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Retraction! Or not...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ok so this isn't a retraction, but more a clarification of an earlier post.

Rosie Cotton asked for some clarity about my past post Newsweek Lunacy. I figured as the first person to randomly find my blog and comment, she deserved and answer. (Also thanks to the others that have visited and commented so far)

Anyway here's my reply, with a little more soap boxing:

I'll start with the Christians finding the Quran sinful part. Basically to most Christian denominations, Jesus is lord and savior. People who don't believe that are heathens, sinners, etc. To them, the teachings of the Quran, while very similar to The Bible, are writings of said heathen's and should not be listened to. Only the true word of god as written in The Holy Bible is what a true Christian should follow.

I do note this is not my personal opinion, just a representation of what I've heard from some of my more conservative friends. I would not place myself on the conservative side of the fence.

Anyway, to continue, I mentioned it was odd the current White House would so quickly jump to defend it (Again, not complaining they are, just surprised) considering how far they bent over to do anything the Religious Right has asked of them. Bush will read a book or ride his bike when there are terrorist attacks or possible threats, but when the RR asks him to sign a bill to go WAY past normal Executive Branch boundaries, he flies back in the middle of the night and signs a bill in his PJs. Not to mention the fact they ban or bash anything that can be associated with Homosexuality.

So that's my answer. I'm sure it probably did more harm than good. But there's to hoping...

As an extra addendum to the Newsweek Lunacy. post, I think it's just amazing how politicized religion has become lately. It's just insane to fathom that because of one stupid News Article, 8 people died in a riot! (Though that itself may not be true) And then Mr.McClellan has to come out and say it's all false, when there have been several documented incidences of Quran abuse happening for years. The whole possible terrorist detainee thing is an incredibly crazy situation on it's own.

What ever happened to separation of church and State anyway?

posted by Chief Slacker @ 5:18 PM,


At Tue May 17, 06:16:00 PM, Blogger Nicholas said...

As a Christian, I have to say, I believe that my religion is true, and that others are false, because, well, it's my religion. I don't see how this is strange, as everybody in the world, no matter what belief, thinks that somebody else is wrong. This doesn't mean we should punish people who believe differently.
Jesus says all kinds of crazy stuff about "loving your enemies", and "turning the other cheek", but that is just too damn hard, I guess, which is why I think many Christians attitude at the moment seems to be a simple, "Bomb the bastards!" or "Revenge!"
I certainly don't sit on the right side of the fence, either.

At Tue May 17, 09:56:00 PM, Blogger Nicholas said...

I meant to add a smilie face at the end of my last comment, in order to promote "not on the right side of the fence unity." Just imagine it is there, cuz it should be.

At Thu May 19, 04:01:00 PM, Blogger Pink said...

"I believe that my religion is true, and that others are false, because, well, it's my religion."- as a muslim, i believe the same thing, although not so much that the others are false, but that they have been changed by man and therefore no longer the truth.

anyway, thanks for the clarification 'slacker' (for want of a better name as i dont think its in ur blog!) whilst i don't entirely agree with u, i get what u mean... but then, it's hardly surprising the Bush admin would bend over backwards to 'rectify' these relatively trivial matters whilst killing thousands of innocent people in the blink of an eye - they have to do these mundane gestures to look like the good guys i guess...


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