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Newsweek Lunacy

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

So anyone else read all the hubbub about Newsweek lately?

Apparently they printed an article that quoted some anonymous person saying they knew of times when some prison guard flushed some detainee's Quran (The Islamic version of the Bible) down the toilet. And to top it of aparently people in Afghanistan are big readers of Newsweek sicne they got so mad at the article, the rioted. RIOTED! Seriously, 8 people dead.

Then, so try and save some face you have Scott McClellan, the White House Press Secretary, come out and tell them they need to recall the article because it's not true. Seriously, guards have led naked detainees around on leashes, made them do naked pyramids and even attached electrodes to their nuts and you honestly think they enver at least once they screwed with a Quran? These are the hardcore types down in Gitmo. Ask any Marine. The only suprising part was that that info made it off the island. Then again I've heard the informat was a Lawyer, so who knows then.

The White House kept pushing and finally Newsweek detracted the article. How hard do you think it is for this White House to defend the Quran? A book that many Christian religions take to be a sinful book. These is the same people crying Religion against anything remotely Gay, or when a husband wants to let his wife die naturally or any other time they beleive it to be politically advantageous.

Funny how a Fuck the world we're going to do it our way Administration suddenly cares again about a country they opretty much forgot about after they invaded Iraq...

So maybe it's not such a bad thing. Either way, it's crazy. Jsut plain crazy.

posted by Chief Slacker @ 2:07 PM,


At Tue May 17, 03:40:00 PM, Blogger Nicholas said...

Man, it would be cool if at least two things in the world made sense, today!
Also, being W.'s press secretary has to be the worst job in the world.
Oh, and I agree with what you said in my blog-in many cases, I don't think Christians have forgiven Eve for that whole apple thing, either.

At Tue May 17, 04:17:00 PM, Anonymous rosie cotton said...

hi, quite randomly came across ur blog. was jst wondering what u meant here: 'How hard do you think it is for this White House to defend the Quran? A book that many Christian religions take to be a sinful book'??? bye


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