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Monday, July 25, 2005

Welcome back from the weekend slacker nation. Hope you all survived!

I had a pretty good weekend. The Kickball Party went very well, The wedding back home was good as well. Since I know you're dying to hear about it, here ya go!

Friday - Kickball End of Season Party -

The party was good. We had a $600 bar tab to spend, which sounds like a lot, until you get people together and start drinking.

(I am Blatantly stealing links to all of these pictures from Damon's Gallery because I'm too lazy to copy them onto my own photosite.)

We went to Grandma's Saloon. Definitely a good place to party. The main floor is more restraunty with and outdoor patio and sand volleyball court, then upstairs is the game room / Sports bar area (Note the guy playing Buck Hunter, about 3 feet closer to the camera is a spot of importance later on) with and outdoor deck. Got a bunch of pool tables, foosball, darts, TVs and a small bar. In the basement is the big bar and dancefloor.

The party started at 6 and we decided as a group that since the beer was $4 a glass from 6-9 and then $1 a bottle from 9-12, we could cut off the tab at $250. We close out that portion of the tab by 7:30. We bought 200 drink tickets for later though. Having a break of about an hour was probably a good thing, let people last a while longer before being plowed!

For the first while, we just ate and chatted until we got the waivers signed for playing Sand Volleyball. This wasn't competitive as much as it was fun/ridiculous. At one point I think the teams were like 8 on one side and 11 on the other.

Halfway through the second game, The Cute Paramedic showed up with a member of her team and gave me a nice big hug.

We played like 3 games or so total and then it hit 9, so the buck beer bash was on. We all cleaned off the sand and headed upstairs. I chatted with people for a while and eventually worked my way over to TCP. As a group we all got chatting and after a while, TCP left and I was there with her good friend Curly and her boyfriend Skirtboy. Then comes this:

Skirtboy: "So we talked, and we think you should ask "Paramedic" out."

Curly: "Yeah, you two would be totally good together."

Me: "Well, good, cause I already have!"

Heh. Apparently I have blessings.

Anyway, after that one of my teammates comes over and asks what's wrong with me because I wasn't playing flip-cup, so I had to go hit that up. TCP and I headed over there and sidled up to the Flip-Cup table (Which was very nicely positioned in front of the Air Conditioner and had NO shortage of beer!) and joined in. Damon saw TCP and I next to each other and suddenly got picture-happy. That second one is me catching on ;O)

Considering about 10% of his pictures had TCP and I as subjects I'm surprised he didn't get video of the full on make-out in the middle of the bar.

That's right kiddies, none of this peck-peck kissing. This was some full-on tongue-humping. And by middle, I mean if you walked into the place, you would have had to walk around us.

It started pretty simply. During some of the flip-cup, I got Big Mike to Join in and he was between Cute Paramedic and me. He was chatting it up with her and then she said something to be but I couldn't hear, so I leaned over to get my ear closer. Instead of saying anything I got a kiss on the cheek. .oO(GAME ON, CHICA!)

After a little bit I switched with mike and TCP and things progressed. (Seriously, there's like 14+ pictures of us in that gallery. On a scale of zero to blatant papparazism, you were off the charts Damon ;O))

I did have to pause at one point to lay some Flip-cup smack down and settle that score with Damon. For the record, I kicked his ass in a two-cup showdown. I also took out my teammate Seppie in a three-cup best of three rounds match. I rule.

Anyway, TCP and I would be pretty snuggly she'd rub the back of my leg and I her back. At one point she realized I was a boxer guy. I said "Yeah, I like my freedom." At that point she proceeded to reach from behind and goose my junk. .oO(Yeah, it's on girly!)

Not long after The Goosing we had a mini make-out. Played a little more flip-cup, and then as we were just kind chatting by the front door, I gave her a hug and open mouth kiss. To which she said "No, really kiss me." Don't have to tell me twice. This is where the 2 minutes of Toncil Hockey started.

We hung out for a little while longer upstairs and then finished our beers and headed down to the dance area. Did I mention she's a Belly Dancer? Not the "I have a belly dancing video" type, she's a "I do performances at Renaissance Festival" type.

H-O-T. Yup.

I might not be the most flexible, but I can take it on down to the floor. Now that girl was fun to dance with. Yes, yes she was.

I did have to wonder a little later though when she was pretty snuggly and doing the whole cheek to cheek talking thing with her teammate The Player (the all too happy guy next to us in the first picture) later. She gave him a ride home after they shut down the bar, but since I know she's a huge flirt like me, and since she gave me a kiss goodnight right in front of him, I'm very much not worried. She told me to give her a call on Sunday too.

Didn't get to take the girl home, but, yes, it definitely was a good night. And in case you were wondering, Big Mike had a pretty good - night too. Nice "O-face" by the way.

Saturday - The Wedding Reception -

My cousin Giggles got married a few weeks back down in Jamaica to a guy I hadn't yet met and was having a reception for all the friends and family back down near Madison. I invited Conservative Girl to this back when I didn't have anyone else to go with, and she still said she'd like to go even though we're just friends at this point.

On the way down we hit one hell of a storm. We're talking rain so hard, even with the wipers on high it doesn't do a lick of good. Going 35 on the interstate following the car in front close enough to see taillights because that's ALL you can see. That kind of storm. Obviously made it safe though.

A whole bunch of my relatives were there, most of whom I hadn't seen in at least about 5 years. It was so bad I had to struggle to remember some of my cousin's names. Some of the family I'm close with, but since I'm about 10 years younger than all the cousins but Giggles, I have never been real close to any of them.

It was nice to catch up though and also to show CG what a real wedding reception is supposed to be like. None of these no dancing no drinking things. This was a partay!

