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TAKE THAT you red rubber ball!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

So the first Kickball game of the season is now over. While our team was all bad-ass in black, we were just downright bad on the field. Luckily we made up for that in drinking.

Our local division seems to be a pretty good one with 6 different teams. For week one I think our team "Your Team Sucks" and our opponents "The Angels" (who were formerly known as the "Godless Whores" until nixed by the league) were a good matchup. At least personality wise anyway. Both teams had spirit, that's for sure. Unfortunately our team lacked skill as we were pummeled 8-0. Both of my two ( 1 , 2 ) trips to the plate ended in fly outs. I need to learn to keep the ball down. Oh well. The Majority of the runs scored can be attributed to Seppie. This man single handedly accounted for 4 errors in the game. Two of which came in the same play and ended up giving up three runs. Our teams does seem to have a good knack for looking like monkeys though.

The good news was that we had enough Jell-o shots to make it through the entire game. I think we'll need more for next week though. We must get the other team drunk prior to our game. Then maybe we stand a chance.

After the game we hit it hard at a couple local bars, then partied the night away at a buddy's house.

Friday, two of The Whores invited us over to a party of their own. Margaritas, Whiskey and good Polish Vodka made for a very nice night. Not such a great morning, but a great night.

I look forward to kicking some balls next week.

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