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Belated Slacker's Saturday Spotlight

Monday, December 12, 2005

So, I was looking at my massive list of linked blogs (now powered by blog rolling) and though, I need to make a good effort to read more of them, and also, I'd like to let all of you know about some of the good ones I've been reading.

First off, check out all of the members of the Bureau of Slacking on the right. I have already deemed those as highly readable. Read 'em already would ya! ;O)

Here are three blogs for this Saturday Spotlight that I have been enjoying lately. Stop by and check them out!

Red Sox Bat Girl:

This is Amy's Blog. She was one of my earliest readers and has stuck around the whole time. Yay her! She's also the originator of the Wednesday Wist. Since that's not regular content over on the Daily Slacker: Audio Edition a Spotlight is the least I can do!

Jill Writes:

Part journal blog and part creative writing outlet but all enjoyable to read. a Fun Fiesty female from NYC that's usually blogging as a break from doing real writing! ;O) Definitely worth the read!

Angel with an Attitude:

Here's to hoping she doesn't move the addy again before I post this... jk ;O) We're both struggling through this whole dating things, so it's fun to see things from the other side of the fence! Also, he recent 10 blogger commandments Was a fun post! Read on peoples!

So there are you, the first and definitely not last Saturday Spotlight. Next time it will even be on Saturday!

posted by Chief Slacker @ 6:55 PM,


At Mon Dec 12, 07:17:00 PM, Blogger Jill said...

Ah, Chief Slacker, you are too kind!

At Mon Dec 12, 08:42:00 PM, Blogger Pieces of Me said...

I was about to say WTF I should be on there but then I reread and saw that you consider me already "readable" I will never get the recognition I deserve from you...ho hum ;-)

BTW I want to nominate angel with a 'tude!!!


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