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A Kick... in the Teeth.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yeah, so last week I was kinda stuck in the middle between being down in the dumps and being happy. I had hoped I would find something to bump me back on the happy side of the fence since just trying to make myself get there didn't seem to work.

For the last month one major bright spot in my life had been Hot Friend. We talked and/or emailed almost daily, hung out and had a great time and things had been going amazingly well. We had talked of doing something Sunday so I called her up.

What I had hoped would be a bump back to being pretty happy, instead turned out to be an ass kicking right past the dumps and well into the land of crapiness. Not only had she made other plans with her neighbors, apparently she decided that she didn't want to be dating two people at the same time and the one she did want to date wasn't me. Well that's sure a shitty way to find out for sure she was dating someone else.

There was some confusion on that whole dating two people thing as to why she would go out on a date with someone else while she was dating me. Well, it turns out that even though we had a conversation discussing that matter and it seemed we both agreed we were dating, that didn't mean we actually were dating.

I probably should have seen the writing on the wall when after a dinner "date" with her indie film director "friend" her attitude seemed to completely shift toward me. Also, it was after a conversation in that dinner that she decided to voice the fact she wasn't comfortable with my posting of the picture of her and I on here a week earlier without asking. She had been sick that week as well and made a comment that she was glad her phone worked so that she could talk to friends, but I hadn't really heard from her at all.

Apparently The Director put those powers of persuasion to use and told her what she wanted to hear to get what he wanted. She's moving from my far off Broadway work in progress to his starring role. The Guy who wrote The Game was on the radio today and said that women aren't necessarily attracted to money or looks, but Status. Apparently I have to win some awards to be cool enough or something.

I still have no idea how it went from having an "amazing time" and "changed her life" to nothing, and who knows if I ever will. It's too bad she didn't really know how much of her I appreciated far beyond the fact she was beautiful. It's also sad because her character led me to believe she'd be much different than many of the other people I dated and she turned out to be just another of the same.

I'm getting pretty sick of this trend lately, to date me for a little bit, seem to hit it off amazingly well, then ditch me. I know the right girl for me is out there, but apparently until I find her, if ever, I get to be tormented by Psychos and Teases.

Oh well. At least, and this is a RARE occasion I'll ever say this, I've been WAY busy at work lately. I've had engineers hanging out in my "Executive Office" for about 75% of yesterday and today. It's helped keep my mind off of this and probably kept be from feeling like total shit and just feeling mildly crappy.

Anyway, time to go home and get ready for my Condo Association Meeting.

Upcoming Posts: Wednesday Wist (On weds this time), Slacker's Life States (The scale of happy to crappy and more), Slacker's Dating History (This one will be epic people, don't expect it for a good week)

posted by Chief Slacker @ 1:07 PM,


At Tue Nov 15, 05:44:00 PM, Blogger Marie said...

I'm sorry, sweetie. *hugs*
Everything I want to say will just come out sounding so cliche. But I do know that feeling you have.

I know this probably doesn't help or won't make you feel better, but she's so not worth your time. If she can't see and appreciate you for all that you are and have to offer, seriously...she doesn't deserve you.

more *hugs*

At Tue Nov 15, 05:52:00 PM, Blogger June Bug said...

Its too bad she didnt appreciate you. I'm sorry that it didnt go the way you were expecting.

Please dont let the wrong girls change you into someone who is jaded!! Try to stay upbeat...


At Tue Nov 15, 05:55:00 PM, Blogger Pieces of Me said...

Hey you,
UGH I dont know where to start...we have talked about things and you really know where I stand. I definitely think you have some balls after this post LOL!! I wish you could find that "someone" I know she is out there..you are such a sweetie...I really dont get what happened here! I knew something was up when the pic thing happened...I was like um that is a little strange...anyways dont be so down there are a million girls out there and obviously she is the one missing out...you will find the one...and you will know it!! MWAH!!

At Tue Nov 15, 09:23:00 PM, Blogger Sub Girl said...

you'll find someone who deserves you. boo to her!

At Tue Nov 15, 10:19:00 PM, Blogger Esther said...

Sorry, that sucks. We've both been feeling down for the same reason...

At Wed Nov 16, 12:43:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some women are incredibly shallow and fickle, it happens.

Don't think twice about her. She disqualified HERSELF.

At Wed Nov 16, 05:32:00 AM, Blogger Kira said...

I didn't get the memo that we're supposed to be attracted to status. Damn! Does this mean I have to dump Alex now? He was working as a night clerk at a hotel in France when I met him...oh, and he was totally broke too. Sure, he's in an international MBA program now, but he's still just a broke student when you get down to it. Double damnit! They're going to take away my woman card! ;) Good thing he's worth it!

Yes, you are right, there are women out there for you who would appreciate you and keep you and treat you right, and eventually they'll show up on your doorstep, but the wait is a bitch. So feel free to gripe about it at any time. It's posts like yours that remind me that sometimes dating brings out the worst in people of BOTH genders...I guess as a woman I've always concentrated on the men being jerks out there, but of course there are plenty of women jerks too.

Good ones are like Yeti. They seem like a fiction. You hear about them existing, and you wonder if they really DO exist...but you figure if there's one of them, there has to be more, or else how do they reproduce more Yeti?

(do I get a gold star for my lame analogy? LOL)

At Wed Nov 16, 05:44:00 AM, Blogger Drew said...

As I heard somewhere before, "some days you win, some days you lose and some days it rains......"

Just been through a breakup about 2 months ago and it was awful, but since then I recently met someone and things are really looking up, so chin up you never know whats round the corner for you....

