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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

And some things stay the same...

Saturday, June 10, 2006


So the first week at the new job went exceptionally well. I got that design project and the second prototype worked well, so now it's on to making a near production version of it. We'll see how that goes!

Kickball is still kickball, though now that our bar took away Flip-Cup it hasn't quite been the same at the bars, but we still have fun. I did get a phone number of one cute girl, but she's "kinda, sorta, somewhat dating a guy." So that's just a friends thing. But it's been good. I'm a member of the Godless Whores this season. We're a fun bunch, we already had a catholic school girl outfit night and this week will be super hero week. Should be a hoot, two weeks will be toga night! :O)

And The Things That Stay The Same

Happenings with the other women around have turned out much the same a the rest in recent history. The Cute Paramedic stood me up Monday, so nothing's changed there. Kickball Girl was supposed to meet up with me on Thursday, and did, but only after I found her chilling upstairs after she said she would come downstairs and find me. Since she was already pretty drunk at that point, that was a non-event as well.

Then there's Eclectic Girl. I'm not really sure what happened there. We talked on Tuesday and I was kinda down because I had wanted to go out and celebrate having a new job, but couldn't get anyone to go out. Haven't heard a word from her since.

I'm not sure if it was my kinda depressed text message, or maybe it's this most likely unhealthy (as they always are) "On again, off again" relationship she had been having before she met me. Maybe it's just since she's leaving she wants to hang out with all her various friends. Maybe I was too whatever for enjoying her company. I don't really know.

We had been having a LOT of fun together, it was something like 7 out of 9 night spent together, and we both seemed to be on the same wavelength. It's unfortunate she seems to be another in the long string of women I've had relations with who don't even afford me the respect of a goodbye or a "sorry, I'm busy with friends." It's kinda sad. I'll hope she'll turn back up for a bit before she moves to New York, because it seemed like I had at least met a new friend, but maybe not?

Anyway, time to head to IKEA to check out the summer sale with Conservative Girl before it ends. Keep slackin peoples!

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At Mon Jun 12, 06:29:00 AM, Blogger Porq said...

Scratch that trip to NYC. If you're gonna hook up her before she leaves, plan NOT to plan a trip to NY. Just go and see what happens if things are clicking!!

2nd thought.. if you want action, ask if you could hang with Captain Bee and take his "LEFTOVERS".



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