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Can I Take a Vacation from Life?

Friday, May 27, 2005

Ever feel so tired from just about everything you wish you could take a vacation from existing? I'm just so worn out lately from being overworked and also trying to get my new condo in order amonst general life stuff, even a traditional type vacation of going someplace tropical and laying on a beach sounds like too much work. I need that feeling you get when you're in a way deep sleep. So removed from everything. I get to sleep in tomorrow. Yay.

Work has been insane. Two major projects are both hitting critical phases. Why do they always go in groups? I haven't put in much overtime because I've had a lot going on outside of work, so when I'm at work, I'm buried. I get 3 requests done, 4 more come in. Sucks. I think that mood sensing artwork would have a picture of a bed. Or a gun.

The condo is just about settled. After tomorrow I should be about as moved in as I can be. I'll have to get some pictures posted. I still have to finish grouting the tile backsplash in my kitchen. I got it half done two weeks ago and haven't touched it sense.

Then there's that whole trying to get a personal life thing. I still have to figure out what I'm going to do about The Two I mentioned in the Kickball and Dating post.

The conservative one, I'll call her Sheltered Girl, are still technically dating. I mean that in the most literal of ways too. We both know it's not going anywhere, we both are trying to meet new people, but we haven't had "The Talk." She's a totally sweet girl, but there's just zero chemistry. I think a lot of it is just because she was brought up in a very conservative, very sheltered environment. She went to all tiny private schools from elementary through college. She once got extremely embarassed because someone (Probably me) made a "Handlebars" joke one day when she had twin braids in her hair. Until her best friend mentioned it to her, she had no idea there was a sexual side to wearing pigtails. She has to be told by coworkers when other male coworkers are hitting on her beacuse she really has no idea and just thinks they're being nice. Sweet, but way inexperienced in life. She obviously got somewhat spoiled when younger too, because she tends to minorly whine and sulk when not getting what she wants. The there's the time thing. I can call her from 5 miles away when I'm driving there, tell her I'm downstairs by the door, She says "I'll be right down," I get there and still wait 10 more minutes. Coulnd't find the right shoes, had to feed the bunny, didn't like her shirt, was watching some TV show, something to delay her. Like I also said earlier, she tends to think it's only been 5 minutes, when in reality 20 or more have gone past. Also, I think her having a totally clean apartment, is a once or twice a year thing. Occasionally she has a clean living/dining/kitchen thing going on, but don't you dare open the bedroom door. We're talking path from door to desk to bed. The girl has a walk in closet, and the floor is still covered in clothes. She IS the type to buy a new pair of pants at Target instead of doing laundry somedays. Even clean clothes end up in piles on the floor though. As far as physically stuff, she's pretty cute, and could be pretty hot if she tried at all. I tried encouraging her to make the 15 minutes bike ride to my place once and a while since she wanted to get exercise. Come to find out exercise meant walking 5 minutes to Chipotle instead of driving. And on big thing that gets annoying is sex. We started out being pretty physical, she would even be the instigator. Then she had an epiphany or something and decided that she really should be good and wait till marriage. But some nights was ok. now that's just horrible. Regularly is GREAT. I'm totally fine with waiting if I like the girl. But doing a one eigthy on the subject is WAY hard. Then to make it worse it's on off on off on off but still be a tease in the meantime. She has no idea what kind of torture that is. And it has to be ignorance, because I find it EXTREMELY hard to beleive she could be that evil.

Arg. Wow, What seemed like a tiny bit in my head, turned out to be huge in text. And that was being short.

That wasn't even talking about OCD Anxiety Girl. That's going to have to be some other huge post.

Time to go set up our Association Bank account so we can actually pay our condominium's bills. Apparently the president needs to be there and not just the treasurer. Go figure.

Ugh. "The Talk."


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At Fri May 27, 11:48:00 PM, Blogger Cerridwen said...

I really enjoy reading your post. It is this honest, clear view of the men's take on things.

The way I read your post and what little it tells me about you, I doubt any stable and sensible future is there with this gal. (I really don't care for slobs but that is me - can't stand the mess)

You have so many stuff going on with your life that if you are my brother (who is in almost the same situation as you) I would tell you to worry about the "dating" issue after you settle everything with the condo. Dating will be easier after that :) good luck!

At Sun May 29, 09:05:00 AM, Blogger Amy said...

I loved reading this. Like Cerridwen said..it's nice to see an honest man and his take on things.

Take some time for yourself....dating will fall into place....God, I'm still learning that.

Email me sometime. Amy@redsoxbatgirl.com

At Mon May 30, 09:03:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me third what cerridwen and amy said - the honesty here is very nice to read. I agree - get the business stuff taken care of first, then focus on the dating. It should make it less stressful for ya.


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