They had Hors-devours (which was really more like small shish-kabobs, stuff mushrooms, chicken strips, and bacon wrapped water chestnuts) along with a fruit and salad bar. They had free tap beer all night and free wine until 8:30 (from 6). After a while of socializing, there was a DJ and dancing.

There were about 200 people there and by 10 we had gone through 5 of the seven kegs they bought. I personally put a big dent in the whiskey supply. Yes, Wisconsinites really are professional drinkers.

Once the dance floor got going I eventually got CG out on the floor. At some point two older gentlemen from the grooms side decided it was too hot and did the whole take-of-the-shirt-and-swing-it-around thing. Giggles was surprised that wasn't her side first. heh. Later on there were definitely a few people hitting the deck.

Of course, since this was the first time I had seen the family in a while all of them asked me when I was getting married. Luckily CG and I are fine where we're at so it didn't bother either of us. Though my one cousin did try his hardest to make get me in trouble ;O) I had told him about The Cute Paramedic action the night before and he still laid it on about me and CG! Even invited her out to NASCAR in August with us, but she wouldn't go because we camp out and there are no flush toilets in the campsite.

Anyway, it was a good night with the extended family! Even heard a few drinking stories about mom back in the day ;O)

Sunday - HOT!!!!! -

Got up and went to church with the parents. We stepped outside and just about died. The temp Sunday? 100°F and 65%humidityy. That makes the heat indexy thing 115°+. Thank God the church was air conditioned.

After that went to breakfast with the parents and then went home and watched the start of the NASCAR race on TV. About halfway CG and I headed out. For the record, there's about a 30 mile gap on I-94 in WI where you can't get the NASCAR race on the radio. Luckily I got back in range just in time to hear the end.

Got back, saw CG off did a little work ripping out some old, unused wiring in the basement so we could pass out fire inspection, then called The Cute Paramedic.

TCP was hanging out with the family and was too worn out to go out. We talked later for a good hour and made tentative plans to go out tues if she doesn't go camping with some co-worker types. Here's to hoping she decides to stick around.

So there's the weekend! Stay tuned later, there's a new deputy or two!

posted by Chief Slacker @ 9:25 AM,


At Mon Jul 25, 01:22:00 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Those were great photos and it sounds like a very awesome time on Friday night. TCP sounds cool too, and I like that she's not shy. The picture of you too is really cute! By the way, you look pretty damn fine. You have a nice upper body! hehehe (I like guys with a good, strong, upper body). ;-)

Anyway, it sounds like an eventful weekend indeed. I'm looking forward to more updates about TCP.

At Mon Jul 25, 01:37:00 PM, Blogger Amber said...

Yay! TCP! And photographic evidence of the budding loooooove. It sounds like things are going well for you Chief! I'm glad!

At Mon Jul 25, 03:19:00 PM, Blogger Chief Slacker said...

Marie - Yeah, there's a ton of photos in that Gallery. Damon was quite the shutterbug. And thanks! People tell me I look like a hockey player because I'm broad in the shoulders. now I jsut need to get rid of the small gut that's appeared in the last couple yeasr and I'll be all set. I look forward to there being more to update about :O)

Amber - I knew you all would want proof ;O) Hopefully they keep going well!

At Mon Jul 25, 06:38:00 PM, Blogger Pieces of Me said...

Hey! sounds like you had a great time with TCP!! LOL I am going to read the next post now...

At Mon Jul 25, 07:57:00 PM, Blogger Amy said...

:) Wow. The CP is very very very cute. Like...doable cute. Good job with the picking there.

:) hope things work out :)

PS: Lick first...then suck. ;)

At Mon Jul 25, 10:10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, the advice for ANY photographer is to go where the action is and snap away. There was definitely action...and I'd point out that you two were almost always opposite me when we were at the flipcup table...who else was I supposed to photograph?

As for the two-cup flipcup bout...I remember nothing other than team action all night long. Either I was WAY more inebriated than I thought, or you sir are mistaken! I single-flipped quite a bit Friday night...proving once again that those who drink more play flipcup better. Ha!

All said, it was an excellent evening...I'm glad someone discovered and will at least use some of them that I took. See you next season! And good luck with TCP!

At Tue Jul 26, 08:53:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those pics are pretty damn funny!

At Tue Jul 26, 09:23:00 AM, Blogger Kira said...

Full-on-tongue-humping! LOL oh god I have to remember that one :) I like that better than tonsil hockey!

At Tue Jul 26, 09:42:00 AM, Blogger Chief Slacker said...

Diana - Yes, yes I did. I'm hoping there will be more fun times in the near future.

Amy - Yes she is, and don't you go getting any idea about trying to steal her ;O) Throw a light nibble in the middle ;O)

Damon - Well there definitely was action! I still am suprised you didn't get video. And what? the loss was so traumatic you blocked it out or what? I'll use pictures anywhere I can!

Captain B - yeah, tehre are some good ones. You should cehck out the whole gallery... there's some hotties that played...

Kira - Way better! I love toungue humping. It's so fun :O)

At Tue Jul 26, 10:34:00 AM, Blogger jlybn123 said...

That place sounds just too cool! I wanna go there and party too (after these stones pass!) K?

Sounds like TCP might be hanging around for a while? Good for you! Hope it works out well. Gonna check out the pics now. Keep us posted on what happens on your date tonight (Tues)!

And don't you need a long nap, after all this making out and stuff going on lately? You are making me tired! LOL

Have a good one!

At Tue Jul 26, 10:49:00 AM, Blogger Chief Slacker said...

Jlybn - Yeah, it's a totally fun place to party. Stop on up and we can tear it up :O) And I certainly hope she'll be around more! I could use a snuggle for sure :O)


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