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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

Condo Update

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

So, I am now completely moved into the new condo. And, that means I successfully survivied a weekend hanging out with The Dad! Yay me. We didn't even argue.

I did get a little frustrated when I would tell The Dad directions, and he would forget what I said a block later.
No Dad, DALE, not Daniel.
You wouldn't think the directions Left on Dale, Left on Dayton would be taht hard. Arg! I tell ya, that man is more in need fo a Mobile Memory (PDA or some sort fo electronic info storage) than anyone I know. I know I'd be lost and probably miss half of my meetings if I didn't have one. I get a friendly little buzz 20 or more minutes before I need to be anywhere and off I go.

That's the downside of being ADD I guess. Might have 145 IQ, but the 5 other thoughts I'm having at once sometimes take me away from the one I really should be concentrating on. I don't know anyopne else taht has to sing a song in two or three part round in their head to be able to drown out everything enough to fall asleep.

Anyway, yeah. All moved in! Now it's on to the unpacking yet again. I have the living rom mostly set, the Office is pretty complete, just need some more shelving eventually. The the bedroom... yikes. Man do I ever ned to do some laundry. Kitchen is almost done, sanded of one fingertip grout the new tile backslpash, definitely going to be wearing gloves for the second half of that job. In another week or two I'll actually have a livable place! Housewarming party here I come! who's in?

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