating multiple people and it seems agreed with both in the mindset of dating 1 or two people until it gets more serious with one or the other. She brought up the whole "one person or other ends up getting attached" thing which made me wonder if she's just looking for flings or what.

Anyway after drinks we headed back to her place. On the way we chatted about dating some more and whatnot. She mentioned that one Boyfriend of hers didn't want to have much sex. What the hell kind of man is that??? We arrived and she invited me up. We got up there and chatted for a while she came over on the couch and laid back on me. I rubber rubbed (for crying out loud Kira!) her stomach and she snuggled in. I gave her a kiss on the neck, but that was about it. Soon after she said she should be getting to bed. Damn the brakes. Why the hell'd you invite me up? sheesh.

Anyway we did make plans to go out on Thurs for a much better non last minute date. I'm thinking we should go dancing. She throws out vibes like she wants to throw down, maybe some nice close dancing will do the trick.

I know some of you advised me to ditch Kickball Girl, but I am not gonna. At the very least it's another friend to have around. And if it turns into a fling, rock on.

The Chief needs to get some.... That I actually remember anyway.

I might have a date tonight with Cute Paramedic. She hasn't called to confirm though and I'm not sure if I want to give her a call or not. My hopes are that she'll call and show some interest.

Anyway, off to slacking by trying to make a new template for the Trivia Blog.

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Weekend Update!

Monday, August 01, 2005

So yeah, next time I take a vacation day, I'll be sure to file it here so that you all know I'm am going to be gone. Sorry about that! But like I said, contribute to the "Get Slacker Net at Home" fund and I'll be posting like a madman ;O)

Anyway, so since you haven't heard from me since thurs I have a bunch of updating. It's probably going to be super long, but it'll give you a bunch of readin to do while slacking off on a Monday. Unfortunately there's nothing exciting on the Girl Front but here's the rest:

Friday -

So I decided on Thursday I needed to take the day off so I could get my car fixed and hopefully to hang out with Cute Paramedic. My car needed a new CV axle, an alignment and also a new muffler since the old one had rusted completely off. Took that in right away after I woke up.

CP and I had talked about hanging out during the day on Friday a couple days before. But unfortunately she got called into work on Thursday so she had too much stuff to do around the house. I offered to help or at least to take her out to lunch, but she didn't reply till after work.

So instead during the day I was actually productive. Yeah, I actually did get stuff done. I took my bike with to the shop so I could ride it home, but decided to stop by a couple bike shops because me seat was in very poor, uncomfortable shape. Got a new seat. Went home and cleaned up around the place, did the dishes, organized some stuff in the basement too. I also changed the main building locks since they hadn't been changed in about 10 years. I think I was more productive at home than I would have been at work. Man, do I need the net at home.

unfortunately for the evening, I had already made plans to hang out with OCD/Anxiety girl. I hadn't talked to her for several weeks after her least freak out session and decided I would give one last try at being friends. The plan was to get the clubs I was going to buy from her at her parents place, then go eat, visit a friend of her family's who was retiring and then hit The Cabooze for drinks and live music.

So I pick her up and we head down to her parents place. We picked them up and then drove around trying to find places to get cash for later in the night. I now have a nice brand new set of golf clubs. In case anyone cares they're cheapy "Matrix" club. Nothing special but they'll work.

We decided after the cash run that we would have Mexican and margaritas at Don Pablo's. We got there, got seated and ordered. We had both finished out first margarita by the time food got there, so we started wonder what took so long. Once we got our food, we realized it had obviously been forgotten. The food was cool. After we sent it back we got it replaced (it was nice and hot the second time) and the manager took it off our tab. Seeing as we had free food, we decided on another round of margaritas.

Next stop was to have a beer at The Rock Bottom Brewery downtown for her friend of the family's retirement. We stopped in there, had a free beer chatted for a while. I taught some guy there who to actually use his camera phone. The dude had about 28 pictures of the inside of his pocket. The retiree's mom was there and at 90+ couldn't believe it was both a camera and a phone. hehe

After the free beer, we went out to the Cabooze to see The White Iron Band. It turns out the guys in the band are friends with guys I know. It was fun music, kind of a classic country rock sound. Very entertaining lyrics.

OCD had her first freak out of the night when one bartender took her order, then referred her to the other bartender. The second guy had to wave in her face to get her attention because she was wondering why the first guy walked off. She then got huffy and made me order and flipped off the bartender from her seat. Five bucks says we got weak drink after that.

Later OCD's neighbor Dimples showed up and a little after that my roomie Big Mike did as well. We all had a few drinks and a couple shots (which OCD somehow got in on after I told them not to get her any). At one point Big mike ordered himself and I a Jim and Coke. The bartender apparently heard Gin and Coke. Good God that was nasty.

Later Big Mike goes out for a smoke and didn't come back for a while, so I went out and checked on him. He was chatting with some girl and I asked if he wanted a drink. He said sure so I went in, got us whiskey Diets and walked back out to find him making out with the girl. I set his drink on the table and told some guy laughing at them going at it that if they ever stopped, to hell him that's his drink. A couple minutes later, I saw them leave together. Don't worry, I grabbed the drink, no alcohol was left undrank.

Later I got a call from him because he had never picked up the new key that I had told him to put on his keychain. He and the girl needed to get inside. So OCD dimples and I headed back to my place let Big Mike and thre girl in so they could get it on some more and had a few more drinks. At around 4 I gave dimples a ride home, which considering I don't remember the drive, I never should have done. Thank god it was only a 12 block drive. Made it safe though.

