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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

International Bureau of Slacking - Position Descriptions

Thursday, January 01, 2004

The Bureau of Slacking is constantly expanding. With this in mind a four tier position scale has been created to recognize the best of the slack. Each position comes with more responsibility to slack and also more rewards.

Deputy Slacker - This is the entry level position for the International Bureau of Slacking. These persons uphold the Bureau motto: "To Slack and Procrastinate." They are frequent visitors to the Daily Slacker, comment on it, and also have entertaining blogs of their own.

Sergeant of Slacking - These persons have shown exceptional slacking acumen. They are examples of the Bureau's motto and promote it as well. Sergeants also have other Deputies in the state they slack in or have gone far above and beyond the in their slacking duties.

Lieutenant Slacker - To be a Lieutenant, these persons must have at least one lower level Slacker in their state. They will have been long time members of the Bureau of Slacking and have constantly promoted the Bureau's values. In addition to promoting the IBS's values, they will have also been involved with promoting the Daily Slacker and increasing it's international readership.

Lieutenant Chief Slacker - This is the highest level achievable in the International Bureau of Slacking. This position will aid in the upkeep and continuation of the Bureau and of the Daily Slacker. They will aid with new content as well as expanding the international readership. This may also be filled in the case of starting alternate, native language international editions of the Daily Slacker.

posted by Chief Slacker @ 10:19 AM,


At Thu Jun 29, 08:50:00 PM, Blogger rayray said...

I linked you off my buddy Ozzy's site.
Guess I won't be a Deputy due to the fact that my blogs are more angst ridden and less entertaining! ;)


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