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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

July 4th Weekend Update

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Long weekends are nice. Very nice. I think I need to take them more often.

The only problem is, now I have a big ol' update to give all of my wonderful readers :O)

I'm going to break it down into one post for each day, then give a single post with indexed links to each day...

AND since I took a ton of pictures this weekend, The Visual Edition is going to be pretty full this week as well!

Stay tuned Slacker Nation, updates are immanent!

posted by Chief Slacker @ 9:10 AM,


At Tue Jul 05, 11:32:00 AM, Blogger aurora said...

Can you feel your stock rising???

At Tue Jul 05, 12:34:00 PM, Blogger Chief Slacker said...

I was wondering when is was finally going to start rising. Took long enough!

Feels good! :O)

You should link to me and boost my value even more!

At Tue Jul 05, 01:40:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool - can't wait to see the pics!

At Tue Jul 05, 02:04:00 PM, Blogger Carrie said...

yes yes... EVERYONE should link to you... I want to be filthy stinkin RICH!!!

At Tue Jul 05, 02:51:00 PM, Blogger aurora said...

I am linked to you...stupid link sites never work right.


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