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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

History in the Making

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Tab
So tonight Orientation Girl and I will make some Stub and Herb's history! She's back in town and after last night's debauchery, we're down to TWO measly shots. Yes, only two!

As you can see from the tab last night, She, some cohorts from her company and I took some good advantage of her companies recruiting funds. And we were actually taking it easy! :O)

If you look closely on the tab, you'll see we took out the Black Widow (Jag, Vodka), The Godfather (Scotch, Amaretto), Sassy Pants (Limon, S&S, Sprite, grenadine) and Packin punch (Malibu, melon, 151, sprit, Pineapple) and then the traditional Undercurrent as well.

That leaves us with ONLY Three Wise Men and the Blind Date. The latter is actually "Bartender's Suprise" so who knows what it will really be. Since it's in celebration of doing 101 shots, it better not be nasty!

OG managed to fanagle a t-shirt out of the owner and he also have us Club seats to the Icebreaker Hockey Tournament hosted by the Minnesota Gophers. Go Go rich people seats! Yeah!

Anyway, I'm off to the game, and then off to finish the shot list after. I'll post pictures of our history making feat later this weekend!

Later all!

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At Fri Oct 12, 09:44:00 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

i was all looking forward to the "fun with facial hair" you promised, and nothing! i see how it is!

let me know how the game was and how brutal the bartender was with that last shot! :o)


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