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The Daily SlackerThe Daily Slacker

"Talk" Update

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It is hereby official. Apparently one of the perks that comes with my promotion is singledom! I'm am now single.

After talking to CG today we agreed put the ambiguity left after the Non-Talk Talk to rest. We are officially just friends (basically the same as it has been the last year)

No more sillyness. Much more singleness.

Now the hard part... getting a date... heh. I'm throwing a party this Friday. hopefully some of the single females from kickball will show!

Let the phone numbers flood in!

Or some smart beatuiful cutie, like August's long lost twin she left behind in the Twin Cities, can just come and sweep me off of my feet.

Nah, my luck's not that good. This will take some work. ;O)

posted by Chief Slacker @ 2:50 PM,


At Tue Jun 14, 03:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well you've gotta do what any self-respecting individual does after a breakup: find some random broads and just give 'er. Not always enjoyable but entirely necessary.

At Tue Jun 14, 03:36:00 PM, Blogger serendipity said...

Oh Captain B.....what is the 'B' short for anyway?? I could make some suggestions but i'll refrain.

Just enjoy being single for a while, don't put too much thought into it.

Shame I live so far away, i'd ask you out for a beer or two :)

At Tue Jun 14, 04:06:00 PM, Blogger Chief Slacker said...

Typical female ;O) Tease me then shoot me down. heh. Maybe if I make that trip over to the UK I've ben hoping for I'll look ya up.

At Tue Jun 14, 05:16:00 PM, Blogger Ms. Charisma said...

glad to hear you had that talk.

At Tue Jun 14, 07:13:00 PM, Blogger serendipity said...

I might be over in the States in a few months working - maybe i'll look YOU up!

At Tue Jun 14, 09:59:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'B' is obviously for bastard. Sheesh.

At Wed Jun 15, 05:41:00 AM, Blogger Jezzy said...

Congrats hon! I've recently become hooked to your blog just to find out what was going on with this relationship. Hooked - just like to a TV soap. Like Passions or Bold and the Beautiful or something.

Glad - to see you finally did it.

At Wed Jun 15, 08:54:00 AM, Blogger Chief Slacker said...

Ooh! I hope I get paid for this Soap role! I just found out from myself that my cyber promotion didn't come with a raise :O(

At Wed Jun 15, 09:06:00 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Obviously, I'm definitely not in the running for attention here at this blog seeing all the cute girls that like to flirt. However......I do want you to know that I'm glad you broke things off and are just friends....I was going to send you a set of balls in the mail.

Enjoy yourself....go bang someone fun.

Let me know how it goes!

At Wed Jun 15, 10:13:00 AM, Blogger Chief Slacker said...

No fun single females are out of the running!

And I do have a set of balls! They're nice, large, shiny, silver ones. I keep them in an ornate box on a self in my office. ;O)


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