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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

Slacker's Dating Odyssey: Books 1-2

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I begin now on an epic tale of a hero for us all. A story of a slacker, much the same as us all, on a journey through life to find his Penelope. Lend me your eyes a while and enjoy! Will you heed the Challenege when you're done...?
1. The True Voyage Begins - The Nymph
Many a year forgotten are the days of daises and dandelions and thus far the voyage of the young Slacker to find his Penelope remained tranquil. At the age of 15, Slacker's travels landed at the Island of Lafollette and the Gods decided they had slumbered long enough. It was time for the true odyssey to begin.
Earlier in his journey, Slacker had encountered a beautiful young nymph. This petite Cross Country Girl had locks of gold and entrancing blue eyes, a true nymph temptress. As the Fates of Alphabetism would have it, like the woven tapestry of this tale, their paths crossed again upon arrival.
It was not long before the young sprite won our hero's heart. They saw each other in class each day and track afterward. For several months they were happy, our Slacker and his first possible Penelope.
The passion was intense and progressed quickly but true to the nature of nymphs, the love was fleeting and quickly moved. The cruelty of the Gods intervened and the intense passion turned to intense scorn. Though they saw each other each day, there was to be little more than casual conversation for several years but the Odyssey had begun.
2. From a Love to a Friend, Lost at Sea
It was a time of friends. They came, they went, but as our Slacker came out of his shell, the ranks grew in numbers. One friend in particular had  a peculiar talent. The Matchmaker had managed to live up to her name on several occasions and eventually aimed these talents at our Chief to be.
The invite came to attend a celebration of ghouls and goblins and amongst the music and bobbing for apples a relationship was formed. Matchmaker's friend Tomboy, was in attendance as well and throughout the night she and Slacker could tell there was much fun to be had. Another energetic sprite with short brown hair and excitable brown eyes easily sparked interest.
Over the next several months, much parchment was ushered between their cities extolling feelings and the happenings of the week. Feelings were there and were evident when young couple was able to meet, but alas the distance proved too large a barrier and the feelings settled into friendship.
The friendship maintained and also extended into friendships with others. Eventually Tomboy departed on her own journey and disappeared into the vast ocean, never to be head from again, but not before adding another book to this story...

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At Mon Apr 03, 01:44:00 PM, Blogger OzzyC said...

I love it!


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