I really wish I hadn't had that much to drink considering I woke up naked with OCD. Don't ask, I don't really remember.

Apparently Big Mike called me at like 10 to 5 after he dropped of the girl and I was just going to bed. Don't remember that convo either. Apparently he had a 7am work meeting. Luckily he just had a sex hangover not and alcohol one like I did.

Worst part was finding out that Cute Paramedic had gone out and stayed up just about as late. I could have been hanging out with her. Dammit.

Saturday -

Needless to say I was worthless for a good chunk of this day. Thought I did get woken up due to an Estimate on new windows I had scheduled for 10am. That was a bad plan.

A buddy of ours, D, was visiting from out of town so he came over, and we all went out to lunch. I ended up having to run home before we were done because it was 1 and I had a second estimate scheduled. Again, jogging with hangover, bad plan.

So we watched a movie while OCD and Big mike passed out again. After the movie I attempted to drive OCD home only to have to sit and wait for about a thousand motorcycles (not joking with the number) to drive down the main street I had to cross to get her home.

D and I went to the driving range after I got back and left Big Mike passed out on the couch. I was able to work out the problem I had with the drive starting off in the wrong direction, but wasn't able to get rid of the slice. If any of you know how to get rid of it, let me know. Big Mike called as we were leaving the range wondering where the hell we were. hehe

I tried to get Cute Paramedic to come out, but since she had a late night Friday, she decided it would be best if she stayed in and rest with some movies. If it wasn't for D visitng I so would have offered to bring the popcorn.

We decided to go out to Gasthof's later and hung out watching a few more movies and playing some cards. Later we piled in Big Mike's car and headed over to Gasthof's only to find out it was closed for some unknown reason. Instead we went to Brother's downtown.

Apparently it was night of the bachelorette party. There were no less that eight groups that had come to the bar in the time we were there. We chatted it up with one of the cuter groups and grabbed tootsie pops from the cleavage of one of the friends with our teeth. After not getting much luck there we decided to head over to The Lone Tree and Annex to test our luck.

On the way into the place this girl came up and asked where we were going, her friend looking a little embarrassed. Big Mike chatted with the first fiend while D and I chatted with the second. The first friend was a total Paris Hilton wan-be, had the short bleach blonde hair and way too much eye make-up. The second was super cute and had this orange dress on that did very fun Marilyn Monroe things in the wind. Pink panties if anyone wonders.

Well we convinced them to come in with us and they come down to the Annex. (apparently they had no money, so Big Mike paid... Red flag for just looking for the free entry) I'm not quite sure what happened, but as soon as we get to the dance floor, the Chick in orange that had been conversing and flirting with me latched on to Big Mike and I was left with PH wan-be. After they went to the bathroom and the PH-Wanna-be almost got kicked out for ID issues (I'm thinking the ID she had might not have been hers.) We danced some more until PHW caught eyes with some Tall Dark Gangster type. She of course walked right over to him. Gee no surprise there. Soon after they did the whole bathroom thing again and like I suspected would happen, never came back.

I tell ya though, this whole grabbing up the girl I'm flirting with thing is going to get old quick if it happens again. He ain't even divorced yet and he's already got 4 girls on the line. The last one he had an all nighter with the night he met!

Anyway, I ended up seeing an old drinking buddy who had moved away there so we chatted for a while and caught up. Said hi to some of his friends who I hadn't seen in a while. About 1:30 Big Mike, D and I called it a night and headed home. D had a 9am tee time that was about an hour's drive from my place the next day.

Sunday -

This was basically just a day of laziness. Went to the driving range again, still couldn't get rid of the damn slice and also topped one ball so bag it made my wrist hurt way bad and made my hand go numb so I dropped the club. Oh well.

CP had to work so I had nothing there. Ended up watching a movie with Big Mike and eventually Conservative Girl stopped by. She was wearing this super cute outfit complete with short skirt, which is just wrong because she's flaunting all of this stuff she's never going to use yet doesn't understand how big of a tease she's being. It's one thing to flaunt it if you mean to, but it's another to be clueless about it. Then come to find out she's taking her motorcycle training in a couple weeks and is going to buy a bike. She wants a Harely at one point, but none of them are small enough to use as a decent starter bike. Cute excessively naive girl, on a Hog. She is sooooo going to end up with the wrong type of guys trying to go for her and totally going to get hurt since she doesn't have any clue whatsoever about reading peoples motives.

Got sucked into watching West Wing before bed and then called it a night. Really nothing special for the day.


So yeah, there's the extended weekend for you. I had also tried to get a hold of the Beer Tent Girls, Kickball Girl and the Ex Friend's Ex, but to no avail. I'm not sure what's up with Kickball Girl, but when I talked with Cute Paramedic on Saturday she said we could hang out Monday if she's not going to a concert, or Tuesday and that she would give me a call. I'm going to leave the ball in her court and see if she actually calls. I'm not going to be a puppy dog, if she's interested she needs to show it. We'll see.

Anyway I'm outta here, if you happen to be trivia buffs, check out the new We Want to Be on a Gameshow blog a group of us trivia nerds are running. It's in the early stages now, expect it to get going well soon!

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I never knew how much you people rely on me for entertainment :O)

I had the day off of work on friday, and sicne I have no internet at home...

You people need to chip into the "Get Slacker Net at Home" fund. then instead of doing productive stuff around the house, I can slack off by blogging about other things! :O)

Anyway, I'll have a Weekend update for you in a little while, stay tuned!

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