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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

Holiday Wishes and an Update

Saturday, December 24, 2005

First off...

Happy Holidays!!

My best wishes go out to all of you for whatever holidays you may be celebrating this season. I hope all of you and your families have a great time! Toss a couple back for The Chief and make some good memories peoples!

An Update:

So I have unfortunately not been able to blog much lately with all of the stuff going on with work. As you can see from the last post, I have found a way to be able to post during the week without using the internet or doing anything that will get me canned at work. After all, you can't be a Slacker, if you don't have a job to slack off from. That's just being a bum.

I have been looking for a new job, I have two interviews this next week and then also have several set up for after the holidays and my vacation (details on that later). So far none of them sound super great, but a couple of them definitely have my interest so we'll see how they go. A couple of them offer a substantial enough raise ($10-$15k) that they offset my worries about getting as good of a benefit package. They all still seem to be tilted toward working in the medical device industry. I knew Minnesota was a hotbed for Medical device companies, but didn't realize how big it really was till now. Wow!

Anyway, at the current job, I have settled into the idea of the whole improvement plan. Just gotta deal with it an move on. I did however go an meet with our HR rep. The Plan said that I couldn't be late, couldn't miss meetings, couldn't use the net for anything non-work related (They focused on Fantasy Football) and then also had to show "improved attitude." That last one being completely subjective I had a big issue with. In talking with the HR rep she did assure me that if they did attempt to bring up and issue and call it an attitude problem, it would be thoroughly reviewed and it couldn't just be them deciding they didn't like me and fire me for nothing important. She also took notes on all of my complaints with Idiot Boss and asked what I thought could be done. She actually listened to me when I said others had these problems and is going to try and make a group outing for all of us so she has a chance to talk with other people. One other co-worker finally said he would speak up to and the HR person is going to talk to him. SO the ball is finally rolling. She also encouraged me to talk with The Director, so that will be happening after The Vacation as well. I may have made some poor choices, but it seems to be going the way I had envisioned it before. Just took a while. Guess we'll just all have to wait and see how it goes!

Idiot Boss is getting prepared to shoot himself in the foot as well. He's planning on instituting a new system for how we give out work in our department. He's sure that it's going to speed things up, but it will take month to get up to the point of efficiency we're at now, and months more to get faster. The concept is sound, each person has one project to work on at a time, but the method he's going to use, giving everyone any kind of project instead of what they're good at, is going to cause some major issues. This will be interesting. Bad part is I get to come back from vacation an have to jump right into it. Joy joy.


The Vacation!

So I decided the best thing I could do for myself mentally was something I hadn't done in years: Take a REAL vacation. I had taken time off work, taken long weekends and all that, but hadn't actually taken time off. I hadn't really gone somewhere fun for more than a long weekend in probably 5 years. So, from December 29th until January 6th, The Chief is going to be slacking on the gorgeous beaches of:


My old roommate Puerto Rico Pauly is from there so I get to stay for free with him and his family. I went down there for a long weekend a few years ago and have been dying to go back. His friends and family even keep asking when I'm going to come back. So, it's official, I'm finally going back, and staying for a while this time.

The first part of the trip is well planned, the 29th is his b-day, so we'll hang out and enjoy that. The 30th is his big B-Day bash. Since his brother was something like a VP of Sales for Budweiser for the area he has hookups for VIPs to al the clubs. We'll have our own VIP area and also a private bartender. Definitely a good warm up for new years.

The 31st is obviously New Year's Eve. If you don't think San Juan, Puerto Rico is an AWESOME place to be for new years, you are sadly mistaken my friends. There will be friend's parties during the day and early evening, then later it's off to the clubs to P-A-R-T-A-Y. Pr Pauly has warned me to rest up before I come. heh. I think I better make sure the tolerance is stepped up a bit as well ;O)

The rest of the week will be more mild, but we'll definitely go out, and spend lots of time recovering on the beach. I plan on calling in and giving you some audio updates while I'm there, so make sure you stay tuned!

Again, have a great holiday season and I'll see you all around!

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At Sat Dec 24, 10:58:00 PM, Blogger Pieces of Me said...

Hey beautiful! (not drunk Diana LOL)
Glad to see you back...as for the job stuff I will admit I browsed right through it...puerto rico here we come...oh you come damnit! Can I come too?? Sounds like a blast and I have been practicing my partaying skills LMAO!! I am good to go! Anyways its nice being back to my #1 spot again...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!TTYL mwah!

At Sun Dec 25, 02:18:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas...is that how it goes? No? Damn.

Hey, so, good to see "Captain Consistency" Santana Moss decided to have a huge week on my BENCH in Fantasy Football. It appears I started the completely wrong people. Congrats on the win!

At Mon Dec 26, 05:07:00 AM, Blogger Porq said...

Chief, glad to hear ya got some pokers in the fire about a new job and secondly, I'm also glad that the present company is starting to take notice that IDIOT BOSS may suck lie you say!! In the mean time you're the company bad boy and having a POX on you really sucks.. but hang in there brother, I'm sure you're gonna super-enjoy your R&R with your old roomie!!

Remember ... sometimes in your life you have to eat a shit sandwich. It may be bad but at least enjoy the bread!!


At Mon Dec 26, 09:32:00 AM, Blogger Anisa said...

happy holidays!! i hope you have lots of luck with the interviews!

At Mon Dec 26, 12:52:00 PM, Blogger Chief Slacker said...

Pieces - Drunk Diana was fun ;O) no worries! You're welcomd to come ;O) hehe. Congrats on #1 and Merry Xmas to you as well! :O)

Captain - Yeah he killed me week 14 in the first round of the playoffs in my money league. He, LT and Carson Palmer all decided to have off days in the first round of the playoffs after I dominated the league all season. DOH! Thanks man! We'll have to get a bigger blog league together next year, not so last minute.

Porq - yeah, Just had to keep working on up the chain, I'm still not sure if the HR person was just hearing me out in hope it would make me feel better, or if she really wants to do something about it. I'm hoping for the latter.

I'm a fan of bread ;O)

Happy holidays!

Anisa - SAme to you! And I hope I have luck as well!

At Mon Dec 26, 04:34:00 PM, Blogger Marie said...

I hope that you had a great holiday weekend! The vacation to Puerto Rico sounds totally awesome and I'm jealous. ;)

At Mon Dec 26, 05:16:00 PM, Blogger ~*Stephanie*~ said...

Hey Slacker,

Hope you had a GREAT Christmas!!

Be sweet~

At Mon Dec 26, 06:56:00 PM, Blogger Chief Slacker said...

Marie - Well, don't be jealous. Be there ;O) hehe

Stephanie - It was pretty good, would have been great had the Packers won. Oh well! Happy holidays.

At Tue Dec 27, 10:31:00 AM, Blogger HouseBoatBuilder said...

Have fun in P.R. man. It'll be a nice change from the Twin Cities.


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