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Being Sick Sucks.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

So yesterday was a day home being sick. My throat has been killing me ever since my demonic snoring episode this weekend. At first I thought it was just dehydration after a night of 13 beers and two shots of jag, but apparently not. You would think that much alcohol would kill any bug, but apparently something was tough enough to survive several alcohol baths.
I made sure to come in today because I was supposed to be having a half day. The other half of the day was going to be going back for a second interview at the place I interviewed last week. They wanted to sit down and have me talk with several people in the company and get a lot more formal with the interview process. Unfortunately, I got the voice mail this morning of the headhunter calling to say they had cancelled the interview because they were unsure if they were going to have the position. Since the company was an upstart, still trying to get FDA approval of their device, my guess is they got bad news. So looks like that possibility is gone for now but I keep getting calls, so hopefully something will pop up.
I'm off to work on the Wednesday Wist. I brought in 20 more CDs to add to the library, so keep an eye out for updates on the Audio Edition!

**EDIT** The Wednesday Wist is now up over on the Audio Edition and the Slacker Music Library has been updated as well!

posted by Chief Slacker @ 11:50 AM,


At Thu Jan 19, 03:43:00 PM, Blogger Nicholas said...

Get better, dude! I knew jobs would be calling you up like crazy. How could they not want The Slacker?

At Fri Jan 20, 12:24:00 AM, Blogger Marie said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'm surprised that the alcohol didn't kill whatever it is that's ailing you. *hugs*

Good luck with the other job prospects!

At Fri Jan 20, 08:49:00 AM, Anonymous delmer said...

Hey Chief,

I wanted to pass this along publicly so you could get your props.

I've spent the morning trying to log into ArcServe. I tried and tried again, changing a period and suffix here and there. I realize the definition of insane has something to do with repeating the same process over and over and expecting a different result -- but I had reason to expect a different result in this case. Honest.

After too long I decided I needed a break. I needed some slack time. I decided to fire off a non-work-related e-mail to a friend.

"Hey o," I started.

What? That should have been "Hey Bob"

I did some checking ... the ZXCVB keys weren't working on my keyboard -- and I need the "B" for my ArcServe password. I'd failed to notice that I was one asterisk short in the ArcServe password field.

Without your encouragement, to slack as I needed, I would still be pounding away, trying fruitlessly to log in.

I'm not sure that the goal of The Daily Slacker is to make me more productive ... but it has. [I hope I haven't disappointed you or the other readers :) ]

At Fri Jan 20, 10:58:00 AM, Blogger Anisa said...

good luck!!! i know you're bound to get an amazing job ASAP!


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