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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

Slacker's Dating Odyssey: Books 2-3

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Tale continues... Our slacker moves from the simple relationships into something more serious. He also gets his first glimpse into what the gods would have in store for him. WIll you add to the Odyssey?
Books 1-2
3. Siren Song
Ahh the Sirens... Beautiful faces and beautiful voices luring the naive traveler ever closer to danger. The lucky make it by unscathed, for most though, disaster is fated. Such would be the case with our hero, and the gods would not be kind.
Our Matchmaker was at it again, spinning her magic into a new relationship. At one lunch the couple to be was introduced. Savvy had a fun personality, a softer body with blonde hair and blue/grey eyes and quickly worked her way into Slacker's heart.
There was love, there was passion, and there was mischief. For the better part of a year sailing was smooth and the winds steady. The Fates would not stay quiet however and chose to speak with the voice of The Siren.
The Siren was new to the lands and was quickly accept into the group of friends. A small, smart girl with curled brown hair, true to the beauty of the Sirens of yore. At first she drew the attention of another but as that attention faded, the melodies of her song slowly grew with our traveler.
It began with only one small conversation until the goddess Ate and her cruel habit of trickery ignited the chorus of gossip and a simple conversation grew into much more. The din of the gossips grew and with it grew the song of The Siren. The one simple conversation led to covert notes. Covert tidings blossomed into a bouquet of meetings becoming ever so closer to romantic. One ill fated decision with flowers on a holiday of hearts caused the din to explode into a maelstrom. The smooth seas gave way to Poseidon's perfect storm as The Siren's song pulled the ship into the rocks.
After the storm subsided, the couple did part ways only to tempt the gods further and rejoin a month later for a Spring Promenade.  The Prom proved a farce as Savvy spent more time talking to Marching Boy than to our Slacker. He may have had a woman of his own, but this seemed to matter not. Our pair split again for good soon after, but not before Slacker finally started to see Athena's subtle signs he should have seen before.
Even before The Siren began her serenade, Savvy and Marching Boy had been growing close. Athena, speaking through the mother of Savvy had even foretold "That's the boy you'll marry someday." After the split, it was said that "We're too good of friends to every date." But date they did two weeks later and Savvy eventually became the first ex to marry the next love after Slacker. He could never know at the time, but our hero would come to find this would not be the last time the Gods would deal that cruel fate.
4. A Relationship, For a Day
Some time had passed since the relationship with the Nymph CC Girl had passed and they were talking once again. Most of the conversations were trivial, but they were slowly working back toward a friendship.
One evening she came calling with a proposal. She had a friend, Shy, and she intended to play matchmaker. Slacker had known her for the better part of his travels, but they had never been familiar. It was decided that night that they would date. and both of the seemingly went to bed happy that night.
The next day when the met face to face, the story unfolded. This chapter however, was written by Ate with all of her mischievous ways. During their conversation, Shy decided she had changed her mind and wished to remain friends, and so it was. It was then and there that our traveler realized this trickery of the Gods would be recurring...

posted by Chief Slacker @ 12:25 PM,


At Thu Apr 06, 11:43:00 AM, Blogger dasi said...

Thank you for your comment, Chief - I wouldn't say more impressive, though, just "different!" I'm enjoying your Odyssey - shame I'm so far away or I would try to prove that there are some good women left! ;) Of course, that would end the Odyssey, wouldn't it...?

At Thu Apr 06, 12:50:00 PM, Blogger Porq said...

My only suggestion is to team up with Captain Bee. It sounds like he has so much action that his cast-offs and rejects would make a "GROWN MAN CRY!!"

I get tried in my brain just reading about his exploits. He's not that far away on the Canadian side of Detroit.

Something to think about if you REALLY want action!!!


PS. Yes , race around the block, ya know go fast, turn left!!

At Thu Apr 06, 06:25:00 PM, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

This is quite the epic masterpiece. Soon to be a major motionpicture, no doubt...


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