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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ok, time to cue up Flight of the Bumblebee and start the mad dash of cleaning and packing. The Parents are officially coming to town. Got a call last night saying they were definitely coming this weekend to help me finish moving out of my apartmetn and into the new condo. I've already moved Most of the living room, all of the dining room and some of my bedroom. Now it'll be time to move the bed, desk bookshelf and various other things still remaining. After this weekend I will officially my totally moved into my new place. Can't wait! The new kitchen is almost complete, I finished the touch ups to the paint, installed the lights above the sink, and have the slate tile backsplash all adhered to the wall. Just have to grout and seal it and I'm all done.It'll definitely be nice to be all moved in and settled.

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