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The Interview... And Answers!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Here's the Interview taken from -E's blog:

So I'll be honest, I know very little about Nick B. He works in a cubicle and is moving into a condo, so I'll have to come up with some random questions for ol Nick here. This should be interesting.

You, sir, are called to an unusual mission. You get to pick 8/10 so we can all get to know you better. Have fun answering then find more to ask 5 questions to.

1. What is under your bed? Or since you've been doing the move thing you might not have much under there now- what is usually down there?
2. What is the most disgusting thing you have ever had to do? Why did you have to do it?
3. When you think of your childhood, what do you remember most?
4. What is the meanest thing you have ever done? Why did you do it?
5. What is your favorite toy in the world?
6. What is your best feature?
7. Give us a review on the last movie you saw in the theaters.
8. What is the best Halloween costume you've worn?
9. What is the best album ever recorded? Make your argument here.
10. What is the nicest thing anyone has done for you?

Here are the answers:

Being of a generous nature, and also breaking back out of the shell I've come to have, I'll will answer ALL of them!

Here goes:

1. Under the bed:
At the moment: Crumpled up Kleenex, extra blanket.

Two days ago before packing almost everything: Crumpled up Kleenex, Extra blanket, plastic bin of random pharmaseutical stuff (Cold Meds, Halls, Pepto, Thermometer, Condoms, etc) And some soft clip together handcuffs.

2. Disgusting Thing:
I'm about 8ish. Droppped and f-bomb. Forget munching on a bar of soap. The Mom went for the shampoo. got a nice mouthful. She held it shut till I was green. I think I stayed greenish for about a week. Didn't swear till I was 20. At least not in front of The Mom!

3. Childhood:
This! Yup, that's me. Not even two and I'm reading the paper and drinkin' a beer.

4. Meanest thing:
Had sex with a girl my roomate had a crush on for about a year. The why is because he started dating my girlfriend before she stopped being my girlfriend. Mean, but not so fulfilling.

5. Favorite toy:
My tiny little stuffed dog Toby Wuppster. That dog goes everywhere with me. He lives in my car, but if I go anywhere without the car he comes too. Even had him sticking out the back of my backpack when I hiked the Great Smoky Mountains. He's good at scaring off unwanteds!

6. Best feature:
Good nature. I'm friendly to everyone. I'm a talker, flirter, all around good guy. My best friend says I'm too nice at times.

7. Last movie:
The Grudge. What a rip off of The Ring. They try and get the creepy girl and the quick jump out at you stuff. One of the friends I was with had to tell me to quit laughing because it was such a copycat.

8. Best Halloween Costume:
It's a toss up, either the Stay-Puft Mashmallow man costume complete with cotton filler arms and the sailors hat, or, when I was about 10, I made my own costume from a cardboard box to look like a TV. I was The MagnaBox. The control panel even flipped out to be a drop chute to the candy bag!

9. Best Album:
You may as well ask what mood I'm in... I could answer with something classic like Floyd or Zeppelin, or even a good newer rock album like Metallica's Black album, but lately I totally dig Evanesence. That CD totally sucks me in.

10. Nicest thing someone did:
One of the nicest things i can remember someone doing was buying me a drink. To put it in context, after the aforementioned girlfriend dating roommate scandal, I was in my favorite bar. The most grumpy, crochety, mean old man you'll ever meet (a regular at said bar) overheard me talking to the bartender (who after that day banned the roomate from the bar). He told me if ever someone needed a drink it was me and has been nice to me ever since. Funny where you can find a heart!

So there ya go. Pages about me! Now the hard part, finding 5 people to ask questions of! I spose I should sleep now. Gotta finish moving tomorrow!

So there's just a little more about me!

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At Sat May 14, 04:19:00 AM, Blogger -E said...

Great answers. That was fun.

Condoms and handcuffs eh? Gee, I wonder what some of your hobbies are....


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