It's easy to be positve when things are going right isn't it? Tell you what you can give me my own advice back on my blog as soon as this one tears my heart out of my ass...!! LOL

At Wed Nov 16, 08:00:00 AM, Blogger S.C. said...

Women aren't attracted to status.

Women (under 30) are attracted to anything that they perceive is bad for them (a gross generalization that will earn me the scorn of many of the female readers of this blog, but as a sufferer of the "nice guys sleep alone" syndrome, I know what I'm talking about).

Chief, I'm betting that you're prime husband material, which is the problem you face in dating. You're too good for your own good.

Having said that, DON'T CHANGE. Seriously. Hang on to who you are, and you will be happier in the long run.

At Wed Nov 16, 09:01:00 AM, Blogger Chief Slacker said...

Marie - Yeah, not big on cliches so thanks for sparing them ;O) It's sure a lot harder tha one would think to find someone who apreiciate me for half I have to offer.

June Bug - Jaded isn't really my style. Apparently my style is much more either a psycho magnet or falling for soeone who's jsut going to ditch me.

Pieces - Yeah I knew something fishy was going on when that picture thing happenend, but oh well. Yeah I know someone is out there, jsut getting sick of looking.

Sub girl - Boo is right. I hope I'll find taht someone.

Esther - Well then we really do need to find soemone to perk us up together. Soryr to hear that.

Captain B - Fickle was the same word I used to describe her. Most definitely disqualified.

Kira - Ok, I think we've all agreed that neither you or Alex are normal. Just not. heh. Though it could be said you'er one of the rare few women going on potential instead of current status? And I'm pretty sure the Yeti are jsut a myth, I'm really hoping finding a good woman isn't.

Drew - Yay for all the new commenters lately! Thank god for corners eh? heh. Stop sounding like me brother, don't think it's going to go bad or it will.

S.C. - Considering she's well into her 30's and divorced, I'm kinda guessing she was past the bad boy phase. My problem was apparently not knowing automatically what she wanted to hear. Oh well.

At Wed Nov 16, 10:00:00 AM, Blogger Amber said...

Chief, I'm so sorry. I feel ya though -- over the past year, I've gone through at least three of the same two weeks where I've changed their lives (allegedly) -- so much so that they start talking about our future together. And then? BAM. They disappear because "things are moving too fast." Dude, I was not the one that was moving it fast. Ugh.

Anyway, hope you feel better

At Wed Nov 16, 10:08:00 AM, Blogger dasi said...

You know - I really think as you get older the whole dating thing gets so much more complicated. When you're young and naive, everything is hearts and flowers and people are so much more inclined to throw caution to the wind and "hook up," but as you get older, things change. On a personal level, I have a daughter in the mix, and on a general level, people in their 30's and beyond just seem more cautious and closed off. Probably because they have "been there, done that" and are afraid to take bigger risks and let go like they did when they were young - especially concerning matters of the heart. I'm just sayin.

At Wed Nov 16, 10:11:00 AM, Blogger S.C. said...

Meh, some people (men and women) never quite grow up.

There's a woman who works with my wife who separated from her husband after she found out he had been cheating on her for over a year.

Six months later, he's moved back into the house, even though he refuses couples therapy, and female "coworkers" are always calling the house (except for the fact he got himself fired from his job).

Some people just can't do what's best for themselves...

At Wed Nov 16, 10:20:00 AM, Blogger jlybn123 said...

I truly am sorry that this happened and I know I keep saying that, but it's true.

You're better off though!! =)

At Wed Nov 16, 10:26:00 AM, Blogger Carrie said...

I'm with SC... I think you ARE marriage material, which probably scares the bejesus out of younger women that you're atrracted to.

but seriously.. don't change. You will find the woman that's meant for you. just remember she's out there looking for you, too.


At Wed Nov 16, 11:00:00 AM, Blogger Marie said...

Chief - I totally hear ya. I hate cliches as well. :-P And I know what you mean about finding it difficult to find that person who truly appreciates you for all that you are and all that you have to offer...I've been feeling that way for the last 5+ years big time. I came close a couple of times but the guys decided they didn't want me...supposedly bad timing but I don't buy that.

Anyway, it will happen for us one day. :) I have to keep believing.

At Wed Nov 16, 12:33:00 PM, Blogger Chief Slacker said...

Amber - Yeah, people always have some excuse. No one seems to really jsut be able ot fess up and say what they're really feeling. oh well. I'm sure I;ll feel better.

Dasi - Amen to the cautious and closed off thing. The problem with that is that low risk is often low reward. The problem is that altogether to many people focus too much on the past and future and forget about enjoying today.

S.C. - There's epople who haven't grown up, and some people who are just plain stupid. That seems like much more a case of the stupids...

JlyBn - I probably am better off, but it still sucks none the less. Thanks for chatting with me though.

Carrie - Mind you she had a good couple years on me in the age department, so it wasn't that she was young. Who knows what it was. If you meet her, give her my address would ya? Or ship her up hre so she can enjoy that nummy wine with me eh?

Marie - There's always bad timing. And that's always a bad excuse. Well in the mean time you can fly me down tehre for those belated spankings. heh.

At Wed Nov 16, 12:43:00 PM, Blogger Amy said...

I really really really wish I could give you some lovin' right now.

Call me if you need to

At Wed Nov 16, 01:15:00 PM, Blogger Chief Slacker said...

Amy - Ditto ;O) And yeah, I'm about ten digits shy of being about to do that!

At Wed Nov 16, 04:41:00 PM, Blogger OzzyC said...

Sorry to hear it dude.


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